anonymous asked:

Im sortave new to anime and was wondering if you could recommend some? You seem to reblog all sorts of stuff !

Omg oops oops oops I’m sorry that I’m answering this so late buuutt

Soul eater
Fairy tail
Yona of the dawn
Sword art online
Ao haru ride
Say “I love you”
Yamada and the seven witches
Gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun

As of right now, those are my main suggestions. I have like a million more, so if that doesn’t satisfy you then feel free to message me again!

nicetryshyguy asked:

Send me ☽ for my muse to drunkenly confess feelings to yours.

“S-Shut up!”

Uryu got up from the pillow where he had been sitting. The Soul Reapers that had invited him for a few drinks in the Soul Society blinked as the usually calm boy pointed at the singer in stage. He then proceeded to push the other and grab the mic.

“T-this is not…how it goes! It’s–”

His eyes suddenly found a small man that looked in shock at him. Clearly inebriated, the Ishida moved his arms dramatically.

“Hanataro…*hic* Yamada…I love you! Your cute face…Y-your *hic* slender body and beautiful s-skin…”

He stopped and everyone was scared he’d puke but he looked again at the other and shouted the words that would be the source of teasing and humiliation for him for the rest of his life.