Josh is not in the interview. He’s with Jen alone right now, no one is around. He’s looking at her with so much intensity and intimacy, and he’s not kidding, not joking, not making it easy for her. And his voice’s tired. He does not smile - as he usually does. Initially Jen is enchanted, and then she’s lost. Afraid she might have shown a bit too much.
Because Josh is demanding, territorial, even angry - maybe tired of pretending.
That’s when she spoils everything - literaly.

(Big thanks to @everlarkdreams and those beautiful vines - again)

I hate for asking because I feel like you’ve done this enough lol but I love your writing! Can you do another Rami interview except it’s with his girlfriend who’s also an actress?- I kinda took liberties and made her an actress on Mr. Robot, so I hope you like!

Interviewer: So this is your first movie with (y/n) yes? Is it hard to keep your relationship going on set?

Rami: Surprisingly no, I think everyone’s getting really fed up with us actually! We keep it professional when the cameras are rolling, but we’re the worst behind the scenes.

Interviewer: What do you mean by ‘the worst’?

Rami: (Laughs) Ugh you’re going to get me in trouble! Basically we just wreak havoc. I mean, she’s good friends with Portia on set, because they have so many scenes together, and about half the time we’re just trying to make her laugh during their scenes. (Y/n) will stand right in front of Portia with the straightest face as I jump around them. It’s ridiculously stupid. 

Interviewer: Sounds like fun!

Rami: Maybe… for everyone but Portia!


Eva Green BTS Sin City 2 - Ava Lord

“Eva Green transcends……..If she looks at you like she loves you, YOU believe it. Shes a brilliant actress.” Frank Miller

“She has these eyes that are so, I don’t know. She kinda threw me off center when I first met her. I was just looking at her like, "What is even happening?” Josh Brolin

“I’m like, yeah, THATS a dame to kill for.” Robert Rodriguez 

Source: Sin City 2: A dame to kill for DVD - On sale now 

quicklymellowharmony  asked:

omg, the whole day trying to pass an examination and when i arrive home i find a joshifer bombshell LOL.When i remember past interviews i can see 2 almost teenagers being playful and flirting and even seductive to each other. Now i can see 2 young adults in a relationship. The chemistry is tbere and way too intense. Jenn is so happy and Josh is so gentle that i am melting for them both

THAT GIRL IS SO IN LOVE WITH HIM!  and he totally knows it and loves her just as much

that is literally what i mutter to myself every time i see an interaction between them.

Okay guys so I have a rant.. So in the access hollywood interview at the mockingjay premiere there is two different versions of it. I have seen both and have both in my camera roll.. There is an edited one that they played on TV and non edited one where they just have it on their website. Now I just re watched both again and in the one that’s edited they cut out almost everything with josh. In the real interview when Jen is saying sorry to liam and saying she loves him josh comes in and asks her what’s going on but in the interview that they played on TV they cut that out so it looks like she is directing everything toward liam. Then before in the interview when it was just her in the real one she said Liam is going to film in Australia and we haven’t been apart for more then three weeks so me and josh need to go too. In the edited one they cut that out so it just said how she hasn’t been apart from Liam. So basically they were making it so it seemed like she was dating Liam and that’s where he rumors came in about them dating. When basically in the interview she was talking. About both of them and their friendship. And I just think it’s weird that the media always just disregards Jen and Josh and doesn’t even mention their friendship or anything because to them he is not “eye candy” so of course the famous Jennifer Lawrence can’t be friends with them. But Liam is a “hollywood hottie” so Jennifer and him must be dating!

Lawrence: You guys were sitting on this couch when I was trying on dresses for the [2013] London premiere [of Catching Fire].
Hutcherson: Was that here?
Lawrence: Yeah! These guys were my gay brothers. They played music and I’d put a dress on they’d be like, [in bro’s voice], “[It] doesn’t show your boobs enough!” (x)

I love these idiots.

Jennifer Lawrence und Josh Hutcherson über "Mockingjay" (Untertitel) | 1LIVE - YouTube

God, when just the two of them are doing a interview together, it’s so different! Much more intimate, funny, personal, endearing… when Liam is around - don’t get me wrong, I love Liam - they get more serious, less relaxed… I don’t know. It’s about chemistry, I guess… and balance. Jen seems more happy, and Josh - God, can you guys see the way he looks at her? Those two have the best relationship! Speak the same language, live on the same bubble. I’ve watched some interviews with Jen and Liam alone and it’s not the same (and she normally says something about Josh). Call me delusional, I don’t care. Joshifer is real and make me smile at my heart.

I kinda think that ONE of the reasons that Jen likes having Josh in interviews with Liam is so she can avoid that “are we more than friends?” tension her and Liam have going on. I mean, especially during this press tour, she kinda avoids eye contact with Liam. It is especially noticeable when her and Liam are interviewed without Josh, like when she was on wetten dass with just Liam. Her body language and mannerisms around Liam differ so much from her mannerisms around Josh. With Josh she’s way more goofy and comfortable, yet with Liam she’s sorta shy and more conscious of her movements. The same thing goes for Liam. I call major attraction between these two. I could be wrong…but nah haha.

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People who say that Jen treats Josh the same way she treats Liam and Bradley are in denial. She doesn't give Liam and Bradley pet names, she doesn't touch them all the time, she doesn't look at them with love in her eyes, she doesn't say they are her rock, she doesn't have anxiety when they leave the set, she doesn't show any sexual interest in them... Open your eyes, for God's sake!

i guess we all see what we want to see…maybe?  i don’t know.  because when i watch interviews with the three of them, this is what i see:

josh and jen are always off in their own little world, hyper, touching, joking, etc.  and liam is there, looking bored as fuck.

and gosh, bradley doesn’t even know what to do with her humor.  he just kind of stands there quietly.

“Peeta, you said at the interview you’d had a crush on me forever. When did forever start?

Oh, let’s see. I guess the first day of school. We were five. You had on a red plaid dress and your hair…it was in two braids instead of one. My father pointed you out when we were waiting to line up.“

Your father? Why?”

He said, ‘See that little girl? I wanted to marry her mother, but she ran off with a coal miner.’“

What? You’re making that up!”

No, true story. And I said, ‘A coal miner? Why did she want a coal miner if she could’ve had you?’ And he said, 'Because when he sings…even the birds stop to listen.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

I'm still waiting for that moment when Josh and Jen are like:
  • Interviewer:"So... Josh.. What's going on with you and your girlfriend?"
  • Josh:"Yeah, Jen is fine. We're both pretty busy at the moment. She's shooting her new movie and I'm busy with ma new project. I just miss her." *smirks* "But yeah... We're fine.. I love her, she loves me. It's just perfect." *smiles*
  • [other interview]
  • Interviewer:"Jen, what about Josh? Is everything fine with u guys?"
  • Jen:*laughs* "We are good! I mean I'm busy with shooting my new movie and he's working on a new project, which seems by the way pretty cool" *winks* "We're texting all the time. Like... Right now. Always. Yeah. We're fine!!" *faces the camera* "Joshy, when you're seeing this, call me." *sighs* "And I miss you a lot tho.."
To all the one who love the theory about Davina being baby Mikaelson

I don’t know about you but when Klaus gave her that gif… when she opened it…I was like! This is the sweetest thing ever!! in a recent interview Danielle said that Josh is Davina’ family, and with that ring… Klaus made sure that Joshua was a constant presence in Davina’ life.


Klaus gave Davina her family ♥ he even forgave Joshua!!! ♥

If this theory is true… awww you may call me crazy but seriously when I saw this I was moved! I know it will never happen but nor Klaus or Hayley had somebody by their side… with this gift Davina has a family. ♥ Isn’t this so sweet? If really… Klaus did this to her daughter/Davina?  Just like he is trying to build a proper werewolves clan for baby mikaelson before she is born, because to werewolves family is power!

And even Hayley wen to her… ♥ Awww Why I can’t stop dreaming about them like family?? why!!!

I’m sure all the ones who loves this theory thought the same…I’m in love with all of these!

Monique words are stocked in my head “Maybe you don’t belong here.”

[credit gifs to m4mikaelson  post: X ]

anonymous asked:

Anybody that says these two are not together and in love is just denying it at this point. Just look at how they're acting around each other. The comparison to his so called "girlfriend" is incomparable. Just look at how much distance he puts between him and Jennifer, it's nonexistent. This is the real relationship and it's almost been 2 years. This is probably the longest relationship either has been in. Jen is more open to her love for Josh but Josh is definitely showing affection, subtly.

for me personally, i think that the entire video, both the interview and when they’re going through the exhibit, looked like a couple who were very much in love, but were trying their hardest to act like they were just friends and failing miserably, thanks to their tells shining through.

the way they would invade each other’s space, jen’s reaction to the kissing scene, the joking, the playful punches, him pretending to break the case open to give jen what she wanted, his genuine laughter, her insistence that she never said she wouldn’t do a movie with him, him asking her what she wanted, etc.  

those are not things that people who barely see each other do.  those are practiced habits that you can’t hide even when you’re trying really hard to do so.

anonymous asked:

I feel that jen is more reserved with Josh and more carefree with liam. Is that something because jen spend more time at liams house in malibu and watching tv shows together? I feel josh is missing the action or jen not bringing him up! I mite be wrong too!

i’m sorry, but i don’t see that as the case.  at all.  i don’t know what interviews you’re watching where she’s more reserved with josh and carefree with liam, but i have not seen these.

i love liam.  i think he’s great.  and i was just saying that i really hope he’s paired with woody or sam and/or jena for interviews, because he never gets to really shine when jen and josh are together.

and i think we all know my stance on why she’s not seen at josh’s house, because her house is his house.  but just for argument’s sake, she has been seen at josh’s treehouse.