EXO Reaction To Seeing Their VS Angel Girlfriend In A Show

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Hii! Is the reaction open? If it is, can I have exo reaction to their girlfriend being a vs model and they watch her on the runway? Thank you! I love you! 😍

Xiumin: *trying not to react too much to how good she looks but it’s hard to keep it completely hidden, you know?* she looks…very nice…*clearing throat* ahh yes…quite good…

Luhan: *so I think Luhan has a perverted side so he’d probably start getting immediately turned on when he saw her on the catwalk, and then he’d just be enjoying the view (maybe, almost too much)*

Kris: *I imagine he’d end up going to the show with people he knows, like his friends, and when he’d catch them really focusing on his girlfriend, he’d shoot them a look like you want to keep looking at her or do you want to be exchanging words?*

Suho: *he’d be feeling some kind of way that is not appropriate for a omma*

Lay: *has a tiny little smile to himself on his face while he’s watching, taking it all in. He’s definitely going to be proud of her but that feeling is going to be mixed with him being a little turned on*

 Baekhyun: You know I can totally do that, too. Get up there and be with her while she’s singing and then all the other guys would know she is not available. Hell, I’ll even do that now… 

Chen: so we are going to be getting a work out when we get home tonight… *stretching in his seat to prepare*

Chanyeol:  *I think Channie leans a little on the more possessive and loyal side so he’d also only be looking at her basically the entire time and if he is looking at the other models, he’d be imagining they are her, too*

DO: *I picture him trying to maintain a very blank expression while he’s sitting in the audience* Just look like you have no reaction to the women in lingerie right in of you and no one will think you have any kind of perverted side or anything and everything will be ok

Tao: *He’d be really proud and happy for you, and those feelings almost overwhelm any more horny feelings he has. He’s impressed she is willing and able to do it and do it so well. At the end, he’d be showering her with compliments*

Kai: If she’s going to take her clothes off, can I take my clothes off? *probably not, but I wanted to use the gif. Really, he’d probably be like the others, feeling both proud and turned on. He’d be watching his girlfriend almost in a trance, but ready to smack any of the guys (as he brought them along) if they make any comments*

Sehun: *afterwards, whining* Jagi, I just don’t understand why you have to model lingerie to the entire world, you can model it for me and then no other guys can see you in it

Her: says the guy who dances in a pool of water regularly, getting all hot and soaked.

Sehun: *pouting* I don’t really think that’s relevant…

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Omg angel vs demon please please please!!! I love it so much~~~

Thank you. I don’t know when the next chapter comes out, but I hope you all like the chapters to come <3

-Admin Kat 

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gdi Deanna you get all my salt already. x D

1. Can we get a female manager some day on the stage? PLEASE I NEED IT.

2. There are few costumes I hate more than the Star Princess dress. That was definitely one improvement in the 2004 movie. It was way prettier than that tie-dye hot mess. At least it’s not the Saloon Girl costume, though.

3. I feel like something that goes not talked about is Ramin Karimloo’s voice manipulation in his performance. It’s mostly the reason that I love his performance so much. Sure, he’s got a wonderful voice, but he’s got a clear inflection/tone for the Angel vs. Opera Ghost vs. trying to be her father vs. Phantom and I love it. He’s the only actor that I know of/have heard of to also mimic Piangi’s accent for PoNR. I know Ramin is talked about a lot, so this isn’t exactly unpopular, I just never hear this reason brought up.

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Agree Josephine should be an angel. I have heard a rumour that this year Josephine and Vita Sidorkina will be announced as angels and at least 2 angels will lose their wings. First model that comes to my mind is Monika Jagaciak she is not in swim special so it's possible she will lose her wings.

I’d love if Josefine is announced as an angel, she deserves it so much. I think that the other angel that could lose her wings is Kate G, she is not in VS Swim special and you can’t see her in the campaings and about Monika is sad because i really love her HF career.

I understand why white people love toast so much now! This was amazing. But to hear a debate on white people food vs everything else in Los Angeles, tune into the @greatdebates69 where I’m joined by master of none co-creator @alanmyang by IG:davidchang

Thank you so much @jastookes ! Can’t wait to complete this portrait of my favorite VS angel! Love u and I wish you a Happy Birthday! 😍🎁🎉

Random Thoughts - 1/31/16

I’m sitting in a terminal at LAX waiting on my red-eye flight back to Dallas and I must say it was a much needed vacation.

I went to the Bryson Tiller concert, Runyon canyon, a Clippers vs Lakers game, the beach, multiple studio sessions and had so many laughs.

There’s something truly amazing about the energy in the city of angels. It makes moving here soon that much more sweet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dallas but you never know your potential until you push yourself out of your comfort zones.

Looking forward to even more growth this year physically, spiritually, emotionally and any other way I can get it.