xxbroskixx said: Was the Troyler kiss the best thing that has happened to the fandom? True or False? False* *because we also have Super fun videos

Lovely livestreams

Amazing vlogs

and Y'all so cool and friendly people here, and I'm so happy that I'm a part of this family

hey guys!

so i saw this “how to be an adult” masterpost that has lots of helpful things, but it had some links that i liked more than others (I really hate thinking about jobs and stuff wbu) and so I’m just putting the happy links together.

i also incorporated a few links that I really like

i wish i could give credit, but I have no idea what their new url is so here goes:


calm down cutie:

learn some shit:

love urself:

wow some cool plant shit u may or may not care about:

woah hey, don’t cry. shit makes u hungry:

bad habit fixin’:


links I like:

watch shows and movies:

u r not a piece of shit. u r not ugly, u aren’t dumb, or annoying, or worthless, or a piece of shit or anything that goes beyond that. u are one cool ass mother fucker and anyone who says any type of shit to offend u does not deserve to be able to speak those words to u. motherfucker u are majestic. u are a fuckin diamond that got stuck next to a bunch of rocks. u are what people wish they could be. if u ever feel like shit because of

what someone said

something that happened

something that u feel is ur fault

being ignored

ur parents

or anything else

i am fuckin here for u no matter what u are the most valuable thing that i’ve ever seen and u deserve everything beyond what u think u do.

u have accomplished so much

u are worth everything in this world

u are worth more.

im in a really weird part of my life right now and for some reason i cant ignore the overwhelming urge to start over. ive never openly talked about how down i was feeling because id never want to trigger anyone else, but i guess this is my way of saying that i dont know what else to do. this blog has been my everything for the past few years, but i need to teach myself that its okay to let things go. i want to start fresh on tumblr. new url, new posts, new messages, new everything.

you guys have watched me grow into the person i am and i will never forget that. i will get better for you guys that care and i love you so so so much and i hope the best for all of you!!

if you want to continue to follow me into the next chapter of my odd lil life, my new blog is irresisting.

love love love, 

Bre’Anna Leigh :-)

Hey guys

happy birthday

to jane

and john

you both deserve some cake (yes john eat the damn thing)

but let’s not forget

today is also the 5th year of homestuck

it’s been 5 years, guys. since all of this started

and it’s been a hell of a ride

so whenever this update happens

let’s just be glad we stuck around for the 5 years we did

i’ll never forget the many friends i made with his fandom. let’s just hope this doesn’t die off when it’s over. <3

                                    like wHAAAAAAAT

               this is seriously a HUGE milestone for someone like me. bringing ash into this world, was probably
               the best decision i have ever made. every day something new happen. if good or bad, but this is a
               journey for me. to roleplay such an important character from my childhood/life is a big thing to do &&
               it’s quiet hard, but it’s the thing i love the most. && the people i’ve met on this journey are a part of
               my life, because they turned from strangers into friends. im always happy when theyre around, when
               they smile and theyre feeling good. and roleplaying with them is always so much fun. everyone of them
              has a special place deep down in my heart ——— and now enough with this talk let’s get down to these
                       people whom i admire, love && definitely will never let go, because i love ‘em to pieces !!

                       bloodtraiitor ◇  phoeniicem ◇ insxrgo ◇  changingpontius ◇ killerisms ◇ loyalcloudlet
                       jesslynshepard ◇  thedarknesstohislight ◇ starksprincess ◇  xlionhearts ◇ achroix
                       controlisms ◇  xstarjunkie ◇ xsergeant ◇ ekkusumoi ◇ edhelernil ◇ eightholyterrors
                       prxvidor ◇ punziiie ◇ pippinxtook ◇ platinumverity ◇ heiressofdorne ◇ queenxcersei
                       fightsback ◇ achromatic-colress ◇ adeloes ◇ streetxcat ◇ slippingintoacomabored
                       unseenmockingjayuntamedprince ◇ iwasborncareful ◇ madeofwildfire ◇  magiqxe
                       dragxnwrath ◇ drunk-as-dicks ◇ druiidae ◇ dracxena ◇  dangerouslytris ◇ dominatrici
                       siirenis ◇ silverheartsilverskin ◇ silliestofnugs ◇ cendriillon ◇ firenationsoldier
                       tentoriumxlignum ◇ teleterrified ◇ ofgalliifrey ◇ onemansinsanity-onecatsreality
                       offireandrebellion ◇ ofhumaniity ◇ alohaxe ◇ facadefatality ◇ constantquibbling
                       thunderstonereject ◇ xclarissima ◇ yea-seeya ◇ abelladxnna ◇ mxgmatic 
                       littledetective ◇ uratanu ◇ justwakeupstiles ◇ dumbledoresgrave ◇ wxndybird
                       fakedpersona ◇ booksmarting ◇ bloodyhcll ◇ xwardfire ◇ michaelbitchjones
                       monsieur-sycamore ◇ narglewitch ◇ unabletolie ◇ motherofasgard ◇ legaliity
                       showmaxter ◇ thvnderfox ◇ eyasx ◇ ethexeal ◇ domxnae ◇ paigeatyourservice
                       bewitchedbonnie ◇ theshootingarrow ◇ terravitale ◇ ofthiievery ◇ wiinterempress
                       absoflightning ◇  burnieisms ◇ megiisms ◇ animakerma ◇ narvxez ◇ reubalach
                       ofbriar ◇ xducere ◇ otobaibitch ◇ lycaniism ◇ lanicerax ◇ seavoiced ◇  bxthory
                       margaeryhtyrell ◇ kissxdbyfire ◇ maidofwinter ◇ bxnsheemartinthiievery
                       rockwallerisms ◇ pandorums ◇ suicidalrunner ◇ ilmesilima ◇ ofscrewingup
                       creatiivist ◇ veilled ◇ ofgasmasks ◇ x—crimson ◇ iamyourking ◇ krystalweedxn
                       abbysciutx ◇ vxlentis ◇ serelli ◇ leafiigreen ◇ chitckina ◇  whatsthesiitch
                       dxsrespected ◇ tomagc ◇ everafteriingmxsalai ◇ lavallis ◇ undxrling