I honestly don’t know where to start. Three weeks ago, I hosted the first fandom movie night in my Rabb.it room. As a joke, I clicked and renamed the title of my room “Taylor Swift Trash Zone,” playing off the way I’d been telling everyone what trash I was for Taylor. Before I knew it, multiple people were coming into the room and we were having the time of our lives. We hardly knew one another at the beginning of that night, but within a few short hours we’d laughed harder alongside each other than I had in months. It’s from there that I formed the TSTZ group chat. Over the next few days, more and more people joined us and, without much effort at all, we’ve all come together over our mutual love for Taylor Swift Now, in the past three weeks, I haven’t gone for more than a couple hours without spending time with the members of TSTZ. These guys are my family. They’re my best friends. This is one of the most diverse groups of people I’ve ever been surrounded by. We’re all different ages and come from various parts of the world. Some of us don’t even speak English as our first language. Not only have we accepted our diversity, but we’ve begun to learn about one another’s cultures, religions, and ways of life. It’s incredible.

In so many ways, I believe that we’re fortunate. So many of us in this group have had trouble being ourselves out in the real world. So many of us have felt isolated from our peers and have been lonely because of that. But because of TSTZ, that’s begun to shift. I can’t even articulate how great it feels when a member of TSTZ tells me that their parents have commented on them smiling more lately, or how their friends have commented on how they won’t stop laughing when they look at their phone. It warms my heart so much to know that this group has managed to make each other feel less alone – to know that we have each other smiling and laughing so hard that the people around us have begun to notice. There’s not a single one of us in here who doesn’t deserve that. Each of you has a heart of pure gold and have been so kind and uplifting with one another. I’ve grown to love each and every one of you so deeply that I genuinely cannot believe it was only three weeks ago that we met. I believe that meeting online has allowed us to reach a level of authenticity and vulnerability that we wouldn’t have had elsewhere and as much as the distance sucks, I’m grateful for that. I have no doubt in my mind that this is only the beginning for us.

Friday was a big day for me and began a big shift in my life. I finished a ten-month process of growth that encompassed some of the hardest work I’ve ever had to do in my life. I wasn’t expecting to be lifted up at all by the people around me at all, let alone what the members of TSTZ were planning behind my back. It started Friday evening when I was told to come into a Rabb.it. When I got in there, confused little me was met with the beautiful faces of other members in the group and shown videos of them each congratulating me and reminding me of their love. It was a gesture that reduced me to tears and filled me with lasting joy. But it didn’t stop there, because the next day, they managed to do the very same thing. Even more members had spent their day filming videos for me in support. I was blown away and didn’t expect a single thing more from them, so… of course they managed to surprise me once again. Tonight, I was sent several cards with the most adorable messages scrawled out across them by my friends. On top of that, I was sent to another page where much longer letters were written for me by everyone.

I can honestly and genuinely say I have never been shown love on this level by anyone in my life. This group is changing my life for the better. It’s healing parts of me I was unaware needed healing until now. TSTZ, thank you guys so much for being who you are. I love you and I’ll love you always. Meeting you guys is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Taylor, thank you so much for bringing us together through your music. I know that each and every one of us is more grateful for you than we could ever express.

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H a p p y   2   y e a r s   g u y s ! ! !

I’m so proud of these 13 boys that brings light to my world!!! Lets continue to support and adore them no matter what. CARATs together with Seventeen, 수고했어!!!


Thank you for your love and support!!!!!<333
Thank you for all your kind words, they pulled me out of depression
Thank you to all those who have not turned away from me and supported me when I confessed about my pairing
I love you all for everything!!!!

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I absolutely loved the idea for actor au for voltron and when I found out you made one I was so impressed by it. You made this very enjoyable and did a great job. I would love to know more of this au. If it isn't too much I would love to know more about the au.

I’m actually??? crying?? you guys?? like ??? there’s tears in my eyes??? 

I’m so happy many of you have been enjoying actor!au and have been asking to know more. Honestly, I don’t deserve any of you guys, actor!au wouldn’t have been anything without your support :)

So here’s a bunch more info:

  • so one time they were recording a scene with zarkon and haggar, pidge decided to mess around with the hidden michrophones (you kno so zarkon’s voice could echo and boom in the huge ass room) anD IT GAVE ZARKON A HIGH PITCHED SQUEAKY CHIPMUNK VOICE
  • during the battle with sendak, shiro just jumped in the middle of his battle with pidge anD DID A RE-ENACTION OF THIS
  • coran once ripped his pants while filming
  • when they were filming the scene keith was running around looking for the red lion - he accidentally slipped and fell across the hall
  • Shiro’s snapchat story basically consists of #goodvibes posts
    • it’d have a picture of a sunset captioned “another great day!”
    • a picture of a salad “remember to stay healthy!”
      • lance made fun of him by going “wow youre such a hipster”
      • “lance there are children on snapchat”
  • when they filmed the part in the season 2 trailer where shiro goes “keith.. if i dont make it out of here…” he goes “can you please take care of my dog”
  • during the part where sendak was in the pod, shiro kept making funny faces at him through the glass  until sendak couldn’t take it and had to take a break bc he was so done with shiro’s shit
  • during the part where hunk and pidge were stuck in anti gravity, they just kept singing high school musical’s breaking free
  • if the galra!keith theory was confirmed, the way the cast would tease it is something like this:
    • during a panel, lance would be like “everyone, i have an announcement to make. i’m happy to pronounce that our buddy keith here…is a furry”

just dropping by to say i love you all so much and thank you all for the endless love. i haven’t even had this account for a month and i already have 2.2k followers ! i love to read all your kind words and see that you enjoy my account, you all deserve the world !! i love u i love u i love u

Follow Forever!!! w/o a graphic bc i’m trash!!!!! yay!! :)

HI! so recently i’ve made a lot of friends and met a lot of new people SO i thought i’d do a follow forever. i am trying my hardest to include everyone but if i do happen to forget you(lbr y’all change your urls so much), i still love you and i’m really sorry! some of us have been mutuals for years, some of us just a few days. some of us talk every single day, and some of us have never talked. but just know that i love u and appreciate you all the same :) and if we don’t talk, i’m always looking for new friends and i don’t bite. thank you guys for being my friends and 

(p.s-not in alphabetical order because again, i’m literally trash bye)

(p.p.s- god i hope this doesn’t do the thing where it gives u a notif everytime someone tagged in it reblogs it and says they mentioned u in a post and if it does i’m so sorry i literally-)

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oh my god guys ! 800 followers? this is so crazy ! it might not seem like alot to some people, but to me, holy shit. i dont even think i know 800 people irl. when i started my blog back in april, i didnt think that i would even get 10 followers. now, over 800 people judge me on every post i make,,, oh god. i consider all of you my friends, and i love every one of you i s2g

alright enough with the sappy shit, now onto the follow forever

first, people who i talk to/am friends with ! (in no particular order, or alphabetical order, screw that)

@punkisdead-lee i love you so damn much and you are the best girlfriend ever ever ever, together forever baby.(yes ofc youre first you nerd)
@danaesthetically-milo youre a great dude and i love talking to you and having late night facetimes with you omg (dont forget about our dog babies)
@cluelesslester-shreya omg youre honestly so sweet and amazing and we are shrek buddies and i love talking to you sm
@fiercehowell@angelphannie@lovebirdlester,@becausedodie,@gayeclipse, @sleeplesslester, @lesterp, @nasaphil, @energeticwarrior, @starinorbit, @volcaniclester- i love each and every one of you, you guys are the best friends ever omg, our gc is fire tbh
@vciero666- aj ! you help me through so much and youre so beautiful and one of the first internet friends i ever got, so thank you for being there for me !!
@abeautifultragic- bri omg! youre the sweetest person i have ever met. and even through bad times, youre so positive and youve influenced me sm and taught me to be happy, ily
@have-a-balloon- fellow queen of enid, youre so fuckin positive and happy, and i wanna grow up to be just like you hhahahahah omg, but for real, youre such a great friend, and ilysm, and we gotta meet someday soon so we can die over gerard way n joshler
@theaterdan-journey, youre a fuckface, but i love u anyway. our 3 day relationship was gREaT but for real, youre a fucking awesome friend, and youre always there for me, not to mention youre fuckin hilarious. love u man

now, here are people that have a+ content

@cringe-attacks (okay you replied to one of my asks when i had like, 20 followers and i flipped out so thank u for that)✨ @lesterdans ✨ @dantlers@thiccphil@winkwinkluke@howelldescent@eatglitterglue@princessdan@deadpeej@dansshibe@danisnotonfuego@leedle-leedle-lester@elliearmstrongg@paradisedan@shingekihowell@astronautdan  ✨ @dodie-oddle@yuri-howell@harryslovelylocks@denimnjh@cocacolalester@phanfathers@girlstalkfvesos@buttercupross@cursivehowell@starryhtml@regionalblurryface@kitchensinktoyou@twinkdan@punkedkittens@roughlester@demonphannie@brightphil@lmaohemmo@phanperra@hibernationhowell@omega-dan@lemongrasshowell@philtrashblr@maxsfreckles@sugardan@sugarlipslester@djhowellmemes@rydenpng@blackparadehowell@cliffosaurus@buildgxd@michaelgclifford@transbabyhowell@lukesphatass@accio-shitpost@imdeletingmyinternethistory@phanniephil@fairlylocalpilots@fairylightfluff@miles-the-meme@sunny-lester@ohhowellno ✨ @obsidianhowell ✨ @they-them@halseysource@grlstalkgrls@pastelmikey@nutmeghowell@ryan-ross-monstercock@gladsyoucame ✨ @fringegaps@sgfgluke@ughoakley  ✨ @alienkiddun@goddesslester@sinningforpanic@celestialcalums@falloutfrog@piercethegingerr@moonsbitch@planethowell@whendodie@vyou@writerlester 

again, thank you so fucking much for 800!!!
i love each and everyone of you

(sorry if i annoyed you with tagging you yikes)

a little update, thank you guys so much for your support. it seems there’s something wrong with kaj’s lumbar spine though we can’t really figure out how he hurt his back. he’s in a lot of pain. he got a morphine shot which should help a bit, and anti inflammatory meds for the next few days. gravity of the situation mostly depends on how tonight goes, and if he’s feeling any better by morning.