Stop the hate :(

Please don’t attack people without listening to both sides, lots of my friends are getting attacked. Please remember that words hurt and by the end of the day you don’t achieve anything with hate. 

I am not attacking anyone, all what I’m asking for is that you don’t attack me and my friends. 

So much writing. All the writing.

Guys I’m sorry that this next chapter of A Thief’s Overture is taking longer than I thought it would, it’s actually way more lengthy than expected so it’s taking some time. I don’t want to publish it half-baked, so I’d rather make sure it’s properly done, and then put it out there. It will definitely be out this weekend as promised anyway! So no worries here.

Anyway I have been writing every day so it’s not a case of writer’s block, more like…the opposite. There’s too much to write, and too much to proof-read and check, but I’d like to thank you for your patience and all the support you guys send my way. You’re amazing, and you and your comments about it are what’s making writing this fic the most fun.

xoxo - Red

anonymous asked:

I absolutely loved the idea for actor au for voltron and when I found out you made one I was so impressed by it. You made this very enjoyable and did a great job. I would love to know more of this au. If it isn't too much I would love to know more about the au.

I’m actually??? crying?? you guys?? like ??? there’s tears in my eyes??? 

I’m so happy many of you have been enjoying actor!au and have been asking to know more. Honestly, I don’t deserve any of you guys, actor!au wouldn’t have been anything without your support :)

So here’s a bunch more info:

  • so one time they were recording a scene with zarkon and haggar, pidge decided to mess around with the hidden michrophones (you kno so zarkon’s voice could echo and boom in the huge ass room) anD IT GAVE ZARKON A HIGH PITCHED SQUEAKY CHIPMUNK VOICE
  • during the battle with sendak, shiro just jumped in the middle of his battle with pidge anD DID A RE-ENACTION OF THIS
  • coran once ripped his pants while filming
  • when they were filming the scene keith was running around looking for the red lion - he accidentally slipped and fell across the hall
  • Shiro’s snapchat story basically consists of #goodvibes posts
    • it’d have a picture of a sunset captioned “another great day!”
    • a picture of a salad “remember to stay healthy!”
      • lance made fun of him by going “wow youre such a hipster”
      • “lance there are children on snapchat”
  • when they filmed the part in the season 2 trailer where shiro goes “keith.. if i dont make it out of here…” he goes “can you please take care of my dog”
  • during the part where sendak was in the pod, shiro kept making funny faces at him through the glass  until sendak couldn’t take it and had to take a break bc he was so done with shiro’s shit
  • during the part where hunk and pidge were stuck in anti gravity, they just kept singing high school musical’s breaking free
  • if the galra!keith theory was confirmed, the way the cast would tease it is something like this:
    • during a panel, lance would be like “everyone, i have an announcement to make. i’m happy to pronounce that our buddy keith here…is a furry”

Hey friends

listen ok


you’re all



Please take care of yourselves because you deserve to be as healthy ad you can be

and you deserve happiness

please get a drink of water, have a snack or meal! Stretch if you can, go to the bathroom if you have to! Get some much-deserved rest if you’re tired, no matter the time of day!

You have made it so far, and you are so brave for doing so. I am proud of you, and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night!

i love following larries because like half of my dash is all new pics and freaking out about how good they look and the other half is 👀 why did they take these pictures 👀 what are they doing 👀


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[Mod] Thanks for everything! We have reached 1000+ followers in just a few months (about 6 months to be exact) and with only 100+ posts! I am very grateful to everyone who supported this ask-blog and to those who sent asks for this blog to keep going. I hope that this blog will be able to continue going for a long time, so to show your support, send more asks!

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I’ve been wanting to do one of these since I reached 500 followers, but I’ve now gone way past that (almost 700!!) so I wanted to do this as a huge thank you (because honestly I have no idea why so many people want to follow me)!!
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Hello everyone! I’m finally doing my first follow forever for my mutuals! \(๑╹ᆺ╹)/

I’ve recently hit a huge amount of followers and my account has only been existing for just over a month that i honestly can’t believe it asfhjfhj. So i just wanted to thank all of you for following me, putting up with my nonsense and sticking with me. I really appreciate all of you and pls talk to me sometime bc i’m really awkward at starting conversations. I love love love all of u ahhh (◕ᴥ◕)

If your name is not included, i probably forgot and missed out accidentally, and i apologise for that. 

Nic ♡

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Reminders for the signs
  • Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces:You are wonderful. You are magnificent. If anybody makes you think or feel otherwise, let go of them. You shouldn't feel like you're worthless because of people. They aren't worth it. Be with people who care. Also, being alone is necessary sometimes. Crying is okay, it's human. Fuck what people think, be yourself. You are loved.