I’ll be entirely honest with you: I’ve read crap all this year so I’m probably going to miss many of your own favourites, but this is just a list of fics that I’ve actually read and loved in the year 2016. There’s plenty I’ve started and have loved, but am either incredibly behind on or have not yet read enough of to form a strong enough opinion on. In the new year, though, I do promise to read more and be as supportive and encouraging for this community as I can. Fingers crossed that this time next year this list will be much, much longer.

Also, because talking about fic is one of my favourite things ever, feel free to let me know if any of these are also your favourites from 2016 or even just what your favourites in general were! Let’s start the positivity and support now!

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Hello friends, this is my favorite time of the year and I believe it is a great time for you to express your love and admiration for the people around you. This is my first follow forever and I would like to show you how much your blog means to me. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year full of love and peace.

Let’s star with my mutuals loves:

A-B-C: @ajasnaomiking, @aleclightwqqd, @allisonaryent, @allisonbanshee, @auderyjensen, @badassblake, @barryallns, @bellamyblek​, @bellamyobrien​, @bellarke-stydia​, @bellarkism​, @bellarske​, @bellslarkes​, @blacksw0lf​, @bobsfluffyhair​, @boobearau​, @bradsbvry​, @carlnids​, @cavll​, @clarke-raven​, @commandercosima

D-E-F: @d-lenas​, @dadaddario​, @dracovengeance​, @dreadoctor​, @dvlanobriens​, @elenagilbirt​, @emilysims​, @enchentres​, @fixed-stares​, @flawlessbanshee

G-H-I: @ghostydia​, @gleggie​, @glenns​, @glennsrovia​, @grimes-greene​, @grounderstiles​, @heavylieshercrown​, @his-emotional-tether​, @hollandrod, @hollasndroden, @hotasice, @illwriteyourname, @infiniitywars, @isaaclayes, @istydiah, @itsfrarysreign

J-K-L: @jinglemybellamys, @kaiparker, @katerinapetrova, @kathleenruston, @killianjonec, @klarkgrffn, @knowlesian, @kolmikealson, @lallibroch, @leaderblake, @littlevernon, @lydiabranwell, @lydiahstilnski, @lydias-martin, @lydiasbat, @lydiascotty, @lydiastilinsik, @lydiayouhavetowakeup

M-N-O: @malek-chaikin, @maroders, @mary-sibly, @maywemeetagain-youheldyourbreath, @mccallsscott, @mockingjaykatniss2, @monwinn, @murphsjohn, @nancybvers, @neiljoster, @noahcznys, @nevillelonbottom  @obriens, @octevia, @oustiles

P-Q-R: @philepshea, @princessgriffn, @queens-clarke, @r-ed, @radiantbellamy, @rilesblue, @roansoctavia

S-T-V: @samsghost, @sargntgansey, @skaicommander, @spacelance, @stallisontrash, @stefanscharms, @stilinski-martin, @stilinskilydias, @stillnski, @stydiago, @stydiot, @stydixa, @stydsia, @tesslarscn, @thatstagdoe, @thewalkingfeeltrip, @truestydia, @valkyrielagertha, @voidalqha, @voidlydiia

W-Y-Z: @wentworthsmiller, @winbyers, @yuletidedraco and @zenddaya

NOW MY TUMBLR CRUSHES (who don’t follow me, but I love them anyway):

@halesjamescott, @sidneysprescott, @malialydia, @classictvd, @stilinskislyds, @shonda-rhimes, @justateenwolfie, @polymccall, @mrsmionelady, @khylinrhambo, @martinlydias, @maliasfur and @aminyard

hey guys! i’ve started following a lot of amazing people this year and since i haven’t done a follow forever since last christmas, i thought now would be a good time to do a new one and appreciate my most favorite blogs. i just wanna say that you guys are all such incredible people and i love you! merry christmas!

@agentnatasha​ 🎄 @agntdvnvers​ 🎄 @ajasnaomiking​ 🎄 @aleciaclark@alexdamnvers​ 🎄 @alexdamvers​ 🎄 @alexdanveers​ 🎄 @allisonsarghents​ 🎄 @alyciacareyy​ 🎄 @alyciadebmamcarey​ 🎄 @alyciaesthetic​ 🎄 @alyicajasmin​ 🎄 @babydanvers​ 🎄 @bharnes​ 🎄 @bisexualinetti​ 🎄 @buckybarnesz​ 🎄 @calliopestorres​ 🎄 @carl-grims​ 🎄 @clexalovers​ 🎄 @commanders-lexa​ 🎄 @copsawyer​ 🎄 @cordeliachaxe​ 🎄 @crayscience  🎄 @cutie-stiles  🎄 @danveers  🎄 @danyvelasquez  🎄 @detectivesawyers 🎄 @dinahjxne  🎄 @directordanvers 🎄 @glennsy  🎄 @hermionegrangern  🎄 @holliskarnsteiin  🎄 @jennifer-morrison  🎄 @kara-luthor  🎄 @katbaerrell 🎄  @katebishop  🎄 @laurelcastillopratt  🎄 @laurinahjauregui  🎄 @legendlexa  🎄 @lenaluthsr  🎄 @lenalutthor  🎄 @lexas-clarke  🎄 @lexasclexazs  🎄 @lexiesqrey  🎄 @lydiaismyariel  🎄 @magdanvers  🎄 @marogtrobbie  🎄 @michonne  🎄 @natromanoffe  🎄 @nerddanvers  🎄 @noahcznerys  🎄 @nyssalghul  🎄 @percseus  🎄 @rachelsqreen  🎄 @rovias  🎄 @sanver-s  🎄 @sawyersdanver  🎄 @slytherinlexa  🎄 @spacewlkr  🎄 @superscorps  🎄 @timrggins  🎄 @vibrant5h  🎄 @vvhitecanary  🎄 @wintergodesskisa 


i wasn’t planning on posting this but i want to end 2016 on a positive note. i also recently hit 600 followers so this seems appropriate. i made this account four months ago and didn’t expect to make any friends but i’ve made some and i know i don’t talk to most of you but know that i love you and you can talk to me whenever!!

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hi pals!! 2016 has (finally) come to and end, and it’s been my first full year on tumblr and honestly it’s really not that deep but it’s proved to be a good & supportive place for me to rant & complain about the (several) things that went wrong this year.  i know i can be petty and annoying and dramatic but most of you stuck by me for that and i really owe you my life for it.  thank you :-) 

this is a little follow forever/thank you kind of thing! i haven’t included everyone that i follow, just people who have made me smile and laugh a lot this year.  but if we’re mutuals (and even if we’re not!) and you’re not included in this, please know that i still love and appreciate you whole heartedly ♡♡♡

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hi friends! it is new year’s eve (finally) and i thought i would do an end of the year follow forever because i’ve never done one before!


@misty-mulder | @mostly-void-partly-stars| @lilac-hills

even though we met irl i still love your blogs


@badassblake| @batvigilantes | @beastly–deniro | @brightredbirdie | @curiositydoorunlocked | @dampuns | @endlesslydead | @fklminkus | @hellahella | @helluva-pilot | @kylosbucky | @kylovaleska | @lesbianenid | @marauderstark | @mickeylovessimba | @midnighter-apollo | @monarchweasley


@neontiiger | @newtmastime | @ninesboyfriendfrommars | @originalsassycas | @pies-wands-and-more | @pro-castinated | @projectwckd | @quintoholic | @relatively-exceptional | @rvchiegecko | @shuckitnewt | @srgtbarnesbutt | @stormpoelit | @theonlyamazingtazmin | @theory-ofcolours | @tiny-ging | @wicked-is-ok | @wonsderwoman

2016 was a real bad year for me, but you guys made my dash better so thank you for being so great and if you’re bolded that means that i recognize your url whenever i see it, and i have a pretty shit memory so you’re real special. but all of you are amazing, and i’m glad that you’re all on tumblr. if we’re mutuals and i didn’t add you, i’m so sorry please let me know because you deserve to be on here because my blog is garbage. but seriously thank you all for being gr8!! i hope 2017 is very kind to all of you because you deserve it. happy new year everyone! 

Hey friends

listen ok


you’re all



Please take care of yourselves because you deserve to be as healthy ad you can be

and you deserve happiness

please get a drink of water, have a snack or meal! Stretch if you can, go to the bathroom if you have to! Get some much-deserved rest if you’re tired, no matter the time of day!

You have made it so far, and you are so brave for doing so. I am proud of you, and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night!