Hey friends

listen ok


you’re all



Please take care of yourselves because you deserve to be as healthy ad you can be

and you deserve happiness

please get a drink of water, have a snack or meal! Stretch if you can, go to the bathroom if you have to! Get some much-deserved rest if you’re tired, no matter the time of day!

You have made it so far, and you are so brave for doing so. I am proud of you, and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night!

i love following larries because like half of my dash is all new pics and freaking out about how good they look and the other half is 👀 why did they take these pictures 👀 what are they doing 👀

hey guys!

so i saw this “how to be an adult” masterpost that has lots of helpful things, but it had some links that i liked more than others (I really hate thinking about jobs and stuff wbu) and so I’m just putting the happy links together.

i also incorporated a few links that I really like

i wish i could give credit, but I have no idea what their new url is so here goes:


calm down cutie:

learn some shit:

love urself:

wow some cool plant shit u may or may not care about:

woah hey, don’t cry. shit makes u hungry:

bad habit fixin’:


links I like:

watch shows and movies:

u r not a piece of shit. u r not ugly, u aren’t dumb, or annoying, or worthless, or a piece of shit or anything that goes beyond that. u are one cool ass mother fucker and anyone who says any type of shit to offend u does not deserve to be able to speak those words to u. motherfucker u are majestic. u are a fuckin diamond that got stuck next to a bunch of rocks. u are what people wish they could be. if u ever feel like shit because of

what someone said

something that happened

something that u feel is ur fault

being ignored

ur parents

or anything else

i am fuckin here for u no matter what u are the most valuable thing that i’ve ever seen and u deserve everything beyond what u think u do.

u have accomplished so much

u are worth everything in this world

u are worth more.

There’s a difference between loving him right and letting him step all over you.
—  Love advices and schtuff #4 // lily rose.