Tips & Tricks - - part 28❤️x

Hey lovelies! For today’s tips and tricks I’m just going to post some things to help you distract yourself, when you’re feeling a binge coming on. These won’t work for everyone, they are just the things that I like to do, and work for me. What works for you may be entirely different, but my goal is just to provide a few suggestions. Enjoy!

O1. Get into a new tv series. There is nothing that distracts you from life better than a good TV series, and I happen to be the queen of series. Here’s a list of a few suggestions. These are just a very few of my favourites, if you want more suggestions let me know what your favourite types of shows are, I’d love to suggest some for you.
-Finding Carter: follows a teenage girl who discovers her mother is really her kidnapper, and the events that follow this discovery and her adjustment to life with her real family.
-Humans: set in a world where robots are a part of every day life. But some of these robots have developed consciousness, and are perceived as a threat to humans. The story follows a group of robots as they fight to stay alive.
-Made in Chelsea: it’s a brittish reality series, kind of like the hills but way fucking better. It’s set in a posh neighbourhood, Chelsea, and follows a group of rich friends as they party, fall in and out of love, and the ensuing drama,
-Orphan Black: follows a girl who finds out she’s a clone, and her fight to find answers.
-The Leftovers: set in a world where 2% of the entire population disappeared into thin air, and the worlds attempt to deal with incident, and understand why it happened,
UnReal: this concept is really kind of cool it’s set on the set of a bachelor type show, and all the drama and manipulation that takes place. It’s not a reality series (I originally thought it was).
The Whispers: an unseen force is manipulating the children of parents in powerful positions, and the parents struggle to protect their children and stop the force.

O2.Get lost in a book. Try and find a series. If you love to read, like I do, a book is a perfect way to distract yourself. I also have a lot of great suggestions for books but i don’t want this post to be too long. So send me an ask for suggestions. Otherwise, try anything by Ellen Hopkins. She writes beautifully, and pretty much any teen that read any one of her books would love it. She has a knack for writing about mental health issues. Check her out!

O3. Clean. I have OCD, so I clean.. A lot. But I find hours will go by, and I won’t even realize it. That’s a good two hours every day where temptation doesn’t even cross my mind. If your place is clean then get your organization on! Something that can pretty much always use some organizing is your closet. Take everything out, and colour code your clothes. You’ll pass time, and you’ll have a really clean closet! It’s a win win sitch.

O4. Pretty up! I’m a girl girl, in the biggest sense. I love anything girly. So when I’m feeling tempted I get my girly on. I put together cute outfits. I google DIY hairstyles and try some new braids and buns out. I straighten or curl my hair. I do my makeup and try out different techniques with eyeliner or shadow. Most of all I paint my nails. Looking good helps you feel good.

O5. Arts and crafts! There are so many easy DIY crafts out here, you can preoccupy yourself for days on end. If you want some suggestions download the app “craftsy” it’s loaded with tonnes of fun stuff. Personally i like to scrapbook. It’s something that I can work on continuously, and add to over time.

O6. Make a new blog. Find an interest completely unrelated to thinspo, weight loss etc and go with that. I have like a million other blogs, to go with my many moods, but my favourite is pastels. I love searching for new pastel photos, and creating cute line ups of photos and quotes to post. Feel free to check it out at pretty-x-pastel and then create one of your own. Here’s some ideas for your own blog, hippie/boho, hipster, grunge, hair and makeup, animals, dance or sports, art, fashion, photography etc.

O7. Have a bath. Next time you’re at a drug store get yourself some bath salts and oils and take a nice long relaxing bath. Light some candles, put on some soft music, sit back and relax.

O8. Thinspiration nation. Get online and fall down a rabbit hole on your favourite thinspo site. You’ll be distracted and motivated all in one! Or, better yet, go searching for some new thinspo sites. You can also check out weight loss and dieting sites for tips and tricks, but be careful! It’s easy to stumble onto pro Ana sites, which won’t put any healthy ideas in your head. Stick to sites that support healthy weight loss and body image ideals.

O9. Look for new recipes. Search online for new recipes to try out. I like to look for low cal recipes, that are easy to make, because I hate cooking. Plus I find I’m overwhelmed with all the healthy options out there today. This is a good way to learn how to use new foods. Then add them to your grocery list and try using 1 new food a week.

1O. Write. I love to write. I journal every day, but when I’m in need of a real distraction, I like to create characters and then write scenes for them. For example I’d create a character for a 19 year old girl. Her name, her age, what she looks like, her personality traits and flaws. What she’s good at, what she loves, what she hates. Where she works, or goes to school. What her family is like. What is her background, like how did she grow up, what major life events has she experienced. Then I write a scene that would suit her character. Like when she meets the love of her life, or when she gets drunk on the beach with her best friend. Sometimes to escape this world, I like to create another one.

Sweetly, 💋K x


Type D Orca’s

They were first identified and discovered in 1955 (see above) when a pod of 17 whales mass stranded in New Zealand. A skeleton from this stranding is now on display in Te Papa Tongarewa museum in Wellington. 

Type D are easily distinguishable from their fellow orca by the smaller eyepatches and bulbous round heads and a very curved thin dorsal. Originally it was thought the difference in appearance was a genetic mutation.

They are not often spotted due to preferring climates and waters not often visited by humans - the Sub Arctic. So not much is known about the Type D’s.

Scientists who went back and examined the remains of the orca held at the museum found that it was not a genetic mutation that caused the appearance change. The population had split from the orca we know today an estimated 390,000 years ago so long they should be considered an independent sub species. 

What this means is much more research is needed on these orca, scientists can only speculate on their diet. But it does show to never underestimate the value of a museum- nearly 50 years after the skeleton was stored their the samples and tests were run to find their divergence. 

X  X

M.C Cupid

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Summary: Weekly Idol likes to think that they’re your cupid.

Words: 1317


“Honestly, I don’t really have an ideal type for looks - of course I’d love for him to be handsome, but I think personality is the most important,” you nodded, making Doni and Koni agree almost instantly (long story that’s not worth telling).

“Of course, personality is most important, (Y/N)-ah.”

“Somebody who can make me laugh and is still cool. Somebody innocent but sexy - is that weird? Can somebody be innocent and sexy?”

“Oh, no, not at all,” Doni and Koni nodded, “Do you have any particular person in mind, (Y/N)?”

You glared at your members as they broke down in giggles. They knew exactly who you had in mind. You never stopped talking about him. “Um, I’m not sure if I should say this…”

“It’s all right, (Y/N)!” Doni cried, “Let it all out!”

“Bangtan Sonyeondan’s JungKook!” You exclaimed, burying your face into your hands as you were made fun of almost instantly.

“Truthfully, we all knew who it was going to be!” Cackled Kristina, the lead dancer of your group, “She talks about him all the time!”

“Kristina!” Your head shot up, cheeks blushing and flushed as you hissed at her, “You shouldn’t say things like that on National Television-!”

“But it’s true!” Was vaguely heard before she was shut up by one of the older members and sat down.

“Do you know, (Y/N), that JungKook was on Weekly Idol just last week?” He questioned, taking out a phone that came from seemingly nowhere, “I’m sure JungKook wouldn’t mind if we gave him a little call-”

“No!” You burst out, “No, please, please, no-!”

“You don’t seem to want to talk to your own ideal type,” Koni tsked over the dialing of the phone, “You shouldn’t do that, (Y/N).”

“Oppa, ple-” You were just breaking out your aegyo when you heard a crackly, “Yes? Oh, hello!” Come out of the phone. You groaned, dramatically dropping onto the ground, murmuring, “My life is ending, my life is ending-”

“Yes? Hello, JungKook! Right now, you’re on Weekly Idol!”

“Really? But wasn’t I just there last week?” The teasing tone in JungKook’s voice made you feel even worse. Doni shook his head, “You shouldn’t be so disappointed that we’re calling you, JungKook.”

“No, no,” JungKook said, “So, what’s up?”

“We’re here with Cloud9, and we were just discussing ideal types. Tell us, JungKook, who is your favorite member in Cloud9?” It was silent for a moment. How embarrassing would it be if he called out another member’s name? You would never live it down.

“Hm… my favorite? It would have to be (Y/N)-shi.” Your eyes widened as Doni began congratulating him over the screams of your members.

“It was a good thing that you said that, JungKook!” Doni continued, “Because guess who just named you as their ideal type?”

“Really? (Y/N)?”

“Yes, really! Do you wanna talk to her?” Before either of you could say anything, the phone was being shoved into your face, “There she is. Talk to her!”

“Um, h-hi, (Y/N),” JungKook started with an adorable stutter, “I didn’t know I would be your ideal type.”

“I didn’t know I would be your favorite. Thank you, sunbae-nim.”

All at once, the phone was being taken away from you again, “That’s enough, now. You can communicate outside of Weekly Idol when we’re finished - (Y/N), stop looking so sad!”

“I don’t look sad!” You protested as you heard the laughs of JungKook pour out from the speakers, before you all bid your goodbye to him and hung up. “I hope you know that you all ruined my life,” you shook your head at everyone jokingly, turning away from them, “I can’t even look at you right now…”

*                  *                         *

You almost choked on your cinnamon roll as you saw gifs of your phonecall on Weekly Idol. You were scrolling through the Cloud9 tag on Tumblr like you usually did - it kept you up to date with the fandom, and you suddenly came by a bunch of ‘Cloud Sonyeondan’ posts - all shipping you and JungKook together.

You couldn’t help the hot blush that spread across your cheeks as you saw a screenshot from JungKook’s Twitter. You hadn’t been on Twitter in a while, so you had no idea that this had ever happened, but the screenshot read:

Totally fine with being shipped with (Y/N).’

Your jaw dropped. Jeon Jungkook was just asking to be killed painfully.

*                    *                      *

“This dress is so uncomfortable,” you grumbled, “But at least it’s in my favorite colour.”

“Black isn’t a colour, it’s a tint,” Leean reminded you, “But I’ll let you keep thinking stupidly.”

You and your group sat in your seats in the MAMA venue for 2016. You were wearing a strapless black dress that criss-crossed everywhere and showed a fair amount of skin - however you’d rather be naked than be in this situation right now.

Bangtan freakin’ Sonyeondan had decided to sit behind you. You could practically feel the fangirls breathing down your neck from the other side of the room, cameras poised to take the perfect shot of you and Jungkook interacting - and they got the shot, too, when JungKook leaned down to whisper in your ear.

“Hey. Hey. Hey - (Y/N), stop ignoring me~”

You spun around, almost wacking JungKook in the face with your hair, “Jeon Jungkook - do you want to die?”

He smiled greasily, “Why would I want to die when my fans want me with a beautiful, talented girl?”

Your jaw dropped at his obviousness, “You are completely - utterly - just-”

“There’s a new boba tea place near my dorms,” he interrupted you, “You wanna go with me?”

You raised an eyebrow, “Me? And you? Like a date?”

He nodded casually, “Uh huh. A date.”

Your cheeks turned crimson, “Yeah! I mean - like, yeah, sure.”

You turned around quickly to stop JungKook from seeing the excited look on your face.

*                      *                     *

Let’s face it, we all knew it would happen soon.

I bet Jungkook oppa is just with her because he pities her and doesn’t want her to feel bad!

I actually like them together! They balance each other out!

You can’t stop them dating. They’re growing up, they have lives as well, people!

“Looks like most of the accept us,” JungKook murmured into your shoulder as you sat perched on his lap, “There may be a few that don’t, but we can handle them.”

“How did I get this lucky?” You wondered as you scrolled through more comments, “Most idols would get tons of hate streaming in, but we’re getting more support than hate.”

“It’s because they love us so much,” JungKook shot you a lazy grin, “Now come on, because we have to get dressed up and everything now.”

*                          *                                *

“I cried,” JungKook continued, “Because (Y/N)’s acting was so good and it seemed so realistic.”

“Aw,” Doni cooed as the both of you burst out laughing at JungKook’s confession, “You reduced him to tears, (Y/N)-ah!”

Your laughter filled the air as JungKook’s ears turned red, “She was dying in a hospital! How was I not to cry?”

“You know,” Koni interrupted, “You really owe us a lot.”

You both looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean, oppa?”

“You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for us,” continued Doni, “We were the people who got you two talking, so if it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t be together-”

“We could be there cupids!” Exclaimed Koni stupidly, “We brought them to love and will keep them in love.”

You couldn’t help but burst out laughing, face palming at the same time as they continued to tease you both, “Ah, the beautiful couple. I hope you know that we expect an invitation to the wedding and god children?”

Your eyes widened, “Wow, you’re going so far into the futur-”

“We’ll get you those invitations,” JungKook interrupted, “And the god children, too.”

BTS Reactions To Participating In WGM With You

YOOOOO I watched about 10 episodes of this show because I didn’t really know what it was, but idrc bC IT’S SUCH A CUTE SHOW LIKE HONESTLY I’D WATCH MORE so bless u bangtan-reactimagine for basically introducing me to WGM. I hoooope you like this! :-)

/None of the gifs are mine/


Rap Monster: I can picture you guys doing really well, tbh. I personally think he’d be a great husband so good for you, fam. And also, I think he’d be the type to lowkey fall in love throughout the show and it’d be the cutest thing and you’d slightly notice it and you’d tease him about it but of course he’d deny it.

Jin: Like Namjoon, you guys will do great as well. But the first meeting? Oh God, he’d be so awkward. He wouldn’t even notice that y’all were childhood friends for the first few minutes but as soon as he finds out, he’d be less awkward. Skinship would come a lot later than you’d expect but it’s okay because know that if he makes the first move, it took A LOT of guts. HE’D BE THE CUTEST HUSBAND EVER SO PLEASE HAVE FUN BECAUSE THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.

Suga: Y’all would fight so much omg but like in a playful way and the viewers would love it. “Yah, this is not the right way.” “No, Yoongi. I’m the one holding the map, right?” “*mumbles* Do you even know how to read a map?” “What’s that?” “*sighs* Nothing.” “That’s what I thought. Just drive and stop whining.” “*rolls eyes*”

J-Hope: Literally the happiest pair ever. It’d be like two best friends but actually what you guys are lmao just pretending to be a couple for fun, you guys would enjoy it a lot. Accomplishing missions would never be a problem for you guys, as well.THERE’D BE A LOT OF CRINGE-Y THINGS THOUGH LIKE Y’ALL HAVING SOME SECRET HANDSHAKE THING OR LIKE WEIRD NICKNAMES. The viewers would adore it anyway so it’s all good. Also, skinship aF.

Jimin: Aww this cutie pie would be so so shy during the first date even though he’d know y’all were friends.You’d have to be the one to speak up first and once you do, he’d start feeling comfortable and he’d start talking. Over the course of the show, he’d slowly turn from a shy little earthling who can’t even look you in the eye to a “husband” who’ll hold your hand anywhere without feeling embarrassed about it. So, have fun, fam. 

V: He once said that he wants his first love to be the one he’d marry so I think he’d be all romantic and shiz like buying gifts for the first date and stuff. You guys would talk non-stop and act as if you didn’t see each other for how many years. He’d be such an adorable husband though like hONESTLY. He’d make you blush so mUCh by complimenting you and things like that. HONESTLY JUST PREPARE YOURSELF FOR INTENSE BLUSHING AND CHEESY THINGS.

Jungkook: Like Jimin, he’d be really rEALLY shy during the first date. Like honestly son stop looking at the ground and just talk to her y’ALL WERE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS FFS. You’d tease him more often than he would tbh bc he’d be so awkward around you. ALSO, PICTURE A JUNGKOOKIE AWKWARDLY TRYING TO PUT HIS ARM AROUND YOU AND STOPPING MIDWAY, RETHINKING HIS LIFE AND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT IF HE SHOULD GO FOR IT, you’d just end up laughing at him lmaooo. He’s one hell of a smooth lad, isn’t he? M8 HONESTLY YOU SHOULD’VE JUST WENT FOR IT.

This sounds really douchey but like

I don’t like feeling forced to do things the way I think tumblr feels is right. Like I don’t like feeling obligated to learn how to draw things I don’t know how to draw/aren’t familiar with because I’m afraid I’ll get attacked for it. Like body types. I’d love to learn body types, they look fun to draw and really neat. But the fact that if my characters aren’t all different in body type or if I don’t have an overweight character to show I’m “against body shaming” I’ll be frowned upon? It just makes me feel icky about learning them to begin with. Like if I want to learn different facial structures and how to draw other races, I’d like to look up how because I’m interested in learning, not because I’m afraid people will attack me if I don’t. And if I don’t want to learn those things and stay in my comfort zone I want people to respect that, man. I don’t want to be called a stupid artist with “same face syndrome” or racist or any other kind of negative name. I don’t want to portray anything incorrectly either or be accused of pandering. ; ;

I can’t win, man.

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Nitori! What is your ideal date? What flavor of ice cream do you like? Are you into a specific body type for a s/o? I love you! ❤️

“Ah! D-date? I-I haven’t really thought about that, but the park sounds nice! As for ice cream… I like vanilla! And…  Eh!? Body type!? I-I’m not sure, any body type could be nice, I guess…”

Aiichirou reads through the message again, and notices the last part. 

“W-wait, you l-love me!? Ah, Anon, thank you!”

Aiichirou bows politely, cheeks burning up.

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For the poetry thing I'd love to see any type of poetry really on Aphrodite ♡♡♡

there are letters in the attic
reading “dearest love”
old and brown as coffee stains
or the colour of this love’s eyes
each waiting, each dreaming
each hoping to be held in those
soft hands so reverently traced
in words like “incomparable”
the stacks are an altar to undying
devotion, a silent allegiance
to that mother of desire that guided
the trembling pen and the fluttering heart
not fearful but full of happy surrender
to that “dearest love”

My interview was SO cool and even if I didn’t get the job it was still worth it to go talk to this person. We talked about intersectionality, safe spaces in the workplace, we’re both type 1 diabetics… honestly I’d love to work for them but even if they don’t take me on as an intern, I’m happy just having been able to have that conversation.

Which Type Would You Rather Be? (ESFJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ISTJ)

Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Answers The Question ‘Which Type Would You Rather Be?’

Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type comes with its own set of joys and struggles. However, sometimes we’d like to trade in those struggles for somebody else’s.


ESFJs across the board wished that they could take a break from their feelings! 

  • “I’m pretty sure I’d like a type that can find more love and validation internally, rather than just relying on other people to validate me.”
  • “I mostly like being an ESFJ, but maybe an ESTJ? Life might be easier if there weren’t so many “feelings” going on.”
  • “I’m ESFJ and often wish I was an ISFJ or ESTJ. Leading Fe is painful sends me down a constant roller coaster of emotion. While I love my Fe (it helps me create art and relate to those around me), it can be a little much to deal with at times. I’m easily hurt, which makes me hesitant to trust others. I often want to spare myself (and others) the pain and deal with problems by myself. But that’s not how it works. I need people.”
  • “I’m an ESFJ who struggles with the ‘feels’ that go with being a type that just can’t seem to separate emotions from decision-making. It would be nice to happier without others around too.”

The majority of ISFJs wished to be extroverts. 

  • “I’m an ISFJ and most days I’m content with my type but occasionally I wish I was an ESFJ instead so I could express myself more easily.”
  • “Mostly I like being an ISFJ… social situations not being physically exhausting would be nice though.”
  • “I’d rather be anything E. Being bored and alone but convinced you’ll be miserable in a crowd is miserable.”
  • “It would be nice to be an ESTP and not have to care so much.”
  • “I’m ISFJ and I wish I were INFJ or INTJ. I want to be open to ideas and also independent of others. I’m also tired of my feelings getting in the way but I love being expressive at the same time.”

No ESTJ responses – presumably because they were off actually living their lives and accomplishing things.

ISTJs showed no consistent trends other than disliking the ISTJ stereotype. 

  • “ISTJ — sometimes wishing I was an ESFP instead!”
  • “I strive to be more like ISFJ, as I think my logical brain could use more feeling. I want to be a more loyal and generous person, and I’d like to create an orderly and harmonious environment at home and at work.”
  • “I’m an ISTJ and I’d wish to be the more daring, careless, outgoing ESTP.”
  • “We don’t do change. Though being an INTJ would come in handy sometimes.”
  • “I just wish more people were also ISTJs so I could hang out with them!”
  • “ISTJ and mostly content with it. It’s only when I read the descriptions of ISTJ that I wish I were something else that seemed a little more exciting to onlookers. From the perspective of living it, it’s fine, but when you read how other people describe ISTJ, it sounds completely boring and unimaginative, which it is NOT. If anything, I wish I didn’t get so overwhelmed by heavy social interaction because I really do like people.”

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"I love inside jokes I'd love to be part of one someday." Which type does this quote remind you of?

Maybe like an IxFJ or an xxTP if it was being said humorously

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8, 9, 56, 57, 58, & 59. Please, Renpai! For the NSFW asks

8. Have you walked in on someone masturbating/having sex?

No ._. Not that I have been aware of.

9. Have you ever seen someone masturbate or have sex with their permission?

No, but I’d love to.

56. First type of porn you have ever watched? (ie. lesbian, hentai, threesome)

First porn I ever saw was a magazine.

57. What was the most recent type of porn you have ever watched? What category was it under?

Eh? Does this mean that I saw most recently? I watched face fucking. I can link the video if you want.

59. Have you ever fantasized over someone older than you? How much older? Younger? How much younger?

If you count Toue then yeah. Youngest fantasy is about four years or so?