It’s the first time i post something here. So I hope I don’t make a mistake ^^ It’s not a big deal (interview from 2014) but when I read this yesterday i was like “OMG OMG OMG such a big fanboy”  Leo is so calm and quiet……until this day :

Q: When does Leo, who is unusually quiet and introverted, speak the most?

Leo: When I met Trey Songz.

Hongbin: At that time, rather than thinking that he talked a lot, I thought, “Why is this hyung like this,” and it was to the point I felt secondhand embarrassment. (laughing) People can talk a lot. But he started talking so much so I was really surprised. However my feelings were the same when I met Park Hyoshin sunbae-nim, so on the other hand I sympathized with his feelings too well and I could understand that heart.

Leo: It was also my birthday that day. Honestly, when the members wanted to go shopping in Beverly Hills, I wanted to rest but seeing as it was my birthday, I went out thinking “Okay, let’s just go.” And then, this really unexpected gift came to be.

@ndsirius asked: Dude u should do a pose where 1 person is gently holding the other persons chin and theyre abt to kiss and everything looks rlly soft and happy !!!!!!

did it with bunny bc boy do i love :’) ty trey for the suggestion !!!

I love how Matt and Trey have this reputation of being the Almighty Edge-Lords of comedy, but in reality, Trey is a musical theatre geek who plays board games and legos and Matt is a bean pole who likes video games and skateboard tutorials on Youtube. Like these guys aren’t hardcore, they’re fucking adorable nerds and I love them