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I love your blog! Could you write a scenario where you broke up with Rin thinking that it's better bc you want him to make his dream come true but he stops you and said some cute things for you. Please :3

Thank you! ^^


Rin couldn’t believe what you just said. Where did he go wrong? Did he do something bad? What? He just had to know. It was already driving him crazy, even if you just told him a few seconds ago that you’ve decided to break up with him. 

“Why?” You were already shaking as a tear started to roll down your cheek. When he fail to receive the answer that he desires, he took a step forward you and held both of your shoulders. 

“W-What did I do?” He was already crying himself and it really hurts you seeing him like this. Rin was shaking you almost violently right now just to squeeze out your answer from you. 

“I-I’m gonna be a hindrance to your dream Rin..” You placed your hand on his cheek lovingly, wiping away a tear with your thumb as he stared down at you in disbelief. “I want to break up with you because I want you to make your dreams come true.” You stated and you were surprised that he suddenly chuckled. What surprised you even more was that he suddenly flicked your forehead, which made you take a step back while rubbing the same exact spot to soothe the slight pain. 

“Y-You’re really an idiot..” He was laughing at this point and he kissed your forehead. “You’re one of my dreams.. and you’re like taking one of my biggest dreams away from me if you suddenly decided to break up..” 

You felt yourself blushing at his words. Rin never failed to make you blush with the sweet words that he tells you every time you’re crying. Realization suddenly hit you hard upon remembering how much he cared for you and loved you. You certainly wanted to spend your life with him, yet you made one stupid decision just because you thought it’s the best thing to do for him. 

“____.. I love you.. and don’t ever try to break up with me again using such stupid reason because I’m never going to let you..” He leaned down and pecked your lips lightly, intensifying the redness of your cheeks. When he parted, he leaned his forwards on yours and you smiled. 

“I love you too Rin.. I won’t ever again.. I promise..

1. “but if you loved me, why’d you leave me?”

i left because i had no choice, because you were rotting under my hands, because i would die for you in a heartbeat but i will not be what kills you, because i never should have kissed you, because we drown each other with our words, because-

2. “i loved you”

i loved you too. i loved you more than i can say, i loved you like summer and swimming and strawberry smiles and too big hoodies, i loved you like stars until we broke, but then i loved you like the way i love snow and hunger pangs, like i love razor blades, like the way i love the things that kill me, and i swear, i would have stayed but-

3. “i can’t handle this”

shh, my love, i know, i’m sorry, my tongue is too sharp when i’m tired, and you are too cold when you’re sad, and this is turning ugly, turning bitter, you bought me cough drops and ice cream when i was sick but you used suicide like a weapon to get what you want, i wrote you love poems but tore you down for fun, felt loving you in my teeth, and i’m sorry it has to be this way but-

4. “we shouldn’t talk anymore”

you’re right, of course. i know the thought of me festers in your veins, i know i couldn’t be what you deserved, i know we went toxic, i know, i know, but-

5. “fuck you"

well, fuck you too, darling. i was not the only sinner here, not the only bitter tongue, not even the first to throw a punch. it took you a week from the first time i admitted i would kiss you before you said you would kill yourself if i left you, turned loving you into something i had to do because i couldn’t let you die, planted the seed of rot, don’t act like you forgot, let’s not pretend you were only the victim, let’s not pretend i don’t have reasons to say-

6. “goodbye”

good luck, i’ll miss you.

—  a short list of things he said (and i should’ve) - (g.c.r.)
  • me:*watches free*
  • me:they're so cool. im going to start swimming. i've always loved to swim, idk why i stopped
  • me:*watches haikyuu*
  • me:they're so cool. im going to start playing volleyball. i used to love it in high school, idk why i stopped
  • me:*watches kuroko no basuke*
  • me:they're so cool. im going to start playing basketball. its my all time favorite sport, idk why i dont
  • me:*watches prince of stride*
  • me:they're so cool. im going to start runn-
  • me:fuck no. i hate running

I finally figured out what the 💯 emoji is for!

That is what it’s for, right?

Anyway, hit the century mark in a month for the first time in almost 2 years. Is this even a running blog? The Little Rock marathon is only 40 days away, so my “build” phase is pretty limited. Treadmill running is in full effect and I’m quickly remembering why I never sign up for early spring marathons. Fuck the treadmill.

I also hit the pool for almost an hour after my 5 miler today. I figured that deserved a mention, since I didn’t drown.

Today was a good day.

.: Underwater me :.

“Forever searching; never right,
I am lost in oceans of night.
Forever hoping I can find memories.
Those memories I left behind.
Even though I leave will I go on believing
that this time is real - am I lost in this feeling?”

~Evening Falls by Enya