Tom Ellis: Lucifer actor Tom Ellis to release a soundtrack of the songs he plays
The show Lucifer is loved among many people, myself included. The actors are amazing in their roles, the themes of the episode are thought provoking and, something noteworthy, the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE ! The soundtrack includes many different artists such as Cage The Elephant, David Bowie, The Black...


  • Me: I'm not going to sing during this movie.
  • Person behind me: ... what the fuck.
  • Me: don't hate me because you ain't me.

For my entrepreneurship class, I’m supposed to copy down a store layout and think of ways to improve it. My friend suggested Hot Topic after looking at the question sheet and we just kinda laughed at the question “is there at least four feet between aisles?”

I’m 21 YEARS OLD how is having a class crush STILL THIS STRESSFUL like NOTHING HAS CHANGED about these situations since the SIXTH GRADE


John is gay

And weeding the smoke

He dieas a lot

Alex??? Who cares I fucking hate him

Lafayette is FUCKING from the Eifel tower

Hercules is realllky FUCKING hot

Burrt can sing well I love him

Jimmy jam?? IS SO fucking hot but that’s Oak

Jeffersonian deserves pine cone down his peeehole

But he Has a nice butt

But that’s Daveed

Eliza is my lover

So is maria

And Angles

All the women??? In my pants now

George washingmachine also in my pants

He seems really tired

I’m really tired


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Peace and love on the planet earth. C'mon and sing it with me, these are lyrics~ Oh, look again, I ruined it again~ Steven Universe?

“Life and death and love and birth, 

And peace and war on the planet Earth.

 Is there anything that’s worth more

Than peace and love on the planet Earth–”

“Uhh.. I don’t sing.”

“This is silly.”

another few headcanons about these dorks that I love:

everyone can sing except Kimberly, she can’t carry a tune and never knows any of the words she just makes up stuff she thinks sounds right, and they love it so so much

high school musical references become a Thing when Trini shouts that Jason looks just like Zac Efron, and for a while they did forget about it but then Jason said “Time to get my head in the game” mid battle with this shit eating smirk and they went mad over it

“you can’t back flip away from your problems” - “just fucking watch me”

Billy, the Kick. Jason, the Slap. Kimberly, the Punch. A holy trinity.

Flipping off the moon at least twice a day “for Rita”

Alpha A and Zordon decide to address the Rangers worrying reflex for saying they’ll kill stuff, because really guys calm down

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Nessian + 19 and 27 😉

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?

Cassian definitely. Nesta acts as she hates it but even after hundred years, when Cassian calls her Sweetheart, she melts.

But imagine them having lunch and Nesta goes “Do you want more potatoes, honey”. And they both froze, Cassian with his fork halfway to his mouth. Nesta is close to panic attack/mental breakdown because she expects that Cassian will tease her to death but he just continues to eat and pretends nothing happened (he is dying and screaming inside)

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?

Cassian is a singing diva. He sings ALL the time. But singing in a shower is his favourite. He says his shower is perfectly built for singing I will always love you, his fav song. Sometimes Nesta goes with him just so he’d shut up. He doesn’t complain.

  • jaal every other moment: darling one, you are so soft, take me everywhere with you, never leave me, you make my heart sing, I want to devour you, I love you
  • pathfinder, about to die for the second time:
  • sam: pathfinder, I can free us but you'll have to die first, in theory I can bring you back to life, but I might not be able to.
  • jaal: well it was nice knowing ya

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♩♩(Pfff the one emoji I don't have) Peppermint to Dice?

♬ = singing to them .

Dice: I just absolutely love that amazing voice of yours. <33

((this just makes the Dice child fall even more in love with the Peppermint child! and i think thats okay! CAN YOU SEE HOW MUCH THIS CHILD LOVES THE PEPPERMINT CHILD HE WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HIM))
((sorry a quick thing haha *slowly crawls back to my box*))