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so the other day i went to an open mic night at my college and this really pretty girl sang a song about a girl and i was blushing A LOT and now i keep seeing her on campus so basically what i’m saying is look forward to my wedding in the near future


hello everyone~ hope you’re doing well c: here is an old request for social media au! i listed a bunch more (thank goodness for kaisooaufest) so have fun reading !!

youtube au:


  • #InstaDrama - kaisoo drabbles ft. chanyeol’s instagram (thanks again to the lovely admin j~)
  • Inter-Date - kaisoo meet via twitter roleplay
  • Neighborly Encounters - ksoo meets his hot new neighbor and talks about it on the tweeter
  • networking chaos - ot12, tumblr famous ksoo who tries to get his crush aka youtuber!jongin’s attention via a cover of jb’s boyfriend (fun fact this was written before ksoo actually covered it hehe)

-Admin Y

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can't help falling in love/iwaoi w oiks singing ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

omg i just realized u meant the singe r lmao……but it’s by haley reinhart!!

I kind of made Oikawa sing since you wanted him to,,,but I hope this is okay owo

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you

Oikawa smiles a giddy smile that stretches across his face, the lyrics slipping passed his lips like honey. His long fingers curls around Iwaizumi’s waist, and he steps closer so he can lazily sway them from side to side.

“Since when could you sing?” Iwaizumi mumbles, the obvious flush on his cheeks spreading down to his neck.

Oh shall I stay, would it be a sin
Oh if I can’t help falling in love with you

Iwaizumi eyes him suspiciously, his hands coming up to rest on Oikawa’s shoulders. “Are you up to something?” He questions, only to retrieve a happy laugh in response.

Oikawa leans forward to kiss Iwaizumi’s nose, eyes crinkling with happiness.

Oh like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes some things are meant to be

Iwaizumi finally cracks the smallest of smiles, moving his hands so he can place them on Oikawa’s cheeks. He leans their foreheads together, the slight swaying halting as Iwaizumi’s intense gaze studies Oikawa’s face.

Take my hand, take my whole life too

Oikawa gently take one of his hands off of Iwaizumi’s waist, raising it so he can grab one of Iwaizumi’s own hands off his cheeks. His fingers wrap around his wrist, tugging it away so that he can lace their fingers together.

He leans forward after doing so, lips softly brushing against Iwaizumi’s lips as he mumbles the last phrase.

Oh for I can’t help falling in love with you

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what if style sang love songs to bendy? what if bunny enjoyed kissing the tips of creek's fingers? what if cute fusions romance?

(Every fusions headcanons make me happy)
I think Bunny love to kiss Creek EVERYWHERE;D
I’m so in love with Stylbendy, I love the idea that Style sings love songs to Bendy, btw I think Style is the best boyfriend….ahhhhhh

Bias Tag

I was tagged by @ayeyojooheon - omg you have ten biases lmao i have like 5 tops. I’m going to do top 5 biases.

1. Shownu - he is my ultimate bias. I love this teddy bear so so much, you guys don’t understand. Just thinking about him makes my heart so full. I love his adorable smile. His awkward and shy personality, his dancing, his singing, his everything. sigh, i love him so much it hurts lmao. 

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2. Oh Sehun -  lmao sehun WAS my ultimate bias but then monsta x happened, and I’m sorry my precious noodle but shownu won over you. HOWEVER, i still love sehun dearly. He was my first serious bias and he will always have a special place in my heart.

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3. Park Jimin - This boy messes me up so much. He’s so adorable when he smiles, but then he flips the switch and is the biggest hoe ever. lmao but i love him nonetheless. also blonde jimin is my life. seriously. i love this peanut. 

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4. Chae Hyungwon - lmao, i can’t even believe I’m putting him on this list. Hyungwon became my second bias in Monsta x as of recently. HE JUST CREEPED UP ON ME AND I HATE HIM FOR IT SO MUCH. But i also love this precious frog prince so its okay. 

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5. Choi Seung Hyun - before i really got into Kpop I was obsessed with T.O.P, like before there was Sehun, T.O.P was my No. 1. I know I said sehun was my first serious bias, and what i mean by that is like i had a flipping blog dedicated to him. With Seung hyun it was more like i was super obsessed but idk what a bias was or anything back then, LMAO idk if any of this makes sense. I just love his deep sexy ass voice, and his manliness, and rfhwedjwekgkerfwdmksm. 

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lmao, okay. 

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I’m working on so many awesome things!! I’m hyped haha! OwO But most of it is secret…. except the cover I recorded the other day!!☆ It’s originally a Vocaloid song that I really love~! I put a lot of thought into my singing so I hope you’re gonna love it!! 💙💕 Look forward to it! ^__^v ~☆

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Have you considered doing a stronger than you cover? P.S. I'm the guy on Twitter who named one of his firetypes on his Nuzlocke after you. You're still alive.


I’d love to! It’s too tough on the uke, I’ve tried to play it, but it’s totally in my range and I love singing it for fun.

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Shanna what is your favorite line of this town? I love love the song, so fcking proud of Niall, he is killing it 💓💓💓💓

”them butterflies they come alive when im next to you” i love the way his voice sounds when he sings it and the line is just perfection. 

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Ship? I'm a 4th year gryffindor. I have anxiety and I'm self conscious about my curves (I hate my body) I love to sing and write. I'm very introvert and wear a lot of black. I speak fluent french and arabic. My zodiac sign is Gemini (all eras?)

I ship you with Sirius, Draco, and Scorpius!

Love, there’s no reason to hate your body (especially if its for your curves). Nearly everyone has curves, and there is nothing wrong with that. I know its difficult, but you should love your body. Easier said than done, I know. Start off small though, look yourself in the mirror once a day and tell yourself ‘I look amazing, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says’. If anyone ever says anything about your curves in a negative way, I’d say ignore them because you’re better than that but I’m not so I recommend going the fuck off and making them regret ever insulting you.

(Also hella congratulations on speaking fluent Arabic and French! That’s so damn cool, I can’t even learn one language.)