‘’I’ll never be this happy again.’


Been listening to the off-Broadway soundtrack, I just love it. Can’t wait for the Broadway album.

I think Natasha and Sandy would be very good friends, no? Dark skinned beauties wearing white with flowers in their hair? I mean c’mon.

Even if Natasha shares more similarities with SpongeBob in that she’s a naive child in a cruel world full of cynics. Altho unlike SpongeBob she loses her innocence where he remains optimistic

Fic Questionnaire for Writers and Readers

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Number you favorite characters from one fandom ( in any order you want ) 1-12
Fandom choice : Dangan Ronpa ( I’m letting the kids out of the list because some questions are about shipping and I’m not going there )

j1) Hajime Hinata
2) Kyoko Kirigiri
3) Nagito Komaeda
4) Celestia Lundenberg
5) Junko Enoshima
6) Sakura Ogami
7) Mahiru Koizumi
8) Peko Pekoyama
9) Byakuya Togami
10) Chihiro Fujisaki
11) Sayaka Maizono
12) Sonia Nevermind

  • If you wrote a fic about Four, what song would you use to inspire yourself?

Lauren O’connell - House of the Rising Sun - I just love the haunting tune, the allusion to gamble, to a poor upbringing etc… It’s also very fitting for her aesthetic™ since it’s a Coven ( season 3 from AHS )’s soundtrack.

I would love to write a fic about Celes’s past honestly. Not sure if I’m ready to write prequels for now, but I’m sure she had a fascinating life.

  • One/Nine and Six/Ten. Which pairing is happier?

Hajime/Byakuya or Sakura/Chihiro. I really, really strongly BrOtp Sakura and Chihiro, and whether it would become romantic or not, I’m sure they’ll be way more happy together than Hajime and Byakuya ( to be honest, it’s not that hard, haha ). Not that their interraction wouldn’t be gold, by the way. A very entertaining mess.

  • Have you ever read a fic about Seven/Twelve?

Mahiru/Sayaka : nope, is it a thing somewhere ? Because their characters could get along in my opinion, but that’s the kind of crackship that doesn’t exist a lot, uh.

  • FMK, but with extra options (to finish off the remaining numbers). The choices are: Fuck, Marry, Kill, Adopt, Live With, and Fight. Choose from numbers One, Two, Three, Five, Eight, Eleven.

Hajime, Kyoko, Nagito, Junko, Peko, Sayaka

Fuck : ( no one, please let me in my asexual corner, thanks ).

Marry : Probably Kyoko, honestly. She seems chill to live with on a daily basis. Kinda wants to be her co-detective too, or be her personnal novelist, that kind of stuff. Not sure why she would like to marry though ~

Kill : Junko, and that wasn’t that hard, really. Also I’m pretty sure she’ll find a way to come back in a way or another.

Adopt : I was about to say Nagito but keep the bad luck away from me please. So i’ll go with Sayaka, because she needs a supportive parent <3 She seems like a great daughter to have, honestly.

Live With : Hajime. I would love to be roomate with him ? We would be done with each other’s shit after like, one week. Amazing.

Fight : Nagito ? I mean, at this point it’s either him or Peko and I’m pretty sure I’m dead against Peko. I can take Nagito’s weak ass, though.

  • Any favorite fic moments for Four?

I’m honestly a little disappointed by the way Celes is portrayed in fanfics, especially in Celegiri fics, but Miscalculations by lucavale is a+ is really nice when it comes to her character. Great but too short, would rec anyway if only to quench a thirst.

  • What tags/warnings would be included in a One/Twelve fic?

Hajime/Sayaka. First Encounter, Mutual Pining, Sayaka is the Poor Little Rich Girl, Hajime is her cheap Bad Boy ( but really he is just a Reverse Course Student ), Jealousy, Hidden Relationship, Crushed Dreams, Open Ending.

  • What would Eight say if they saw Six and Nine kissing?

If Peko saw Byakuya and Sakura kissing ? I have… absolutely no clue because she doesn’t know them. She would be probably very surprised, maybe she would try to ask Byakuya if it was dirty trick or something, but would end up trusting Sakura’s judgement at the end. The crackiest ship either though. They don’t… go together. Like, at all.

  • Last Question! Make up a summary for a fic including Two, Three, and Eleven.

Kyoko, Sayaka and Nagito.

AU - When the famous pop star Sayaka Maizone starts to receive worrying letters from a secret ‘admirer’, she asks her friend Kyoko Kirigiri to investigate. Good Luck or Bad Luck, the Detective has to team up with Nagito Komaeda, a strange boy who seems to know more than he should about this whole business.

I kinda want to write it now. Good job, me.

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Also, anyone who wants to do it is totally welcome to do it too !

good morning, kos-mos: a fanmix for a lovely android and the girl she was born to protect.

track list: 01. shelter (orchestral cover) by porter robinson 02. cold water by j.fla 03. there she goes by sixpence none the richer 04. wasted daylight by stars 05. like i do by minipop 06. you are the moon by the hush sound 07. the scientist by coldplay 08. i love you, sincerly by xenosaga ep III, the original soundtrack

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favorite moana songs 


we were like gods at the dawning of the world

Lin-Manuel’s demo of Satisfied from Broadway musical Hamilton (the image for the track accurately represents me while listening to it)

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You don’t have to walk the night on your own
I will say a prayer for you to lead you on