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Hey jen do you know if he has ever performed Everything You Are? it is my favorite.

Yep! You can watch Ed’s first live performance of Everything You Are right [here]. I love this song too! 

It’s funny… I haven’t just sat down and listened to Ed’s songs in a long while - except whenever they come on the radio, and even then I usually don’t listen - and so seeing something like this is like a sudden jolt, like BOOM, REMEMBER THIS?! and it comes over me again how much I dig the music. 

It’s a really nice feeling to have. Reminds me why I’ve invested so much in the boy. :)

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I love your videos so much and your song Novels is so fantastic and holds a large amount of meaning to me so thank you

It holds so much meaning to me as well! Thanks for listening!


Hi friends! I wrote an essay for a scholarship competition and it would mean the world to me if you voted for it!


I know I sound like i’m trying to sell you a brownie pan on a late night infomercial and i’m SORRY but it literally takes 10 seconds to vote so PLEASE DO 

Shoot me a message if you vote for me because I will literally make a video thanking you/saying whatever you want me to or i’ll write you a song or a poem, anything TBH



takuya getting rejected ft. zhang yuan


good time + faceless


Time To Go - Wax Tailor

Oh my gosh, guys!! I was just scrolling through Autumn Miller’s last video comments ( It’s a solo to the song “Last Love Song”, which is amazing, you should totally check it out!!! She’s grown so much as a dancer, a performer, and her facials were on point) and came across this comment.

Interesting might I say….

"Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I'm drowning."

Some days missing Paul is harder than others. For someone I never met, his influence in my life was something I never knew I held so close to my heart until he was gone. It hurts so bad when the videos, photos and songs that I love so much because of him, make me miss him more. Though other days it’s those exact same things, that make me smile knowing that I got the chance to see such an amazing person change the world in his own way.
I miss you Paul.

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hiiii, i followed you and i've been seeing gifs & pictures of this band exo?? anyway i really love what i see of them on my dash and they look really cool and i really want to get in to them, but im american so i dont really understand much of whats going on from the few videos ive watched of them.. can you some how help me out? ive added a few of their songs to my spotify playlist but i really want to learn more about them and who each of them are and stuff. thanks!! -jae xx

hi jae! 

let me introduce you to exo!

exo is a group that consists of 10 members, 8 of them are korean and 2 of them are chinese (there were originally 12, but two of the chinese members left the group)

exo is supposedly a group from “outer space” that’s why you’ll see that they have like “superpowers” 

there is exo-k (k stands for korean and this subunit is formed by 6 korean members)

suho (stage name), is the leader of the group and his superpower is to control water. his real name in junmyun. he is the “rich” one here so we usually make joke calling him $uho. although he is the leader you’ll often find videos where it’s hard for him to control the other members, and he get frustrated but looks really cute lol (i’ll be linking you to teasers they have so that you get an idea of who is who) 

teaser [suho is the second guy who appears in the video]


D.O (stage name), is the main vocalist of the group and his superpower is strength. his real name in kyungsoo (he is the first guy that appears in the first teaser link) he is the shortest member and you’ll be able to identify him because his eyes are bigger that the other guys and his lips form a heart shape when he smiles. yeah, he is the guy with black clothes and the other members are scared of him because he will jokingly hit them


what is love mv [d.o is the first guy that sings]

baekhyun is the main vocalist of the group and his superpower is to control light. when he smiles you can see his canine teeth. he’s really playful and do cute faces and send hearts with his fingers. he can play the piano (he is the other guy that sings “what is love” with d.o)


chanyeol is the main rapper of the group and his superpower is to control fire. he is the tallest member, he has a big smile and his teeth are big too lol, and his ears are really big. you might get tricked by his cute face but his voice is really deep. he loves to play the guitar and he can play the drums and the piano as well



kai (stage name) is the main dancer of the group and his superpower is teletransportation. his real name is jongin. he is the second youngest of the group and he is a really sweetheart most of the time if he is not dancing. he is really passionate about dancing and you’ll notice it every time they are on stage. moreover, you might think that he is sexy and stuff, but he’s really cute and shy. he appears in most of the teasers 








sehun is the youngest member of the group and his superpower is wind. he is miranda kerr’s number one fanboy. he might look like a tough boy in photoshoots, but he is full of cuteness that will make you want to punch the wall to regain you sanity. he is the creator of “yehet” “ohorat” and an upgraded version: “yahat.” he is really handsome but he has a trademark face that looks like the grumpy cat



teaser [sehun is the one with the gold jacket and kai is the one with gold pants]


we are done introducing exo-k, and let’s go for the exo-m

exo-m (m stands for mandarin chinese, this subunit was formed by 4 chinese members and 2 korean members, but now it’s 2 and 2)

xiumin (stage name) is the oldest member of the group and he is in charge of twerking and screaming hahaha. although he is the oldest, when he makes cute faces you might mistaken him as the youngest. his superpower is to freeze. he doesn’t talk that much, he is a coffee and soccer lover. his real name in minseok and he is korean. he has abs, the abs where you can wash clothes.

teaser  [he is the second one in the video, the first one is kai]


chen (stage name) is the main vocalist of the group. his real name in jongdae and he is korean. he is in charge of thunder. his lips form into a kitty’s mouth when he smiles (?). he is also called the chensing (dancing) machine, and his voice can be really high pitched. another sweetheart!! a fan gave him flowers and he took one and gave the rest back to the fan.


what is love mv [chen is the one who sings first]

tao is in charge of the rap in chinese now. his superpower is to control time. he is a chinese member and although he might look scary, he is really cute (the other members say that he’s a crybaby) he knows wushu, which made him get a really long introduction as “AB style kungfu panda tao.” yep, his blood type is AB. you’ll be able to tell him apart with the eyebags under his eyes  (this is the panda part lol) and his lips! the shape of his lips… how do i explain that?




lay (stage name) is the main dancer. he real name is yixing. his superpower is healing. he is a chinese member. he is an angel walking on earth! always worrying about the safety of fans, but he claims to be a unicorn. you can tell him apart because he has a dimple [although chanyeol has one too, lay is shorter.] he is also talented with instruments! he plays by ear the guitar and piano. whenever exo gives a speech, he’ll be the one giving it in chinese. he is really cute when he starts asking questions. his favorite color is purple (irrelevant fact lol)


teaser [lay is the one with gold dots in his jacket and the other one is kai]

teaser [lay is the one lying down, the other one is sehun]


i’ll give you an introduction of the former exo members because you’ll see the in your dash as well (they are both chinese)

luhan (lu is his last name and it means deer) he was the lead vocalist and lead dancer in exo-m. his superpower was telekineses. he loves soccer. really cute and innocent looking, but he hastes to be called cute so he’ll always argue that he is very manly. he was the face of the subunit, but when he makes derp faces, he is like another person. when exo debuted, we all thought that sehun and luhan looked alike. he is the other guy that sings “what is love” with chen.

teaser [luhan is the first guy in the video, the other guy is sehun]

teaser [luhan is the one on the right, the one on the left is kai]

kris was the leader of the subunit. his superpower was to fly. his real name is yifan. he was the first one who attempt on giving us a name as fans, so he called us galaxy. thus, we called him galaxy hyung (hyung means older brother in korean.) he is really funny and awkwardly cute! he is the anime character in flesh and bones. 


i hope this small introduction works in hopes of you being able to tell them apart as join us, exo-ls

i’ll drop a few more links to their mvs and showcase

exo’s showcase part 1, 2, 3, 4

history mv korean | chinese

mama mv korean | chinese

wolf mv korean | chinese 

[drama version ep 1] korean | chinese

[drama version ep 2] korean | chinese

growl mv ver 1 korean | chinese

growl mv ver 2 korean | chinese 

miracles in december mv korean | chinese

overdose mv korean | chinese

call me baby mv korean | chinese

when ppl say amy is an echidna i just think back to my tikal memories simoultaneously and im like

ye s, its a me, amy the echidna, tikal rose


Y’all talked me into trying Leverage. it’s okay.

But I am really delightedly distracted by the Short Punchy Guy With Glasses because he’s like? If you took the main dudes from Great Big Sea, added them up, divided by three, and had the resulting kid pretend to be American?

because these are like my favorite nerds in the world

haha hashtag aesthetic

look at these precious little canadians holy god

they just sing celtic-canadian folky sea shanties all the time they’re so happy

they love each other so much they’ve been together like 20 years

their song topics cover things such as the best boats, other boats which are also arguably good, whether you could make out with a mermaid lady and what if she had a fish top half and a lady bottom half, and historical pirates

sometimes they try pop

they’re the worst dancers that is the most Canadian music video I’ve ever seen

But HOLY HELL their voices a capella with no effects, no instruments, just four men SINGING their hearts out and keeping an audience spellbound just through harmony…


maek u think


Rise Against - Behind Closed Doors