Sometimes I wonder if we’re connected in a mysterious subliminal way. I know I’m a hopeless romantic but I have these dreams of insanity that tell tales of us together in lifetimes unbeknownst to us. Other times I wonder if we’re foolish and simply young and reckless, but in every case we run into each other, we desire. I wish I fought harder for you, I know I could have done a better job because I’m stuck on you, the moment I met you, it hurts so much how we were so perfect, nothing was wrong with us, we conquered everything but now our paths diverge greatly and time plus distance and future is against us, we failed. We wanted the best for each other at the cost of losing each other and now our impracticality has become the end of us. Yet my feelings for you has never lessened, I blame my immaturity in losing you all on me. You don’t have to worry, I understand and accept everything I’m familiar with loss but I’m not familiar with what we are now. I’m selfish I still want you, I want you to be mine so I’ve stayed on you even after such a break even when I know you’re moving on, knowing you’re someone else’s lust, I don’t know how you stayed after knowing what I have done to you but here I am doing the same as you have done for me. Stuck in love.
I’m afraid the next time we’ll meet you’ll be done and through with me, our deep love lost and shattered and I’ll be a remnant of your past as life goes on. I’ll be happy for you, somehow.
But I’m always going to be here as I am and as I was and ever be maybe a little broken but nevertheless yours,
Take care hermosa, I love you.
Thank You...For everything.

Pre-canon, pre-Zimbits

Bitty/OMC, pre Bitty/Jack

Warnings: Relationship break-up, hurt/comfort, angst

Written for: @starlinginthenight who needed some platonic, post-break up comfort.  I love you, darling.  So much.  I hope this helps.


Bitty bounced around the kitchen, whistling softly, his eyes flicking to his phone every so often as he rolled out his crust, and began to shape it into the pie pan.  The filling slowly simmered and thickened, the air filled with sweet spices, and he could hardly keep a smile from his face.

It wasn’t that Bitty was unhappy in general, but he’d come to Samwell because it was a place that boasted inclusivity.  A place he could be himself, and be accepted for who he was.  And it had worked out.  Mostly.  But it had been fairly lonely until lately.

Until Ransom and Holster had actually stumbled on a guy Bitty liked.  A guy who seemed to like Bitty.  Coffee dates turned into dinner dates, which turned into long, slow kisses on the front porch of the haus.  Suffering the chirps were worth it, because Jake looked at Bitty like he was worth something.

Six months worth of something, which was like an eternity when Bitty hadn’t even had his first kiss before that.  And now…

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So in the new Asset Seizure video, the boys do a car heist basically wearing nothing and it's incredible. I'm feeling like the FAHC would absolutely do the same thing. Maybe a dare from Funhaus?

Listen, while i love that thought and could absolutely see it being Funhaus, the fact that they’re wearing awful cowboy hats makes me think of a different culprit.. 

Jeremy, who was so excited about the huge destruction truck they were going to steal, who’d been talking all week about how wicked it looked, how much devastation they would cause, whether or not it could flip his monster truck in a joust. Jeremy who let Gavin and Michael goad him into some stupid dare, who got hurt last second, who’s laid up in bed, knowing the job is too time-sensitive to delay until he’s better. Who tells them all to go ahead, take Ryan in his place, so disgustingly understanding despite his disappointment that they can’t help but feel guilty. Can’t shake it off like they would if he’d been selfish, can’t mock him like they would if he’d been mad, even Jack and Ryan feel bad and they weren’t remotely involved in the accident for gods sake. 

So when Gavin pitches an idea out of desperation, suggests that since Jeremy can’t come along he can instead play boss, be the voice in their ear, the shot caller, the others are all too eager to agree. Can’t see the harm, even after Jeremy jumps on the idea, almost as excited as he’d been about the truck in the first place. As though history has taught them nothing they don’t see Jeremy’s revenge coming until it’s too late, failed to even consider the danger in the way Jeremy immediately declared that there would be a dress code, that costumes would be provided.  It’s not until Trevor and Matt get back from running about doing Jeremy’s shopping and can’t stop laughing that the mood begins to sour. 

Geoff almost chokes to death laughing when Jeremy produces Gavin and Michaels costumes, or lack thereof. Stripped down to silly boxers and bowties like impromptu Chippendale dancers, garnished by a couple of the dozen ludicrous novelty cowboy hats and boots Jeremy is gifted with at every turn, team nice dynamite have never looked quite so unprepared for a heist. Still, true to their word, they resign themselves and quickly start to enjoy the ridiculousness of the whole ordeal; Gavin is legitimately more upset about the crime against fashion than he is the nudity, Michael struts around constantly flexing, and the pair can’t stop striking preposterous imitations of suggestive poses. 

Ryan watches this all go down in silence before turning to Jeremy and reminding him that he was a last second stand in and would be happy to tag out for Geoff. Which lasts all of five seconds after Jeremy reveals Ryan’s costume; the absurd silk and velvet playboy affair barely makes it out of the bag before Ryan starts pulling it on, slapping away Geoff’s grabby hands and declaring that the Lads are now his arguably classless arm-candy. 

Jeremy, being a smart man, tells Jack she can wear whatever she likes. Jack, being Jack, rolls her eyes and declares that if they are doing this they are doing it right, go hard or go home, picks out a hat and goes to sort out her own flashy costume for the world’s most inexplicably underdressed grand theft auto. 

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Parabatai Lost Review aka Shut Up Raj

-Real Jesus tears over Jalec scenes, especially the first one, it was so cute
-Maia, sweetheart, I love you but you gotta chill out 😩 killing me and Jace here
-Can Aldertree just go fuck off please
-Thank god they let Jace show weakness, I love it
-“Shut up Raj” ICONIC. I can’t honestly hate him as much because of the upbringing he had but damn, big mistake fucking with Magnus
-Okay I’m sorry but y'all, the writers are looking at our fanfic because the Raphael/Elaine convo was so out of the classic “be my roommate/boyfriend” cliche IT HURT
-Seriously, the Saphael was heavy this episode!
-What does Jocelyn do in the Institute? Just paint? I’m just curious
-Clary’s outfits in this episode were so good like wow I’m shook

Very good episode, just annoyed at the miscommunications. Poor Jace can’t catch a break from being put through hell. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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hi momma and sea family. i just broke up with my partners, and we're all having a really hard time with it. i love them so much, but i left because i feel like it is the best for me. it hurts. and they want me to come back. they text me, hoping we can fix everything, but i just don't wanna do this anymore. i'm tired, anxious, and depressed. i have friends who are there for me. but it still hurts.

It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to be sad. To be done.

Just take a breath and let yourself rest. Stop talking to them, block their number on your phone. Breathe. It’ll be alright. Let yourself be sad for as long as you need to be. It’ll be okay.

-Lou the Lobster

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The thought of giving Jonathan his first ever blowjob turns me on so much. Poor baby would be a total wreck because on the one hand he's so afraid of hurting you, but on the other hand what you're doing feels so good. And speaking of hands, he has no idea what to do with his, so he kind of awkwardly, gently rests one on top of your head since he desperately wants to be touching you in some way, but he doesn't want to seem pushy.



For what it’s worth, Kaladesh is not offensive. I am not offended. That’s a really strong and specific word. I sigh a lot, and shake my head a lot, because the block made a few choices which were ignorant or insensitive. But they were also completely inadvertent and not remotely malicious in intent.

That’s what offensive means, that there was a specific motive to hurt or denigrate. Wotc went out of their way to avoid that, and their motives and desires certainly shone through.

When I write these posts, it’s not because I hate magic or want to punish or control the creators. It’s because I love the game, and love what they’re doing so much that easily dodged bullets just hurt that much more. It’s not offensive, it’s being let down by folks you trust.

There is so much good here, so much cool stuff to build off the next time, and I’m super excited to see it. And this time, I know what I’m getting into.

Uh.. so.. im going more into detail about whats been happening with me.. I just needed to vent because anytime I talk about all this with my friends they just don’t understand why I don’t just leave.. but love is so strong and more than just running into a BIG hard problem and giving up because things aren’t working out right away. If I just left it would literally change 3 peoples lives for the worse, one of those being mine. The answer is when you love someone you try to work it through until theres no stone unturned, then if theres nothing left to work with, you leave. While it hurt sooooooooooo bad.. still does.. I’ve still been able to turn stones.. (obviously depending on the situation, the answer is different, but this is mine)

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okey but do you ever think about tommy and him first time meeting louis. i bet louis the bit over-protective big bro

He so gave that classic “If you hurt her, I’ll kill you”. Harry was behind him, he laughed and said “No, he won’t…” and then he got close to Tommy so Louis wouldn’t hear and whispered “…but I will” with a very serious face, then both of them just grinned and wished them good luck. When they were leaving both Louis and Harry pointed to their eyes and then to Tommy, saying without words that they were keeping an eye on him. 

Now though, Louis and Harry see how much he loves Lottie and all he has done (and still does) for the Tomlinson-Deakin’s, so they just softly smile because they knew he was going to be a good guy after all 

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I don't know if you've seen elr yet but so many elements of Gavin's character work for fahc gav - with a bunch of extra silliness of course but i'm excite

Friend don’t i know it. That evaluation alone was amazing “Conniving and dishonest” “Lacks emotion on nearly every level” “hurt Interviewers feelings numerous times” “hides behind British sarcasm” “small office tasks are insurmountable” “Becomes erratic easily” “Lack of empathy” “Generally not a great dude" 

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eXCusE ME!!!!! YOUR ART IS BAD???????????? I HAVE NEVER HEARD A BIGGER LIE!?!???????!!!!! i love your art so much it hurts

LOL ur too sweet ty!!! But theres definitely a lot more i need to work on imo like coloring/anatomy/perspective SO IM GONNA WORK HARD… 💪💪

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i am in so much pain. oh god i love johnny so much he doesnt deserve this. there is so much angst. and i especially cant handle it bc idk if marvel is even going to care enough to fix it any time soon?? like pls just let johnny be happy. let someone help him. i need some spideytorch fluff to make me feel better

Since I have no comics crystal ball or a mole on the inside, I can’t predict when in canon things are going to get better.

But I can write a lot of hurt/comfort. Trying to get this one done pretty soon; sickfic h/c set post-Rocket Raccoon #1:

“What are you talking about?” Johnny asked, groaning a little. “You’re so loud.”

“What am I talking about?” Peter said. Johnny cracked one eye and found that he had actually put his hands on his hips. “It looks like a bomb went off in here, except the shrapnel is made out of old pizza crusts.”

“You’re the one who doesn’t eat the crusts,” Johnny mumbled, pulling the blanket up over his head. “Pete, my head hurts and you’re channeling your aunt.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Peter said. His voice grew a little distant as he moved around the room. “You got anything for that? Advil? Alkaseltzer?”

“Don’t think so. I don’t really get sick a lot,” Johnny said.

“You also don’t have anything to drink that isn’t 80 proof,” Peter said, coming back into the room. “Here, sit up. Drink this for me.”

Johnny groaned, but grudgingly did as Peter asked, taking a glass of tap water from his outstretched hand. His sore throat protested, but Peter’s stare was withering. After Johnny was done Peter touched one hand to his forehead.

“You’re not hotter than usual…” he clucked.

“Thanks,” Johnny snorted. Peter’s hand felt good against his clammy skin.

“Not even going to make a joke about my thinking you’re hot, huh?” Peter said, taking the glass from Johnny. “You really aren’t feeling well.”

“Mmf,” Johnny responded intelligently, falling over and burying his face in the couch cushions.

There was a sigh from above, and then there were long fingers in his hair. That was nice. Johnny made an approving noise.

“Yeah, okay,” Peter said. “I don’t have the time or the inclination to play maid for you –”

“What about the outfit, though? You got that?” Johnny mumbled. Peter ignored him.

“—and I’m not leaving you in what basically amounts to a dumpster behind a shady nightclub.”

“Nice,” Johnny said. “Really nice, Pete. What’s your amazing suggestion, then?”

“Come home with me,” Peter said.

Johnny cracked one eye open. “Come again?”

“Come back to the Baxter Building,” Peter said. “It’s marginally cleaner than this place, anyway, and I’m betting the Inhumans don’t believe in ginger ale and chicken soup.”

“I haven’t asked,” Johnny said, stomach twisting. Crystal might bring him some, if he really begged, but Medusa was still a sore spot between them.

“Well there’s both those things back on Manhattan,” Peter said, voice all coaxing. Johnny kind of wanted to hit him, but not as badly as he wanted to wrap his arms around him and put his head down against Peter’s wiry, dependable shoulder and sleep for a month or until he felt better, whichever came first. “Big television I never use… Come on, you’re sick. You don’t want to be alone right now.”

Johnny opened his mouth to ask why Peter thought he’d be alone, and then he took another look around his quarters and shut his mouth.

“Alright?” Peter asked.

Johnny almost said no. Knew he should say no. But he thought about the warmth of Peter, when he let all his defenses down, and he thought about the Baxter Building, the only home he’d ever really known, and he thought about how horrible he felt, and his resolution dissolved.

He told himself he was only agreeing because Peter wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Alright,” he echoed, swallowing hard.

“Alright,” Peter agreed, pulling Johnny up into a sitting position. Johnny groaned, trying to hit him on the arm. “Yeah, that’s real nice. Upsy daisy, hotshot. You’re coming home with me.”

“I’m too sick to fly, we’re too far to swing, and I’m not riding in a web raft,” Johnny said stubbornly.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Peter said, rolling his eyes. “I chartered a boat. Now you can walk or I can carry you, but you’ve only got five seconds to make the decision.”

Johnny looked at Peter’s expression, the set of his jaw and his drawn together eyebrows, and abandoned all suspicion that Peter was bluffing. He huffed, dramatically tossed the blanket back, and staggered to his feet.

“This had better be a nice boat,” he said.

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How do you do it? Stop being an evangelical? I'm trying so hard to just let it all go but I feel so torn and lost so often now. I consider myself a feminist and I'm not straight, so that pretty much means I couldn't be an evangelical even if I wanted to (which I don't), but that's how I was raised and all of my family members are evangelicals. There are parts of my faith that I honestly find comforting, but mostly I just feel incredibly confused and broken and alone.

Dear Anon, let me say I’m so sorry you’re hurting so much over this. Let me also say you are not alone. Nine years ago, I was right where you are, feeling like I no longer fit in a place that was all that I knew. I many ways I’m still there, because the church isn’t a place, it’s the people I love. Knowing what leaving would mean not only for my relationships with them, but for people who truly loved me who would be personally hurt by my lack of faith. It was stressful and painful and messy and we’re all still recovering, re-learning how to be with each other. It got better. Even if it hadn’t, I had to be true to what I believed. And I discovered with time that there were others like me, too.

You don’t have to stop. If your faith is important to you, don’t quit it. And community is important, especially as you work to process your identity and your belief system. Faith comes in many forms. There are faith communities who embrace feminism, and LGBTQ people, and people who are searching for answers (and who don’t believe that there is only one answer): Methodists, Quakers, Unitarian Universalists, Episcopalians. Even if you ultimately decide religion isn’t for you, it can ease a transition, help to build a support system as you confront the issues of faith with your family. And help you to know that you are not alone.

You are so brave for asking these questions and reaching out and for knowing who you are. <3

Thanks guys…for today. I was actually fine after watching the episode last night, but today it kinda hit me. It really does hurt to watch something you’re so invested in and love so much, have loved for years, being reduced to something you barely recognise. But it is what it is, I suppose. So thanks to everyone who talked to me today, who listened and who shared their thoughts and opinions with me. It ended up meaning a lot to me, I love you xx

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i miss him so much i can't breathe

but you can breathe baby, you can. it’s gonna hurt like hell and it will feel like your world is falling apart but one morning you’ll wake up and it won’t hurt and it’ll feel like something is missing because you’ve gotten so used to the pain but it won’t be there anymore. you aren’t missing out, you don’t need him, and you deserve more than this pain. i love you, you can do it, you’ll be okay

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Hey I've been off the fandom for a while now and I think I'm just a casual fan now but I feel so crushed for you all and for what they've done to the show. I can't accept so many plot holes it's humanly impossible. Lots of love for you all <3

Thank you so much. It’s uncanny what they’ve done and the hurtful things the wrote. I feel bad not just for the fandom, but because they were cruel in their treatment of these two characters that they have written so beautifully before. I really can’t understand why. Why have they changed so much? I am trying to find some kind of explanation but idk, i guess alien abduction is the only one that works right now! Love x