U know when I first started playing MM, I was actually mega thirsty for Zen and I was aiming for him, but stupid me forgot to save, so I like, lost several chat days, thus having to restart the game. When I replayed it, there was a chatroom where Zen was complaining about not having a gf and he was like “I’ve been single for 5 years…” and I jokingly chose the option “Well, I’ve been single for much longer.” AND U KNOW WHAT HE SAID TO ME???

Zen: “Oh maybe you’re just unattractive lol”

BITCH WHAT. U CAN’T JUST FLIRT WITH ME AND CALL ME CUTE AND THEN TAKE IT BACK AND CALL ME UNATTRACTIVE. Shit man, that hurt me so much, I was like “how could u say that to me you cold, sexy, son of a bitch… I loved u, I wanted to lick ur abs.”

Instead I flirted with Yoosung (where u basically just be nice to him lmao oh man such low standards that boy) and he became my first which is probably why I have a huge attachment to him. I can’t let him go, my cutie prince. So sweet so innocent, but also a lowkey savage. So my type, I like boys like Yoosung~ TT v TT

Time and time again it was clear what had been Zayn’s place for the past five years. How mind of mine was really so damn personal to him, to us, to his experience. Putting his experience into words, into feelings into songs – as deep as Befour, as clear as Truth, as bold as Lucozade, as vulnerable as Rear View. How these songs are his take on what had been his life; for those years he wasn’t able to express his own mind. Can’t help but feel a pang of hurt by listening to these four songs, songs that never felt pretentious but just pure openness, a clear stage of struggle and grief but also a hope for a new beginning. I love Zayn so much – and seeing him in a place of peace and freedom, of endless support from his family and his team, of being understood and being taken care of is all that matters.

Everyone in the Rumbelle fandom is talking about petitions and boycotts and I'm just here like...

…but… I like Rumbelle and I like the show.. I want to keep seeing them on my screen. They may not be in a good place right now but I want to see how they develop and how they’ll overcome their latest obstacles/trials.

As someone who is an overall fan of the show and all ships, it kind of hurts when alot of people who ship my OTP are speaking so negatively and hopelessly about the show and the OTP itself. I’m not trying to tell people how they should feel or what they should say.. And maybe I’m just a sensitive fuck.. But you guys should at least be wary of how your petitions and boycotts are going to affect the rest of us.

I haven’t been on Tumblr much because I know how negative my dash is gonna be towards this show that I love and still believe in. I guess I’m just the type of person who is so easily affected by other people’s energies. I don’t know… I’m weird… And I don’t mean to sound like I’m policing your blogs, either. Don’t silence your opinions or your perspectives. I respect what you guys have to say and I love seeing how other people interpret the show. And don’t feel like you need to censor yourself for me and others like me, please. I’m simply asking for awareness, I guess.. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this.

I love and respect you all!!

Mimosa O’Clock: some thoughts

My first reaction was basically a long internal scream (of the good kind), so there’s that.

I love that this is the seniors & grads – realistically Chowder should be brought on this too, but good call on not telling him in public, his flappy hands and delighted shrieking might get them evicted.


I spent way too much time gazing lovingly at the first attic room panel because omg the detail! Apart from anything else — those are some STURDY bunk beds, people!




I love everything and nothing hurts.

(But: WHEN did they know, DID they know or only guess, WAS the bet on the dating at all or the being told, WHUT WHUT WHUT?)

Brunch = happiness

Listen….I know the Shameless fandom is in shambles right now and everyone is pissed the fuck off and hurting and disappearing. 

But I just wanna throw out a message that as much as the writers try to ruin everything for us (and I mean literally everything) they can’t take away the fantastic content that all our fic writers and artists provide for us. 

I, for one, am going to keep writing and reading Mickey and Ian fics because I love them as a couple and as individuals…just not canonically. They had so much potential and there was love there, TPTB just ruined it with their dirty, greedy hands. 

I am still going to make shitty gifsets for you all to reblog. I’m still gonna stan for Mickey and pretend season six and seven never happened. Sorry, but you can pry his character from my cold dead hands.

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I CAN FEEL MY HEART FUCKING SHATTERING im trying to get jumin's route and in order to do that i have to be a little bitch to seven and disagree with everything he says ;_____; omg why does it has to be like this iM FUCKING DYING MAN and the worst thing is when i'm being rude to him and still get a fuCKING HEART FROM HIM LIKE WHY MUST YOU HURT ME THIS WAY *gross sobbing* they're doing this on purpose aren't they..TT__TT

dear god don’t
i was so mean to him and got a heart and i just OTL
i love him so much

he just keeps being so in love with the MC throughout all of the routes that she does, and it’s the worst with Jumin’s T_T

(no spoilers but nearer the end of Jumin’s route there’s a call with seven that’ll break your heart, esp if you’re already done his route)

shaymixdiamondz  asked:

*gives Hadrian the middle finger on both of hands* Fuck you because you are one peice of shit that used people for your own entertainment.

Hello Marriah.
You seem to think this is an appropriate message to send someone else. Keep in mind that there is more than just a character from a game who reads these messages - So does its Mun. Who is a real person. A person who has emotions, is sensitive to them, and feels that they have been violated by this post. You may not think words on a screen can hurt someone so much, but they can. I’m going to be polite and respective of you for now, but if this kind of thing continues in the future know that I have the power to report you for this. 

As for you comment about using people for entertainment, take a moment to think about all of the characters in Minecraft Story Mode. They have real people behind them, people who Telltale used to give a voice to the characters we all know and love, and to entertain us. That’s the point of a game in it’s most raw state - to entertain others by using people at make something great. Now, I understand that Hadrian’s form of “using people” may not be correct, but keep in mind his Games are a series of Games within a game. They’re used to keep him happy, just like Story Mode keeps us all happy. I don’t find Telltale any less of a good company for creating Hadrian, and there’s no reason to get mad about fictional characters doing things to other fictional characters. Do not take Hadrian or his actions personally against you or any characters you value. 

It’s just a game. Don’t hurt someone’s feelings for lines of code that you don’t like. It doesn’t have anything to do with them, they’re just trying to have fun.


Meet James Stark-Rogers

*walks into their bedroom* ‘’Hey, sweetheart…how are you feeling? I made you dinner. It’s your favourite. And Sarah and James are missing you…so I thought I would look how you are feeling.’’

‘’Tony! I feel better, yeah. I did some thinking and I slept alot…I feel better. Come closer.’’

‘’Really? You feel better already? I’ve missed you so much…it hurt to see you like this.’’ *comes closer with James and Sarah in his arms*  ‘’We have a beautiful baby boy joining our family.’’

*smiles weakly* ‘’He’s so adoreable.’’ *holds his baby and presses a kiss on James’ nose* ‘’And how are my king and princess doing?’’

‘’We’re doing fine, Stevie. I love you so much…and so do these two little monsters. I just hope we can be a happy family now.’’

*nods* ‘’Ofourse, honey. I love you too. Now let’s feed our beautiful babies.’’ *kisses his husband before standing up*

(Thank you for sending love and for caring so much -Tony)

Wasteland weekend 2016 was awesome

I have no idea how to describe how epic this was to me. Beautiful people, beautiful vehicles, loved the scenery, loved everything. I Smiled so much my face hurted and talked to so many people that I lost my voice. Met so many new people, going to miss them. Hope we ever meet again.

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I feel like "immortal Orochimaru finds Jiraiya!Hohenheim after Xerxes" is like... eternal angst fodder. Can you convince this man to STAY immortal forever so you're not alone anymore? Does he even remember you, or know why it matters so much that you help him deal with his immortality and many souls? (How much does it hurt to see him fall in love with someone other than you again?) (How much does it hurt to see his family rip apart at the seams?) (Dammit he's taking in the brats. Again.)

Orochimaru and Jiraiya’s relationship is angst fodder in general, I think, but in this situation - yeah. Up to eleven, and then some. 

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please, please, please rec something thank you

I know :( and I’m so sorry It’s been so long since I’ve recced something. I have 3 other ppl in my asks, asking about fics, so I’m just going to do a little bit of everything. All Sam/Jared centric, since he is the love of my entire life. Hope you enjoy <3


Threw Away the Sun

:  Word Count: 11,090 type of hurt - Blindeness 

AU. Six months after John Winchester goes missing on a hunt, Dean Goes to Palo Alto to find a psychic.Title is from the song “Bad Company” by the band of the same name.Character death is not Sam or Dean. 

Warnings: non-con mention, but nothing like that actually happens, violence, abuse, Sam/Dean
Side Note: I love this story so much. I’ve read it more times than I can count and although it does have a terribly sad story line, the end is happy and sweet.

Sam Is…: Word Count: 5,993 type of hurt - hell trauma

Dean gets Sam back. 

Warnings: none

Away to Darker Times: Word Count: 30,680 type of hurt - um everything??? 

Finally hunting on his own, Dean makes a trip to Stanford to visit Sam, only to find his little brother’s gone missing. And when he finally does stumble upon him in a dark twist of fate, Sam is not the boy he used to be.

Warnings: Prostitution, drug addiction, Sam/Dean
Side Note: This story is so so painful, but it hurts so good. Your daily dose of protective!Dean is there along with handsy boys ;) and off topic, but the author of this story has other amazing works, and as far as I can tell, all of them are bottom!Sam/Jared!!!! 

With Spit and a Prayer: Word Count: unknown but it’s long. Type of hurt - non-con 

Dean is possessed. Unpleasantness ensues. 

Warnings: graphic non-con (between sam/dean) and violence and a lot of other dark things, so if you’re sensetive to that kinda stuff, please don’t read <<33

The Repeated Image of the Lover Destroyed: Word Count: 103,024 type of hurt - non con

Sam is a prostitute. Lucifer owns the contract that keeps him in the brothel. There’s definitely something between them—but in their world, flesh comes at a price, and real happiness is far more difficult to keep intact.

Warnings: Sam/Lucifer, Eating disorder, graphic non-con, graphic self harm, graphic everything.
Side Note: So this is another one of my favs, and although I don’t really like Samifer, like ever, this fic is so beautiful and amazingly well written, like just trust me on this. I also really loved the relationship between the two and how it progressed. And since I am just a sucker for hurt!sam, it doesnt really matter for me what pairing it is. So if you’re the same, I would really suggest reading this.

Catch Your Death: Word Count: 22,000 type of hurt - sick!sam 

When Sam finds the ghost of a young man who was bullied to death and is now strangling young women, he just wants to put the spirit to rest. But he’s coming down with the flu. He’s having a crisis of faith. And frankly, Dean’s being a dick.

Warnings: Sam/Dean some violence but nothing too awful
Side Note: Been awhile since I read this story, but what I can remember about it, is that it was super cute and fluffy with some hurt!sick!sam, and caring!dean. Plus its long enough to ease your cravings!


Sunday Maybe Monday: Word Count: 21,810 type of hurt - abuse

Jensen is a short order cook. He works, he sleeps – it’s enough. Then one day, Jensen notices Jared.

Warnings: abuse, violence, murDER, age!gap, and one, very very veryyy brief bottom!jensen scene. Blink and you’ll miss it
Side Note: Probably my fav j2 fic. super sad and cute and everything in between, plus there is some pretty amazing fanart to go along with it.

Rivers Till I Reach You: Word Count: 51,724 type of hurt - mental illness

Jensen’s life is falling apart; with his formerly booming business going bankrupt, he’s losing his girlfriend, his money and his direction. To add insult to injury, he finds himself doing community service as a janitor in a mental hospital after having racked up one too many speeding tickets. But between scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors, Jensen saves the life of a young patient named Jared and is shocked when he follows him home. Weirdly, Jared seems insistent about wanting to stay with Jensen despite them being strangers, making every further discussion futile. Running out of time and too compassionate to leave Jared all alone, Jensen makes a momentous decision: instead of escorting the shy young man back to the hospital like he probably should, he lets him tag along to his brother’s wedding, and together they embark on a journey through the summer-hot, golden South that will shake both their lives to the very foundations.

Warnings: suicide, abuse, hunger strike, drug use, poor Jared baby :(
Side Note: Sad story line, but such a lovely fic altogether. Don’t let the tags scare you away because it’s more happy then anything else. And the ending will totally melt your insides. BELIEVE ME.

Out With the Old, In With the New: Word Count: 9,301 type of hurt - abuse

Jensen suffers physical and mental pain during the war. Afterwards he leaves his old world behind in the hope he might be able to start a new one. Jared is a boy who seems to move into his new world and stay. Can these men - both damaged in some way - start a new life in a new world?

Warnings: abuse, ptsd

(sorry there isnt much hurt!jared. I’ll do more later, promise!)


Take Two

: Word Count: Unknown J2

Jensen fucks Jared senseless, but Jared refuses to let him pull out when he’s done. Instead he wants Jensen to get hard inside him and fuck him all over again.

Say You Wanna Put Your Hands On Me

: Word Count: 4,174 J2

Joining a gay porn site just to get close to his crush probably isn’t the most logical thing Jared’s ever done.

Bet my life on you

: Word Count: 2,779 J2

The crazy thing is, Jared’s not even drunk when he agrees to offer up his virginity in a game of poker. Of course, he could use the money, and hell, he’s always wanted to fuck Jensen, so really, it’s a win-win situation.

You’re Possessing Me

: Word Count: 3,232 Wincest

Dean goes looking for something to get himself off to–he’s in no way expecting to stumble on porn vids of Sam. But now that he has, he’s becoming obsessed.

The Other Times:  

Word Count: 5,600 Wincest

Dean realizes that Sam is growing up (among other things)when he accidentally sees his little brother in a few compromising positions.

Supersize Me, Sammy

 Word Count: 15,673 Wincest

Dean finds a huge dildo in Sam’s bag and it’s all down hill from there.

Hope y’all can find something here that you like <333

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When I was little apparently I used to unlock the back door of my house and go outside in the middle of the night and stare at the fruit trees growing in our backyard but I have literally no memory of ever doing it. I was wondering could you please do how would the 2p axis plus flavio would respond to their child doing this?

2p Germany / Lutz Beilschmidt: “I’m worried, but I have to admit I do see the appeal of the fruit trees.” He’d try to make a joke about it, but would be worry a lot about their safety when they do this. He would make sure to get child proof locks and all sorts of things like that so they don’t get hurt somehow.

2p Romano / Flavio Vargas: “Honey, I love you, but let’s look at the fruit trees in the late morning together, okay?” He would attempt to make it seem like it would be so much funner if it’s during a normal hour and they’re supervised. He would set up picnics for the two of them the next day in front of the trees to hopefully make them see that the trees aren’t that fun.

2p Italy / Luciano Vargas: “Bella/bello, why do you feel the need to stare at trees in the dead of the night.” He’d go about the subject very gingerly. He wouldn’t want them to do something they’d both regret so he would ask when he knows they’re calm. Depending if they’re okay with it he might have them sleep in his room until they stop sneaking to their tree friends so they won’t be hurt.

2p Japan / Kuro Honda: “I think my child is possessed by a fruit demon.” He would lead them back into their room when this happens, but would bite his nails almost completely off when his child isn’t around. He loves his kid to death and will do anything to make sure they’re safe. He will do almost everything to get them to stay in bed at night. All the worst scenarios would run through his head when he thinks about their habit. 

Trigger Warning! Contains references to abuse, suicide, and rape.

Dear Adoptive Parents,

The reason I don’t want to tell you the stories of how I was abused and how I ran away and how I was raped and beat up and hungry and sick and cold and how I saw my first mom kill herself and watched two people die in a car accident and another person get shot execution style by my primary abuser beside a river, and all the other memories that give me nightmares every night is not because I don’t trust you.

It’s because the weight of knowing those things is too heavy for me to bear and I can’t sleep anymore and I have panic attacks and I can’t focus and I cry too much and I’ve lived with that pain for so long and I know the hurt so well that I promised myself I would never, ever give that pain to anyone else. Even through secondhand accounts. 

You love me, so when I hurt, you hurt. Like when I broke my leg and Mom cried.

But I love you too.

I don’t want you to hurt, especially because of me.

This is the one thing I can give you. Let it go.


your daughter

The Fun Will Never End

I literally cried myself to sleep last night, knowing that my favourite thing in the world was coming to an end. I was hoping it was going to last much longer and I knew that the end was coming eventually but now that it’s nearly here, I’m scared. Even though it’s just under 2 years from now, it feels much closer because once it gets here, it’s gonna hurt. 

Adventure Time has helped me through so much shit in my life and has helped me deal with so much and it made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I was in a pretty bad place and when my friend showed me ‘The New Frontier’ in 2013, i immediately fell in love and it filled that place in my heart that I thought could never be filled. I’d come home from a crappy day and watch it, being able to laugh and smile even though how bad my day was. Adventure Time made it instantly better. Or if I had no episodes to watch, I’d go on Tumblr and look at the amazing fan art and gifs, ship fights, crossovers, AU’s, appreciation posts, fan fictions, screenshots and just all up the fandom’s love for the show, reminding me that it was still there. 

 I learnt that if you feel like you’re alone and have no one, your friends and family will be there to help you out and give you a hug if you’re feeling down. If you’re upset about something, let it out because there’ll always be someone to listen and be there for you. I especially learnt that no matter what, life will always throw something bad at you and when it does, don’t let it throw you off from your game because it will happen and you just have to deal with it and not give up. Keep fighting for what you love and stand up for it no matter what anyone says or if anyone tries to stop you from doing it or from doing what you love. 

 Be weird and wacky as long as it’s you, be who you wanna be and don’t let anyone judge you for being you. Love yourself and be happy for who you are because it’s you. And there’s only one you so why be anyone else? If you’re feeling down, do something you love like going on an adventure, playing video games or playing on your bass. Everyone gets down, no ones perfect even though they might seem like it because everyone’s going through something. Relationships are complicated, in the end you either stay together or realise it isn’t working and go your seperate ways. Don’t judge someone if you don’t know their past or the things they’ve been through. Family doesn’t have to be by blood, family comes from anywhere. And much more. 

 It’s filled with awesome plots, wacky characters, amazing relationships, incredible voice acting, heart wrenching scenes, outstanding scenery, all in a once in a lifetime show. Each character has an amazing personality that you instantly fall in love with and relate to. Every episode fills you with wonder and excitement, dragging you further into an extremely fascinating plot that feels like it can never be spelled out. Or just a random episode that makes you giddy and happy. 

 Even though I didn’t start the series from when it actually started, only half way through, I feel like I did and it welcomed me with open arms with it’s silly jokes, witty adult humour, creative songs, life lessons, dark sides, cuteness and caring nature. Out of all the shows that could’ve been my favourite, none of them even came close to Adventure Time. I don’t know how I’m going to cope without it but I’ve met a lot of awesome people that I could bond over about AT with, starting relationships I never thought I’d have, learning so many things and i was inspired to try out different stuff from this sweet, amazing show that no other show can give me in a lifetime. It’s touched the hearts of so many people and will continue to do so until the time comes. And I’m hanging on until the bitter end. 

 We all love you, Adventure Time and we don’t know where we would have been without you. <3

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Hello, lovelies!! I love having these and I finally remembered to make one on this blog. It just makes it so much easier for me to have, personally. With that being said- LIKING this basically says:

♫: i can send you memes for days ( jk i love memes but i don’t flood inboxes, i swear )
♫: coming into your messenger/ inbox is a-ok for plotting or screaming about our children, or just ooc chitchat.
♫: you want to interact!
♫: you want to hurt each other with angst & feels!
♫: i can write a starter for our muses whenever! ( but i’ll always check via IM before i do )
♫: you don’t mind me tagging you in things ( gifsets, music, etc. )

i do that sh*t all the time and i love it… the other day bam said something that i got fake hurt about and i pretended my cellphone was ringing and answered it and said in a high pitched voice, “hello, sierra? this is bam. i’m sorry. you’re the prettiest girl in the world and i love you so much.” and he laughed n rolled his eyes but then he said it for realsies >:] got eem… sucker

I’ve never had a romantic love but touching hands with bee is warm even when we’re joking and Nic has the softest lips even when my lipstick is tacky and Meredith’s face gets so serious when she finds out someone hurt her friends and Harold’s presence is kind and safe and even though it doesn’t look like I thought it would when I was 13 and daydreaming I have so much love I don’t know what to do with it.