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i asked my boyfriend if i made him happy and he said he didn't know what that meant. we're both pretty depressed right now but i feel like he's so indifferent to our relationship. i always thought that was normal but i saw how much you love Karla and fawn over and he's never ever been that way. im confused. i feel like he doesn't love me and im very hurt.

Ditch the Zero and get with a Hero

  • Him:I love you.
  • Her:Please, don't. I am not like the girls out there. I'm a little more messed up and difficult. You might like having me in your life for quite some time but you'd despise me in the long run. I am toxic to your thoughts and emotions. I don't mean to hurt you or anyone else but I always end up doing that sooner or later. I don't want you to put up with my messed up personality. You deserve so much more than this fragile girl who overthinks a lot. I am not good for you. Believe me.
  • Him:I know how much of a mess you are and guess what? I still love you. It would be very difficult but this is worth the try. I've read in a book once that we all have a choice in who hurts us. I'd gladly go through the pain if it means getting the chance to be with you. You can't always decide for me okay? And please, you are worth more than what you think you are. You deserve to be loved. Let people in. Let me in.
  • Her:I've done that before and look at where it got me. I can't afford to be loved by a person who's going to hurt me in the end. Maybe it's going to be different with you; maybe not. I can live with the regret of not giving you this chance. But I certainly can't bear the painful consequences of taking this risk. Don't ever think that you aren't worth it because I turned you down. You are worth it; it's just that I am not the girl who could prove you that. I am already too broken. I can't give anyone the opportunity to break me even more. I'm sorry.
I should’ve known (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

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Request: Hi, I just found your blog but your writing is really good! I was wondering if you can do one where theo and the reader are alone together (kinda like last nights episode with Theo and Lydia) and theo hurts the reader and Stiles comes to save/help her? I understand if you don’t understand. 

A/n: i understand completely what you’re suggesting! Thank you so much love. I hope you don’t mind but i made the reader a banshee. And also that the reader and Stiles are dating. And hopefully you like it x

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 Something was wrong. Something bad was going to happened. I could feel it. I have a bad feeling about tonight, especially since it’s the full moon.

Ever since The Dread Doctors and that suspicious boy named Theo came to town, strange things started happening. There were so many Chimeras and there were teenagers being killed. You and the pack tried everything to keep The Dread Doctors to stop making more chimeras. But it’s impossible, they’re too strong. 

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On Running Into My Ex

I ran into somebody who used to be very important to me today.  This person, who will be referred to as Anonymous, took up over a year and a half of my life. I’d be lying if I said he didn’t help me in some ways, but I’d also be lying if I said he didn’t hurt me even more.  When he approached me, he told me that he “didn’t know what to say.”

I am currently in a loving, committed relationship.  I have been for almost a year.  My relationship is filled with affection, honesty, and the promise of a future; things this person skimped on considerably, and often couldn’t offer me at all.  Eleven months ago, when I was single and still hurting, I was genuinely terrified that nobody would ever fall in love with me.  I mean, I had put so much into my relationship with Anonymous - and I still had lost him, despite my efforts.  Had I run into Anonymous eleven months ago, I probably would have cried, knowing that I had “lost the breakup.” Anonymous was completely fine barely a month after it happened - I mourned our time together and spent many a weekend drunk beyond belief, losing myself in other guys, trying to prove to myself that I was still desirable and attractive and had something to offer.

When Anonymous saw me today, and told me that he “didn’t know what to say”, I knew I had two options: I could entertain him with polite small talk and pretend that he was worthy of being on civil terms with me, or I could finally stand up for myself.  I chose the latter, and replied, “how about you don’t say anything, for a change?” Anonymous walked away.

Our brief encounter today gave me the closure I never felt I received from Anonymous.  I don’t want to talk to him; I don’t care what he has to say.  I don’t think he’s a good person - he definitely didn’t behave like one.  And yes, I did lose him, but in retrospect, I don’t know why I was so sad about that.  I lost somebody who didn’t love me, and he lost somebody who did love him.  His loss.  

In the (fantastic) article “You Are Not Blair Waldorf”, Andrea Greb states that “just because two people are capable of deeply hurting each other over and over again does not make them passionate, star-crossed lovers.  It makes them two people who keep doing terrible things to each other.  Someone’s ability to make you completely and utterly soul-crushingly miserable does not mean they are a soul mate with some deep insight into your psyche.  They are just someone who is really good at making you unhappy.”

So Anonymous, if you read this - which I am sure you will, as I have many of your friends on my Facebook - you don’t get to make me unhappy anymore.  Whatever it is that you have to say to me, keep it to yourself.  There is NOTHING you can say that will make the way you treated me remotely okay. You can go fuck yourself.

And if any girls out there read this who are in relationships with people who make them feel like they are hard to love, here is my advice to you: leave and stay gone.  You deserve to be happy.  You deserve to live a life you are excited about.  Do not let anybody make you forget that.  Do not let anybody who does not 100% adore you waste your time.

I’m happy I ran into Anonymous today, and I’m happy that I told him, in my own polite way, to fuck off.  I have no room in my life for people with toxic energy, and his energy is poisonous.  

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Imagine Juyeol Part Four

daydreamingoutloud, I know you have had a really shitty past few days, but I want to do my best to help you. I love you so much and you’re my co hoe. When you’re down, I am down. I just want to do everything in my power to help you feel better. I hope this does something. <3

Imagine you had a really bad day and when you get home he realises that something is off…

Maybe you said something rude or snapped at him…

But instead of getting upset or hurt, he recognises it’s because something is wrong…and so he makes it his mission to make you happy again…

And he starts off my being as cute as possible…

And literally follows you around, trying to be sneaky about it…

When you notice him, he just makes more obnoxiously cute expressions; you don’t want him to know, but you can feel your heart lifting…

Because you’re being stubborn, he makes you dinner…

And does everything for you so you can relax, even though he is usually bugging you to do stuff for him…he even went to the store to buy stuff for your favourite food to make…

Though he acted like a total dweeb when he was there…

And when you’re still in a bad mood after, he’d start acting cuddly, wanting to watch a movie together…

And when you try to reject his cuddles, he’d insist…

Because deep down he knows you think he is squishy and adorable…

When he finally manages to make that smile crack, the biggest grin would spread across his face, lighting everything up…

Because he had been waiting hours to see the girl he loves smile…and he’d be so pompously proud of himself for getting you to do it…“See, that wasn’t that hard, was it Jagi?”…

Now that you feel better, he’d get you to lay down with him so you could watch that movie…

And when you laugh for the first time that night, his heart would melt…

Because all he wants is to be the one who makes you happy at the end of the day…

Imagine that even though you have had a bad couple of days, Chanyeol is there to help you because he loves you. Imagine he wants nothing more than to see you smile because it makes him happy. Imagine that he wants to be the person to keep you happy forever, because Juyeol is real and he has never loved someone as much as he loves you. <3

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You know what I’ve only just recently realized? The last lines in Strange Magic are “I love you…”, uttered by the two characters who had hated and been so badly hurt when it came to Love.

And here they are, saying it to one another…

And I just love it. What a perfect way to end the movie. The theme of the plot, the resolution of the conflict, their development and character growth… all summed up in those three words. Such a small detail, but it means so much. 

But now I’m wondering - could that “I love you” be counted as the first time Bog and Marianne say it to each other?

One could make the argument that since they’re singing it, it’s a different context. They mean it, obviously, but…songs in this movie work in an interesting way, as many have pointed out. They’re like a release of emotions for fairies and the primary means of intimidation for goblins. When mixed together in the duets of Bog and Marianne, what does that mean? A declarative joy, perhaps? 

“C’mon, hold me tight. I love you…”/ “C’mon, hold me tight because like hell if anyone is going to stop us. I love you, and no one is gonna take that away from me, from us…” 

So going by that, “Wild Thing” is a joyful declaration with tones of soft wonderment at the end. 

But what about an “I love you” in a quiet moment, saying it just for the others ears? Speaking it, not singing it? 

I think arguments could be made for either one, yet I’m still gonna go with Bog and Marianne needing to flat out say “I love you” to each other. They say it and then freeze, realizing that Oh my god, that’s the first time they’ve said it to the other. 

Because I have a certain idea for how it would play out…

This is very random, but I love the fact that no Utapri character tells Natsuki that the things he cooks are horrible. They know it’s important to him, and that he’d be hurt if he knew. Syo only warns others when he’s not looking, and even though everyone knows he’s not good at it, they ask him to help with the food in the Christmas episode, since he loves it so much.

They probably won’t say a thing (actually, kinda encourage it) to make him practice more, so that one day he can get better. I will forever appreciate.


Chris and I have been through the worst, there’s been lies and regret.. But we made it through the worst together and that’s why I can happily sit here and say that no matter what life throws at us, at least we are together, we are happy, and we are in love.
We could be broke, homeless, anything honestly and I would still be happy because I would be with him.
People say I’m to young to know what love is, but honestly all I can say is I’m to old to know what it feels like to be hurt, and I was hurt.. So hurt.. Until I met Chris and he taught me what love was. What it was like to fight for what you love and what it was like to want someone so badly.
I love Chris, I love him so fucking much. Happy almost 10 months to the love of my life.rebel-born-rebel-bred

After Jessica left, I was so sad that my fav member is gone & never return. SONEs kept blaming Jessica for everything it made my heart hurts so much. I stopped being a fan. I dislike Party but the girls are so happy, their smiles shines brighter than diamond. Reading through this blog, it made me even more sad that these fans still keep bashing the members of their fav group. The girls are working hard for their fans but they can’t even see it. They only see their flaws. Please open your heart & see their hard work instead. Even though I’m not a fan anymore, I will always watch them silently. I still love the girls & grateful for their music but I can’t stay in the fandom full of negativity.

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Listen .. About Zouis.. Like louis loves zayn so much? It took him 5 entire months to come to terms and accept the fact that zayn isn't in the band.. I think the excessive zouis interaction that we got before zayn leaving was due to louis thinking that spending all his time with zayn would alleviate the pain of z leaving.. but it didn't help i think louis was still unprepared and was so so hurt. but now that he's come to terms with it, maybe there was a teary phone call between them?

i don’t know but i’m sad

Got tagged to do the 5 things I like about myself by allefory and spreading self love is important soooo:

🌞 My positive attitude, I’m often complimented on it and there’s nothing better than brightening someone’s day!

🌞 My hair and how fast it grows. It’s really thick and I used to hate it when I was younger but now I just embrace it.

🌞 My sense of humour. I don’t take myself too seriously and there’s nothing better than laughing so much your stomach hurts.

🌞 I like how determined I can be. I never really realised until the last year of uni when I worked my ass off to go from getting steady 2:2s to a first in my final submission.

🌞 My dance moves are pretty incredible too.

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Please be okay babe.

Dan is okay,

Dan is okay, 

DaNIel JaMEs HoWElL iS FiNe.

It really hurts that he’s going through this shit, the haircut and people hating on it. **Even though you’re fucking WRONG** His existential crisis work stress, I just want him to be okay.. no, he has to be happy, because theres no one in this shit world that deserves love more than Dan. I hate how much he means to me and how much I depend on him, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t NEED Dan, I was okay before him but now i’m so much happier WITH him, I wouldn’t be where I am without him and I hope he gets better.. because I don’t think i’ll never not want him in my life.