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Hi! I absolutely loved the 7 minutes in heaven with Jihoon, could you do one for Hansol as well? (Bye I loVE your scenarios so much)

Discovering Heaven

Genre: Fluff

Rating: PG13

Summary: When things took an unexpected turn as you and Vernon were bound by Hoshi’s rules for 7 minutes in Heaven, what was an awkward pair to do? As an opportunity unfolds for the unsuspecting pair, will there also be a light in that darkened room?

Anon, thank you for being so hella nice! ahhh it really does warm my heart to know that you liked it *hugs* well, I hope this is to your liking as well! I hope you enjoy reading it and I also hope that you are well and happy ~

Darkness. Utter darkness was all you could see. You slumped yourself down the door, with Vernon beside you, quiet as both of you sat on the carpeted floor in the closet, hearing your friends cheering and laughing together on the other side, a contrast from where the two of you were in.

7 minutes in heaven sure took an unexpected turn as you ended up with Vernon. You barely talked to each other, but you had the same group of friends. Maybe exchanged a few hellos here and there but nothing to the point where you can call yourselves friends. The awkwardness around the two of you continued to get heavier as you brought your knees up to your chest and a small sigh was the only thing breaking the silence for the both of you.

“Well, this is awkward.” Your tone a bit uncomfortable.

“It is.” Vernon responded. You always found him to be that popular type who is friendly with a handful of people. You always see him in his phone, wearing headphones. In rare occasions, you’d hear him spit some rap lyrics in the stairwell. But never in your life have you expected to end up playing a very naughty game with him.

“You know Soonyoung wouldn’t really let us out unless we do something… right?” You worriedly explained. You weren’t really too iffy about the idea of kissing Vernon. He was attractive and nice, and you were pretty open minded with the game, you wouldn’t be playing it if you weren’t after all. But Vernon didn’t respond, instead, he released a disinterested sigh, groaning a bit at the dead air he emitted.

“Were you expecting someone else?” You asked trying to get the conversation going, but again, no answer. You’re not the most patient person and not the most understanding either. Even though you couldn’t see him, you felt a little bit uncomfortable and a bit guilty, “Sorry?” 

“You don’t have to apologize.” Vernon replied, his voice seemed uplifting than before, “And no, not really. I wasn’t expecting anyone else.”

You couldn’t deny that once you heard his response you felt relieved and somewhat happy. Your heartbeat started to raise and the atmosphere became weirder to you. You felt a bit conscious about yourself, but you remembered the point of the game. It wasn’t really 7 minutes, it was more like Make Out and Hoshi will let you out of the Closet game.

Vernon was quiet, nothing new. But unbeknownst to you, so many things have popped into his mind, his anxiousness welling up on him as he panicked. He was well aware of the fact that his friends wouldn’t let them out, and he’s well aware that they should do something as soon as possible, but endless scenarios gone wrong ran through his mind and it irked him dearly, stretching his legs out on the floor, biting his lower lip with the deafening sound of his voice inside his brain, calling out to him.

You on the other hand wanted to get it over with. Despite being a bit embarrassed, you were surely ready to get out and grab another slice of pizza, but being beside Vernon puzzled you for a bit, letting your thoughts wonder about him. This was the longest time you talked to him by far and the longest time you’ve been with him, but somehow he peaked your interest a bit.

The both of you sat their in silence, occupied with your own thoughts of each other. You felt reluctant, a bit nervous and awkward, but even when it was pitch dark, you tilted your had to the side  where Vernon was sitting, as you thought clearly of how things were going to play out for the both of you.

A few more minutes of being quiet, you groaned nervously. Your mind going in circles as your hands started to pat down beside you, cautiously making out his body with your touch.

“What… what are you doing?” He asked, you continued to feel for his shoulders, biting back all your anxiety as you shamelessly took a seat on his thighs, straddling him as you made yourself comfortable.

“…I’m sorry, but let’s just do this…so we can go out.” Your voice shrunk a bit.


“You know what? I really want to have pizza… and it’s not like we’re going to get out of here if we don’t do anything.There will be pizza out there.” You reasoned. Although you came in with an open mind, you couldn’t deny how embarrassed you were feeling on top of him. A little bit flustered from where it was going, you could feel Vernon’s body tense up, you sighed as you reassured him, “Don’t worry.. this is just so we can get out of here.. okay?”

Vernon felt hesitant, you were already on top of him as the heat on his cheeks made it harder for him to respond. But he felt how heartfelt you were, and besides, there was no harm in kissing, right? As long as it gets the both of you out of the darkened room, he’ll do anything.He reached out his hand, he felt your hair as his hand moved down to your warm cheek, “Okay.” He responded, guiding your face towards his as your lips touched.

You were surprised how soft his lips were, the way it moved against yours felt like flower petals on your skin. The kiss was sensual, as the both of you slowly let each other’s lips get acquainted, you felt your heart pounding inside your rib cage.

The both of you tilting your heads in unison, feeling each other’s auras as your hands slowly hooking themselves around his neck, your body closer to his as a small whimper emitted from your throat,his hands traveling to the small of your back, supporting you on top of him.

As things were getting steamier, you felt your lids getting heavier, as if you didn’t want to open your eyes from this moment. His warm hands touching you and the smell of his cologne seducing you even more. Your lips smacking as the heated exchange continued further, Vernon completely enamored with your lips, his shyness tossed out as he flicked his tongue against your lips. You obliged to let him in, as the two muscles met and hungrily tasting each other, long tongue rolls and the groans from the both of you turned you on even more.

You felt his hard on poking on your rear, which made you smile against his lips. The two of you into the moment, as you let yourselves be absorbed by your new found lust for each other. You slowly rolled your hips, Vernon’s hands traveling down your bum and grabbing them firmly, encouraging you to grind even harder. His touch sending you vibrations down to your nether region as your fingers found themselves tangled in his hair, deepening the passionate kiss.

Vernon’s lips trailing down to the side of your cheeks and on to your jaw and down your neck, placing sloppy kisses to make you moan. The strain from his pants continued to ache, but the sensation of you on top of him made it less painful.How can anyone taste so deliciously decadent? He thought, as he continued to ravage you with kisses–

“Good job, guys!” Soonyoung knocked on the door, “We heard it all, now come and get your pizza, (Y/N).” 

The sound of Hoshi’s voice burst the lustful bubble the both of you were in. His lips parted with your neck and even when it was dark, the both of you felt your eyes meeting with each other, realizing how heated the two of you got on, you awkwardly cleared your throat as you fumbled with the door knob just above you. 

The two of you went out with obvious redness on your face as your friends welcomed you with a loud cheer and an applause. The awkward air continued on the night, you tried your best to enjoy the party, yet the thoughts of his lips and the way that he touches you still lingered in the back of your mind. You sat quietly by the sofa, your knees up to your chest as you watched your friends play spin the bottle.

You had to mentally scold yourself for thinking about it too much. It wasn’t as big of a deal as it should be, but why did your heart feel like bursting at the very thought of him. Was it from the lust? Was it because it felt good? or were you genuinely starting to develop something more than just physical attraction? These thoughts kept on clouding your mind, bringing your forearms together to form a makeshift pillow on your knee, you felt weight on the side of the sofa. You looked to your side to see Vernon sitting so stiffly beside you..

The two of you sat in silence for a few minutes just like how it all started in that dark closet, you felt your heart raising, your hands turning clammy, as your eyes could barely make contact with his without being anxious.

“There’s no pizza left.” He broke the ice between the two of you, you found it endearing how stiff yet casual he was.

“Sorry.. took the last one.” You said in response.

“Well, that’s a problem.” Vernon sighed, easing his tense shoulder as he followed, “You told me there will be pizza once we got out.”

Your eyes met with his, and the deep brown eyes that swallowed you into its depths just made you smile so wide as the both of you burst out laughing. Your hearty giggles were an addition to the loud cheers from your friends as you both looked at each other fondly.

“You owe me one.” Vernon leaned in a bit, “So, want to get pizza?” He brought out his hand for you to hold and without even giving a second thought, you took his hand willingly as the both of you snuck out of the house, en route for a delicious slice of pizza and a hefty helping of kisses on the way back.

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"of course i am" "I'D ASK FOR A NECK BRACE FOR ALL THE FUCKING WHIPLASH" bye im gone why are you so brilliant, author T.T would you mind if I made some fanfiction off of some of these texts? I wouldn't go beyond the plot you've put out, just add details of what happened based off of the texts and whatnot ✨

DO IT!  I’d love to read that!!! if you have questions about where the story is going or the dialogue, i’d LOVE to help. 

For real though, go for it! 

and thanks so much for asking!

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“Bye, I have to go… Love you…” 

I miss you so much guys.

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i just wanted to say ??? i love this blog so much wtf?? your aden is fuckin aDORABLE and i'm seriously so impressed bye

i hope it’s okay to answer this publicly because i want to put this in my save tag.          thank you so much though sweetie !!      this was so nice to receive.             (  pretend that is a smiling aden icon. i just don’t have any yet. )


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he acts like he doesn’t miss me when i come home from university for the first couple hours but when it’s time for bed the cuddles are On