North America tour

So I’m dying to see all the updates of the concerts! If you want to share please free to send us everything :3

I really hope you have a lot of fun and the boys see how much they are loved in this side of the world too. Show them how we exo-Ls support them! And have fun for me okay? XD

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When I see art or read fanfic that who Mika as this giant of a man who towers over Yuu and also who is the best flirt or smooth as fuck, I look back on the manga and wonder where the idea that Mika would be like that came from; I figured people who see that his whole "IDGAF" persona was fake, but I digress. Every time something in fandom pops up that makes me go ??? something adorable like the official art that came out today shows up too and smooths everything over; I love those dorks too much

Haha I guess it’s because Mika used to tease Yuu when they were younger so they labeled Yuu as the awkward one and Mika as the smooth one, because it’s one or the other, right?
“Who are you in the relationship? The awkward one or the smooth one?” Lmao.
It’s okay, really, I used to like those fics. I mean, who knows, maybe in a modern world it would be like that?
I think both of them would be cute dorks, though (they are) and I prefer fics where they are like this. The first examples that pop up in my head are: Ebony & Ibory (ff.net) and Home (ao3)
There are many others too ^^
The “smooth!mika/awkward!Yuu” fics aren’t necessarily bad or ooc, but I got kind of tired of them. The “smooth seme!Mika/blushing tsundere school girl uke!Yuu” ones, on the other hand…
But there aren’t too many of these… Right? I haven’t been reading new mikayuu fanfics lately so I couldn’t know.
Hahaha It’s probably not good to go against what most of the fandom wants.Yes! Almost every day something new comes out and it makes me so happy! YuuMika/MikaYuu is so strong it’s amazing! It makes you forget how crazy the fandom is, right?!

I absolutely love how the Kryptonian now-big bad of the season looks like

A suburban dad

Look I’m not saying every Kryptonian has to look like This

But even Smallville had them look somewhat intimidating

…Okay maybe not

But at least they didn’t wear onesies


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top 3 documentaries?

I was so high when I watched it and I really hate The Dandy Warhols, it’s the most hilarious thing watching them basically slate themselves. The Brian Jonestown Massacre are such a fucking good band man. I really don’t think this documentary is about their love and ‘rivalry’ because you can’t compare their music. Everyone should watch it, it’s a brilliant documentary. I cringed so much.  Courtney Taylor-Taylor is such a wanker.

David Bowie : Five Years
Okay, so this documentary is fucking great. It shows a really important 5 years of Bowie’s life regarding his music and art and what not. The bit where he starts making music with Brian Eno is my favourite bit.

Louis, Martin & Michael
Basically, you know when Martin Bashir made that documentary about Michael Jackson and got to go stay at Neverland and in Las Vegas with him and it came out that Michael was sleeping in bed with children and shit. It was so bad for Michael south park made an episode about how Michael acted in it and it really fucked him. Louis Theroux was trying to make a documentary with Michael at the same time and Uri Geller cock blocked him for Martin and it went balls up for Michael basically, but Louis is a darling and you know it would of been 10000% better for Michael if Louis Theroux could of met him instead of Martin Bashir. Fucking Uri, but yeah. It’s such a good documentary haha

So I've started watching Longmire and


(Image from IGN.com)








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Hello! You are amazing! You're art is amazing I love your art so much it's so pretty and awesome and omg! Okay, my question is could you tell/show us your brush presets for the brushes you use? Thank you! :)

Hello super duper anon! Here’s a quick screen shot

I use basic Photoshop presets that can be found in every version of Photoshop I believe

1. Basic default Photoshop chalk brush. Oddly super versatile

2. “Texture” turned on. No settings are usually messed with, just turned “on”. It’s usually automatically be set to “height”

3. “Transfer” turned on. By default i set it to 40-50% for a less sensitive brush

4. When I need a sensitive, blendy brush, I turn on the Pressure Opacity so it automatically creates softer ends

That’s all :) I’ve experimented with a lot of brushes but don’t really like the look of them except for this one. Some kind of weird chalky comfort zone. Thanks for asking!

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can you share your fav bellarke fics pls (including the jurrsic park au pls)???

Okay I’m gonna post this publicly so that everybody can wallow in the bellarke awesomeness of these fics.

Here’s the Jurassic World au

And here are just a bunch of fics that gave me all the feelings (no particular order):

  • Superlatives : Amazing modern AU with the classic enemies to lovers trope (I’m such trash for that trope okay rip me)
  • I Make My Own Luck : THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVES OKAY. Modern pokernight au with the whole gang. I laughed out loud so many times okay READ it.
  • These Are All Acts Of Love : Modern AU where everybody is an actor/actress in a show known as The 100 *wink wink*. Enemies to lovers trope.
  • Win a Date with Bellamy Blake : THIS IS SO GOOD AND REALLY LONG AND FUNNY AND SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION AND JUST. READ. IT. Fake dating trope and enemies to lovers : i.e. the best combination ever
  • Really long title that I don’t feel like typing out : modern highschool au. enemies to lovers trope (are you seeing a trend here) This is reeally good omg.
  • After : Amazing modern accidental pregnancy au
  • Three Months : modern au with the enemies to lovers trope. SERIOUSLY SLOWBURN SO IF YOU WANNA BE IN AMAZING PAIN THAN READ IT. Also, cop/formersoldier!bellamy and doctor!clarke
  • Same Time Next Week : modern college au. Really good smut and omg angst
  • The One : modern fake dating au with hilarious groupchats. Basically bellamy goes onto a show like the bachelor and clarke goes as a backup plan. Do yourself a favor and read it.

Okaaaayyy those were just some of the fics I’m in love with. You can read my work here if you are interested. 

Hope this helped!

Maya Hart - a mini character study via chat

So, on the tail of this post (X) about the GM Truth classroom scene, @mayaahrt messaged me an interesting expansion on the 2nd point, the last 2 Maya gifs. Here’s one:

I’m posting this because I’m simply amazed at how much of the big picture is coming together from analyzing in depth 3 episodes.

@mayaahrt:  okay also this is (kinda) off topic, but in your post about the truth classroom scene, you mention that Maya glances back at Lucas after the whole “the truth always comes out” bit. I completely agree that it’s suggesting Maya had a crush on him, etc., but my point is: it’s so interesting to see maya’s reaction in moments like these. Because right from the start Maya’s so determined to ‘break’ Lucas. It’s like she knows that the 'perfect’ act isn’t really him. And she sort of pieces that together throughout the first season… Like in Flaws as well.

Absolutely. Just researching those first 3 episodes, there’s already a pattern there - Maya is more mature when it comes to human interaction (communicates well in GM Boy), she also tends to see the reality of things better (below/beyond the flash - see: gold locket, “doesn’t matter”, it’s the picture of the family inside that’s valuable), and also like I mentioned earlier in the Anatomy of a Crush set, there’s a reason the whole cowboy/Texas stuff is intrinsic to Lucas/Maya. He does end up being a bit of a cowboy, stereotypical cultural reductionism aside.

@mayaahrtYep, GM Boy is such an interesting episode. I love that you said Maya is more mature when it comes to human interaction, because just today in theatre class my teacher was talking about connection and he said that one of the simplest yet most intimate forms of human connection is eye contact. Anyways, it got me thinking about GM Boy again. And correct me if I’m wrong, but Maya doesn’t have a phone until the end of the episode when Cory gives her one? Then isn’t that why she’s such a natural when it comes to human connection, vulnerability, emotions? Isn’t it why she doesn’t accept the 'Mr.Perfect’ act as soon as she sees it, why she knows that there’s a surface to ‘break’, that he’s hiding something. It’s why she tries to figure him out throughout the entire first season, and even when we reach the truth in SoL, it doesn’t just stop there. She attempts at figuring out his feelings, if he really likes Riley or not. And I think it’s gotten to a point where she’s spent so much time trying to figure him out (discreetly, like in GM Truth or in plain sight like in GM Friendship), that she’s developed her own feelings for him, and come hell or high water, she’s falling for him.

Yes yes yes x1000. She had a phone, but not a smartphone, and she didn’t use it much: she starts the episode by insisting that Riley and her talk about her avoidance of talking. I’m going into GM Sneak Attack/Father soon which I think will add to the picture - but yes I really believe that she’s someone who, by nature, digs deeper and needs to see people for what they are (and this can be negative in a way at times because it might come from her wanting to guard herself against disappointment from people, with her father having left and her mother - despite her best intentions - being absent; so she doesn’t let herself hope). But the more she finds out about Lucas, the more she senses things about him, the more she realizes he really is through and through “a good guy”. That’s how she develops feelings for him, in spite of herself. This is all really excellent, and ties into my thoughts dump on the episode. 

Here’s the bit about Maya from that earlier foray:

Now if we take Maya’s experience of that lesson, what do we learn? That she is already ahead in its application to life (in no small part because of the circumstances of her life), which consolidates her as the more mature character. (X)

@mayaahrt: Yeah haha woah I’m just now realizing how much depth these characters really have. And how well the writers have thought the characters through. The way that each of them have been set up individually, and then forming connections and developing relationships with each other is just amazing when you think about it. Maya following her heart is a concept that they’ve thought through so thoroughly - from something as small as her phone, to something as devastating as her father leaving. Maya’s always been one to follow her heart and she’s always very in tune with her feelings, so when they bring in the element of her being confused because of this triangle she’s been thrown into… It’s really interesting to watch and honestly I just want to see how she grows as a result of it. Actually, I want to see how all of them grow from it - which is my hiatus is the bane of my existence! 😂

I’m “woah”'ing myself a whole lot. And the crazy thing for me is that I just started rewatching the series with a critical eye - and in just 3 episodes of this, SO much is coming together. I’m flashing forward and back, and it’s just a wonderful tapestry of themes, symbols and character growth. So, I guess, in a way I’m taking advantage of the hiatus to take the time to really appreciate and understand what the writers have done

I’ll add one caveat to the whole “Maya following her heart”: while I completely agree that she’s more in tune with herself and others, I honestly think that she does not put herself out there easily. I feel they tried to misdirect the audience in GMNY with the whole “Maya = Sensibility”, and even in the Pilot, when Riley says “I think too much, and you don’t think at all”. I think that’s a misconception of Maya: sure, she lets loose, and she tends to say what she thinks, straight up, no filter. But when it comes to her own *personal* feelings about someone, especially if they’re becoming deep, she’s guarded. She doesn’t want to risk it. Think about it, she always acts cool, and tough. And I’m not just talking about Lucas here; I’m talking about Shawn, her mother, the hope for a family.

Over the course of S1-2, she grows and learns to open up - and one of the main vehicles of that is her art. She learns to hope. Which is why, I think, the final scene in GMNY is so heartbreaking for me when I watch her poor lovely face, and think about how much it took for her to bring herself up there and reaffirm her feelings for Lucas.

Spaleb Thoughts 6x15
  • They are full on living together. Spencer asking if they had any food, Caleb making her coffee for her. Casual (okay, serious) morning talks in bed. I love it.
  • The shoulder kiss. The neck kiss. Spencer standing as high up on her tiptoes as possible to kiss him. So much sexual tension and so much chemistry.
  • I love that Spencer is so open with Caleb and going straight to him with all of her concerns re: A. I feel like she really feels like she can come to him with anything… and it’s really refreshing and a nice contrast prior relationships on the show which were muddled with secrecy and lies. AND Caleb gets shit done. When she showed up with Yvonne’s phone after making an admittedly dubious moral decision, he didn’t shame her or judge her, he was just was like, “Okay, we can work with this.” 
  • Also, the scene with Hanna really solidified for me that Caleb is over that relationship. He loves her in the way that you love all people who were an important part of your life, and he’s glad they can be friends and that she feels comfortable coming to him with things, but I truly think he’s moved on…. and he’s really into Spencer. He couldn’t resist holding onto Spencer’s hand a little longer than necessary when she handed him that phone. As soon as she came in, she was the focus of his attention 100% and same for Spencer re: Caleb.

What did YOU think about the episode? As always feel free to send me any thoughts in an ask or a message! Always up for a discussion!

BTS reaction to them not being your bias

requested by @steam-heart12

*note - this is all just for the fun of it~*


“WHAT? I’m the pink princess! How can you not love me the most?!”

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“Go back to your bias.”

*goes back to sleep because he’s not interested anymore*

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*deeply hurt*

“How can you not fall in love with my great fashion sense?”

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*screams in agony*



*shows his smooth belly abs*

“Oh, okay? Are you sure?”

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*hugs you so tightly that you gasp for air*

“I love you SO MUCH! I’m the CUTEST! Why don’t you love me back?”

*you still tell him he’s not your bias*

“Well then.”

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*confused puppy doesn’t want to hurt anyone*

“If that’s your choice…”

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-Admin L and Moon


I took a lil road trip (four hours) to Chicago to see and MEET Kid Cudi.  I have never been so happy in my entire existence.  I love him so much and it was amazing to finally meet my hero.
Since I was VIP, we got to go into the concert first aka we got front row. Which was amazing.  During the show, he grabbed my hand four times.  I was videoing him at one point, and he crouched down and posed looking right at me.  At the end of the show, he came out and was signing stuff, and I held up my phone, & he kept going to grab it but skipped over it.  So I got out his new album and he signed that.  
Afterwards, we did the meet-and-greet and he came out skipping smoking a blunt, and then ran down the line high-fiving us all.  
When it was my turn to meet him, I gave him a hug, and my hair got caught in his beard and he was like “oh shit we’re stuck, this beard is like velcrow”.  I was like oh thats okay hahah.  He asked my name, I told him, and I gave him my CD to sign.  We took the picture together, and he was like “this is like a prom picture” and I was like yeah kinda! Hahaha we hugged again and I was like, it was a really great show.  We pulled apart from the hug and he KISSED MY CHEEK.  He was like “aw well thank you, get home safely” and I said okay I’ll try hahah. 
I was honestly so starstruck and speechless, I know I should’ve said more to him, but I really couldn’t think of anything. 
Today he was tweeting and I replied back to his tweet the picture of us and said “how cute are we” and he FUCKING RETWEETED ME AND SAID “😍😍we areeee!!!” I cannot get over this.  I am so over-the-moon happy. 


Doctor Who Gifset The Doctor Trying to Offer Help (read gifs left to right)- Also on a side note if anyone of my followers or whoever sees this is having a hard time, or if they need a place to vent, or someplace where they won’t be judged, or anything like that my blog is always open.  Because I want to help out as much as possible, and just like the Doctor I will do my best to make sure that is the case, that everyone feels loved and cared for, and that all of you are safe and secure no matter what. So please feel free to message me or send me an ask  anytime day or night, and I promise I will do whatever I can to make it better even if it means just talking or something like that. Okay, I love you all with both my hearts very much, and I know that isn’t much coming from one person, but if this shows one person that they have at least one person out there who cares about them…then that is all that really matters in the end.

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie

I just wanna take a moment to appreciate Madalena’s arc this season. This is the woman in season one who chose power over love with absolutely no qualms, whose big love song was “I love you as much as someone like me can love anyone.”

In the course of ten episodes, we’ve seen Madalena show human emotions - not just love but genuine happiness and sadness and embarrassment and guilt and apprehension and even fear. We saw a woman who chose power over love with tears in her eyes and love on her tongue because the call of dark magic is stronger than these new feelings that are almost powerful enough to win her over but not quite. Because her drive for power, control, and stability is one that love can’t fill on its own, even if love is fulfilling her in unexpected ways. 

Madalena had amazing growth this season with consistent motives. I really really hope Galavant gets picked up for season 3 because I’d love to see what happens with her.