Ice Cream and Fist Fights

Summary: BadBoy!AU / HighSchool!AU
Genre: Drama? Fluff? Definitely fluff
Pairing: Reader x Sehun
Words: 5k

This started out as a simple idea and turned into the longest scenario I have every written. This is the first time I’ve posted anything this long and I’m kind of nervous about if you guys like it so please send feedback or if you have question or anything! Thank you, I love you -(Admin) Amanda ♡

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You know you are the most unconventional couple, but no one dares to question it when you walk down the hallways in his leather jacket. No one could figure out how the two of you even got together but won’t say anything when they see him wait for you in the hallway after class, greet you with a kiss on the check, and lead you outside with an arm snaked around your waist.

The first time you see him, he is leaning against the warm brick of one of the school buildings. His eyes are closed and his face relaxed, as if he had fallen asleep against the wall. The first thing that catches your eye is the black leather jacket he dons despite the fact that it is the beginning of May and you would have to be crazy to wear anything other than short sleeves and shorts. You give one last glance towards the probably way overheated boy before trudging into the administration offices, totally unaware of his eyes lazily opening, watching you climb up the cement steps with the ghost of a smirk gracing his lips.

“I’d like everyone to welcome Y/N to our class.”

You stand at the front of the classroom with a smile on your face, determined to make a good first impression, and give a small wave at the mention of your name.

“She just transferred here so be nice and if she looks lost, maybe point her in the right direction, ok?” The class nods in agreement, a few students returning your smile.

“The desk next to Sehun seems to be the only empty seat…” the teacher trails off, and a look of worry and concern flashes across her face, but it quickly dissolves into a slightly forced smile. “Yes, why don’t you sit right there.”

You notice the slightly strange behavior but simply nod to obey the teacher and quickly walk to your new seat. The teacher immediately launches into her lesson on a subject you had already covered at your old school, but you pull out your notebook anyway and start jotting down notes. You manage to concentrate until halfway through the class when you feel someone’s eyes boring into your head from your left.

You glance over and swallow down a gasp. It was the boy from earlier with his leather jacket still around his shoulders and eyes cold as ice. Everything from his hard expression to his black outfit to his aura screams ‘intimidating’, but you refused to succumb to this image. You briefly meet his eyes and flash a small smile before turning back to the board, missing the brief flicker of surprise across Sehun’s face at your response to his well practiced glare.

His eyes stay fixed on you the entire lesson, leaving your neck feeling prickly and a sense of discomfort coursing through your body. When the bell finally rings you couldn’t be more relieved to jump up from your desk and quickly pack your bag. You leave the classroom without looking back at the boy, though you can still feel his eyes following your movements as you smile at some of your other classmates and introduce yourself.

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Imagine Losing A Bet Against Sam

Request: Heya! I was wondering if you could do a Sam X Reader where they make a bet over a game of Mario kart or smthn and the loser has to wear the others clothes for like 3 days or what have you (honestly you can change it I just love the thought of Sammy stumbling around in heels omg ❤️😂) Love your blog btw! keep up the good work! love y'all!! - Anonymous 

Author’s Note: Thanks! While I also love the idea of Sam wearing heels, he’s also 6’4 and built like a freaking horse so there’s no way a normal pair of heels could fit him. But, I hope you like what I came up with! – Haley xx

“Are you freaking kidding me?” You groaned as another red shell flew from under Luigi’s cart. You pulled Peach over to the side, avoiding the shell Sam’s character threw at you. “You ain’t that slick, Sam.”

“I’m sorry, what?!” Sam asked, tossing another one behind him. This one actually hit you and Peach and her cart went tumbling off the track.

“What the hell?” you yelled, tossing the controller away from you.  “I was so close,” you mumbled.

“I’m sorry,” Sam whispered, leaning across the couch and planting a kiss on your check, “but you weren’t that close.”

“UM! I so was! I was right on your ass, Sam Winchester!” You pushed him away. Sam started laughing. “This is my game, Sam. You’re not supposed to be better than me at it.”

“Then you shouldn’t have made me play it with you. I can’t help it if you’re a sore loser.”

“Oh my god.” You grabbed your controller. “Those are fighting words.”

You restarted the game and picked everything out the same. Peach was your favorite and she never let you down. She was your way to win while Sam picked out Luigi again. “Let’s make this interesting,” Sam said.

“No,” you shook your head. “I wanna start this so I can kick some ass.”

“So pushy,” Sam whispered in your ear. “Do you want to hear my bet or not?” Sam wrapped his large hands around your waist and pulled you into his lap, pressing a soft kiss behind your ear. You squirmed in his lap. “I bet: I’ll beat your ass.”

“And I bet you won’t,” you said back. You faced him and Sam smirked at you.

“If I win, I get to do whatever I want to you in bed.” His hazel cat eyes were eating you up as he smirked again.  You shivered at that thought, but rolled your eyes anyways.

“I guess you’re going to be pretty lonely and frustrated because I’m taking you down!”

You had moved off his lap and onto the floor, sitting too close to the tv. You two were almost to the end of the level, one more lap to go. Peach and Luigi were neck to neck when Sam got ahead of you. You pushed the analog stick harder; you had to beat the damn smirk of his pretty face.

A banana peel was thrown and you were spun off the lap. Sam drove Luigi’s cart right to the finish line.

“Son of a bitch,” you muttered, tossing the controller again. You heard Sam laugh from behind you and you didn’t bother to look at him.

You felt Sam’s arms pulled you up and haul you over him shoulder. “Sam!” He laughed loudly, holding you securely against his body while carrying you to your shared room.

Bucky, My Love. Bucky, Our Baby.

Summary: Reader surprises Bucky when she tells him that they’re having a baby. Now they just need to tell the rest of their friends. Let the feels begin!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3788

Category: SO MUCH FLUFF. Bucky deserves all the fluff.

Warning: None, curse words sprinkled throughout.

A/N: This REALLY got away from me lol but it was just too cute! I never really thought I would write a ‘Bucky has a baby’ fic but that’s what’s so great about writing. You get an idea and if it’s decent enough, you just ride that headwind and 3000 words later, here we are. Honestly, this is my favorite piece I’ve written so far. Italicized font symbolizes a flashback.

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So, I beat Zestiria. And I might have cried…A lot.

Those three words.

Another request and even on a Monday! 

Request:  Hi so I was wondering if you could write something about where dean and the reader have been dating for a while and they haven’t said they loved each other yet , and they get in a fight about something and it ends with them saying they love each other & it ends with lots of fluff? If u could do this I will love u forever :):)

You can love me forever now! :D (Or you´ll hate me forever because I screwed it up :/ )

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 477 Words

Warnings: language, fluff

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“Dean, stop it now! This is ridiculous, I don´t wanna talk about this nonsense anymore”, you said while you angrily untied your shoes.
“But I want to talk about it. Do you have any idea how silly you make me look by acting like that?”, Dean gave back and you rolled your eyes.
This was the first real fight the two of you had gotten in, since you had started dating.
“All I did was take a drink from him. I didn´t want to be rude. It doesn´t mean anything”, you repeated the words you had been telling him for the past half hour.
He looked really pissed and tossed his jacket on a chair: “Well, I don´t want my girlfriend to take drinks from strangers.”
You raised your eyebrows: “Oh, so now I´m your girlfriend, am I? Didn´t seem like it last night, when we talked to that blonde chick. Then I was just ´a friend´.”
“Oh don´t be silly, I didn´t mean it like that”, he tried to defend himself but you knew that you were right when you saw him blush and your anger grew and you stood up:
“You´re such a hypocrite, Dean! First you lecture me about taking a fucking drink, and then it turns out you rather not be my boyfriend when something better comes along.”
He shook his head: “That´s insane, and you know it!”
You took a few steps towards him: “Do I? Because it sure as hell feels like it. I´m so tired of this, we should have never gone out in the first place, I knew this wouldn´t work.”
The conversation had taken a dangerous turn, but it was too late now to take the words back so you just stood there, arms crossed over your chest, breathing heavily and waiting for Dean to respond.
“You don´t mean that”, he whispered, the anger seemingly drained out of him.
His sudden softness surprised you and you shrugged: “Well, I don´t know. It sometimes feels like you don´t even like me that much.”
His green eyes grew really sad at that and he shook his head: “That´s stupid.”
“Is it?”, you asked, concerned where this was heading, but then he suddenly took your hand and you stared at him, feeling your heart beating out of your chest.
“Yes it is. It´s stupid because of course I don´t just like you a bit. I love you.”
Everything seemed to stop at his words because this was the first time he had said them to you. And looking into his eyes, you knew that he meant them.
You got up on your toes and kissed him and he put his hands on your back, pressing you against him.
“You wanna go to bed?”, he whispered, and you nodded, suddenly happier than you ever thought you could be.

Into The Fire, Pt. 5

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,370

Summary: The Reader finds out Sam is back in the life.

Warnings: Language, smut, angst. 

A/N: The idea for this came from a conversation I had a few weeks ago with @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit about our favorite versions of Sam Winchester. So, my dear Moz, here is some Canon Baby Sam for you. Also, this is it. The end. I have LOVED this little series so much. And I feel very accomplished for competing my first series. It feels really good! I debated heavily on whether to end this happy or sad (just ask @faegal04 , even she doesn’t know the ending I picked, but it took me almost a full day to settle.) Thank you for all the love on this series, enjoy! 

PT. 4

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“Alright, Sam, so what do you know?”

“Honestly, not much. He made his deal for a year, tells me there’s no way fucking out of it, and keeps telling me to give it up, quit looking for a solution and a way out of this.”

“Has he given you a reason why?”

You looked over at Sam as he sat on the edge of the bed next to you, his eyes glossing over with unshed tears. As soon as you had gotten to his motel room you had demanded the full story and it broke your heart. But you couldn’t say that you wouldn’t have done the same thing. You understood Dean’s desperation, the reason behind him making a deal.

“He says that if I try, I die,” Sam finally said, breaking the silence that had descended in the room.

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First Son

Anonymous asked: Hey can I have a Jon Snow imagine where to reader is dornish and she marries Jon Targ who needs to provide a heir for Dany. The reader starts to get upset she has to give her first son away to the throne and gets upset with Dany, idk the rest I’ve seen fanfic like this seems like a cool idea but Thank you!! I love the imagines! (-:

Here you are, anon! I do not own Jon or Daenerys. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Um…threatening to take another’s baby?? implied sexy times

Pairings: Jon Snow x wife!reader, mentions of Daenerys

Originally posted by cerseilannister

You crossed your arms over your chest in anger as you glared at your new husband. Jon’s dark eyes were full of defeat. “Why doesn’t she have her own children?!” you practically shouted at him. You and the newly discovered Targaryen had an arranged marriage, but you’d come to love the man. Right now, however, you wanted nothing more than to throttle him. “Why should I give up my child for her? She is perfectly capable of taking a king and bearing children of her own!”

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sorry to disturb but what's the fake dating au? i can't seem to find it on your fic page? (or maybe i'm just blind sorry)

Don’t be sorry at all!!!

I need to add it to my fic page, actually, since it’s kind of (not really) a recent development. I’m writing a fake married Shallura fic (fake dating just rolls off the tongue more easily), but here’s some details! :)

Summary: Continuation of “The Main Hallway”. Conducting a diplomatic mission on a nearby planet, Shiro and Allura have to pretend to be married to build rapport with the locals. Easier said than done―especially when they just happen to be secretly in love with each other. Fake relationship AU
Rating: High T for safety
Pairings: Shallura, very mild Klance

So it’s an expansion/continuation on the idea, and multichap to boot! I’m really excited about and you can find more details about it in this tag! I hope you enjoy!

Wedding Crasher

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2,105 (I swear this was supposed to be short) 

Warnings: fluff, because that’s the way I roll. 

A/N: Weddings are just happening left and right at the moment. This was a funny idea that popped into my head while I was at a wedding yesterday. Special appearance by my favorite douchebag: Lance Tucker. I hope you like it. psst, have no fear, I see you part 3 will be here! soon! I love you all!

tags: @bucky-on-a-bike @jarnesbrnes @supernatural-harrypotter7 @moody-fangirl @ladybrett9 @kinqshley

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! 

You had met a lot of idiots in your life.

‘A lot’ didn’t actually begin to describe it, the list was endless. But no one in the world could top that list like Lance Tucker could.

He took the normal idiot, twisted, turned and crumbled it to make himself. He was what you called an epitome of an idiot, number one asshole in the world and about 10 minutes from marrying your best friend, Talia.

Lance had been the reason, you had lost contact with Talia a little over 2 years ago. She had believed Lance over you every time something happened and when you straight up told her that Lance was a cheating asshole, she had pushed you aside completely. She unfriended, blocked and reported you out of her life. You hadn’t been invited to the engagement party, the bachelorette party nor the wedding.

But when she called you up 15 minutes ago crying and begging for you to help her, you immediately got dressed and raced to your car making your way to the church. Because Talia was your best friend, and an idiot like Lance Tucker was not about to change that.

Talia had found out that Lance had cheated on her again, and that being as late as yesterday. She couldn’t handle it anymore and wanted an out. Not knowing how to stop the wedding, she had called you, because she knew that one: you always had her back and two: you always had a solution.

Cursing loudly at the traffic and Lance, you drove as fast as you could. The gps telling you exactly where to go.

A loud screech was heard as you stopped the car in front of the church. Stepping out and slamming the door shut, you ran up to the entrance. Taking a deep breath and cracking your knuckles you pushed the doors open and ran up the aisle, yelling at the top of your lungs.

“STOOOOP THE WEDDING” your running came to a halt right in front of the podium and looked up at the bride and groom. They both looked shocked beyond words and as if the blood had been drained from their faces in fear. Your eyes went wide as your brain caught up to the scene before you and you froze completely.

That was not Talia and Lance.

Turning your head to look around at the guests, you tried to find a familiar face, but to your misfortune there were none. You cringed inwardly.

“Aaah crap baskets..” you whispered loudly and turned to look at the bride and groom again.

“Steve..?” The bride spoke and looked at the groom. His eyes went wide and he quickly shook his head reassuring his bride that he had no idea who you were. Steve turned around and looked to his best man, who was already looking furious. He marched down to you and whispered harshly.

“Can I help you?!” his face was mere inches from your own and you couldn’t help but notice what a  gorgeous face it was. Sharp jaw, all cheekbones, a perfectly trimmed scruff, the chestnut brown hair pulled back smoothly in a low bun and extremely beautiful steel blue eyes that were trying their best to intimidate you.

“Nice” the words escaped your lips before your brain could catch up and his eyes widened slightly. He huffed out in disbelief at your statement.

“I mean no” you said quickly and stepped to the side to look at the bride and groom once again.

“Listen, I’m so so sorry. This one’s on me, wrong wedding to crash. Sorry” you said quickly and as apologetically as you could. The best man grabbed you by the upper arm and dragged you out of the church. Your yells of apologies could be heard throughout the church.

Once outside, he let you go and you walked fast down the front stairs to your car. He suddenly realized that you were walking away and ran after you to block your way.

“Woah woah, where do you think you are going?” he said, anger and confusion both visible in the way he spoke. You tried walking around him, but he was quick to step in front of you again.

“I have to crash my best friend’s wedding” you told him truthfully and tried walking around him again.

“Are you being serious?” the disbelief in his voice grew and you looked up to meet his eyes in a

‘what do you think?’ manner.

“Don’t I look serious? Now move” you tried once more to walk around him, but the guy had impeccable reflexes and blocked your way again. It didn’t help that he was broad and at least a head taller than you.

“You just tried ruining my best friend’s wedding, what makes you think I’ll let you go?” he exclaimed and took a step closer to you, you stood your ground and looked up at him.

“I said I was sorry!” you yelled in frustration and he just raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry?!” he was looking at you like you had grown an extra head. You had literally just barged in on his best friend’s wedding ceremony and been seconds from ruining it, and all you had to say was sorry.

“Listen I don’t have time for this I need to find West Church, and I need to crash my friend’s wedding. So move” you walked around him this time, but he held out his arm and held you back by your waist. You tried wiggling out of his hold, but it was solid like metal.

“You are seriously deluded if you think I’m letting you out of my sight. Not until Steve has gotten married” he stated as a matter of fact and tried his hardest not to smile at your failed attempts of getting out of his grip.

“God, chill, dude! I’m not after your Steve. It was a mistake I swear, wrong church” you tried explaining yourself but he wasn’t having it. Across from the street you spotted a huge sign saying ‘West Church’ and you smacked your palm to your forehead. Looking to the side you spotted the sign for the church you had just barged into: ‘East Church’. You snorted, who in their right minds would place two identical churches right across the street from one another? It’s like they were asking for a disaster to happen. You stopped fighting his hold and stood still.

“You don’t believe me, go with me then” he raised an eyebrow in question, and because you had stopped struggling he loosened his hold on you.

Before he could register anything, you removed his arm and ran.

Bucky groaned loudly and looked at you go. This was not what he had expected to happen at Steve and Peggy’s wedding. It was supposed to be a plain ol’ boring ceremony, but you had dramatically changed that by running in. Bucky had to admit, he had been scared for a second. Maybe you were one of Steve’s former flings, who didn’t understand his no’s. Bucky had repeaditly told his friend that he needed to be more straight forward. But Bucky had never seen his friend look that scared, so he had quickly figured out that you were just a girl who had accidentally crashed the wrong wedding. Or so you said at least.

A loud car honk brought Bucky out of his thoughts and he looked up to see you standing in the middle of the road, apologizing to the driver whilst patting the hood of the car. Bucky laughed in disbelief and ran after you, if he didn’t, you would surely get yourself killed and he didn’t want a dead body on his hands. And frankly he wanted to see what the hell you were up to.

He followed suit and watched you barge into the church and yell at the top of your lungs yet again. For a person who had just crashed the wrong wedding minutes before you didn’t seem to look twice, let alone once, to make sure it was the right wedding this time.

Bucky followed you into the church and took a seat. By the looks of the bride and groom, they knew you. Bucky snorted, you had actually been telling the truth about crashing a wedding. He chuckled to himself, at least it was the right wedding this time around.

You didn’t seem to think about the fact that you were standing in a church: swear words and whatnot left your mouth as you informed the entire group of guests what an idiot Lance, (who Bucky quickly figured out was the groom), was.

Bucky couldn’t help but laugh at Lance’s face expression as you flat out told him what you thought of him. The bride looked relieved and was smiling brightly. Lance took a threatening step towards you, and Bucky shot up from his seat instantly. He was well on his way to you and Lance, but stopped in his tracks midway and laughed out loud when he saw you stomp on Lance’s foot hard and flipping him off, Bucky had to put a hand over his mouth, or else his laughs would be ringing throughout the entire church.

You took the bride’s hand and walked towards her parents. She hugged you tightly and Bucky could hear the thank you’s being exchanged. He saw you smile brightly at her and told her it was nothing, what were best friends for if not to crash each other’s weddings?

Bucky couldn’t remove the genuine smile from his face as he met your eyes again. You smiled when you realized he was still there and walked towards him, victory written all over your face.

“See, I told you I had a wedding to crash” you said proudly and Bucky laughed, shaking his head at your antics. His smile never faltered.

Walking out of the church side by side, you turned to Bucky.

“Look, I’m really sorry about crashing your friend’s wedding. I truly hope it didn’t ruin anything” you said nervously and Bucky couldn’t help but chuckle at you.

“I think they’re alright” he said and gestured towards the newly wed couple coming out of the church from across the street, guests following behind, happiness written all over their faces. You smiled in relief.

“Next time you want to crash a wedding, make sure it’s the right one” he smirked and you chuckled and nodded in agreement.

“Noted” you smiled at him.

“Bucky Barnes” he said and held out his hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N” you replied shaking his hand. Looking at the handsome man in front of you.

“You have a nice face, Bucky Barnes” you blurted out and even though you squinted your eyes in embarrassment, you rolled with it. He chuckled again and held your hand a little tighter.

“You have a nice face too, Y/N Y/L/N” he said, an ever so charming smile playing on his lips.

“Why thank you” you pretended to flip your hair over your shoulder and he laughed affectionately.

“Well, you better go before your friend hates me even more for stealing his best friend at his wedding day” you said and pointed towards his blond friend who was looking at the two of you. Bucky nodded and started walking away. Before crossing the street, he turned around to look at you.

“What number do I have to call if I need a wedding crasher?” he asked, smirk on his lips and you chuckled. Walking over to him, you gave him your number, he scribbled it down on his phone and before he crossed the street, he gave you a wink.

“You better call soon, there is a seasonal discount going on at the moment” you yelled after him and chuckled, once he had crossed the street, he smiled widely and yelled back.

“I believe I’ll need this particular wedding crasher very soon” he said throwing another wink in your direction and jogged off to his friend. You looked on and had to take your bottom lip between your teeth to stop yourself from smiling too much.  

Who would’ve thought crashing the wrong wedding could lead to running into the hottest guy ever?

You waved them off and walked back into the church where Lance was being yelled at by his parents. You didn’t stop the smug grin that reached your features at the scene before you and you walked up to stand beside Talia who was also grinning from ear to ear. She hugged you tightly and apologized for everything. You smiled widely at how perfect this day was. You finally had your best friend back.

Oh, crashing weddings was definitely your new favorite activity.

anonymous asked:

I really dislike the phrase "make them gay." Like, the ONLY thing we know is that Widowmaker and most likely Ana is attracted to men. No character in Overwatch has a canon sexuality, they're not "straight until proven otherwise." If you want more content for straight ships; Make it! I love Ana/Reinhardt but I'm not going to whine about people not giving that pairing attention. Having your ship be unpopular sucks but you can't force people to ship things. Just, let people ship/not ship in peace.

That’s very true. Part of me wants to know the heroes’ canon sexualities, but I also like the idea of them being able to be any sexuality. Honestly, any discourse over shipping is sort of petty in my mind. It’s fiction, and not only that, it’s fanon fiction. Who cares!
Overall I 100000% agree with everythin’ you said Anon. :3

The One With The Spell (PART 1)

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader x Scott McCall

Summary: Moving back to the town you had grown up seemed like a good idea until you get entangled with Scott, Stiles and Isaac who are renowned for their bad boy reputations. But a love triangle is the least of your worries once you start to notice the weird happenings as your eighteenth birthday approaches.

Art Inspo: this & this

A/N: IMPORTANT!!! I have actually completed this but I won’t give away who the reader ends up with! But - if enough of you ask for it I will do an alternate ending for the other character! I really, really love this fic so please do let me know if you like it! 

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“And who are they?” you point a finger at the small group sitting on the bleachers. Four boys and two girls, a few smoking. They were leaning on each other and lying across each other’s laps – laughing, looking carefree. You couldn’t make out their tattoos but each of them had at least one.

“Oh, don’t go near them,” Tracy shakes her head, avoiding even glancing at them, “They’re… trouble,” she says cautiously.

“Trouble?” you raise a brow. You turn to glance at them again but turn away quickly when you see one of them fast approaching the two of you.

“What’s up Trace? Day dreaming that we’re monsters again?” a tanned, dark haired boy sneers as he walks past you to the bin and tosses in an apple core, “Oh, look – you found yourself a friend,” he squats down beside you and holds a hand out, “I’m Scott.”

You stare at his outstretched hand and then turn to face Tracy, ignoring it, “We’d better get off the field – looks like lacrosse practice is about to start,” you nod toward the team jogging onto the field. Scott watches you leave with a smirk.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Tracy mumbles. You link an arm through hers, “Yeah. I did. I really hate assholes like that.”

Tracy smiles back at you with warmth, “Then you’re really going to want to stay away from Scott McCall and his pack of assholes.”

By your first week you had learned that pissing off Scott McCall on your first day may have been the stupidest thing to do. It wasn’t Scott or his group per se, but the fact that they didn’t like you had spread around which gave everyone enough reason to not like you as well. Everything from hushed whispers to having your lunch tray smacked out of your hand, you had endured it, all whilst Scott and his friends watched from a corner in what seemed to be amusement.

Luckily, Tracy had stuck by your side through it all.

“Don’t pay attention to it. They’re all just doing it to get Scott’s seal of approval – they don’t actually hate you.”

“God, that makes me feel a whole lot better,” you say sarcastically, walking to your locker. Much to your luck as you open it, your books come clamouring out covered in sticky liquid.

“Don’t touch it,” Tracy mumbles, “You don’t know what that is,” she pulls you away slightly by your arm.

“Honey,” a voice says from beside you. You turn to find a boy walking past you and leaning down to pick up your books. He hauls them into one hand and then holds them out to you before assessing your expression and then letting his hand dangle by his side, “I’ll wash them off for you. It’s our fault all these losers are after you anyway,” he says in a hushed tone.

“Losers? I see you laughing every time they do something,” you analyse the boy In front of you, Stiles, you were sure. He wore black skinnies, Doc Martens and a plain white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up so you could see the tattoo on his bicep that read ‘Claudia’.

“We laugh because it’s funny how desperate they are to impress Scott – not because we find it funny what they do.”

“I’m glad my pain is amusing to you,” you hiss, snatching the books out of his hands and immediately regretting it when the sticky liquid comes into contact with your hands.

“I wouldn’t say amusing,” he smirks, “In any case, if it’s too much for you we can… deal with it for you.”

“If it’s not me it’s someone else,” you turn your head slightly towards Tracy who had been the previous victim of the schools wrath, “I’ll live,” you state, turning back to your locker and closing it. Stiles shrugs and walks off in the opposite direction.

The rest of the day goes without incident. You assume it’s because half the school had come to a standstill watching Stiles talk to you and to be honest, it came as a relief not having to look over your shoulder. Your last school had been much less cliché. No popular kids and no one trying to make it with them.

You stand in the carpark, waiting for your uncle to pick you up but an hour later, he still hadn’t shown. Your phone chimes and you open it to find a text from him.

Derek: Can’t make it xx catch a ride if you can or I’ll reimburse you for a cab ride.

Typical Derek. Always bailing with no explanation. You couldn’t be mad though. Derek was only in his 20’s so you couldn’t blame him for living his life.

His place wasn’t a far walk from school if you took the shortcut through the field to the woods. Half way across the field you hear a loud cheer and notice Scott’s group on the bleachers. Despite telling yourself they didn’t matter, you begin to walk a little fast.

“Where are you running to?” a boy asks, jogging towards you. You stop as he halts in front of you. He towers over you and stares at you with a twisted smile, “Scared?” he asks, tilting his head as though listening intently.

“No,” you spit, trying to walk around him but he mirrors your every move.

“Is there something I can help you with?” you grumble, growing irritated.

“Well, I’m Isaac,” he nods towards his friends, “You already know Scott and Stiles. The other boy is Liam. The red head is Lydia and the black haired girl is Kira. Just thought we’d introduce ourselves – be polite.”

“Polite would be getting the hell out of my way,” you say with a forced smile. He smirks, “Oh come on! I’m just trying to be friendly. Why don’t you come light up with us?”

“Light up?”

He makes a dragging motion to his lips and then blows out air which looks like a puff of smoke in the cold.

“I don’t smoke.”

“Yes, well,” he gives you a once over, “I figured… but-“ he smacks his lips together, “It’s kind of a tradition when a new person joins our… group,” he says the last word with such a sinister undertone it send shivers up your spine.

“You’re inviting me into the inner circle?” you say with false excitement, “Oh gosh, I don’t know what to say!”

Isaac scowls, “If you’d rather stay an outcast it’s your choice. Stiles just said you weren’t all that bad – guess he was just horny and looking for a quick shag,” Isaac dusts something off your shoulder and then walks back in the direction of the bleachers. Despite feeling quite shaken up, you drag your feet towards the edge of the field – desperate to get away from them.

“Wha – what did he say to her? Why does she look upset?” Stiles nudges Scott, “It’s not fair! You all have enhanced hearing!”

When Isaac makes his way back over, Stiles throws his hands up, “What’d you do asshole?”

“What?” he chuckles, “I was just testing the waters with her – she scares easy,” he says with furrowed brows, “No way she can run with us,” he says, giving Stiles a pointed look.

“I didn’t ask if she could join the pack – I said she should chill with us,” Stiles frowns, “Scott, c’mon.”

“I don’t know, Stiles – it’s never a good idea letting strangers get close to us. They can get hurt or we could, if they found out about us.”

“We don’t have to tell her anything – I just – she’s –“ he sucks in a deep breath, “Fuck you guys,” he grumbles, standing up and hopping down the bleachers.

“Where are you going?!” Lydia calls out.

“Too see if she’s okay!” he calls back, jogging across the field in the direction you had disappeared.

Scott lies across Kira’s lap, “He likes her.”

“He does not,” Lydia says defensively.

“He totally does,” Isaac scoffs.

“Well, it won’t work out,” Lydia shrugs, “She’s human.”

“So is he?” Scott says.

“Yeah, but he’s a human with supernatural friends. They’re way too different.”

Scott and Isaac share a knowing look.

“HEY! HEY Y/N WAIT UP!” Stiles runs towards you and then doubles over when he reaches you, catching his breath, “Shit – you run faster than the wolves,” he says.


“Nothing,” he smiles, standing up, “Look, I’m sorry about Isaac. I know he can be-“

“An asshole?”

“I was going to say intimidating but we can use your word. I just mean – I didn’t tell him to do that… I just told him you were cool and then he just ran off towards you before I could stop him.”

“It’s fine,” you mutter, walking away.

“It’s really not,” he says, running in front of you, “Let me make it up to you – I’ll get him to apologize for being a dick or – or-“ he sucks in a sharp breath, “You could let me take you out to dinner?”

“Excuse me?”

He rubs the back on his neck and bounces on the heels of his shoes, “I – I don’t know – maybe-“

“Look, that’s really sweet but like I said, it’s fine.”

Stiles opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted by the sound of Derek clearing his throat.

“I thought I told you to get a cab,” he frowns, walking over.

“Not many cabs want to drive into the middle of the woods, Derek,” you grumble as he stops by your side.

“Y-you two know each other?” Stiles asks, looking between the two of you in shock.

“Yeah, Derek’s my uncle,” you explain. Most people who saw the two of you together mistook you for a couple which always made you uncomfortable. Derek’s brother and your dad, Michael, had been 25 when Derek was born and 29 when he had you, leaving you and Derek only a few years apart.

“How do you know Stilinski?” Derek asks with a disconcerted expression.

“School,” you say, “I dropped my phone on the field, he just came to give it to me,” you lie. Derek could be a little protective. After your family had perished in the fire, you only had each other. To keep you safe, Derek had sent you to boarding school but you wanted to come home before your eighteenth – to be in the place you had last seen your parents.

“Why don’t you head inside?” Derek says, “I’ll be in in a second.”

Derek waits until you’re out of sight before taking a step closer to Stiles, “What are you doing with her?”

“Nothing,” Stiles shrugs, “I didn’t know the two of you were related!”

“She doesn’t know anything,” Derek growls, “And we’re going to keep it that way.”

“But if she’s a part of your family doesn’t that mean she’s a born werewolf?”

Derek grabs Stiles collar, “Nose down, Stilinski. We may have made nice a long time ago but if you and your little pack of mutts try drag her into any of this, I will kill each and every one of you.”

“First of all,” Stiles leers, pulling Derek’s hands away, “Calling werewolves mutts is offensive to you too and second, we’re not dragging her into anything. She doesn’t have many friends at school, I was just-“

“I would rather her have no friends than be friends with your and the bunch of misfits you call friends,” Derek’s eyes darken, “Have I made myself clear?”

Stiles doesn’t nod but watches as Derek disappears into the house. Derek had definitely toned down his angry, bitter wolf act years back but it seemed to have returned with your arrival. He heads back to school and his friends were exactly where they had been when he left.

“You are not going to believe what just happened!”

“You and y/n got it on in the woods?” Isaac teases. Stiles picks up his bag and tosses is at him.

“No – y/n – she’s – she’s Derek’s niece – Derek is her uncle!”

“Derek Hale?”

“No, the other Derek we know,” Stiles says sarcastically, “And even weirder – she doesn’t know she’s a werewolf. They’re living in the old Hale house – it’s all redone.”

“That’s impossible,” Liam shakes his head, “She would’ve felt it on a full moon.”

Stiles shrugs, “That’s not even the weirdest part – Derek basically threatened me to stay away from her.”

“Why is that weird? Most people want girls to stay away from us,” Scott laughs, high-fiving Isaac.

“Well, now what?” Stiles continues, “We have to help her!”

“Help her with what?” Scott frowns.

“Realizing who she is – what she is.”

“Honestly, Stiles, just find yourself another play toy – I’m sure she’s fine as she is,” Lydia deadpans, standing up and holding out a joint to Stiles, “Let it go.”

Stiles takes it from her and takes a drag, “Maybe you’re right.”

You had always had this nagging feeling in the back of your mind growing up, like something wasn’t right but since your arrival in Beacon Hills, it had only gotten worse.

“I’m going for a walk,” you call from downstairs. Derek doesn’t reply.

A walk in the cold at night was one of the easier ways of clearing your mind, you found.

You walk towards the central part of town and into the convenience store.

“Hi Eddy,” you say to the cashier. He gives you a small wave, “What are you doing out at midnight?” he asks, pointing to the clock.

“Just needed some air,” you smile, sitting down at the table facing the window.

“Want me to make you my infamous noodles?”

You nod. They tasted horrible but Eddy truly believed it was his specialty.

As he disappears into one of the aisles, the door chimes and Scott walks in. His eyes land on you immediately and he walks over with a smirk, “Funny running into you here.”

You pick up a magazine from the stand and open it up to a random page, “Not really. Beacon Hills is a small town,” you say, looking down.

“And you just come down here at midnight to look at some ‘Busty Ladies’ before bed, I suppose?” he taps the front cover of the magazine and it’s only then you register what you’re reading. You clamour to put it away.

“Now is see why you turned down Stiles – he really isn’t your type.”

“I didn’t turn down Stiles,” you furrow your brows together, “And I’m not- you know what, whatever,” you sigh, sinking back into your chair, “Think what you want.”

Eddy comes over and sets a cup of noodles down.

“Scott, my man,” he says. They share a quick handshake and then Scott sits back down.

“Been a long time,” Eddy say, clearly enthused, “What have you been up to?”

“Yeah, sorry man, had to pick up some extra shifts at the animal clinic – couldn’t come check up on you as much. How have you been?”

Eddy tilts his head, “Alright. Better now that I’ve seen you,” he turns to face you, “Enjoy your noodles,” he smiles before heading back to the counter.

“You’re friends with Eddy?” you raise a brow. Eddy was a short 15 year old that was home-schooled by his mother – not many people associated with him because they considered him weird. The fact that someone like Scott would was kind of a shock.

“Yeah,” he shrugs like it’s no big deal, “And I take it you are since you’re forcing yourself to eat those noodles,” he whispers, laughing slightly.

You nod and then push the cup towards him, “Hungry?”

“My stomach isn’t strong enough,” he laughs, looking over his shoulder and then signalling for you to lean in, “I can get you out of it though.”

He leans back into his chair, “Hey buddy, I’m going to take y/n to the animal clinic – she’s a cat fan. Mind if we take these noodles on the go?” he calls out.

“Sure! See you guys around!” Eddy calls from the counter as you both walk out.

“Don’t toss it till we get to the clinic – Eddy rummages through bins looking for treasure sometime,” he says with an expression that kind of looked like pity.

“I’ll toss it at home,” you say, turning to face him, “I’d better get home.”

Scott tilts his head, “What about the cats? I definitely think you’re a cat person. I’m really good at reading people, you know?”

You don’t answer and instead look up at the sky.

“Is that a yes?”

“I guess,” you shrug, rubbing your arms slightly. Scott shrugs off his jacket and holds it out to you. You stare at It in his hands.

“It’s just a jacket,” he says, wiggling it until you take it out of his grasp and put it on.

Scott lights a cigarette as you walk and then offers it to you, “It’s good for the lungs you know.”

“It’s literally, so not,” you scoff, pushing his hand away. He shrugs and continues to smoke anyway, putting it out only when he comes to a stop outside the clinic, “It’s bad for animals,” he explains, twisting his shoe.

He pushes the door open and waits for you to walk in before closing it, “So do you want to be a veterinarian after school?” you ask.

He rocks his head from side to side, “That’s the dream. I just don’t know If I’m smart enough for it,” his eyes widen once he says it, “It’s whatever,” he adds, opening one of the doors, walking in and then returning with a cat in his arms.

“Oh my god, he looks like Grumpy Cat! Have you seen those videos?” you exclaim as you take it out of Scott’s arms.

“I have which is why his name is Derek,” he smirks. You tilt your head and give him a pointed look, “Like my Uncle Derek?”

He shrugs and then you laugh, “Alright it’s kind of funny,” you admit, swaying slightly with the cat in your arms.

“He’s been here for half a year but no one’s adopted him, I don’t know why,” Scott runs a hand down its tail, “He’s adorable.”

“Why don’t you?”

“Mum’s allergic,” he frowns, “If he’s here any longer we’ll have to put him down,” he strokes under the cat’s chin and his voice suddenly changes into baby talk, “And we wouldn’t want that? Would we? Would we? No we won’t-“ he pauses when he realizes you’re trying to contain laughter.

He clears his throat, “Know anyone who might want him?”

“I’ll take him,” you shrug, “It’s been kind of lonely at the Hale house lately,” you bring the cat up to your face, “And you’re just the cutest thing.”


“Yeah,” you laugh as Scott takes him back.

“Awesome, I’ll – I’ll put the paperwork through tomorrow!”

He beams at you – it was a look that was oddly unsettling on him. Your eyes settle on his arm and once he puts the cat back in its cage, you nod towards it, “The  bands – do they have a meaning?”

He looks down at his tattoo and then purses his lips together, “Yeah. They do,” he states simply, “You want a hot chocolate or something?” he asks, walking into the small kitchen in the backroom.

“Vague,” you mumble under your breath, “Sure. Yeah.”

“What about you? You got any tattoos?”

You shake your head, watching as he puts two mugs into the microwave.

“Figures,” he scoffs.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re just a little uptight,” he shrugs, holding a mug out to you.

“I am not uptight,” you say with a frown as you take a sip, “You don’t even know me.”

“Then get one,” he raises a brow.

“All the shops are closed,” you say, flustered. He was right. You were uptight but you weren’t about to admit it.

“Monday. After school. I’ll take you myself.”

“Fine,” you huff. Great. You had let him rope you into doing something you’d never do in a million years. And for what? Why did you need to prove yourself to him?

“Only if you get one when I get one,” you add. He nods nonchalantly, “You have yourself a deal.”

You give him a forced smile as you drink your hot chocolate.

“Is it hard having two dead parents?” he asks, breaking the silence.

Your eyes widen slightly and he shakes his head, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that. You don’t have to answer.”

“No, it’s uh – its fine – everyone in town knows about the Hale fire. Yeah, it’s hard – I can feel their absence every day. But Derek is good to me,” you smile. Scott nods, “My dad left me when I was little but he’s back… I just don’t know what to do with him.”

“You don’t have to do anything. I wish I could have another chance with my parents, Scott. If that’s what he wants, give it to him and then make a judgement. You might not want to keep him in your life once you get to know him better but don’t decide that without getting to know him at al.”

Scott nods and then places his mug down, “Stiles was right about you. You’re not all that bad.”

“Is that meant to be a compliment?” you roll your eyes.

“No,” he steps closer to you and you lean against the counter, “Just an observation,” he says quietly before pressing his lips to yours. You pull away quickly, both flustered and embarrassed, “You’re dating that girl Kira.”

“We’re not exclusive,” he shrugs, pulling away, “Sorry if you didn’t – I just thought you were into me-“ he apologizes. You shake your head as if to say it’s alright and hand Scott his jacket back, “I’d better get home.”

As you flee to the front door, he follows you out, “At least let me give you a ride home!” he calls out. He grabs a hold of your arm and spins you around, “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he says sincerely, “And I’m not going to let you walk to your house in the forest alone in the middle of the night,” he looks up at the sky, “The full moon brings all the lunatics out,” he smiles softly.

As you’re about to answer the sound of Stiles clearing his throat interrupts you.

“What are you doing here?” Scott asks.

“Melissa called me to see where you were? I figured you were here,” he replies, his eyes fixated on you, “I didn’t realize you’d have company.”

Stiles seemed less than pleased at the sight of you.

“I was just leaving,” you explain. Scott’s grip tightens as you try to walk, “Don’t be difficult,” he huffs.

“What’s going on?” Stiles asks, walking closer.

“I was just offering her a ride. With all the stuff that been happening lately I didn’t think it was safe for her to walk home,” Scott says, letting go of your arm as Stiles comes to a stop.

“He’s right,” Stiles nods, “Take the lift home. We can take my jeep,” he says as if that’s supposed to reassure you. You reluctantly agree and climb in beside him, with Scott on the other side of you.

“So, what were the two of you doing together?”

“Y/N just wanted to come see Derek the cat at the animal clinic – she’s taking him,” Scott explains. Was he going to tell Stiles about the kiss once you left? You hoped not.

“Awesome,” Stiles says with a small smile, “Thought, we’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell Derek about us naming him,” he chuckles.

“Yeah, no problem,” you say quietly, looking down at your hands.

As you pull up on the uneven gravel outside you’re house, Derek comes bounding outside.

“I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM HER!” he yells as you all climb out of the car. He pins Stiles against his jeep, “DID I NOT MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!”

“Derek! He just gave me a ride home!” you explain, pulling him away. Derek gives him one last shove before stepping back, “Don’t let me see you two near her again,” he growls, pulling you inside.

“He’s a lunatic,” Stiles half laughs as he and Scott get back inside the car, “What were you doing with her anyway?”

“I told you, we –“

“The cat, yeah, I know but you don’t seriously expect me to believe that, do you?” he asks with furrowed brows.

“That’s all there is to it,” Scott shrugs, cutting the conversation off by turning to look outside the window.

Daddy’s Little Helper

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader
Summary: Oliver wants to help his daddy with interrogating Poe.
Warnings: Force choking? Nothing really, it’s pretty adorable and very SFW
Word Count: 1350
A/N: This was an idea that was based off of @fandomsloveimagines fics about you and Kylo’s son Oliver! I love the little family they have created and wanted to write a fic based on what they came up with! :)

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Solangelo AU, oneshot

Prompt: “My friend is out of town and I’m supposed to be taking care of his pet fish but it died and you work at the pet store help me find one that looks the same so he won’t notice"

Pairing: Solangelo

A/N: Alright I am lowkey so in love with this Solangelo y’all you have no idea how cUTE. Also Raviv and I are having an AU prompt-off and y’all are reaping the benefits aren’t you.

Warnings: You might hurt yourself due to feels.

Word count: 1.2K, 1281 words.

Tagged by: Raviv, @vivilevone

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Noona, I Like You//Yoon Sanha

Originally posted by sanwoo

Noona, I Like You//Yoon Sanha

Pairing: Sanha x Reader


Summary:Anonymous said:
Can you do a scenario where the reader and Sanha have been friends for a while? She finds out he likes her because she overheard him talking to one of his hyungs about it, realising she overheard he confesses. I’m sorry if it is a crap idea.

Author’s Note: It isn’t a crap idea! I love it and i think it’s super cute! I hope you enjoy the read~

xoxo Sara

“Noona!” you heard your best friend hum as he opened the door to let you into hist dorm room, his arms flinging around your shoulders to pull you into his chest, “You made it!”

“Of course I did!” You giggled softly, patting his back gently, “It’s your first day-off in a while, i wouldn’t miss hanging out with my favorite losers.”

“Losers?” Myungjun shouted, his head popping up from over the couch as you giggled, “we are not losers!”

“You are,” you giggled, walking out of Sanhas arms and into the dorm room, “But you’re my losers, and that’s all that matters.”

“Hi (Y/N),” Dongmin smiled as he walked down the hallway, patting your head softly, “How have you been?”

“I’ve been good! School is coming up and I don’t want to go, but i’m ready at the same time,” you hummed, plopping yourself on the couch. Sanha sat next to you as JinJin sat on the other side.

“Oh yeah, You, Rocky and Sanha go back to school soon,” JinJin hummed.

“Yep!” Sanha smiled, “Noona promised to tutor me if I needed help.”

“Although he’s probably smarter than i am,” you giggled as you patted Sanha’s shoulder, “You’re a smart little baby.”

“i’m not a baby!” Sanha pouted, “I’m only a year younger than you, Noona.”

“But you’re still Younger than me,” you said squishing his cheeks together, “which makes you a baby.”

After a while of talking to the boys, you decided to go to the restroom. After you were done you walked down the hall, the sound of your name being drawn from Sanha’s mouth causing you to slow down your movements.

“I really like (Y/N),” Sanha confessed, “But she only sees me as a kid.”

“Well, you are a kid,” JinJin chuckled, “But so is (Y/N). Are you sure she doesn’t like you back?”

“Positive. I don’t think she’d ever see me as more as a friend.”

“Don’t assume so many things, Sanha~” You hummed, making your presence known as you walked from the hallway, Sanha’s head whipping towards you as you gave him a pat on the head.

“Noona, you heard?” Sanha asked, his cheeks flushing as JinJin chuckled.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” JinJin smiled, walking passed you as you took as seat on the couch.

“I heard, yeah,” You smiled at him softly, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was nervous,” Sanha admitted, avoiding eye contact with you as he rubbed his arm. “Noona, I really like you. I just didn’t know how to tell you, because I Don’t want to ruin our friendship if you don’t like me back.”

You smiled softly as the younger boys, his nerves getting the best of him as he avoided eye contact. You had liked Sanha for a while now as well, but you were in the same boat as him; you didn’t think he would like you back. But knowing what you do now, you gathered up all of your courage and leaned in to him slightly, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He looked at you with wide eyes as his cheeks continued to flush.

“I like you too, Sanha.” You smiled at him before looking forward and tucking your legs into your chest, “Maybe we co-“

“Would you want to go out for ice cream? Or something?” Sanha blurted out, interrupting you as he rested a hand on the back of his neck. You both giggled softly at his sudden actions, the air slowly becoming less thick and more fun.

“Yeah!” You giggled, “I’m going to make you try my favorite flavor.”

“You know I don’t like coffee flavored anything, noona!”

Ice Skating

I’m not getting any requests, but that can’t stop me writing! I love it so much, but it would be even more fun to write something for you. So, pleeeeeaase send me a request with a prompt from this list or your own idea. Excuse my whining.

And another thing, I can’t find out when Hercules’ birthday is, which is kind of good news, because that means I can pretend it’s in the winter so it fits with this fic.

Pairing: Hercules x reader

Prompt: I won’t let you fall (#149)

Setting: Modern AU bc I have no idea what ice skating was like in the 18th century, FLUFF

Warnings: alcohol, mention of injury

Word count: 2050

“To Hercules!” “Happy birthday, man!” and yells of that nature erupted around you as you raised your glass along with the others. You caught Hercules’ eye, and said much quieter than the others: “Happy birthday”, and smiled warmly at him. The twinkle in his eyes was more magnificent than ever, but he looked away too suddenly to give Alexander a hug.

Alexander, John, Lafayette and you had dragged a very willingly Hercules to your favourite bar to celebrate his birthday. You went there at about 8 pm, earlier than usual, in hopes that you would think of something fun to do later in the evening.

After an hour all five of you began to feel a little tipsy. Going out with them, you always were, but tonight was about Hercules, and it shouldn’t, in your opinion, only be spent drunk.

“So, Hercules, anything fun in mind we can do for the rest of the evening?” you piped up, before anyone could order another round. Hercules became deep in thought, and you couldn’t help giggle at the sight.

The others quieted down as well, turning their attention to the Hercules who was biting the inside of his cheeks and had furrowed eyebrows,

“Oh!” he exclaimed suddenly, making you all jump a little. “I know what we can do, we can go ice-skating!” he said excitedly. The others happily agreed, but you were a bit more hesitant.

You hadn’t gone ice-skating for years. There was a valid reason though! Last time you did it, you ended up spraining your ankle pretty badly.

However, this day was, after all, about Hercules. Birthdays only occur once a year, and you didn’t want to ruin the fun by staying behind, so you went with them.

Soon enough you reached the rink, and all of you rented ice skates. That was pretty easy. But putting them on proved to be all but. Keep in mind, you were all quite tipsy from the trip to the bar. But, you all managed, with assistance from each other to put them on.

The fun and struggling of putting the skates on made you forget about your nervousness for a little while, but when you stood up, a wave of fear flushed over your body. Staring at the rink, you began thinking of backing out.

John and Alexander literally ran out on the ice, hand in hand, Lafayette right behind them, laughing like crazy. You smiled a bit at their silliness, knowing someone would fall over very soon. But still, you didn’t dare go out on the ice.

“Hey”, Hercules said, placing a gentle hand on your upper arm, “is anything wrong?” he asked, concern flowing in his eyes. You looked up at him.

“No, not at all. Go have fun!” you said, not wanting to ruin this moment for him. He rolled his eyes and chuckled at your obviously forced answer.

“[Y/N], I’ve known you for years, I can tell when you’re lying” he said softly and moved a bit closer to you.

This made you chuckle nervously, and you blushed. Ever since you could remember, you had had a crush on Hercules. He was so kind, gentle, very handsome, and it was him you were closest to in your group.

“It’s just that I’m really bad at ice skating, and lasttimeIwentIsprainedmyankle”, you admitted embarrassed, muttering that last bit very fast. He looked at you with an amused smirk pulling at his lips.

“You what?” he chuckled.

Why did you even decide to say that? Now you had to tell him about your incident, despite you not wanting to but a bummer on his mood.

“I sprained my ankle last time I went”, you said, more slowly this time, “and I’m afraid that I’ll do something like that again.”

Hercules looked at you as if you were stupid. You knew you shouldn’t have told him. “That’s okay, I’ll skate with you. I won’t let you fall. I promise”, he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“What? No, you don’t need to do that. You should have fun! It’s your birthday, I’ll be fine just watching”, you reassured him with a genuine smile.

“But I want to skate with you, [Y/N]. Sure, skating with the crazy boys is fun, but skating with you is even better”, he said, grabbing your hands, dragging you out on the ice. You let out a small shriek of fear and happiness. He wanted to spend time with you.

“And you are drunker than you think, so I think you need supervision”, he halfway joked, some actual concern seeping through the light and happy atmosphere between the two of you.

“Hold on to my hands, okay?” Hercules said, skating backwards, guiding you slowly. You were so concentrated on not falling that you only managed to nod slightly, earning another laugh from him.

You kept going like that for a few minutes, and then Hercules decided that you were doing well enough for him to let go of on of your hands, so he could skate next to you instead.

Holding hands with Hercules on a beautiful, starry night like this was almost enough to take your mind off your fear of falling. You looked up to him, and he was already staring at you, making you blush once again.

“See? I think you’re doing pretty great. I’m gonna let go of your hand now, but I’m right next to you, okay?” he explained, and you agreed hesitantly. After letting go of his hand, you instantly felt scared and out of balance. You kept going for quite a distance, though. But, then you tried to make a left turn, towards him.

Bad idea.

Your feet disappeared from beneath you, but Hercules kept his promise, catching you before you hit the ground. Holding you in his arms would usually be no feat for him, but here on the ice, he lost his balance.

He made an inhuman sound while trying and failing to keep his balance, and you ended up on top of him. You weren’t really complaining at all. Now, keep in mind, you were still quite tipsy, and due to this your giddiness in this moment shone all the way through.

None of you moved. Not until Hercules leaned up a little and kissed you tenderly and quick. You stared at him with shock and joy, and kissed him again, a little longer this time.

The moment was peaceful, and you almost forgot that you were on an ice rink with other people, and that you should probably get up. Before you had the chance to do so, Alexander, John and Lafayette skated past you screaming things like “Get some!!”, “I knew it!”, “Get a room!” and “Finally!”

Blushing scarlet, you tried getting up from Hercules, but it proved to be more difficult than you imagined. However, with help from him, you ended up sitting on the ice, not getting anywhere. He got up quickly without problems, and helped you to your feet.

“So, are we, like, couple now?” you said, skating slowly, hand in hand with Hercules.

“I guess we are”, he replied with joy, and pulled you closer to him, putting his arm around you. You didn’t say anything, but smiled brighter than the sun.

“Do you wanna get out of here and get some coffee or somethin’?” he asked, looking down at you. “That sounds awesome”, you said, “I can’t wait to get these skates off, and actually be able to walk on my own.” He agreed with you, laughing.

You went over to one of the benches and started taking the skates off. “Should we ask if they want to come?” you suggested, gesturing to your friends. You were hoping he’d say no, wanting to be alone with him. Of course, you loved your friends, but you were tired and cold, and with them being there, it would most certainly not be anywhere near as silent as you wanted it to be.

“Nah, they’ll be fine”, Hercules shrugged, “I wanna be with you. It’ll be a perfect ending for my birthday.” You couldn’t stop smiling.

It was freezing outside, so you stopped at the first open coffee shop you could find. You sat there for a little while just talking about everything, before you realised how late it was.

“Shit, it’s almost 11, I better head home soon”, you said, disappointment very noticeable in your voice.

“I don’t think so, [Y/N], look at the weather. You can’t walk home in that, and getting a taxi will take forever”, he said concerned. Outside it was snowing like crazy, and it was getting very windy. “What am I supposed to do then?” you said, beginning to stress a little.

“Uhm, I guess, if you’re okay with it, my place is much closer, so you could stay with me? I mean, only if you’re comfortable with that”, he rambled nervously. You smiled at him.

“That sounds perfect”, you reassured him.

All the way home, you were basically wrapped in his arms, him trying to keep you from getting cold. It didn’t help too much, but the gesture was so sweet, and you relished in the feeling of being in his arms.

By the time you got to his apartment, you were shivering. You shrugged of your coat, and took your shoes of. However, you weren’t wearing anything but regular jeans on your legs, and they were now soaking wet.

You tried to stop shivering, as not to worry or bother Hercules, but he was very observant when it came to you.

“You’re shaking, let me get you some dry clothes, and then you can take a shower”, he stated, making it obvious that you had no choice, walking off.

“Thank you”, you said quietly, making your way to the bathroom to have a nice, warm shower.

After showering, you put on the clothes Hercules had given you. You had to laugh at yourself wearing his huge sweatpants and even bigger hoodie; you were quite small compared to him.

“I didn’t realise you were that small”, he teased when you entered the living room where he was sitting. “Shut up”, you said, taking your place close to him, and he immediately pulled you even closer.

Every second your eyelids became heavier, and Hercules soon noticed. “Do you wanna go to sleep? You can have the bed, and I’ll sleep here”, he said, referring to the couch.

Now, it was your turn to look at him as if he were stupid. “You’re not sleeping on the couch, we can both sleep in your bed, after all, isn’t that what couples do?” you smiled, grabbing his hand to drag him to bed, and he didn’t complain.

“Is it alright if I sleep in only the hoodie? I’m starting to warm up again, and if I keep the sweatpants on, I’ll melt”, you asked him. “Of course”, he answered, “sleep in whatever you want.” He was so sweet and caring.

You went to grab a glass of water, and when you got back, Hercules was in bed, wearing boxers and a t-shirt. There was absolutely nothing to complain about, and you went to climb into bed.

He simply looked at you, admiring the simplicity of your beauty. You weren’t wearing any make up, your hair was wet and messy and you looked too tired. Despite all this, you were the most beautiful sight he had ever laid his eyes on, and he could not stop taking all your features in once he had started.

“What are you looking at?” you questioned shyly. “You, of course. You look so beautiful right now”, he replied dreamily.

“No, I don’t, I look like a mess”, you huffed, settling against the pillows. He looked at you with disbelief, how could you not see what he saw?

“I don’t care what you think, I think you are completely gorgeous”, he stated, and kissed your forehead, and you felt so at home right there and then.

“You’re wonderful”, you said, leaning up, and gave him a passionate, but not too long kiss before putting your head on his chest. He held you tight, and stroked your hair and back until you fell asleep, listening to his calming heartbeat.

anonymous asked:

Could you please tell us a random story that has nothing to do with anything? I hope you're having a lovely night :3 (btw I've wanted to catch you during your drunk asks... and now that I'm here I have no idea what to ask... wa wa waaaaaa...)

Totally fine I’m glad you managed to!!

Let’s see, a random story that has nothing to do with anything…

As an illustration of how little little me used to not give a fuck, let’s go with this one.

When I was but a wee kindergarten lass, I sat atop the slide. For whatever reason, they paired the kindergarten kids with 5th graders.

Two fifth graders had this very silly idea that they owned the slide.

Oh no-sirree-bob, they as a matter of fact did not.

For I wanted to use the slide. The slide was my second favorite thing on the playground - short, of course, of the swings, which are the unparalleled champion of playground joy.

So, I climbed to the top of the slide and stared down these two fifth graders. I told them, as a kindergartener with ZERO hesitation, that this was my slide now. And I was going to use it.

They said no. I said yes. They said no. I said yes. This went on for a good 10 minutes.

Eventually, I threatened to beat them up.

They laughed.

I pushed them down the slide. Both of them.

I reigned supreme over the slide for the rest of recess.

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I have no idea what a rare ship is before I went through your blog and now you any rare pair you write will be oh yeah that really makes sense. I'm especially in love with Sakumo/Orochimaru (my pretty murder baby) and anything with Tobirama anyway I just want to ask what you think of OroMina? (because minato has that ruthless streak in him and could pull orochi out of his research, or knowing them researching together till both of them didnt sleep for 3 days straight :)

Yay, another convert! ;)

I like OroMina. They’re opposites, but at the same time weirdly similar, and yeah, I definitely think that they’d get sucked into researching and/or inventing extremely dubious jutsus and Jiraiya would be so exasperated, why are you doing this, are you trying to make my hair fall out with stress??

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*realized I didn't mention who I want the scenario to be with* JS SKSBSJSNSJ Can you do a Spencer Reid scenario using 42 and 45 please 😅

42: “I don’t have good social skills”
45: “I love your nose”, “what?”

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Warnings: [N/A]

*Spencer’s Pov*
“I knew this would be a bad idea” Spencer sighed as he sat at the bar with Morgan. Morgan had gotten him to go out to a bar with him tonight but Reid wasn’t having much fun.

“Can you at least pretend like you’re happy to spend time with me” Morgan chuckled.

“Sorry bars aren’t exactly my favourite hang out” Reid sighed.

Reid looked off and spotted the first interesting thing he’s seen all night. The most amazing girl he’s ever seen was sitting in the corner having a drink with a friend. She smiled brightly showing her pearly white teeth.

“You like her eh?” Morgan asked noticing how much Spencer was staring at you.

“She’s pretty” Spencer muttered immediately looking down.

“You should go talk to her” Morgan encouraged giving him a nudge.

“I don’t have good social skills” Spencer swallowed. There was no way he’d be able to go talk to you without making a complete fool out of himself. Besides why would someone like you be interested in him.

“Take a chance kid you never know” Derek smiled.

Spencer thought for a moment but eventually he stood up. A voice at the back of his mind was telling him this was a stupid idea but he guessed nothing could come from being nervous all the time.

When Spencer started to approach your table your friend pointed him out causing you to look up at him. Your smile became wider making his throat go dry. He opened his mouth to say something once he was standing in front of you but nothing came out.

“Ah hi” you said giggling.

“Er… I love your nose”.


Reid could hear Morgan laughing from back over at the bar.
Spencer gulped “sorry to bother you I’m not use to this sort of thing”.

“You’re not familiar with the bar scene?” You nodded.


“Me neither” you laughed “I’m only here because my friend forced me to come”.

“Really? Same with me” Spencer ended up laughing too.

“Hey I’m [Y/N]”.


“Well Spencer maybe we could talk sometime” you reached into your bag and handed him a piece of paper “here’s my number okay”.

“Great!” Spencer grinned taking the piece of paper and sticking it in his pocket “can’t wait”.

Honestly this is not at all how he expected things to end up but he was thrilled with the result.

Want To Request A Prompt?


Pairing: Kyle Spencer X Reader X Zoe Benson

Request:  can you do an imagine about being in a poly relationship with Zoe and Kyle and just like how cute you guys would be I’m sorry I can’t think of a plot I just love this concept!! Like can it be very cute and fluffy?? I saw some accounts do head canons for this last night and the idea has been in my head :) if it’s too weird you don’t have to x

A/N: This took way longer than it should have and I’m pretty sure it’s awful, I’m so sorry. Things have been kinda sucky lately. I was trying to focus on the cute/fluffy bits and for the love of me I couldn’t think of a plot to save my soul.

Word Count: 474

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