Forgot to upload this but let me tell you how freaking amazing this is. On the left is me posing next to Will Smith’s actual outfit from the movie. Look out how amazing it is!!! Now the picture on the right of from an after party and that lovely lady right there is the person who designed the movie costume, and came all the way to find and interview me 😱 she was so awesome we laughed, talked what part we thought was hardest on the costume, and then she praised me which I equally dos for her!!! #SDCC #sdcc2016 #DC #suicidesquad #Deadshot #FloydLawton #WillSmith #cosplay #excitement #hype

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Winx Club ~ 25 day challenge ~ Day 6

Favorite Believix: Gosh.. This was so hard! I love Believix in general and all the girls look so lovely! I wanted to pick one for once, but it was really a hard pick.

I had to decide between Aisha, Bloom and Tecna. I love Aisha her outfit and transformation and with Bloom it’s her wings and hair which I really love! Eventually I choose Tecna, because she just looks fabulous in this outfit! Her outfit is amazing, I love her hair this way, the wings design is really well done for het too and her transformation is just so epic!

Least favorite Believix: Here, I wanted to pick one too. It’s not that I don’t like Flora her Believix outfit, but it’s just not it for me. Everything is just.. To cute? I know that suits Flora perfectly, but it doesn’t give me the ‘wow factor.’

okay but how does emeraude look that good in a gym ??? like her outfit is amazing ??? her shoes add the perfect pop of color ??? her hair is still in a perfect messy ponytail ?? don’t get me started on the gloves ??? that shirt will probably be my death ???? and she’s not wearing makeup and she looks like an ethereal angel ???? i’m literally in love ???

Jenna the Superhero

I have fallen in love with this image of Jenna from the recent Glamour Awards where she wore a rather unusual bird-inspired outfit. While some fashion police hated it, I thought she looked incredible. And this image, which I just discovered, is amazing. I have remarked elsewhere that this outfit makes Jenna look like a bit of a superhero. Well here, her facial expression really sells the “superhero” feel!

I don’t know the original source of this image, which is posted here in reduced resolution. It was downloaded from http://jenna-coleman.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=575&pid=32941#top_display_media where you can find the higher-resolution version.


The dress I ordered for Bijou arrived! ^-^ It’s an exquisite dress set from the amazing lamiennedoll on Etsy. Originally the dress was long sleeved but I was worried it would look odd on Bijou’s long arms. Lamiennedoll was so accommodating and wonderful, she gave me the option to purchase the dress with short sleeves. I am absolutely in love with how the dress turned out. It is exactly what I wanted for Bijou. And everything is so well-made and of excellent quality. The attention to detail is incredible, from the details on the outfit to the packaging. 

I will be posting pictures of Bijou in her amazing new dress soon, but for this post I just wanted to gush about lamiennedoll and her incredible work.