as someone who just saw all of the Twilight movies for the first time last month I can’t help but consider and au with colour and smiling (and always long hair jacob why did they make him cut it)

ALSO yes I’m out here in the year of our Lord 2017 drawing actually twilight fanart how about fight me

gazebros  asked:

i realized something earlier that's makin me a lil agitated @ disney. in the first descendants, they made carlos deathly afraid of dogs. his mother taught him they were vicious creatures, and should be feared and hated. why wasn't harry hook scared of crocodiles when he jumped in the water? i mean his dad was literally tormented by a croc with an eye twitch, why not include that little detail? other than that i really loved the movie tbh 11/10 it's just that one thing that got to me😂😂

It’s canon in the third book actually (and this is a bit of a spoiler) that Harry swung his arm around in the sea to tempt the crocodile to bite his hand off so that he’d need a real hook; I think he just doesn’t have the same fears as his father, and would even look past it to be a bit more like him! Hope this cleared up a little bit!

- lana 💖

So I recently saw the Angry Birds Movie… And I actually liked it… the number of fan art on it was- and still is- small, despite how popular the games are. So I can’t help but draw one of my own fan arts :) I mean, I know how small the popularity of this film is, but I don’t care- I love the movie :3 TBH, Red reminds me of myself at some point. And some scenes literally got me in tears- almost ^^’ But I love this trio! Bomb (left) is just pure likeable to me, Red (right) is one of the characters I relate the most to, and Chuck (middle), I wish I was like him- all giddy and hilarious- he’s the best banana-muffin floofy bird XD

… well one can dream to be that awesome as him XD