Reasons why Keith is Best Boy™

  • he loves his space family
  • he’s a sensitive, emotional boy, and even though he’s impulsive and stubborn, everything he does is for others and it comes from the heart
  • he doesn’t want to show his weaknesses to others because he values his privacy, but is always there for his friends whenever they need help
  • would give his life to save someone
  • incredibly selfless
  • he’s very strong in battle, he can slash right through a rifle and his movements are so quick and agile
  • strong in general, he carried a galra that was twice his size!
  • he has found a place where he belongs and calls it home because there’s people he cares so much about there
  • he never gives up
  • he wants to get closer to people, but doesn’t know how and it really bothers him
  • he’s saved many lives
  • he picked the safety of others over finding out about his own past
  • he loves and cares for his big brother very much
  • he’s trying his best and learning from his mistakes
  • always protects Lance
  • doesn’t want to waste time and wants to put an end to all bad things as soon as possible
  • he misses his team more than anything and wants to come back
  • he never gives up on anyone or anything
  • he wants everyone in the universe to be happy and get their families back

you’re welcome to add on