Little problem in the narrative of this bull$hit, when CH went to the fundfair with Aarika, well now impossible to find the pic because everything was erased from the net… well he was at the party, enjoying himself with Natalia and an other model, hum (and his ex) and snobing Princess, fortunately she couldn’t see him she was eyes fucking Sunshine all night and trying to stay concentrated on eating her cookies when the little sneaky girl put her hands really low on her back during photos and looked magnificent selling her cookies… when was that? one/two days before the Brits, oh yeah such a man, switching girls like it’s some shirts… ahahah 

Oh and yeah when the week before he was doing a red carpet with her ex… so much love in this Broadway comedy… i’m almost falling for it if all the little pieces of the puzzle weren’t all burned by the bad acting and the rushing on this shit$how… 


omg look at her. seriously. so much love.