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Hey Steph! I just wanna say I LOVE your comic dubs so much that you inspired me to start voice acting myself :3 However I have no idea on how to start or what the best sort of equipment to use. So do you have any advise for a noob like me or any other VA's that are starting off?

Hmmmmm I thought about it today and honestly I realized that the only reason I’m good at high voices is cuz I worked at perfect impressions of the love live girls like dont be afraid to pursue stupid voices XD
In terms of equipment, I would recommend getting a blue snowball as they are pretty cheap in terms of microphone (40$) and they work pretty great, although now that I have a nicer one I can really tell the difference lol
For software I just use audacity, it’s free and pretty straightforward, and for editing I use Movie Studio Platinum 12 but theres really nothing wrong with using movie maker to get you started 

Proof That No Ship Is Perfect

Alright since some people seem to think they’re ship is so great and loves bashing on others ships and their issues I’m just gonna point out a few things about the Top 4 Ships in the Fandom to basically show that not every ship is perfect and so that people can stop acting like a ship is too problematic and feel that theirs is not.

I am sorry if this comes off as rude. I don’t really know how it’ll come across as so I wanted to make a small notice before I go into this.


Let’s talk about how in Pluto Farkle indirectly calls Riley stupid.

Let’s talk about how he gave her an ultimatum about her own relationship.

Let’s talk about how Riley who promised not to laugh at his name poked fun at it (Unintentionally but still…).

Let’s talk about how Farkle of all people Mr. Always walked away from Riley and had the nerve to blame Riley for their first day of High School being bad (Are we forgetting he walked away from her while she was crying as well…I know some of you did).

Let’s talk about how Farkle who was also picked on for being himself is/was a part of the Riley Committee.


Let’s talk about how Lucas poked fun of Maya’s homelife

Let’s talk about how Maya pokes fun of Lucas’s home life and Family

Let’s talk about how Maya didn’t support Lucas’s decision to ride the bull. And then gave him an ultimatium. 

Let’s talk about how Maya dumped a smoothie on Lucas for just simply talking about something important to him. On their First Date which is typical awkward for most already.

Let’s talk about how Lucas walked away from Maya in GMHS


Let’s talk about how Lucas didn’t believe Riley could make the Cheerleading Team. Despite the fact that Riley who had her doubts about the bull still supported him  and had faith he could do it despite past events saying otherwise.

Let’s talk about the fact that Riley wasn’t up front with Lucas during the whole Texas-New Years Debacle (I understand why and while I support it, it was wrong to ignore his feelings)

Let’s talk about how Lucas walked out on Riley in GMHS1 for doing something he has done to her. Why is it when she doesn’t believe he can do something it’s wrong but when he does it it’s a-okay when they were both worrying about the others well being.

Let’s talk about how Lucas calls Riley a loser (And I want so badly to excuse this because I get it was a joke but Reactions are everything)

Let’s talk about how Lucas who is officially Riley’s boyfriend is a part of the Riley Committee (I blame how the episodes air. Either way it’s wrong though so…)


Let’s talk about how Riley takes jabs at Maya/Her home life/Her intelligence

Let’s talk about how Maya pokes fun at Riley’s intelligence, her personality knowing how insecure the girl is.

Let’s talk about the fact that they always think they know how the other feels and often ignore what the other is actually saying (I.E: Rileytown and Texas) 

Let’s talk about the fact that Maya didn’t support Riley’s decision to try out for the Cheerleading Team and told her she wasn’t good enough (Now I get why she did it and while I find the honesty okay the way the situation was handeled in the beginning  was not okay)

Let’s talk about how Maya is a part of the Riley committee.

Now in no way am I saying any of these ships are Toxic or severely Problematic. What I’m saying is that these pairings, the most popular pairings have their issues as many couples do and the fact that so many people act like their ship is fucking perfect pisses me off because that not only erases canon but gives off unrealistic expectations of relationships. Every couple will have their issues and that is something that can’t really be argued. It’s something that should be looked at and worked on. Instead, people ignore the fu*k out of their ships issues and attack other ships on theirs WTF. I’ll tell you now no ship is perfect, no matter how perfect you think your ship is it isn’t. So can we all just collectively put a stop to this now. 

“i dont know how to say this, it’s corny and it’s probably going to sound weird. gimme 2 to formulate.”

“ok ill wait”

“i was thinking last night that i need a stronger word than “i love you” sometimes. because i DO love you. that’s constant.”

“i’m already crying”

“but sometimes i remember HOW much and it hits me physically. like you know hte feeling in your chest or stomach when you’re sad or disappointed? well that, x 1000 except it’s the opposite. instead of feeling like the pit mof my stomach fell out i just feel so full of butterflies and love. and pride, too.”


“and idk how to tell you “i love you but like REALLY rn” bc usually you haven’t even done anything in particular except basically be yourself and i just, out of basically nowhere, remember HOW much i love you”

“i’m actually crying”

“so yeah i’m gay”

“i love you”

“i love you”

So the punk girl band AU.

They’re a band called Beacon, and it was started by Barbara and Ashley when they were high school, having wanted to do so for years.  It was just them to start off with, and they were pretty bad.  But they never gave up and they got actual lessons on how to play and sing and write music, and they were on their way from playing shitty covers to playing pretty good covers, and writing rather bad music.  But they only improved.

They knew they were going to need more than them to make a proper band.  So, after some postering, they found Lindsay, who had little experience, but had a drum set and had a passion to learn.  Elyse was found a little later, and became their bassist, and together, she and Barb recreate French melodies with their own sound.  Mica began hanging around, and became an asset when they found she had a crazy knowledge of musical instruments.  Mariel, like Mica, just began hanging around, but instead of playing for the band, became their mediator, working to get the strong personalities on the same level.

When they all graduated, they continued to work on their music until they had a real album out.  They titled it ‘Always Open’ after the 24-hour diner that had no name, and was always only referred to as Always Open.  The band always hung out at the Always Open and was where they really did a lot of their work.

The album was dedicated to Griffon, the owner of the local club who gave the band a chance to get their music out into the world, and gave Barb her first guitar.

Here’s my mood board of me and my biases!✨

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We been working this video for some time now, I was the one using the Alphy’s costume and a friend was Undyne (SHE IS AMAZING!!) And Lou Lou VZ record it and put it all together in THIS AMAZING video!


Alphys is me

Udyne is Bubble-chubi

Edition by Lou Lou Vz

Song by Griffinilla, its called Fishy Love

2 Year Anniversary || thank you!!

OOC. yup, this is a LITTLE late in all honesty, oops. but yes, Ari’s blog has been around for TWO WHOLE YEARS since the beginning of August! wow – honestly just WOW. time really does fly, especially when you’re having fun. I wanted to make a SPECIFIC post expressing my gratitude as much as I can without sounding either like a broken record or a blobbering mess, and honestly, I want to start this off with a thank you. 

Ari is something that is very near and dear to me. I’ve worked on her for very long, and will continue to do so. she is literally my PRIDE and JOY, and without her, I don’t think I’d be as happy as I am today. things may not be entirely perfect, but they are a lot better than what they could be, and I could NEVER give back everything you guys have given to me. it may not seem like a big deal, I know, and I know I get pretty emotional over these milestones that may not seem like much to others, but the truth is that I am a VERY sensitive person and take the ‘smallest’ things as such a huge thing. this is a HUGE thing to me. 

you guys have given me so much since I’ve made this blog, and I promise – I SWEAR, one day, I’m going to find a way to give it back to you. I will. I don’t know if I’ll be able to amount to everything you’ve given me, but it’ll be something that is worth it, I swear. since I’ve made the blog, I’ve received so MANY generous gifts and opportunities – themes, graphics, drawings, appreciation messages, cosplay requests, voice acting ( @imstrongerthanallofyou my bae who does my little Ari for me ), being included in audioplays. just, EVERYTHING that I’ve been given I am absolutely grateful for. every kind message you send makes my day. every time I get a reply I’m always so HAPPY and EXCITED to reply back. it doesn’t matter how little or big, and it doesn’t always have to be materialistic. words go far with me, too, and I promise I won’t forget. 

Ari is my FIRST original character – she’s something very important to me that I never thought about before I messaged @heiichov the first time. she encouraged me to make the blog, and then Ari came about and started into development. Ari isn’t even FULLY done, as I have much more information to update and work on, but even still. you guys have made this experience so FILLING and AMAZING for me. I have to thank you, I do. 

I want to thank you for being there. I want to thank you for your encouragement. I want to thank you for your kind words. I want to thank you for the little things you’ve all done for me. I want to thank you for writing with me and giving me the honor to write with you. I want to thank you for understanding when things happen and I’m unable to reply / update stuff. I want to thank you for the opportunities you’ve given Ari and I. I want to thank you for the friends I’ve made because of this blog. I want to thank you for giving me another whole family I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I want to thank you for making me so happy all of the time. 

every little thing means a lot to me, never forget that. I am here for YOU just as much as you are here for me, okay? please don’t ever feel afraid to talk to me about anything at all, even if it isn’t about roleplaying. like I said, I promise, I’m going to give you guys something back. I will. I’m not quite sure when, but take my word on it. 

here’s to yet ANOTHER great year with more to come ;w; I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, you all are stuck with me for a good deal of time. ilysm and thanks again <3 

i had a beautiful relaxed day that i really needed to refuel for my next few days of work! girl i love let me borrow some jeans, had 2 quality cappuccinos, ate at one of my favorite pgh restaurants, finished a book + a new comic, did all the dishes and packed myself a healthy nice lunch and did a even better job than the last time, cleaned up + ate cup of miso soup with rice - i feel so energized and powered up!!! still time to shower and get some solid sleep! IM DOING IT damn 

dear what could have been,

maybe it’s for the best. maybe things played out the way they did, for a reason. im trying my best to stop thinking about it. i still wonder what life would be like if it didn’t go so poorly. i wish things worked out.

the girl who had the nerve to think that this time would be different.