Dear CW: Please get the Arrow trailer out soon. Because without the trailer or new things to speculate about, I am left to my own devices, and when left to my own devices…

I may have emotionally ruined myself with those last two Star Wars metas I reblogged.

I just…have a lot of FEELINGS about Obi-Wan Kenobi, okay?

(Putting under a cut so my Arrow followers can skip over this flail)

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#BIGBAN9. My pride.

9 years and stronger than ever. This is what the team is made of. 

“Despite how popular an artist is, they tend to last only a few days at the top of charts after releasing songs. But it’s different for BIGBANG. The band has been doing this for whopping 16 days. When it comes to music, the band name does not matter anymore—the song itself relies on the word-of-mouth. BIGBANG broke their own records and is now genuinely recognized for their musical talents.”

I have never once doubted that they’d disband or lose a member over a conflict. They love each other and music too much, and it shows through their achievements. All I can say as a proud VIP is, just how far will this group go?


sometimes, bad days last for what feels like forever and we forget to do the small things and we stop taking care of ourselves as much as we should. and that’s okay. but please try to stay hydrated and remember to eat and take all of the meds that you need if you haven’t yet. and don’t forget that tomorrow is a new day. don’t start tomorrow with yesterday. stay strong. jimin would be so proud of you if he knew how strong you are being!!


“Well then, Lucy Pevensie from the shining city of Wardrobe in the wondrous land of Spare ‘Oom — how would it be… if you came and had tea with me?”


thekingsbox asked: Sherlock Holmes or John Watson?

Bonus because we’re already so sad about him as it is: