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What genres do you like and not like?

i REALLY REALLY LOVE action/adventure, gen, comedy, mystery, and fluff. this is why i love One Piece, My Hero Academia, DBZ, Mob Psycho, One Punch Man, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, etc. 

i love action/adventure. i love stories that get my blood pumped and make me root for characters to win, and fights that are really creative and interesting and unique to the characters. i love the classical idea of adventure, the romance of it all, and the idea of going to live your dreams

i really really love gen. give me friendships, and found families, and platonic love, and adopted children, and sibling relationships, and everything in between. gen is often seen as less important than romance (seriously, just search any fandom on AO3 and look at the romance-to-gen fics ratio. it’s mind boggling), which is just not true. these kinds of relationships are just as important as romance, but sorely underrepresented.

i just love seeing kids without parents finding that one person who has decided to care for them. or someone who never thought they’d become a parent meets this kid, and oh gosh, they need to be protected. or characters who’ve never had friends before finally meeting people who’ll never leave them, or characters who’ve never had family basically being adopted into this big silly group, where no one is related, but that doesn’t make them any less than family. or watching two characters who never got along slowly get to know each other, and learn that hey… maybe they can be friends?? i love stories about characters who seemed like they couldn’t ever be redeemed, but with the power of friendship, they found that they could find more in life than what they had. (think Piccolo, Vegeta, Zuko, and Peridot) those are my absolute favorite kinds of stories.

i also love stories that subvert my expectations. like with Mob Psycho, One Punch Man, and MHA; all three play with the tropes common in their genres and subvert them in really interesting ways. 

as i mentioned, i also really like comedy, haha. it’s why i love some of the series i mentioned above. i dislike anything that takes itself too seriously and refuses to laugh at itself. 

and again, mystery. i can’t take it in large amounts b/c the twists and turns do get kind of mentally exhausting, but i do love a good overarching mystery plot (like the Will of D, what kind of person Rose Quartz really was, who the previous users of One for All were, . plus, i really love Detective Conan, Scooby Doo, and Gravity Falls, which all have big mystery elements.

basically, i love stories with happy endings. i love seeing character relationships grow, i love seeing the characters act silly and laugh, and i love seeing them solve mysteries and fight together for a common cause. i love uplifting stories.

on the other hand, i avoid Angst, Deathfics, and tragedy like the fucking plague. i just cannot deal with the idea of my favorite characters dying. i can take a bit of whump, but not death. i just. i refuse. plus, i find angst extremely draining if i read too much of it (which for me, is more than a short one-shot. there are a few exceptions, but yeah overall i just don’t like angst.)

i also get very emotionally drained by drama, or anything with a lot of unnecessary twists and turns, so i try to avoid that.

same with horror. tho this is b/c i can’t deal with horror in general. stuff like body horror, gore, graphic depictions of like, eating people alive or being dissected, etc, are an absolute no go. mostly b/c my imagination WILL take anything like that and make it a million times worse and then i literally won’t be able to sleep at night b/c i’m too scared and i really wish i was joking but i’m absolutely not

(i once had a nightmare simply by watching Mythbuster’s zombie special. so. yeah)

ditto with suspense, b/c it makes my mind go into overdrive and let me just say that one time i scared myself into thinking there was a vampire in my bathroom with me and yeah, i do not need anything extra to feed that paranoia ok i do enough of that myself

i also avoid romance because i’m super picky about how it’s presented (especially since i hc a lot of characters as Ace). i DO like romance, but a lot of it is really cliche or the characters have no chemistry (in most media at least, this is less present in fanfiction i’ve noticed, but still rather prevalent), or the characters feel really ooc, or the romance itself feels really boring, etc

in general, i can take bits and pieces of the above in small doses. i do love FMA: Brotherhood, after all, which has quite a few of the above. but if there’s no happy ending, or the bad guy wins, or it all ends in tragedy and death and hopelessness, then nope. i can’t do it. 

there has to be some kind of emotionally positive payoff to it all or else i just cannot stand it at all, or i feel like i’ve been wasting my time. i just don’t see the point otherwise.

tho it also sorta depends on how it’s presented. if it’s presented as awful and horrible, then that’s how i’ll perceive it, but if it’s just like… sorta nonchalant (like several deaths in FMA or Jojo), then it won’t bother me as much.

i’m also super picky with fantasy genres. i get bored with RPG style fantasy; it kind of takes the magic out of it for me. i love more classical fantasy, with fairy tales or classical faeries, or curses with meanings attached ala Beauty and the Beast. 

i also love the fantasy that kind of says “fuck you” to logic, and allows the story to do whatever it wants (why did everyone in MHA suddenly have superpowers??? why is there a Devil Fruit that makes things slow?? why can ninjas do magic?? they just can). the kind of fantasy that allows you to suspend reality and enjoy the creativity of the author.

OK GOSH THIS GOT WAY LONGER THAN I MEANT IT TO BUT UM i hope that answered you question!!!


(Warning: spoilers from chapters 33 and 39)





Nami’s friendship

Today someone has posted this gift:

I love how Oda portrays Nami’s behavior with the other women. 

It is wonderful for me to see how, finally, a mangaka shônen approaches the feminine friendship as it is, and forgets the stupid supposedly feminine rivalry. Nami is a real friend and has a kind and reliable heart. Nami is affectionate with all the women: Nojiko of course, Robin, Vivi, Shiraoshi, Camie, etc… Also with Pudding, for who is really worried. 

Thank you Oda, for giving us Nami, who loves her nakama boys as much as her  nakama girls.

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The story of the half a heart tattoos is even funnier when you realize the reason we know about it is because Nathan's brother has probably been taking the piss about it for the last 2 years and thought it was so funny he had to talk about it. I love Harry's friendship with the KOL guys so much lol

I know, they’re great lol

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i secretly love pan fics that kinda blur the line between romance and friendship cause that's the vibes they actually give off imo?? like the ones where they're somewhat-platonic somewhat-romantic life partners or are in a relationship but aren't like. disgustingly affectionate with each other 107% of the time. it just feels more real cause they seem to put their friendship/bond first, no matter the reality of their relationship ja feel?

yeah their bond together is like the most important part of their relationship imo. like their friendship/romantic disposition to each other just seem like decoration to the extremely unique love they have for each other ya know

I don’t know how ‘writing to you’ turned into 'writing for you’, but I believe all I know is this: it is all worth it. It is all worth doing. Worth writing. Worth falling apart for.

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I love how Odell's friendships are so special to him. He always has such a genuine smile on his face whenever he sees someone he's really close to. It's so cute 😊

I want to be someone he’s really close to 😂

I’ve got a lot of weird feelings, especially about love. Here are a few:

1. The “we barely talk but I love you so much as a friend”

2. The “we’re friends and I think the absolute world of you, I love you so much how can I be without you, is this romantic love? Wait no, I’m gay and you’re a dude and actually its just very strong friendship love.”

3. The “I love you more than a friend, but not in a romantic way. I will definitely marry you and be happy, no joke.”

4. The “I met eyes with you for one brief second in passing but suddenly the world shifts a little bit and I will never forget this half a second in my life.”

5. The “I used to love you romantically a long time ago, but now I love that we’re friends and I love how you take care of me, I kind of wish I had romantic feelings for you again, but at the same time lol no way.”

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Mad bc I loved frank & bonnies friendship & the writers ruined it :( I wish they'd plan the show out well & have it make sense bc it doesn't at all... like they ruined all the relationships & it irritates me like Frank & laurel had such an intense real relationship that I loved & in an interview even Charlie was pretending flaurel never happened & they're definitely broken up?? Like why??

ive just accepted that nothing on this show makes sense anymore

if u do that,,…. it gets easier buddy

Whoau, I made a pro Narusaku post, one born out of my happiness and…a random guy asks me to “move out”

Like dude, first “No thanks, I like what I like, and Narusaku is my forever OTP. I’m happy with having a dynamic ship based on mutual understanding and care; a ship of two beautiful well written characters; a ship full of friendship and love. I love shipping Narusaku!”

Second, “You move out”