I would honestly love it if Bonnie and Stefan could have a strong friendship, but I don’t know how I feel about Stefan saying Bonnie needs to stay strong because that’s what he needs. Yeah, no one fights harder than Bonnie, which is why she’s exhausted, how about you be strong enough for you and her instead? I mean, I feel like he’s trying to be nice and help, I just think the dialogue missed the mark a bit.

Her: I love you Lily

Me: Love you too


In late July of 2016 my best friend committed suicide. She sent this text message to me at 11:40 am, her mother found her dead an hour later. My best friend was utterly beautiful and the definition of selfless. In her final moments of her life and one of the last things her exquisite soul ever did was tell me that she loves me. To make sure I know that she was thinking of how this would hurt me. And I love her even more for that. We had the most electric friendship on could wish for and this was by far the best thing she has ever done for me. This is the best gift I’ve ever been given and forever will be. I love you R. I Love you. I Love you. I Love you. Thank you for everything. 

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#36: No shave November baby! I can hear tater be so excited about this to Jack...poor poor tater.

Listen, Nikolai (named after Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) is the dog that Tater and Snowy have and is basically canon as far as I’m concerned, even if I only imagined him a day ago. Just a big doofus dog (part Great Pyrenees?) that loves everyone and thinks he is a lapdog. (Maybe he takes after Tater a little? Lol) ANYWAY, Poor Tater cannot grow facial hair to save his life. His moustache is just like, 12 scraggly hairs. The whole team drags him for it, but it’s all in good fun. Snowy swears in basically every sentence. I love bros and friendships so much. (Also some Zimbits and fluff at the end because of course.) Enjoy!

36. No shave November, baby!

“Oh, come on! Is not fair, man!” Tater groaned when he finally started to catch glimpses of his teammates with their helmets off. He had been gone for a rare four days during the season for a family event in Russia, and returned to find his team well into growing their Movember moustaches.

“Not bad, eh Tater?” Jack grinned and rubbed his fingers across his growing moustache. “Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Zimmboni grows moustache so fast. Share your secrets.”

“I dunno, man. I used to have a lot of trouble with growing my facial hair when I was younger, but this year? It’s been quick. My best friend is loving it. He’s been bugging me about trying to grow one for over four years.”

“Your best friend – the little blond man, yes? Beetle?”

“Oh, uh, no. This is my other best friend – the guys all call him Shitty. He’s had a moustache since he was eighteen. And it’s Bittle, not Beetle.”

“Ah, Bittle. I thought maybe his nickname was after bug because he is so small.”

Jack chuckled and briefly considered explaining that his real nickname was ‘Bitty’ which could mean small, but decided against it. He did not mind sharing the nickname with their old Samwell team, but Jack liked being the only person in Providence who knew Bitty. “He might not appreciate that much.”

Tater ran a towel through his damp hair and sat down in his locker room stall. “So, Zimmboni–” he began. “Always with so many friends. So many best friends.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Jack grinned. It felt strange to realize that he was a person with such a large group of friends. Genuine friends. Ten years ago he barely had any friends – he had not even met Kent yet back then.

“It’s okay, as long as I’m your best friend on team. Right?”


“Good. Zimmboni is my best friend on team too. Outside of team? Probably Snowy.”

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For years after a nasty case of falling in love with a guy who was a good friend but didn’t actually love me like he said he did, I didn’t give affection to anyone, just friendly kindness but now, I gave that love to nonother than my best friend who is a girl. I didn’t think it was a problem at first but today I just kept thinking about how many different feeling I have and how I don’t want to ruin another friendship because of my own feelings. I don’t want to bring it up to her or anything because I love the friendship we have and as a people pleaser, I don’t want to stop what we’ve been doing but I don’t know if I can just live with the fact that I can’t get into an actual relationship with her because I’m terrified of losing her friendship.
Okay, so I keeping hearing people say “You shouldnt ship that because they are just friends”, let me tell you a true that most of fangirl know: Yes they are friends, and you can read like that the same way that I can read it like a romantic relationship, it is all about how you see this, what you belive the diferrence between lovers and friendship are, but you know why we dont say this? Because this argument is only used to ships that arent straight, when in fact it can be use for all the kind of ship. It all depends on you, normally the people that dont ship gays is because in their minds they cant think of two people of the same sex having more the frindship . Ever people are different and to some people one thing might be love and to others it might be friendship. I for a fact know that 98% of my ships can be seen has friendship by someone else (I am counting the gay and straight ones) but the way I see it they are totally in love.

P.s: The writers and midea know this, that is why queer-baiting is a thing.

p.s.2: Sorry for my english, I am brazilian

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Hey ! How do you think Tashigi would get along with Coby and Helmeppo ? (Like the chapter cover for chap 580 !)

Awwww you guys are spoiling me with so much Marine requests I love it :)

Friendship HCs:

Before timeskip

  • All three of them get along pretty well! Tashigi likes Coby’s hardworking attitude and eagerness to learn and while Helmeppo sometimes is a little bratty, she admires his drive to become stronger and a better person than his previous-self as well as his father
  • Both boys respect her a lot and go to her for advice all the time
  • Probably met when Garp wanted a joint-training session and grabbed the nearest person he could find (Smoker)
  • She puts in her 100% to help the boys to study and gives memory tips.
  • And helps them to dress up for their first Marineford formal party slash Company dinner
  • Coby studies until late at night and both Helmeppo and her has found him asleep at his desk more than once. Then they drape a blanket on him before returning to their duties
  • Both Coby and her braid Helmeppo’s hair once he starts to grow it out. They taught him how to do it himself afterwards
  • Tashigi teams up with Bogard for their sword training. Both boys took one look at each other and ran
  • Garp dragged them back by their legs
  • TASHIGI IS HELLA!!! GOOD!!! IN CLOSE COMBAT!!! YOU CAN PRY THIS FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS. She’s well-versed in marine self-defense and various martial arts and all three of them often trained together. (oda why you could have made her so much better SO W H Y)
  • Helmeppo once underestimated her until Tashigi swept him off his feet and threw him over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Smoker is so proud 
  • After training they’ll help each other to bandage injuries. She also visits them with a first aid kit during their midnight sessions with Garp
  • They seek out each other for lunch. Coby is horrified whenever the other two starts to talk shit complain about their superiors
  • AND If any marines dare to bring their sexist opinions against Tashigi you can bet Coby and Helmeppo will jump in straight away to defend her. Then they get to see her destroy the offender on the training grounds

After timeskip

  • Still trains together whenever they have the chance.
  • Tashigi got her Captain rank first and both of them threw her a celebration by bringing her to Town for a treat. They found out later that Coby was so lightweight it’s an embarrassment
  • AND Tashigi is so p r o u d of Coby when he hits Captain and Helmeppo his Lieutenant Commander rank. Coby got wasted under ten minutes again that night
  • Now that they are posted at different divisions and are busy with missions, the three of them couldn’t see each other that much anymore
  • But they write letters to each other and have their respective Den Den Mushi number
  • And when they do meet up, they either go for lunch, training, or talking to each other about their day and trading recent ridiculous mission stories. Helmeppo still jokes about the day Tashigi slammed him onto the training mats
I agree.

I haven’t written about you since I grew up.

I bet you read that with none of the bitterness I say it with.

I haven’t written about you since I resigned myself to your friendship.

I put the idea of our love back on the rack like a jacket I can’t afford and you still don’t understand why I shiver in Florida heat.

I haven’t written about you since I became your best friend, who you never want to lose, who lies to you once a month when you call to catch up on a life I don’t really live. You say “what have you been up to?” and I say “Oh you know, just work. School.” It’s boring but it sounds better than “I’ve been drinking until I can’t pronounce your name so I can sleep at night.” “I smoke until I can’t taste your lips and the future we almost had.” “I fuck women that I find fragments of you in, and they fall in love with the way I make them feel important. Needed.” One girl knew it wasn’t for her. She asked me how could I possibly make love to her like that, I told her she reminded me of somebody. She said I gasped her in like a drowning man gulps down air. But it’s deeper than that. I’m drowning still.

“But life’s good” I tell you. My hands left the small of your back like Adam and Eve from the garden of eden. The knowledge that you don’t feel the same is my damnation. I hug you now through a pane of glass. Window
shopping. You don’t have my size anyway. I’m still broke. There’s always a reason.

You smell tobacco through my cologne. You say I should quit, they’re no good for me. But don’t worry I know better. You’re a Cancer. I’ll get you, one day.

I haven’t written about you since way back when. When I tell you that I did, you’ll smile and say “Aww you shouldn’t have.”

I agree.

Star Trek: DS9 - Season 2, Part 3

[Part 1] [Part 2]

I make a semblance of an effort, periodically, to distribute note-weight equally across episodes. But not this time, this time my feelings have Very Clearly gathered around Particular Episodes and there is nothing I can do about it because I’m STILL IN A BIT OF A STATE, MY DEAR.

2x19 ‘Blood Oath’
- I love Odo and Quark’s openly antagonistic friendship. “definitely gonna try to upset your plans later!” / “counting on it! take care!”
- lol, Klingons
- who the HELL was Curzon, I want to meet this guy so bad
- metal
- <3 Kira & Dax a lot honestly
- “It is a good day — to die.” I chuckled.
- huh! I must have seen bat’leth written before I heard it said, because I was totally thrown by where the stressed syllable is!

2x22 ‘The Wire’
- oh good, I was always meaning to watch The Wire
- (I’m sorry)
- “Oh well, that’s the price of doing business with a culture that refuses to even acknowledge the concept of time. Though I must say, they make magnificent sweaters.” Garak.
- Julian is actually doctoring Dax’s ugly plant, that is so cute
- “Did Chief O’Brien dislocate his shoulder again?” is one of the funniest lines I have heard yet on this show, and it is entirely due to the time they have spent building the context for the joke.
- you are totally friends! lunch once a week for a year? c’mon
- Sisko: “I wasn’t yelling, I was just expressing my feelings. Loudly.” Ok Kira.
- I have guessed what’s up with Garak but I’m keeping it to myself in case I’m wrong/because I love this idea and don’t want to jinx it
- I think I’m ri-iiight
- the great thing about Odo is that he’s not actually the straight man to the humanoid jokesters, he’s a deeply hilarious person playing the straight man to the humanoids because he finds it hilarious. like this little “I hope you don’t have one of these little bugs hidden in my quarters.” / “Should I?” exchange
- a) this is the funniest Cardassian I’ve met besides Garak, b) “THE OBSIDIAN ORDER” lol that sounds dramatic
- Bashir is such a sprightly thing. he is Undeterred, he can Do Zat!
- holy crap this is  a w e s o m e. I am loving every fucked up turn this is taking!
- Garak: “Doctor did anyone ever tell you that you are an infuriating pest?”
  Bashir: “Chief O’Brien! All the time! And I don’t pay any attention to him either.”
- oh shit, oh wow
- oh my god, Dr. Bashir is becoming like, this soft-voiced immovable object, I’m freaking out, ohhhh this is such a good look on him, fuck.
- holy fuck!
- oh my GOD!
- all Garak has is lunch with Julian each week and he loves and hates it just as he loves and hates himself!! aaahhhhh!!1!!!
- I’m losing my mind
- I tried to pull some words together and the first phrase to fall out was “in the third telling of the story of Elim” and then I just immediately spun off into the emotional hinterland again
- omg, is this the ur-Garak. he is so similar.
- doll, everyone knows you always drink Tarkalean tea
- …WAT
- I feel so jostled by this whole episode!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!!
- Garak:“My dear doctor, they’re all true.”
  Julian: “Even the lies?”
  Garak: “Especially the lies.”
  bury me. bury me 10 feet deep.
- this episode was one of the most fun sequences of character turns I have ever experienced, in anything
- I need to RECOVER, then maybe I can come up with something to actually say, not just DELIGHTED CURSING

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