ahhhhHHHHh i was ana in comp and it was overtime and we were only halfway to the next checkpoint for the payload and zarya ulted and caught four people in it and i tossed my anti-healing grenade into it JUST in time (mei ice walled but NOT FAST ENOUGH) and got a quadruple cause none of them could heal themselves and everyone on my team just bombarded them with attacks and we WON so basically zarya and i saved the game together it was so much fun (she got potm and you could see their purple health bars in it as roadhog and lucio were frantically trying to heal!!!! it was hilarious and beautiful)

the enemy team even Acknowledged me during the potg screen it was real nice

Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^

Unfortunately, my internet’s down right now.. But I have posts prepared in case somethin like this would happen, so unless it’s down for more than a week, posting schedule should be fine. I’m gonna go to an internet cafe so I don’t use up all my data and maybe I can photoshop some more ! Have this shit in the meantime

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Just wanted to say hello and thank you for making my dash a little nicer! I love all of your in-progress Pokémon art! And I hope that you have a lovely day <3

Hey there! Wow, thanks so much <3 <3 I’ve been sick the past couple of days, and getting your message earlier this week really brightened my day. Thank you, it really means a lot!