No one can tell me that Ford and Stan don’t keep each other up at night with terrible puns and jokes.

Just imagine it. 

  • Terrible whispered jokes and muffled laughter as they told bad jokes late into the night though they had school in the morning. 
  • Stan making a whole book of name puns, listing which Ford deemed over used and which are hilarious no matter what. 
  • Ford claiming he hates the puns but he is the pun master out of the two of them. 
  • Meanwhile Stan is just good at filling the void with cringe worthy jokes or situational puns about a few minutes too late when they are no longer needed. 
  • Now that they are reunited fully, you know they have forty years of bad jokes and puns to bother each other with. 
  • And Stan kind of gets some of his science and code type puns after 30 years of self-teaching himself this stuff. 
  • “I can’t STAN this anymore, Ford! We are going no where.”
  • “Oh, toughen up Stan. Thought you lived FORD adventure” 
  • “…”
  • *proceed to crack up laughing on the deck of the Stan O’ War*
  • i just need terrible jokes and puns from terribly wonderful old men. 

The Beppu Twins “Inconspicuously” Giving the Defense Club a Chance to Transform - Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! Episode 7

little boys are so aggressive how does this happen
Elizabeth is very soft and huggy but Anthony hits everything and everyone and pushes everything down