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One rainy date

Another JB fluff

Quickly taking out a tray of freshly made cookies, you hummed happily while shoving one of the sweet treats into your mouth.

“Yumm Jaebum will love this~”. Smiling from ear to ear with the thought, you forgot to take a look outside: the glorious sun was coveredby dark gray clouds and within seconds, the rain was pouring down heavily, not only did it wash away the dirt on the street, but also sweeping away your wonderful lovely date at your house with your boyfriend.

“He’s not going to come, is he? At least not until the rain stops.”, you pursed your lips into a thin line of disappointment; if not staring at the heavy rain, you would just pin your eyes on the cookies placed inside a cute jar with a ribbon on top.

A week not seeing Jaebum felt like a year. You missed him. You missed his touch. You missed his wonderful sexy scent, missed his big hand wrapping around yours, missed his tall figure engulfing you. And most of all, you missed his lips and how perfect they fitted into yours.

So there you go, darting out into the rain without bothering to bring umbrella or a rain coat, even your phone was left behind as well. You really, just really wanted to see him.

But Jaebum wasn’t home! Not now at least. You arrived at his house just to find the door was locked. “Practice, practice and practice again. Always practice!”, you groaned, leaning on the wooden door while hugging your knees. The more you missed your boyfriend, the more upset you became.

But it was not that Jaebum busy practicing. He wasn’t home because he came to your house. But how ironic while you were walking on the not-so-long road between your houses, you two didn’t meet, curse the traffic!

A week not seeing you felt like a year. He missed you. He missed your touch. He missed your wonderful sexy scent, missed your small hand staying comfortably in his, missed your lovely figure snuggling into his chest . And most of all, he missed your lips and how perfect they fitted into his.

“Where could she go?”, Jaebum kept calling you while knocking on your door, the worried look carved into his eyes. “In the rain like this, where could she possibly go?”. The boy stormed into the pouring rain to search for you, desperately hoping that you would be at his place right now.

As Jaebum saw the image of the gloomy you sprawling your legs on the porch of his house, the energy from nowhere filled him again and he came rushing to you as fast as he could, embracing you in his arms.

“Baby! Oh my gosh! Finally I’ve found you!”, the fatherly loving side of your boyfriend appeared when he stroked your damp hair gently, kissing the top of your head. The warmth radiating from his chest made you feel at ease, but you were not going to give in, not just yet.

“Where have you been?”, you asked, anger hidden in every word while hitting his back with not much strength.

“I came to your house, of course. Like I promised”. The harder you tried to wriggle out, the tighter his grip on you grew. “Did you run all the way here? No umbrella? No rain coat?”, Jaebum questioned and you nodded slightly. As much as he wanted to feel like heaven because you missed him that much, he still frowned, tapping your nose cutely. “Ya! What if you catch a cold? I really don’t want my girlfriend to catch a cold because of me!”

“Who said it was because of you?”, you retorted, pushing him away as Jaebum interlaced your fingers with his, leading you into his cozy home.

“Then what was the reason?”. You watched the corners of your boyfriend’s lips curl up into a victorious smile before scoffing, making your way to his room to put on one of his big hoodies. It had become a habit of yours to wear his clothes and Jaebum was also used to seeing you in his clothes. And just by now, that sunshine smile which could kick off the rain of his had never left his face, from the moment you walked into his room to the moment you walked out. Jaebum casually shoved a cookie you made into his mouth, humming deliciously before coming towards you to place a soft peck of your forehead as he helped you put your soaking wet clothes in the washing machine and wrap a towel over you head to dry your hair.

“I missed you, too babe. I missed you so much”, the eye-smiled boy cooed, gliding the towel down around your neck to dry the ends of your medium length hair while pressing his lips against yours. “Don’t be upset, okay? I’m sorry I was late”, Jaebum’s thumbs caressed your cheeks gently as you leaned in for a peck.

“Have you tried my cookies? They’re chocolate mint flavor, just how you like it”, you smiled as Jaebum nodded, feeding himself another one.

“It’s delicious! Thank you, babe! You’re the best!”, your boyfriend rewarded you with a kiss. “You want some?”, holding half of the cookie with his teeth, Jaebum inched closer to you as you chuckled, biting the other half just enough to brush against his lips. As soon as you finished swallowing, your charming boy pulled you in again for a shower of kisses. 

“I love you baby” was all that he wanted to say while looking into your eyes lovingly.

And “I love you, too” was all that you wanted to reply before melting for his love.


I promise to get right on writing your requests after this bc my JB feels are srsly out of control, okay? ( ≧Д≦) 

Miracle on Ice Reunion Moment #12

(PSA: This is probably my favorite moment from the entire night. I didn’t think anything would ever top Pav getting his recognition, but this might’ve.)

As the guys were discussing Rizzo’s winning goal, I realized that there wasn’t much time left in the evening and not everyone had spoken yet. Pav I was expecting to stay silent (obviously), but I went down the row and noted that Neal and Eric had gone essentially ignored. So I thought, okay Todd, you’d better be working these two into the conversation really soon.

After talking about Rizzo’s goal, Todd asked Jim about the last ten minutes of the game and how he approached it, what he was thinking, how he broke it down, etc. Jim picked up a mic and, smiling pleasantly, was basically like “…nah.”

He said that we’ve heard from him already, “so instead how about we hear from one of my teammates, like Eric Strobel or Neal Broten or—” and then he paused for a split second, “well, you’ve already touched on Pav a bit.” (LOL nobody is dumb enough to ask Mark Pavelich to speak. Also, did Jim read my mind or what? Bless that man.)

So then he spends a few seconds talking about each of them — “Eric Strobel was such a phenomenal hockey player and teammate,” that sort of thing — and Eric was sitting between Rizzo and OC, so when Jim was talking about him you can be sure he was getting his hair ruffled affectionately and his back slapped. And Eric was SO BASHFUL, he just kept looking down shyly. :’) And then Jim moved on to Neal and said he had a successful NHL career — “uh, just a little" — and was then like "Neal, do you want to answer the question? Yeah, here Neal, you talk about the last 10 minutes of the game."

I was beyond thrilled that Neal was going to speak, but I was also kind of nervous, because he tends to be a little awkward and not really great at interviews (bless his shy little heart). But then he opened his mouth and THIS came out:

"I’ve played on a lot of teams, and this is the best team, the closest team I ever played on. As a younger guy, I looked up to all these guys. It was a privilege and honor for me to represent our country with these guys and do what we did."


The whole place bursts into applause, and as I’m clapping I look up at the screens, where the camera’s on Mac and Buzz. Mac is nodding seriously and you see him say to himself, “He’s got that right.” Then he turns to Buzz and leans in to say into his hear, “He’s got that right.” And Buzz nods emphatically in agreement and says, “Oh yeah.”

TL;DR — these guys adore each other to the absolute ends of the earth.

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