So I hit 1000 followers a while back and have finally done my follow forever!
I want to thank all you wonderful people who decided to follow me whether we are mutual’s or not you are all amazing. I know I don’t get much time to talk to you guys but I really appreciate every single one of you even if you are not mentioned in this list, you’re amazing and I love you <3
p.s there is bound to be someone I miss and I will end up feeling terrible about it.

Firstly to the wonderful Larissa who I love very much ♥ ohfuckthisshit

Heres to the extra special people who brighten up my ask box/dash (mutuals bolded): 

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I love you all <3

I REACHED 10K OMG😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

“And then in 1998 I rejoined the Chili Peppers, after being to the hospital first for the detox. I was there for three months and watched movies. Then I was fit and joined the Chili Peppers again. Since then I’m happier than ever in my life. If there’s a problem in the band today, we talk about it openly, so that nobody’s mad at somebody else. We appreciate each other and would do anything to not ruin our relationship. That was different in former times. That’s the reason why it’s important today, that we get along well because we value each other not only as band mates but also as people.”

- John Frusciante, Deautschlandfunk Radio


You’re lovely Dave, giving all the candies omg <3

hi guys!! i was supposed to make a follow forever when i hit my first 1000, but i procrastinated lmao oops but i’ve recently gained more than 2.5k followers and i just??? i’m so grateful for all of you that follow me, you mean the absolute world to me and i hope for your happiness and health <33

in no particular order (except from who i followed recently to who i first followed)

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