A Few (Not So)Friendly Reminders:

-Hunk is super smart!!! Remember in episode one when he recognized the frequencies Pidge picked up on where a Fraunhofer Line, figured out it was not one that could be from earth, then built a device to pinpoint a material never before found on earth with things from Keith’s shack in less than a day? Because I do.

-Lance is not an asshole, and he doesn’t harass people when he flirts with them! He’s cocky, but he’s also empathetic and thoughtful. Stop calling his relationships with other characters abusive/harassment. Seriously, it isn’t cute.

-Keith isn’t a perfects sunshine child(I love him but he’s not.) I mean, one of the first things he does is call Lance nonessential weight(even jokingly), plus he tries to fight a tiny peanut alien, disobeys orders multiple times and puts the team in danger, tries to leave Allura behind after she’s captured, etc.

-Pidge is a 14 year old girl. This does not limit her to being cis.

-Shiro is disabled and has PTSD. There’s no reason for you to draw him/write him without his disabilities unless it’s supposed to be set before/during the Kerberos Mission, and his disabilities shouldn’t be erased in AU’s either.

-Allura is not racist for not trusting the Galra!! The Galra committed mass genocides to galaxies and killed her entire species in what seems to her like a month ago, of course she’s going to be wary of them!! She doesn’t need to apologize for that.

This is for all of you. Everyone. But in particular, this is for Muslim girls.

I try, in my imperfect way, to be inclusive in my comic. To reflect that medicine is for everyone. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.  What strikes me is that, without a doubt, most of the messages thanking me for trying, and telling me that my silly little comic means so much to them, because there are so few representations of women like them comes from a particlar subset of people. Muslim girls in medicine.

And whilst I love every one of their messages, it makes me so sad. Because some of my dearest friends, some of the smartest, kindest, most amazing people I know, still see little positive representation of themselves.

The same is true for many other groups, and it has to change, even if we can only do a little as individuals.

This one’s been in my head for a little while. It’s not a proper comic, but somehow I always envisioned it this way. The world feels like a scarier place than before, particularly for some of our friends out there. I feel like we could all use a positive message or two, every once in a while.


This post is for all the new doms and subs who joined the dd/lg community. Hello and welcome! I’m Princess Kitten and I want to give you some tips for finding the perfect spouse for you.

-Consent: You must get eachothers consent to do anything, even talk. Never talk to little who has a daddy. And never talk to a daddy who has a little. They already have their spouse and have a bond that cannot be broken. If you’re looking for a friend, ask to be introduced before anything.

-Doms: Always talk and love your little! They need all your attention!!!! If you dont give them attention, they become sad or neglected and feel like they’re worth nothing. Always tell your little the truth and everything about your day. We love listening to your voice. Pleaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee be kind to your little. They’re little of course. They dont act big for a reason. If you force them to act big they’ll get scared and wont go to you. Never force a little to do something they dont want to do.

-Littles: Its alright to be needy. Its alright to be worried. Go into your little space as often as you can. Its important to balance your big and little side. Make sure you love your dom as much as they love you. Always listen and follow directions. Dont be bratty and dont break rules! Your dom will punish you very badly. Also tell your dom what you are doing and how your day went. Always be honest. You dont want an angry dom.

A dd/lg is just like a normal relationship EXCEPT its stronger. Most people will not understand and thats perfectly fine. Dont be afriad of it. Embrace it! If you have any more questions, message me or send it through my asks. You may never know if someone is in the same situation as you and may need the same help. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful night!

This is my random thoughts of the first part of “Requiem”. (Because Karai was there and last part was too hard for me to talk now.) You know I’m Karai, Leorai fan. I wanted to talk about them in that part. (And I’m not native speaker, sorry for my odd English)

So finally Stockman finished making perfect mutagen and Shredder took in that.

The new mutagen made Shredder emotionless so that he could kill even Karai.I don’t want to say that, but he loved Karai in his way, and he decided to cut it for good to defeat Splinter… Now he became a heartless killer machine.

While it was happening, Splinter told Leo that “heart” was important for the leader. It was an interesting comparison.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Headcanon

Requested by @rex-ol-boy

Obi-Wan Kenobi Headcanons (3,5,6,7,17)

3: Sleeping Headcanon

Obi-Wan sleeps on his back, never on his sides or stomach. Sometimes you think he’s dead but that’s just how he sleeps. When you sleep with him, he’ll hold your hand and rest his head on your shoulder.

5: Bathing/ Showering Headcanon

Obi-Wan takes FOREVER to bathe or shower. I guess with hair that perfect, he has to take his time! 

6: Hugging Headcanon

Obi-Wan loves to hug from behind. He feels more protective that way.

7: Kissing Headcanon

Obi-Wan is so soft and gentle with his kisses. He’ll cup their jaw and gently kiss them. But keep in mind, he is a gentleman. He won’t force it or make it sloppy.

17: Soft Spot Headcanon

Obi-Wan has a soft spot for anything really. But his greatest soft spot are kids. He thinks they are just so fragile and precious.

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Can you recommend some blogs similar to yours? I really really love the anime aesthetic you have! The bits of hunter x hunter are great too❤️ Anything like your blog would be perfect!

Thank you so much, I’m so flattered!

here’s a list of people I follow who post a variety! None of them match my aesthetic perfectly of course, but none of them will clog up your dash & they make my tumblr experience pleasant.



Some are mostly retro anime, some are more general aesthetic pictures, but you can take a look & see what suits you. I think a few of them post hxh.

thanks again!


to my lovely followers! would any of y’all be interested in buying holtzmann’s battle glasses? she wears them in the fight scene and a few others. they look lighter IRL because the movie colouring makes them look black, but the pictures here are from the ghostbusters auction so they really are more grey-brown then you think. they’re a perfect prop replica!

ANYWAY I bought them for myself in the wrong size, and the site I got them off won’t refund me for shipping (which sucks) so I was wondering if any of you would be willing to buy them off me? I live in australia so if you also live here I will save on shipping, but if you are international I’ll have to charge extra :/

I actually spent $80 AUD and I know it’s a lot but keep in mind that the auction ones sold for $600! and these are pretty rare (there are some on ebay but every time I’ve ordered those, they get lost in the mail and I don’t trust them)

We can negotiate though!!! + PayPal is preferred.

hmu for more details!

If Nuala and Cerridwen worked for me I would have them change my bedding every day, I love clean sheet day!

I don’t think I would want them dressing me (I think they help Feyre to bathe at some point when she is really tired or muddy or something too, which I would not let happen), but having perfect hair every day… Yaas!

I would also do all the cooking and baking, but none of the tidying up and own more delicate hand wash only clothes because it wouldn’t be me cleaning it all. :)

What luxuries would you have if Nuala and Cerridwen worked for you?

Now she’s alone, is she about to find Adam waiting for her?

Uh. I was sure it was going to be Adam.

Oooh. I didn’t make the connection between Blake receiving those bullets and she being able to use them with her semblance!

This is really cool, I love it when the series can explore the possibilities of their powers.

I’d bet this fight was the reason why we got Blake explaining her semblance a little last episode.

And this is the perfect moment for someone to appear.

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Omg, I'm so in love with your shots on the balcony (actually your story in general)! *__* Everything's perfect. From the dialog to the lightning to the perspectives, the setting. The whole atmosphere is just amazing! It's like a really good movie (scene) or like I would stand right beside them. You can convey their feelings, the whole situation so well! Thumbs up, you do an amazing job! :D Have a nice evening/night! <3

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I have two adopted green-cheek conures. A few years ago, my (now) husband and I were looking for a pair of birds, and were put in touch with their then owners. We were one of three couples interested, so the owners were going to leave it up to the birds: whoever they liked best got to adopt them (after a home check). Well, Tristana and Orianna absolutely loved us from minute one. When I held Ori, she refused to go to anyone else afterward. And Trist adores my husband. So now they're our babies!

OMG YES I’M HAPPY!!! I FUCKING LOVE CONURES. and obvs you have the magic birb touch and the perfect love for your babies, that’s why they chose you!!!

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I feel like my recent posts are all negative about sso recently. So to make up for that and remind us all why we still love the game, here’s 10 things I love about SSO.

1. The horses! As a horse lover the well animated horses catch my eye and make me want them all.

2. The plot line. I could on all day about the main story. It’s such a perfect blend of fantasy and reality that it makes magic look almost realistic. The plot emphasizes the importance of the bond between horse and rider, the most cherished thing an equestrian has making it seem even better. It isn’t just a moral lesson for kids like a lot of games towards the age group targeted by sso are, it’s a deep detailed plot that can get quite dark.

3. All of you guys. I wouldn’t have met any of you without this game, and I love each and every one of you. I thank sso for bringing us together as friends and as a community.

4. The NPCs. Sso has a lot of unique characters. The soul riders each have a unique personality that sso plans to show even further when they update their appearances. Each character has their own quirks, and while they still don’t move around or get any of their own stuff done we still end up loving a good amount of them.

5. Sso took a gaming stereotype and bashed it in the head. Gaming is generally looked at as something guys mainly do and tons of games reflect that only letting you play as a male protagonist. Sso flipped that around and says you have to play as a girl. That’s why I get mad when guys are like “sso needs to add guys cause we play it too”. Girls have played so many games as guys because there was no female character. Even the first Pokemon games were like this! Putting the guys in our shoes might help them realize what’s wrong with a good amount of games or at least accept games with only female characters as well. Kudos to all the male players out there who are perfectly fine playing as a girl and play sso anyway, you are awesome people. You guys can accept a good game as a good game no matter what gender the character is. To sum this one up (it’s a bit long oops) I actually like the statement it makes having to only play as a girl.

6. Races. They didn’t just go and follow every other horse game out there with either racing on a track or following a certain discipline. They allow us to race cross country, giving equestrians something decently realistic (real XC is timed after all) and people who just like racing something fast paced. It’s also something to do when there’s no quests. Plus the way leveling and stats works is really fair in my opinion.

7. Their social media presence. As annoying as some parts of this can be, it’s nice to see them out there with their players hosting contests, leaving sneak peeks and other things. A good game is usually involved with their players.

8. Humor. Sso tends to make jokes and make their videos funny. It makes everything a bit more engaging.

9. Redeem codes. A lot of games don’t give away anything for free at all. Yet sso gives away star coins and star rider time quite a bit. It’s just downright nice of them, and it shows they think of the ones who can’t afford to buy star rider. I have a friend who is like level 13 now from just free codes. (I might actually get her lifetime for her birthday in summer if I can afford it).

10. Lifetime. Almost every game is a paid subscription. I’m old enough where I have to buy games myself unless they are gifts, but I don’t have a credit card. So I can’t buy myself subscriptions unless I want my mom telling me I owe her every *insert time period here*. Lifetime allowed me to actually buy it for myself and not have to worry about it running out. Plus they even have a little free stuff shop and some codes just for lifetimes. I saw online someone calculated lifetime was completely worth it if you plan on playing more then 9 months (I think that was the number). I’ve been on it for almost two years, so I got my money’s worth.

To anyone else kinda annoyed at sso lately, I challenge you to do this. If a lot of stuff you’ve said about them recently is negative, give this a shot!

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Ok I absolutely love the way you draw the relationships between all the characters because it seems incredibly real and honest and it makes me super emotional? To see that things aren't always perfect but they work out and they keep going and ahhhhh you portray things in ways I can't describe. (Also I liVE FOR YOONKOOK so I'm so glad you drew that one comic where Kook was an awkward bean and indirectly called Yoongi hot 10/10 would read 10000 times over.) Love you. Love your art. Stay awesome <3

AhhHHHhhH thank you so much!!! This means a lot. I really try to give all of them different types of dynamics with each other with a different conflict each time, even if it’s silly. I try to be honest with my dialogue too so I’m glad it shows! And agsjskakaja I too love yoonkook dude

Confession: A great quality that Arashi’s members have is that you can understand their personality through their smile :) They put their heart in everything they do and that’s amazing!!!!! I would really LOVE to know them and, if possible, marry Sho! That would be perfect!!!!! But seriously, I love their personalities! They’re amazing <3

You know what never lives up to expectations? Having the opportunity to potentially have a relationship with someone you’ve admired or respected for years..people just can’t live up to them. It’s not realistic. Everyone has baggage. He wasn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. I thought I wanted all these things we had discussed but really all we want is to be loved and sometimes we cling to the wrong person. Someone who can’t give..it’s just fantasy.

The End.