i remember i made a post that said if you’re a toxic person, keep to yourself, focus on you, and don’t enter into a relationship until you’re ready and you’ve dealt with what makes you toxic to other people

and i got so many messages of people up in arms. saying “how could you say that?” and “everyone deserves love!” and “you don’t have to be perfect to deserve love!”

and all i could think is that they completely missed the point. because no one was even talking about who does and doesn’t deserve love

but you know what someone doesn’t deserve? no one deserves to open their heart to a person who is so toxic that it will destroy their lives. that’s what no one deserves. i don’t believe in this entitlement to relationships. 

i feel like when a person opens themselves up to me, and allows me to love them while also loving me, is a privilege. it is an honor to love and be loved. if you can’t be in a healthy relationship, then don’t be in a relationship. don’t make someone else suffer because you haven’t taken the time to deal with your demons.

 if you have issues with anger, jealousy, inadequacy, abusive tendencies, etc. deal with that. focus on you. take time to sort yourself out. don’t drag a person into your toxicity because you’re afraid to be alone, disregarding how you’re ruining someones life.

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all my life, I've always been insecure about my physical imperfections, such as my gapped teeth or my crooked nose. But over the years, Laika has taught me that no one is perfect and we should love ourselves not DEPSPITE our imperfections, but BECAUSE of them. I love how the creators go out of their way to make everything look slightly crooked, and I love the character designs. They're a bit wonky, but that's what makes them cute. I've always felt like more of a Laika kid than a Disney princess

What an amazing ask! This is such a great lesson to be learned <3 I’m so thankful for Laika :)

 Thank you so much for sharing!

a series of sames

When we had no bed,
we went to Ikea and
bought pillows, blankets,
slept on top of them.
In a pile, just two wrecks,
your nails on my chest,
beauty they can’t have;
beauty in the attempt.
Cut and dye my hair
gray like perfect weather,
short like noon wake-ups,
black like the parts of us
other lovers wanted
so badly to adjust.
When we had no car
and streetlights painted you
at night on the bus-
film through a projector,
love that I could touch.
A series of “same’s”
and, “I understand how
you could feel that way.”
Grass in the park is long.
Lets talk for hours.
The slow death of today.

Why are people so disgusting?

Yes, there are character I’m not fond of. Who doesn’t have a character they dont agree with? But to go out of your way to send hate to some one because they play a character that isnt “perfect”?  Disgusting.

To harass any one just because you don’t like them is cruel and unnecessary. Think before you type people. And again, if you think that sending any form of hate is ok, UNFOLLOW ME NOW!

vvorlock replied to your post “Michele/Moroso, frozen lake late at night, “your italian is terrible”

im dying i dont know them but i love them

Basically this dude here

Michele Crispino, from the anime (that isn’t out yet lol) Yuri on Ice. @grunklecakes and I have kind of latched onto him because he’s
。゚ * .*・Italian☆゚.*・。゚ and his surname is a perfect joke for

this wine.

So we’ve just decided his entire personality and background from that one promotional image and his stupid surname and because foreigners never do Italian representation right (we’re always cooks or mobsters and it’s a mess). We’ve latched onto him. He is our son.

And we’ve given him an OC boyfriend (“il moroso”) called Scott Tremblay who is a Canadian ice hockey player. They met at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and Scott is a doofus.

So the two dudes in this are them.

(Btw, @grunklecakes is he lombardo or something else? Because he’s definitely northern.)

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please tell us about your love for kuroo

OHOHOHOHO IM GLAD U ASKED. R u ready tho?!?!?? Because Kuroo is most definitely the love of my life. I would die for him ngl.
The epitome of the perfect being. A king, a God??? Idk but he’s most definitely the dorkiest.

His personality is so ahdehuhdbehskks u know? He’s such a caring savage. He cares so much it hurts my heart. He is definitely always that kind. Always looking out for others and helping them improve. Kuroo is the kid that listens to u when ur talking while others are trying to talk over u or just aren’t even listening.

Have u taken a look at him? That face is The ∞/10!!! His hair is a mess and I adore it so much. I relate to his hair on a personal level lmao. HAVE U SEEN THOSE SMIRKS THO LIKE DAYUM BOI CHILL TF OUT.

He’s also intelligent AF. Pls talk smarty to me @ Kuroo. Roast me using scientific language @ Kuroo.

Wtf this kid is smart, good looking, and has a great personality? Sign me the fuck up brooo!!!!! The complete package 💖💖💖

LMAOOOO u asked for this my good friend. This is so disorganized and I basically just wrote whatever came to mind 1st 😜

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Mark loves the fall, especially in the Midwest, because of all the gorgeous colors. He also loves any chance to wear his comfy sweaters. This year he’s super excited because he made so many gains this summer and his muscles will look even better in a sweater that hugs his muscles just right.

He uses the fall to perfect his heartier recipes, like goulash, potato soup, beef stew, and stroganoff. You’re perfectly happy sampling them all for him until he gets them just right, and when he’s satisfied with the recipe, you love snuggling up on the couch with a bowl-full of the meals.

You’re more of a baker than he is, so you use him as a guinea pig to test your pecan cinnamon rolls, pumpkin cheesecake, toffee chocolate chip cookies, and s’mores pie. He begs you to stop making such decadent sweets, as it’s ruining his beautiful physique, but you continue to bake anyway. And he continues to eat them anyway.

He’s always down for watching classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He’ll even humor you and watch Practical Magic once or twice. He loves how you tuck your leggings into your long fuzzy socks and even lets you wear his favorite flannels. He smiles at how long the sleeves are on you, how baggy the shirts are on you. He’ll pull you right up next to him on the couch, covering the two of you with an oversized fuzzy blanket, rubbing your sides while you watch the movies.

The two of you host a bonfire for your friends on a Friday evening, having a spiked coffee bar, hot dogs to grill, and a s’mores station. You love how authentic it feels, with big Adirondack chairs and wool blankets for your guests to cuddle up in, mugs of steamy coffee warming their palms while you all laugh and recount memories from the summer. Mark wraps his arms around your shoulders from behind, kissing your cheek and whispering how much he loves you. The coldness of his nose presses against your cheek and you bury your face into your scarf, smiling at the way his feathery hair brushes up against your ear.

He’ll suggest you go on walks in your neighborhood to see all of the beautiful autumn colors, your combat boots, chunky cable-knit sweaters, and beanies making you look like the stereotypical hipster couple as you sip on travel mugs of spiced cider as you stroll down the sidewalks, leaves crunching beneath your feet.

On Sunday mornings, the two of you stay in bed for longer than you should, drifting in and out of sleep while the sun lazily rises through the red, orange, and yellow trees in your yard. Your bed is too warm to make you want to go anywhere else, so you scooch further beneath the down comforter with the plaid duvet cover, falling into the curve of Mark’s torso. When he suggests that the two of you should do something productive that day, you whine and grab onto him so he doesn’t move.

The two solid months of fall are your favorite in the year, and Mark makes them all the better.

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Do you think Emma would ever leave Storybrooke and her family? I wonder if this new season we'll see her getting overwhelmed with her responsibilities to her family, as the sheriff, as the Savior and to Hook and just leaving them because she's had enough

You mean the orphan who never had a family and spent the entire show accepting them all into her life, the family who just went to hell and back to try and help her save her true love, the family who means more to her than anything because of her upbringing of growing up without them?

No, LOL. I don’t think she’d do that. She’d make Killian take her out on the Jolly for a few days to get away before she did that. I think the only reason she would leave would be to help them, or for some other reason that makes perfect sense for what’s happening in the story.

I’ve finally decided that it’s time for my first follow forever!  More than 300 followers in two weeks? I’m shocked! You guys are amazing and just bloody brilliant! I can’t express how much happiness I’m felling and all of this just blows my mind away.  I love you all very much. Let’s get down to the list, shall we?

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In this small section here the following people are my everything. Without them I probably wouldn’t even be here. They are the ones that manage to put a smile on my face even if I have a shitty day. Their writing inspires me. They’re absolutely perfect beings! I highly suggest you to go follow them if you haven’t already.

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Here are the people I haven’t got a chance to interact a lot, but they are simply wonderful people who are also very, very talented. I’m so happy I have a chance to write with them and hope to never lose them. 

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You guys lighten up my dash and I secretly love you all.  If we’re not friends, we should be. Otherwise I feel like a darn stalker drooling all over your blogs. Basically, everyone here is the people I adore. Some I rp with, some I don’t but wish to. 

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In the end, I can’t have mentioned everybody on my list.  Pretty sure my blogroll consists of so many more dazzling individuals. Please don’t think that I think less of you at any moment. I love every single one of you. You all are very special for me. Remember that.  ❤

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Hey, friend. you also think they (SLAXL) are 'in love' I totally think and I'm excited about it. lucky for love.

Hey! :) Well, not exactly. I think they really loved and hated each other. I think they are the greatest duo in rock n roll and their musical chemistry is undeniable but I never thought of them as “lovers”. (Slash and Duff are the lovers of GN’R lol) Slash once described them as “fishing buddies” and it’s kinda true I think. Manny Charlton said “An important band is always greater than the sum of their parts.” It’s exactly the case with Guns N’ Roses and I think it also applies to Slaxl. They bring out the best of each other. They’re the perfect example of the attraction of the opposites. They’re so different that they complete each other. It’s just so amazing to see that they brought their friendship back together and to see them hugging and smiling. I’m excited to see what comes next for them.

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What do you think of Stiles and Lydia?

Season 1 I thought he was amazing and she was annoying (and kind of blind, why would you NOT want Stiles to be into you? He’s perfection). Then seasons 2-4  they didn’t have a lot of interaction so I didn’t think about them much, to be honest. Then Season 5 happened and I don’t think I have ever “shipped” a couple harder in my life, haha!

What I love about Stydia is how on a show that revolves around being outlandish, supernatural and over the top, the writers were able to have this incredibly realistic relationship development between two characters. A development that occured over the entire course of the show. He transforms from this kid who has an obsessive crush on this unreachable girl, to like, totally being her soulmate. It wasn’t big, loud or obvious, it just subtly and quietly progressed over time, all the way up until he saves her life in Season 5. That’s the moment where everything completely clicks into focus, and as a viewer you are just like “Whoa, they are each others tether, they are literally everything”. And then you go back and you think of all these moments they have had throughout the show and realize that they’ve totally been saving each other since the beginning, it all just flew so low under the radar, you hardly even noticed, and now you wonder how you could have ever missed it to begin with. 

Stiles as a character (and Dylan O’Brien as an actor) in general is the best thing to come out of that show. I think what they do to his storylines are always the most enticing/well written/complex. He’s the comic relief while also being the realistic anchor of the show and thats pretty damn crafty, if you ask me. 

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6, 12, 15, 16, 25 for Jefferson?


Originally posted by bryonym96

6. What is their favourite feature of their partner’s? 

Jefferson’s favourite part of you are your eyes. They’re an almost magical colour, the same blue as the sky on a perfect day. If he stares into them long enough, he can swear that he starts to see other colours emerging from the pools, flecks of gold and green and even pink. He compares your eyes to the sunset, an ever changing canvas of colours. 

12. Who initiates kisses? 

You do. Jefferson is a cautious man, and he’s still not used to the degree of normality that the pair of you now have. You often end up being the one who leans across the couch during a movie to initiate an intense make-out session, or who will kiss him on the cheek when you wander into a room that he’s also occupying. Only when sex is on the cards does he push himself to be the one initating. 

15. Who wakes up first?

Jefferson. He’s a light sleeper and is usually up just after dawn most days. He enjoys the quiet of the early morning, and often spends most of it in his workshop, designing something new, or out in the garden, watching the sunrise with some coffee and a book. Now he’s not constantly on his guard, he feels the need to let moments sink in, to really feel time passing. 

16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little bit longer? 

You. Despite having a small child with Jefferson to look after, mornings are not your best suit. You get grumpy and dozy whenever someone asks you to be coherent before 10am, a feat that Jefferson finds adorable. Dozy you makes him happy. Sometimes he caves and lets you take the morning slowly before you get up and start to work, or he’ll be mean and take the covers away so you have to get up, regardless. 

25. Who needs more assurance? 

Jefferson. After everything he’s been through and the desperation he now has to maintain a hold on you and Grace after the re-awakening, you constantly find yourself having to reassure him. Of how much you love him, of how stable your lives are now, how safe he is with you. Often, when he gets particularly worked up, you press tiny kisses the arc of the scar around his throat, running your fingers through his hair to try and calm him. 

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how would the OW men react when finding out the man they crush on/love is trans? i know there are many overwatch guys so if the prompt is tiring itd be lovely if you could do gabi, jack and hanzo. i didnt see anything with trans imagines and itd be real cool if we had some unless this makes u uncomf ofc

I can do that for you!  ٩(^‿^)

Gabriel: Gabriel would not care at the fact that the person they love is trans. When he falls in love, he falls hard. He finds everything about them perfect and sees the beauty through their personality. That is not to say he doesn’t love them for who they are on the outside. If this man is in love with someone, that is all that matters to him regardless of ones sexuality. Love is love.

Jack: For this old man it would take him a couple minutes to process the information. He doesn’t have a problem about his crush being trans, but his mind is confused because he never expected to meet someone trans and doesn’t fully understand it. Once he is enlightened on such topic he just loves them for who they are. It never changed the fact that he had feelings for them.

Hanzo: Hanzo would take the longest to realize that his crush for months is trans. Kinda like Jack he isn’t bothered by it but is confused. He would prefer to be by himself and think things through. Eventually his brother Genji shares some light on the topic and after much conversing, Hanzo looks for his crush and will pull them into a tight hug and tell them that he loves everything about them.

(I sincerely hope I did justice for this!) 

~Mod Rose

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If I were dating you .. I'd make sure you got all the attention you wanted. I'd make sure you always knew that you're a priority of mine. You would know just how special you are to me. You'd be getting cute love letters and notes just so you know I really do care. You would know that someone loves you a shit ton and wants to be with you like you want to be with them. I would make sure you know that nothing is one sided and most of all you'd get all the kisses and cuddles.

This is why you’re perfect

Here are some kickass fanfic writers that I love! I want to draw fanart for them, but in case I don’t find the time, heres some sincere flattery

@bonusparts who writes the most amazing Borderlands fanfics, they have made me laugh and cry uncountable times. her diverse cast of OCs are so distinct and smart and funny, they’re the standard by which I judge my own characters

@cayleedactyl, has been working on their Xiaolin Showdown fanfic for 10+ years, and the hard work pays off. This draft has all the heart and polished as well. Her vision of Chase, Guan and Dashi’s era is so perfect I cant separate it from canon. (start with Age of Dawn!)

@leendenfoxx is the amazing writer of a fuckton of Zootopia stories (I recommend Patient: Gideon Gray!) and other fandoms too, his work has top notch imagery and the best action scenes Ive ever read, ahnds down

@quillypen writes kick-ass zootopia fics also, his writing is so quick witted, the dialogue and character voices perfect, perfect, the banter always makes me grin. He is just incredibly talented!

I tried going through my AO3 account and trying to choose my favorite fan fics to leave comments on for Fan Fic Writer Appreciation Day. It was daunting. So you’ll have to settle for a shoutout.

Thank you to the beautiful minds that are:

@aicosu, because I’m Varric she has a knack for taking a well known story and turning it into something even more intricate and amazing. I love her introspective for Kylo, and I love that the both of them have turned Hux into this amazing collaborative expression piece. But mostly I’m convinced her Rey pieces are simply an autobiography from an alternate dimension. I personally adore Premiere Passes for it’s meta shenanigans, but you really want to read Message Sent.

@kyeshgall​, because she’s perfect. She says she’s not perfect, but don’t believe her. I couldn’t pick a favorite fic, (because most of them are buried away in secret places), but her Varric/Hawke fics make me want to be a better writer. She has a way with scenes that makes me breathless.

@rhiannon42​, because her Shoker fics on Livejournal made me squee. I waited for updates and snippets and ficlets on baited breath and – damn, I am a fangirl. I loved Alex Shepard, and have stayed for Elena. Resurrection broke me.

@shadesofmauve, because Shoker. Because Rhi is a very complicated character with very human needs. Yeah, yeah, it’s the robot apocalypse, but is there any food in the mess? And roombas.  A Star to Steer Her By will always remind me that you do not have to write original fic to be a famous author.

There’s also @piratereject and Elly, who feed the Kylux frenzy and supply the world with butts. There’s @carrkicksdoor, who is the only person in the universe to fic my beloved Talon Karrde. And there’s my Rogue Squadron heroes: LaneWinree, obiwanken5, ami_ven, and @andspiders.

There’s also a great deal of manly-tears reserved for my Yulegoats: HealybluelittleheartSharpiefanAnotherRoadJustice_Turtle (Curuchamion)hollow_echos, jennifer (pandorablu), and  minor_ramblings for getting me addicted.

Oh, and @ir-anuk because Destiny is a bizarre and lonely fandom.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone. I’m sorry. I didn’t actually forget you. I still love you. My brain’s just a bit scrambled – I clearly need more fic.

Here’s to good health, and long live your fandom.

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May I request 2p yandere prussia headcannons?

1. He stalks, but not in a possessive way. It’s more of a “longing for when we can finally be together” stalking.

2. He uses everything possible to find out things that they love or hate.

3. He sets up their room way before he kidnaps them so he knows it’s perfect for them and their personality.

4. He wants them to be with him by their choice, but after awhile he will end up taking them.

5. He won’t be able to deal with it if they try to run away. He’d lose his mind for a small amount of time and not remember anything that happened involving that incident when he was back in control.