Finallllllllllllllllllly my friends..it’s the time for my beautiful killerFrost ..it took me an hour to watch the episode because i kept pausing every time she appears on screen because god i love her so much ..damn the feels i can’t even write how i feel right now..okay let’s start from the beginning :

- Team Flash always on point ..i will never get tired of seeing them making jokes and everything..and my Caitlin looked so beautiful today ..like always

- Barry and Caitlin’s hug ..awwwwwwwwwww ~ i will never get tired of seeing  him smiling before he hugs her and warps his arms around her ..why he kept staring at her even after the hug..i mean just ..get together already

- okay so Caitlin is  like “ you guys stop saying things like you’re not coming back because you will “ she wants them to come back so badly ..in next episode she will probably be waiting by the breach without  knowing that her doppelganger from earth-2 is the reason why those kids  are coming back home..she is waiting for them on earth-1 while the Caitlin from earth-2  is helping them..Damn it i love her so much..i mean when they mentioned that in episode 14 they must find Zoom and they will ask unexpected person to help them i knew that it would  be killerfrost ..especially after Zoom killed her Ronnie she has no reason to be afraid of him anymore ..gaaaaaaaaaaahd i’m so excited

- when Cisco and  Barry arrived to earth-2 you can see that they were acting like kids..Harry was like “stop doing this “ and their faces  when they saw Henry  was priceless

- Barry from earth-2  is adorable

- okay so Barry and Iris are married in earth-2..what does this suppose to mean ..writers ?!! but  Iris looked gorgeous ..a  little bit tough but pretty ..and Joe ..i love Joe west on  every universe..he  was  mean but yeah i still love him..and i knew that he is gonna die..

- awwwwwwwwwww ~ okay so Barry on earth-2 has everything that Barry wanted on his life..his mom and dad..also Iris ..but this Barry doesn’t have what our Barry has..his speed ..his friends in star labs..also his father and his west family ..so i hope at the end of the day Barry from  earth-1 will realize how lucky he is ..but god that scene when he  was calling his mom and crying ..i can’t …

- I adore every interaction between Harry and Cisco

- i  really didn’t care about Jay on earth-1 ..i just enjoyed watching my Caitlin being a smart and caring woman as always..and guys..Zoom didn’t stole his speed..something fishy in here ..!! why did he lie in the first place ?!!

- and NOW  to the best part ..Barry meeting killerFrost..i could talk about their scenes for the whole day ..i swear the chemistry was overflowing ..and i ship them so much ..damn it  i ship them my FlashFrost ..Ronnie is meant to be dead in every universe ..he and Caitlin will never be together EVER..!! coincidence ..NO !! the reason why killerfrost  will  help Cisco to find Barry ..the reason she has a change of heart was because Ronnie is dead ..so i see what the writers did there..anyway..have you seen his face..and when he told Iris not to show her gun ..i mean killerfrost suppose to be a villain how could she be  so adorable..this is not fair..anyway i knew that he would call  her name..i have been imagining this moment since forever he will call her name and because of that she will stop..damn it ..they did this to me ..i will never get tired of hearing him saying her name ..it’s just so beautiful

Barry: Caitlin!
Killer Frost: I haven’t heard that name in a long time.
Barry: But that is your name, isn’t it? Your real name? Please, I know you. Don’t do this.

have you seen the look on Joe and Iris’s faces..at that moment it seems like everyone disappeared but Barry and killerfrost ..she was connected to him for a moment She just had this look on her face when he called her Caitlin and when he said I know you ..

God I hate myself..how come these two have chemistry more than anyone on this show..writers let Grant and Dani be together already

- when she said “ If you knew me at all, you would know that I hate that name, Caitlin. I’m Killer Frost! “ i was thinking that something happened and that’s why she hates the name Caitlin ..i need to know what  happened to her !

- the fight scene between the three of them was HOT ..!! and until the moment he  was like “ i don’t want to hurt you “ yup ..because he can only see Caitlin

- Cisco meeting  his doppelganger ..that was a  total shock to me but damn it my Cisco is cool on every universe..it seems that killerfrost is so scared of Zoom..like he did something to her before that’s why she insisted on taking the flash to him..well, before Zoom came and kill  everyone..

okay  ..this episode was worth the wait ..i love KillerFrost and i’m sure that i’m gonna love her more in the next episode when she helps the gang to save Barry ..ohhhhhh  i’m so excited..now someone need to make a video about FlashFrost like right now..

do i have to mention that my Dani killed it as KillerFrost ..!! i swear she is the sweetest villain EVER..

~The beautiful Gifs are not mine ^^

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rewatching FOTR made me think of The Last Goodbye because so many snippets of melodies and lines from FOTR are in that song, and I just can’t handle all the emotions
I love all of the original songs from LOTR and The Hobbit and most of them make me cry, but the one I love the most (and also the one that makes me shed the most tears) is definitely The Last Goodbye, because it’s bidding goodbye to Middle-earth, while at the same time reminding me of all the reasons I fell in love with this in the first place
And then I find myself in a puddle of tears


@trovia thank you!!! I love them so much!!!
Guys guys look~ Trovia MADE these awesome mittens and a scarf for me I love them so much ereeeei -wears them all the time-

Especially the mittens I can wear them while I play on my phone or read books or fanfic on the iPad and my hands will still be warm yay!!!

Can't Erase Me (3/?)

so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for [insert family celebration] and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and– wait what? you’d do that for me? holy shit, i love you… wait–

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Catch up: Chapter 1 2 and ff net

Rated M (eventually)

Oh and it’s unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine!

Chapter 3

Emma’s phone buzzed, a notification popping from a Captain Hottie. Killian owned a sailboat on which they had their second date, and after she admitted that she found him hot, he’d forced her to change his contact name from Brit not-perp to Captain Hottie. Her name on his phone was saved as Lady Swan which he refused to change so Emma just eventually gave up.

She swiped on the notification immediately, smiling as they had fallen back into their texting habits again. Almost. For now, it was just essential things to do with their little drama at her parents anniversary, and not updating the other on some weird observations they made during their day and wanted to share, or just some sappy “I miss you” or heated “I want you so much” followed with a wink or if Emma felt bold with the eggplant emoji and the wink one.

She was greeted with a picture of two flasks with his text, How about this for Dave?

Sighing as they’d already had this conversation, she replied back, Killian how many times do I have to tell you I already bought the gifts!!!!

Aye, Swan but I must take something as well. They are willingly offering me accommodation for two weeks. ‘Tis only good form, love.

Yup, accommodation for two weeks – Emma’s old bedroom in their house. Just a dresser, a side table, and a bed. One queen sized bed. With him and her. Yup! Emma tried not to think about it too much yet; they’ll cross that bridge when it’s needed.

Well to be fair, she doesn’t know whether her parents would allow them to stay in the same room. On the very rare occasion when her parents visited her for her 28th birthday a few months ago, and Mary Margaret had commanded Emma in her mom-voice to make sure Killian is invited, David had made sure that by the end of the night, Killian was headed back to his own apartment and not following his daughter into her bedroom.

She still remembered the flush on her cheeks and his as her mother scolded her father, “For God’s sake David! Some of his stuff is in here, it’s not like they read the Bible fully clothed at night! They’re adults!”

Clearing her head and coming back to the present, she re-read his text and typed, The crystal wine glasses I bought for them are expensive as shit, don’t worry about it.

But you won’t let me pay for half of them, thus they are considered YOUR gift. I already bought a necklace for your mother (that’s not weird right?). I’m just asking whether the black or silver flask for Dave?

Emma let out a defeated grunt; once this man was set on something, he wouldn’t listen to anyone. He was a stubborn shit-head just like her.



She felt guilty. Not only had he agreed to play pretend with her, he was buying gifts for her family and had even refused to let Emma at least pay for his flight ticket as a show of gratitude. Moreover, she felt guilty because she doesn’t deserve this – doesn’t deserve his kindness and his help after she broke his heart. He should run away from her, tell her to fuck off and deal with her problems herself as she is no longer his to worry or care about.

Yet here he was.

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Jude pretty much made tough guy manly man zero squeak and squeal in that closet Just by going down on him briefly. Not so manly but oh so hot. We need more dominant Jude and submissive and needy zero.

Hey beautiful!

Aweee *blushes* that would be great! I just love that they crave each other so much.. Like they can’t breath without one another and they just give one another life :) Oh how I do adore them so.. I hope you have a great day and I love you!

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Kk, I know you said cats > people, which is true, but the real question is are cats > turtles??

Ughhhhhhhhh this is the most difficult question I’ve ever had to answer in my entire life!

It depends which kind of turtles we’re talking about. If you mean little unmutated turtles, then cats win. Even though they are adorable.

But if you mean the mutated kind, I think I love them a teeny tiny bit more than I love cats. And you guys know how much I love cats. So that’s a whole lot of love right there!

My turtle family > cats 

Don’t tell the cats. Please don’t tell the cats!

Tagged by @oikawaii to this amazing tag (it’s probably the best tag i’ve ever done) like all your tags are so interesting i love you

Rules: Pick 10 of your favourite guys in anime and put them into these categories.

1) The one you just wanna hug: Tsukishima Kei  


2) The one you hate (And love): Tamaki Suoh (THAT FUCKING NERD)

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3) The one you want to protect even though he’s stronger than you: Karma Akabane

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4) The one that makes you smile: Akise Aru 

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5) The one you adore (Senpai): how can i not say mikoshiba mikoto

6) The Cinnamon Roll: Akihito Kanbara

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7) The one who destroyed your feels: Slaine Troyard (POOR BABY)

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8) The one you’d take home with you: Rin Matsuoka (come on)

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9) The one you wouldn’t mind being protected by: Mikaela Hyakuya (i mean have you seen him protect people? that boy can protect yuu-chan people)

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10) The one you wanna be best friends/bros with: Sora

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ah, it was hard to choose but here it is!


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Since I'm in hospital and there is absolutely nothing to do.. I tell the admins of my fav blogs how much I love them.. You guys are great, I'm thankful for everything you write and want to let you know how happy your reactions and imagines make me!

Awww I hope everything is okay and that you’re well lovely ❤ Thank you for being so sweet and for sending this message, it really gives us motivation to keep posting x

- Admin E

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You guys are my favourite nordic 5 cosplayers! I love all your videos, and hope you have fun making them. o((*^▽^*))o (Sorry if bad english!)

Thank you so much!! We’re thrilled you like our Nordic 5 and we definitely have a blast being them!! -Finman

I feel like Pentatonix basically encompassed every facial expression I express on an average day in this one video:

Here we have the “Uhhhh”

Followed  by the “Dis Bitch”

The infamous “say wHAT”


The “It’s that big?!!1!?”

And last, but certainly not least, the group “im gonna rip out your vocal chords” rage face.

pastelrobottrash asked:

Just kind of curious, what do you guys think about an AU where some (or maybe all) akuma victims have retained their powers to some degree even after being purified? Am I the only one who thinks an AU like that would be pretty awesome? By the way, I really love this blog and all the stuff you guys post. Keep up the good work!~

Aw, that’s so sweet of you to say! At the moment, it’s only me who’s running this blog. And yes. Totally. I saw a post like this a while ago (I can’t find it) and it was really cute and I really want to do my own take on it and stuff.

Honestly, I think that how much power remains in them is relative to how long they were akumatized. Stormy Weather wasn’t akumatized that long - maybe fifteen-twenty minutes, whereas Robocop and the Evillustrator were akumatized for several hours.

Okay I’m only going to do a few, if that’s oka.y

  • Stormy Weather - She is more in tune with the weather. She can tell when the weather is about to change and can accurately predict what is coming. She feels more at home in the cold.
  • Copycat - Imitating people is easy for him. He can do voices and expressions so well that it’s actually kind of scary.
  • Time Breaker - after being akumatized, Alix’s already astounding reflexes got even better. Time seems to slow down around her when she wants it to, and the seconds tick by even more slowly for her than for the average person. You know how they say that time flies when you’re having fun? That doesn’t really apply to Alix anymore. She can savor every moment that she chooses, and she can let time speed right by her if she wants it to.
  • Mr. Pigeon - Xavier Ramier was able to communicate with his pigeons pretty well before, but now he can practically tell what they are thinking. He can understand his pigeon pals perfectly.
  • Pharaoh - Nothing really changed for him. He was already immersed in the history of Egypt, so when he started to understand hieroglyphs as well as he could read French, he honestly didn’t notice until he happened to look at an “untranslatable scroll” and told his father what it said.
  • Robocop - He becomes, I don’t know, more commanding I guess. People end up doing what he tells them to do, regardless of whether they want to or not. Generally they want to, because he radiates a type of energy that just makes people want to listen to him. But he never takes advantage of that.
  • Evillustrator - He gets a better understanding of how 3D models work. His drawing skills rapidly improve and it’s easier for him to visualize images in his head and replicate them on paper