i love kl//ance so much but the shippers are starting to become Those Shippers that refuse to acknowledge or differentiate fanon vs canon dynamics in their relationship, and are starting to majorly mischaracterize them for the sake of shipping them with a “better” dynamic, and are putting down other ships to make kl//ance look better

please if you notice yourself doing any of these things take a dang step back and breathe don’t make kl//ance That Ship that ruins shipping for people within the fandom please please don’t

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Have you seen that one episode of liv & maddie idk what it's called but I think it's season 3 anyway it's where Andy dismisses the "girl code" for liv to date Holden, her ex, she pretty much says girl code is bs and she wants liv to be happy & if dating Holden makes her happy then she can go right ahead. If Lucaya ever become official do you think they'd handle the situation the same way? I would love it if they did tbh.

Have I? I love that episode! The way they deal with that situation is one of the reasons I love Liv and Maddie so much, especially when it comes to how they handle relationships. Liv did the right thing to begin with, she met and liked Holden first, but when he asked Andi on a date instead, Liv gave up a guy she had real feelings for, no questions asked. She legit suffered for awhile watching them together. And even after Holden broke up with Andi and wanted to be with Liv, she STILL turned him down and did the right thing. It wasn’t until a lot of time had passed that she began entertaining the idea. She never would have done it with Andi’s blessing. Which Andi obviously gave, because both girls handled things in the most mature way possible. Story arcs like that make me stop and say “See, Disney shows CAN have realistic relationships (at least to some degree), while still teaching good lessons about life.” 

I would love to see GMW take something on in that way, put parts of me doubt it, just because we don’t see those characters being very straightforward with each other when it comes to feelings. But, Riley and Maya are so selfless when it comes to the well being of the other, and we already saw  Riley try to do that in Texas. She just wasn’t ready back then, because she was lying to herself about how she felt. If she ever really, TRULY got over Lucas, she definitely has the good heart to want to see her friends happy. That’s just who Riley Matthews is. 


So, I just surpassed 200 followers on this blog and while I’m mostly like, “Lol, why all I do is shitpost and take forever to reply to drafts you guys are all so much better.” But! Thank you guys so much! I’ve really enjoyed this past month here and I just love this roleplaying community to bits!

So, uh.

Time for me to awkwardly do a follow forever under the cut! Let’s go! (Assume that if one of your blogs was mentioned then your sideblogs/alts if I know of them were too)

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Just to let you guys know, I don’t really appreciate it when people tell me stuff like “I like your chibi style more than your other style” or how they’re disappointed that I don’t seem to draw them as much anymore. I’m not quite sure how to put it into words because I’m just that awful at articulating thoughts, but it comes off to me like people don’t realize that there’s more to me than just that, if that makes any sense? I honestly don’t think I have to justify myself for being interested in other things or trying out new art styles, because as an artist in a world that’s always changing, that stuff is inevitable. I’m constantly learning new things and developing my art style as I discover myself. And it’s no one’s business if I decide to draw a certain way that’s different than what I’ve been doing before. I love to experiment and I love seeing how my art grows, so if anyone tries to hold me back from that, then I’m just not going to care and take it as a grain of salt, because when it comes to my artwork, how I feel about myself and my art is what matters to me the most.

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Hey Rick. You may have seen me as the occasional Like or the guy who seems to appear around Everfree Tree. Indeed, I wouldn’t have known half as much about you if it wasn’t for Tree.

Though it is on my own behalf that I follow your work, Rick.I love the expressions, the fun and silly ideas that you come up with and put to paper, and yes, I do so love the big fluffy ears. Disliking them would mean, for me, disliking fun.

I’ve taken to heart the past few posts that you’ve made concerning appreciation. Though I have made sure to express my appreciation to other artists in the past, I haven’t been as faithful in doing so as of late. And I have had this mental note for the past few months to come up with some sort of well thought out and well written message to send your way, but I just never go down and do a rough draft of it.

But when will I learn? It’s best to write these things spontaneously. If anything is missed, well, there’s always another letter. Better to have done so than to have left it by the wayside.

You’ve done so well in bringing a smile to my face whenever I see anything from you. I chuckled softly when Flutters and Pinkie realized their public nudity, and the plain innocence of it.  I still go back to that Daily Apple Pony splash page you have on Deviant Art which is just a wall of fun and smiles (and the tag).

But you also did well in touching an emotional side with me. The final few scenes of Applejack coming to terms with her upbringing on her mother’s graveside. It had a maturity to it that betrays a deeper understanding of our weaknesses. There’s some of us that have the hardest time, the worst time, coming to terms with ourselves and finding a way to forgive. To truly forgive us for our actions. Even if there’s no real blame to have, that weight can bring us down. Bring us down over a very long time.

And sometimes we can’t imagine life without that weight.

I’m sorry for what friends may have drifted away. That tends to happen in any aspect of life, and I myself may cling a little too tightly to the remnants. But there’s always more. People looking for something better and genuine. This is what I see when I admire your artwork. I always knew there was something personal in art, but it was Dilarus who made me realize how much we can learn by appreciating the simple lines.

I apologize if this is a little too long for you to read right away. I just want you to understand that I appreciate you as well as what you do. I hope to find more to appreciate in the future.

Take care of yourself Rick.

~Trevor Rain

(I hope you don’t mind if I post this, lemme know if you’d rather not have it up) 

Thanks, man. I can tell this is something that comes from the heart, and I appreciate it tremendously. Paraphrasing a best friend, always take the opportunity to show people that you really appreciate them and that you’re glad they’re still around. This is really beautiful man.

Keep spreading the goodness, and keep being fantastic, Trevor Rain

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Hello! Was wondering if there is a name, special tag on tumblr or anything for those themes that you put inside of your HTML on a standard page of your blog? I love them and would love to use a few for different pages but I have no idea what I'm searching for when it comes to a name. Have seen you guys reblog a few of those in page themes but not sure how to find some to use that I might want. Hope you under this and thanks for reading this + being an amazing rph blog!

Thank you so much and I’m sorry this took me ages to reply - I forgot it was at the bottom of our drafts! I don’t know what they’re called either but I’ve listed all of those I could find and if our followers have any suggestions please message us and we’ll update the list. -C

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is it bad of me to want to go ahead and write for in the heights? Like, I know I have lots of requests, and I’m not trying to push those off! I’m excited for quite a few of them! But…i also really want to get the ball rolling. So, since I don’t have many of ITH requests yet, I’m going to get my request list all updated, close the ask box, and, if I can, I’ll I put out one ITH and one Hamilton imagine every day, until there are no more of either side.

I love these shows so much you guys you have no idea. So!! Tomorrow, It looks like there’s going to be a Benny, and a John/Alex x reader!

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I just got with this guy and he has a small.... private part and I'm scared I won't enjoy sex

Ahhh!! I can understand. If sex is an important part of your relationship with someone, then I would still give them a chance. Sex is WAY more than just penetration, there are so many other fun things to do and many ways they can still make you feel good even if their genitalia isn’t satisfactory.

That said, if you’re like me then sex doesn’t matter so much as just loving each other. Even if your sex sessions don’t feel good, they should be /trying/ to show you how much they care about you during them. If not, drop them.

ten random factssss

tagged by @simmertimes thank you bb <33

  1. i’ve had like 4 simblrs before this one that i deleted on and off since 2012 because i could never fully get into the community (until now!)
  2. ideally i want to work in film or anything involving creative writing
  3. wolves are my favorite animal, i love them so much ;-;
  4. i am happiest reading outside on a sunny day while drinking green tea and eating fruit.
  5. star wars (1977) was the first movie i ever saw and i love that saga more than anything on this earth
  6. i’m a firebender and a gryffindor (jock 4 lyfe)
  7. i am currently reading a feast for crows in the ASOIAF series and i cry about jon snow on a daily basis
  8. i had a double hip replacement last year (i affectionately refer to them as my robot hips)
  9. i am VERY very into astrology (if you’re into it too PLEASE start a conversation with me, i looove talking about it)
  10. two places i want to go more than anything are morocco and iceland <3

i tag @foxy-sims @erinthesimmer @buttersim @plumb-barb and @afrodemplumbobs 💕💕 (& you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to or have already done it obv)

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I wish I was a lesbian and not bi. because, I love girls so much, and I hate men, I feel like boys I can't trust them, every single boy I meet will either hate me bc I'm a woman or a woc or just both, that they will never respect me as a woman, that they will always always let me down in the end.& I love girls. I like men like famous guys but normal guys gross me out so so much I'm scared that I will end up pressuring myself into a husband bc I won't be able to handle the stigma of having a wife

I feel the same way.

you don’t have to be completely repulsed by men sexually to still be a lesbian. a lot of it, for some people, is simply having no interest outside compulsory heterosexuality towards men in a romantic sense. you can still be a lesbian and feel that way. I personally still feel sexual feelings towards men, but I have no interest in being with one. if that’s how you feel, then don’t hesitate to align yourself with lesbianism. a lot more of us deal with that than you would think.

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(Part 3-final) I've had this idea for a while and I would just love to see it play out. I know Feyre can handle herself and ik she doesn't like people defending her like she's some weakling but come on! Any guy or girl would step in for their love. I really hope u like my idea and will answer me as to if you'll accept this fic or not. Please answer!!!! Thanks so much!

yes YeS YES
I accept.

Also P.S. If you sent me an anon requesting a fic, yes I got it and I am working on all of them! I just have a long list of fics so please be patient with me 😁

[[ Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been around much, I’m still injured and my brofriend and I tooI’k a trip down to WV to see their family, so that’s where I’ve been the past week. Plus I got some awful news lately, so my mind has just been completely frazzled. But! I should be back tomorrow night, and back to regular posting and everything by either then or Friday/the weekend! I really really appreciate you guys sticking around despite my absence, and sdfghjkl I love you all so much! Feel free to send in memes or messages or asks/whatnot, and I’ll get to them as soon as I can!

~Cat, the mun]]

So uh…To the duplicated anon messages in my inbox: I got all your messages. They are all there, nothing has been deleted or lost or whatever. Like I said before, I answer very slowly. Plus Tumblr doesn’t have the best respond system, which really doesn’t help. But I will try my damn best to answer all of you. Just gimme some time, because life happens ; -;. 

I FUCKING LOVE IT WHEN YOU GUYS SEND ME ASKS, OKAY?? MOST OF YOU REALLY FUCKING MAKE MY DAY AND I’M FUCKING FLATTERED THAT YOU GUYS LOVE MY WORKS SO MUCH!!! And I WILL try my hardest to reply to you all. Some will just take a lil bit longer, that’s all ;v;

That is to say, there are prompts that I will not fill out. I will answer them all with my opinion, but I won’t be able fill ALL of them out (seriously if I have a quid for every prompt I got, my pockets would have been torn apart by now :(((((( ). So please just be patient, okay? Gimme some time ; ; Don’t send the Nei duplicated prompts. That would be unfair for the other people in the inbox too ;~;



It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

click for better quality~

jaebum literally gets more breathless with every win okay, this is the 4th time they’ve won with fly (completely deserving too, imo) and each and every time they’re still surprised and you can even see mark getting all glossy eyed again. honestly the fact that throughout all of this jaebum is holding it in and smiling and glowing, and he’s staying strong for everyone else, is so pure

not to say that groups who are used to winning streaks are always boasting and don’t appreciate it or aren’t grateful, but got7 aren’t used to this at all. their first win was not even long ago and even then they only won three times on the same show before ending promotions. and this time they exceeded that, on different shows. and even if it’s just by one win, they just can’t believe that they’d keep winning

the more i look at jaebum the more i see the complete disbelief and pride in his eyes and he’s said thank you so many times to so many people already and he’ll keep doing that until he doesn’t  get the chance, and he’ll keep being strong, for got7, because he’s their leader and he looks out for them so much. and as much as we’d all marvel at what it would be like if he just cracked and cried, and joke about it, it really speaks volumes about how much he wants to reserve himself and keep calm for everyone else

i love got7, im so proud of them, jaebum is doing such a good job as a leader and i think he needs to be told that more often

I feel like Pentatonix basically encompassed every facial expression I express on an average day in this one video:

Here we have the “Uhhhh”

Followed  by the “Dis Bitch”

The infamous “say wHAT”


The “It’s that big?!!1!?”

And last, but certainly not least, the group “im gonna rip out your vocal chords” rage face.


Interviewer: You guys have these incredible powers but is there some that you guys maybe.. you could switch or maybe do something else as a power?
Evans: I wouldn’t mind being able to fly.