Part 2 of The Get Down will take place one year after the events of part 1 which means Dizzee and Thor will probably have been together for a year. They’ve probably gone on dates and Dizzee probably takes him to all his favorite graffiti places. He might’ve introduced him to his family or at least his siblings.

They probably share kisses and joints on rooftops, gazing up at the stars while Dizzee says some cheesy shit about how beautifully Thor’s eyes reflect the moonlight. Thor probably comes to all of his battles, cheering for him in the crowd.

They talk about using art as a way out of here, they dream about the entire world admiring their work. Thor probably waxes poetry about Dizzee’s eyes in the early morning light, about the curves of his lips, the slenderness of his fingers.

Dizzee doodles swirling patterns on Thor’s wrists when they’re sitting cross-legged on Dizzee’s bed, and when Thor asks about them, Dizzee tells him that’s how he feels when he’s with him; messy and all over the place and colorful and /alive/. Thor smiles and pulls him into a kiss, and Dizzee feels fireworks on his lips.

Thor says the silliest shit when he’s high, like “what if dogs don’t want to be a good boy?” And it always makes Dizzee giggle uncontrollably. They probably say their first “I love you” when high. Thor is being ridiculous again and Dizzee is laughing and he’s so happy and light and he just blurts “God, I love you.” And Thor grabs him by the waist, kisses him on the nose and murmurs it back.

Also. Please know that I want to fight Pledis forever and always for how they treat both Nu’Est and After School. :)