/sweats nervously because I’ve been meaning to draw fanart for the longest time and I’ve been listening to this song on repeat so I got some real shit done ye/

Anyway I love kelpls and their art, and I love Fay and 70′s dolphin shorts and kel is just kind of a saint - so here’s some fanart.

*That’s my OC Apple on the left - she’s training in sport’s medicine so she always carries around cute bandaids and is constantly sleep deprived. She’s the ‘handsome woman,’ that contrasts Fay the, ‘pretty boy.’ Okay bye.*

*looks around the empty, abandoned tag that was once filled with fangirls*

*whispers* happy one-year anniversary of the troyler kiss. happy anniversary of all of our deaths. of the day we all lost our shit. i miss you guys. i miss our family. i’m sorry that i never converted. i’m sorry that i never moved on. i hope you’re all having fun in tronnor heaven.

*bows head, turns, and walks away.*

  • Marzia:Yeah I steal all of them [sweaters]
  • Felix:What???? ??? ?
  • Marzia:Yeah
  • Felix:If you steal another one, I'll stab you
  • Marzia:Haha I'll post a picture on Instagram, "Waiting for Pewds to stab me."

in which barry has nearly the same reaction to eddie believing in him as he does to iris being in love with him


so fifth harmony slayed me