ive got nothing to say for myself, honestly. just be glad he’s being coy about it!

anonymous asked:

DnP were so.. Not glamorous at the teen awards and their little speech was kinda boring too and they were looking like two deers in the headlights at that photoshoot, posing awkwardly and shiz and look at their boring clothes they wear all the time.. are they even trying?! i still love them don't get me wrong bye

i think it was sort of one of those things they didn’t find that big of a deal? like the teen awards are sort of casual anyways from what i’ve seen. i mean the matching jackets added a nice touch but i don’t think they wanted to make a fuss about it. and i don’t think anyone actually makes meaningful speeches at the teen awards anyways. i’m expecting a dissertation to be read and accompanying pretty outfits when they win that boncas award or whatever


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