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Your sim and build aesthetic seems so familiar, you really never had a simblr before? :O

I reblogged a lot of photos of sim houses on my poetry blog before this because I didn’t really know where else to- but this is my first blog about the sims. I really like @meisiu and @pinkcotton‘s little houses. I like how tiny and overgrown their homes can be :3



Stage Direction: “Shibutani gets so angry that nobody dares to interrupt”

He got in character easily and scared everybody!! As expected from an award winner actor!! But I think the argument scenes are his speciality. >XDa

from Togaki House - Kanjani8 Chronicles 15/04/2017

Cr.:  関ジャニクロニクル_YT

Well, I am gonna cry. The fundraiser got completely funded and then some.

This is gonna make everything so much easier. I love all of you and once I’m settled in the new house I want to do a request livestream at some point in May for you all. I’ll set up a Discord Chat and I’ll draw some stuff for you guys for being such a wonderful group. 

I can’t thank you enough.

My family can’t thank you enough.

I love you all. <3

You know, sometimes I get ‘soda advertising’ like every other comic book movie it seems, but why did Wonder Woman decide to do theirs on Dr. Pepper? I mean I don’t mind looking at Gal Gadot all damn day, but Dr. Pepper? That’s like the Gretchen Wieners of soda companies.

By the way, the name is Auston.


Noah: What about you? Are you happy?
Eliana: I’m getting there… I’m just trying to enjoy my life, find the beauty in everything. I’d love to live in a super tiny house one day, plant a garden and just read books all day.
Noah: I’d love to do that too.
Eliana: You should! Your house is so big. I can picture you in a small house. Oh! With a sun room where you could write your books! That sounds amazing!
Noah: Yeah, that sounds great. Harper isn’t the downsizing type though.

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Why do you like Zootopia better than Frozen? (Honest question I love both!) :)

I like both too, and to make it clear to anyone reading this, I don’t think Zootopia is necessarily better than Frozen. They’re such different movies it’s really hard to compare them. 

Setting that aside, I enjoy Zootopia more because of all the creativity and fun put into it. Zootopia created an entire universe that has so much depth and imagination! I love seeing how the creators imagined a world for animals - how housing works, how public transportation works, how they all inhabit together, how they have their own electronics, etc. It’s all so fun and I really appreciate how much thought was put into creating the universe. 

In addition, I prefer the message behind Zootopia. Even though Frozen has that beautiful message about sisterhood and love, Zootopia’s message on society really struck home for me. I love the metaphor of one group discriminating another, especially since it can apply to so many different dynamics: racism, sexism, homophobia – the list goes on and on. 

Lastly, and this is me being very biased, but Nick and Judy have some of the been Disney chemistry I’ve ever seen? And not in a romantic sense, but just as friends their relationship is so fun to watch. Listening to their banter, watching as they work together, seeing them evolve as they learn from each other – it’s perfection. Jason and Ginnifer did such a good job bringing these characters to life, and Nick and Judy are definitely some of my favorite Disney characters. 

In conclusion, both are great movies! I just had a lot more fun with Zootopia due to creative character and set design, I thought the central message was more poignant, and I like the characters more. 

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hey!! i'm going to university next year and i'm in the process of figuring out residence and i'm very conflicted on whether to try and get my own room (bc i'm pretty introverted and like to keep my space clean and organized) or to have a roommate(s) which would potentially help me make friends. since we are the same mbti type, i thought I'd ask you what you are doing or if you have any suggestions/advice!! ily and thanks!!

hello lovely!! i currently live in on campus uni accommodation and share a house with 6 other people. it’s like a regular house in that there’s a big kitchen connected to a living room, two shared bathrooms and everyone has their own room. it’s nice bc everyone has their own space + keep their own rooms tidy but can still socialise easily simply by walking downstairs into the kitchen/hanging out in each other’s rooms. our house is also part of a little area so there’s lots of other houses - it’s kinda like a small neighbourhood?? so u can easily socialise with people from other houses. regardless of what kind of living situation u choose tho, u will always be able to make friends as ur social life is what u make of it. even if u choose to continue to live at home and commute to uni, u can still make friends by meeting people in ur course, joining societies and just meeting people randomly!! u’ll be fine either way so don’t worry too much about it 💓  hope that helped + ily too!!

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Ford just stays at their house way too long. I love it. XD. Holidays come and go. Kids just kind of accept him as part of the house now

Lmao yes

Stan gradually trains Ford in childcare, and by the time Angie’s birthday (April 1) rolls around, he thinks Ford might be able to handle watching the kids.  So Stan takes Angie out for dinner.

He regrets this decision.

Idk what exactly happens, but Stan and Angie have hell children, so it doesn’t go that well.  The next time Stan and Angie leave, they ask Angie’s college roommate Marley (who lives in San Diego) to help babysit.  The kids love Marley.