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TRU I CANT EVEN COMPARE THE SERIESES ok now I'm gonna ask what's your favorite friendships in pjo & why lol (I'm bored)

I love Percy and beckendorf sooo much like y tf did Rick have to kill him ????

well tonights episode was damn near perfect for a couple of reasons...

- I loved how everyone kept pointing out how beyond ridiculous it was to continue with the carnival even though they were again in the middle of a murder fest.

-  zoe and noah.. they’re are so cute. I ship them so much and they were sooo freaking cute during the whole damn episode.

- I like that Jake’s name was mentioned and he is someone who will never be forgotten no matter what.

- Emrey… I didn’t start shipping until this episode. I know, how stupid of me I know.

- With that being said, how cute was macosta/brostavo… their friendship is so freaking adorable. bye.

- Gustavo standing up to his dad +500 points.

- also kieran finally did something about Eli always being a pain. (even though I like Eli but seriously why is he always all up on Emma? that’s your cousins girl man..)

that’s it…yea.