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OH MA GOD. so i work at Bath&Body Works, and we updated our soundtrack today, so they played "Mess is Mine" and i hardcore fangirled in the middle of my store because your writing was what introduced me to that song. I GOTS ALL DA SAMMY FEEEEELS ❤️🙃



Mess Is Mine:
Part 1 - The Wolf On Your Doorstep
Part 2 - The Person in the Pitch
Part 3 - The Blood in the Bathtub
Part 4 - The Ravens on the Windowsill
Part 5 - The Truth in the Tales
Part 6 - The Shoe in the Suitcase
Part 7 - The Voices in the Vision
Part 8 - The Bench and the Boy
Part 9 - The Home in the Hide-out
Part 10 - The Chains in the Cold
Part 11 - The Head in the Halo

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my sister just got a bad stomach flu and i was watching ski lodge part 2 and so it happened that while watching rucas' big love declaration i was hearing muffled sound of vomiting and i couldn't possibly think of better fitting soundtrack to that particular scene


Today’s been an exceptionally bad day. But instead of focusing on the that, I wanted to take some time list off some things I’m thankful for. I challenge other people to do this from time to time to help themselves feel better, and it’s about time I actually start taking some of the advice I give to others.

  • All of the wonderful people I’ve met on tumblr (you guys are so supportive and amazing. I’m so happy I found you guys)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (everything from the movies, the soundtrack, the books, the actors, the fandom, EVERYTHING)
  • Alice in Wonderland (see above)
  • Furries (I’ve met so many amazing people in this fandom. I love you guys)
  • Just, all of the fandoms I’m a part of in general
  • Fluffy Hattice headcanons
  • Oatmeal
  • Stuffed animals
  • Libraries
  • God
  • Tea
  • Disney
  • A body that grants me the ability to run, see, hear, taste, feel, smell, etc.
  • Movie and Video Game Soundtracks
  • Trees
  • Let’s Players that help me laugh when I haven’t in a long time
  • Weight Lifting
  • Poetry
  • Pajamas
  • Doing nice things for others

I have to thank my pals at @jazzcatsstudio for lending me this incredible @akgaudio 414 so I can record acoustic parts for my demos as well as the theater project I’m scoring. This mic sounds superb even with my not-so-fancy rig. I love it, and it makes me love my ‘64 J-50 even more! Fantastic work, AKG. I need this.

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hamilton workshop

i’m listening to the hamilton soundtrack from the workshop

it’s so different and weird and i love it

and the different lyrics are so cool honestly, like imagine if
those were to be in the final cut of the song

like anthony’s parts as laurens are really different

i’m just really sad that jazzy and chris weren’t in the workshop


This was honestly my favorite part of the GTB music video because
1. I love seeing Michael smile
2. It’s literally like a giant marshmallow
3. I love seeing Michael…just Michael
4. He just looks so adorable to be honest
5. He looks like a little boy dressed up for. Halloween playing with his toy cars
6. This is an accurate representation of me when I’m home alone eating everything in the fridge
7. How perfect Michael looks in general
8. I just love Michael

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Sorry to interrupt your pop discourse(tm) but i'm feeling kind of down and i was wondering if i could get some music recs (and don't worry i'm pretty sure most everyone knows you're joking about the pop/s*da thing )

omg okay!! first off i hope u feel better and i hope this helps any!!

theres two types of things i listen to when im sad or not feeling well so

part one (ones i listen to when i wanna jam out to Relatable feels)

- Some Nights by fun.

- Be Calm by fun.

- Someday You Will Be Loved by Death Cab for Cutie

- You’ll Be Okay - A Great Big World

- Vienna by Billy Joel

- Missing You by All Time Low

- Breathe from the In The Heights soundtrack

- What a Catch Donnie by Fall Out Boy

- Carry On by fun.

- Louder than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada

part two (i just want to listen to fun stuff as a distraction)

- Wannabe by Spice Girls

- Mad Love by Neon Trees

- Smile Like You Mean It by Tally Hall

- The Room Where It Happens from the Hamilton soundtrack

- Don’t Hide Away by Bishop Allen

- All the Pretty Girls by fun.

- Kiss You by One Direction

- Spring and a Storm by Tally Hall

- Pas de Cheval by Panic! at the Disco

- Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots

(i also like the Prologue from Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 and Candy Store from Heathers)

those are all my favorite songs that i can think of atm!!! I hope something helps :o also i have tags on my main blog if you want to look through them:

my happy tag has lots of cute animals!

my inspiration tag is motivation/uplifting stuff

thank you i hope this helps

Music to Get Lost to: Vol. 1

The Zolas - Swooner

The Zolas are a fantastic four piece from Canada that seem to write the catchy melodies no one else can think of, and the captivating words you wish you had. Songs like “Fell in Love with New York” “Get Dark” and “Why Do I Wait When I Know You’ve Got A Lover” have been part of a soundtrack to my cross country drives that seem to set every new scene with the same bittersweet sense of longing and familiarity. With chord progressions that would make Brian Wilson feel like a wide eyed kid in a candy store - the Zolas, and this album in particular, have found a special home in the pages I pull from deep within my soul to make music of my own.

Coldplay, love & a campaign close to our hearts!

Both Coldplay’s music and support of Oxfam has been inspirational for many of their fans. For two of our Oxfam volunteers, Natasha and Irfaan, this couldn’t be more true! 

Irfaan tells us why the band, their music, and the Stand As One campaign are all so close to their hearts.

We love Coldplay, and they have been such an integrated part of our relationship. The first Coldplay concert I ever saw was just a few days after I first met Natasha and I couldn’t find the guts to ask her to come with me. After the show, I always wondered what it would it would have been like to experience this with Natasha and if I’ll ever get that chance again.

A few weeks later we started going out, and Coldplay became the soundtrack to our relationship. It’s what we listen to on road trips – we play album after album! We love the band, and all their lesser-known songs, and we always thought how cool it would be if we saw Coldplay together.

One of the moments in our relationship that is really special to me happened a few months before I proposed when I was thinking, “Am I sure I’m ready for this kind of commitment?”. Coldplay were doing the Ghost Stories tour and I tried really hard to get tickets but I wasn’t able to get any. Natasha found that a handful of tickets could be found but they were incomprehensively expensive.  

But Natasha surprised me, she was in school at the time, not even working – it was a huge sacrifice and I thought “Wow, this is someone who would do anything for me and now we’re going to get to share this really amazing experience together”. One of the most special moments of our entire lives was seeing Coldplay’s show at the intimate Beacon Theatre where they performed True Love before it was even released.

A few months later, I proposed to Natasha and Gravity was the song for our proposal video. The lyrics were perfect in capturing the spirit behind taking a big step forward together.  

Fast forward two years, when we saw that Coldplay were coming back to New York a week before we get married we thought that’s an incredible opportunity to revisit these moments. We decided to get tickets to the show, and while we were looking at tickets we saw that Oxfam would have volunteers there. We love the band so much and this was a great opportunity to do something for them – this is something that’s really important to Coldplay, and although we’d never get the chance to sit down with the band and tell them that you think they’re amazing and that they’ve meant so much to us, we can do things like this to say thank you because they count on volunteers.

Oxfam and the Stand As One campaign resonate with us particularly because of our parents. We both have parents who lived in Tanzania during a time of political unrest; they were pushed out and had to find a new country to live in. In Tanzania they had a home, they had everything going for them and then in a flash that wasn’t the case anymore. And it’s so sad that this continues to happen more and more - 65 million people worldwide are on the move right now searching for safety and that’s just crazy.

We’re very lucky; we don’t have those kinds of problems here. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in how awesome our lives are, and it would be so easy for a successful band like Coldplay to think “We’re making money, we’ve got adoring fans, we’re doing great so let’s just focus on that”, and instead they focus on improving the lives of others and not just through their music – that’s amazing, that’s a wonderful way to live life. That’s why we’re here.


5 Songs I Love to Write to!

I was tagged by the lovely @ravencharm :) Thank you!

  1. The Arena, Lindsey Stirling
  2. Sum of Our Parts, Mary Lambert
  3. I Found, Amber Run (for angst)
  5. Anything from the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack! (It sounds silly but it’s great writing music.) 

GHOSTBUSTERS IS SO GOOD I LOVED IT and im proud to say that in my humble opinion fall out boys song was the best on the soundtrack and it had the best part of the movie tbh it was sO good I got so excited when I heard it omg


I finally finished /caught up and I am literally no joke not fucking with you crying . Like actual tears running down my face . It ’s so cute . These two are so cute . And omfg the soundtrack for this part ? I want . I want so bad . I want these two to hook up so bad too .

Time to wait for season 2 now ;///v//;

Favorite Parts of the Hamilton Soundtrack

1 Jefferson’s flat, slightly dragged out “what” whenever he’s surprised. Just…any time it shows up really.

2 “The world turn upside down…the world turned upside down…the world turned upside down down DOWN”

3 “I’m erasing myself from the narrative” / “I put myself back in the narrative”

4 “We have no control; who lives who dies who tells your story”

5 “Aaron Burr” “Sir” just over and over. Gotta love that repetition.


7 “That poor man they’re going to eat him alive!”

8 “You really do write like you’re running out of time.”

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(2) i love allllll the characters, but kenneth's voice is so... nice) singing the things im listening to, and anyway, henry singing like wrecking ball or something. that is all.

(1)so, hi, i just recently watched psychopomp and circumstance (… six or seven times…i really love it, okay?) and i kinda have the habit to imagine music vids for the music im listening to and now i kinda have to imagine henry (dont get me wrong,

This question came in two parts! How nice!

Thank you so much, Ken is very appreciative of your comments, he would often burst into song and dance during rehearsals. He’s quite fond of the Gallivant soundtrack.

Top 10 TV/Films

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1. Django Unchained

From the soundtrack to the casting that movie was perfect (the only fault was that Kerry Washington didn’t get a bigger part).

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2. Flushed Away

Best animated movie hands down. I remember watching that movie almost every day and laughing my ass off every single time as a kid.

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3. White God\The Hunt

What I like about the Cannes is that every year there’s at least one good movie to watch. Both those movies weren’t as pretentious\over political as the rest and I loved their messages.

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4. Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3

Because c’mon it’s a perfect and original trilogy. I used to watch “The Curse of the Black Pearl” almost every day as well. The 4th one sucked and my guess is that the 5th one will suck just as much.

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5. Up

I cry every time.

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1. Hannibal

There isn’t much to explain. Best show I have ever watched and (quite sadly) ever will.

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2. Breaking Bad

Overrated show but a good one nontheless. The 5th season was terrible.

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3. Lost

I never felt the urge to understand what was happening. I just loved it.

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4. Chuck

I really enjoyed it even though I’m not a big fan of romantic-spy-comedies.

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5. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

It’s kind of the “Hannibal” of animes. Best one I have ever watched and extremely underrated.

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Do you consider music an important part of a game? Does it help define a game as 'good' or not?

I wouldn’t say that the music of a game is what defines it as “good” or “bad”, but if you want your game to be memorable, you better have a GREAT soundtrack. Me personally? I tend to love games SO much more when their soundtracks are absolutely memorable and hard to forget.

For example, one of the reasons that I can’t ever let go of games like Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Silent hill 1-4 and Yokai Watch is because the Soundtracks are so fucking good and I can listen to EVERY song in the list and enjoy them thoroughly.

Same can be said for undertale because that games soundtrack was one hell of a ride.

These are only a small bit of examples too, as I’m a pretty huge fan of gaming soundtracks and tend to listen to video game music more than other forms of music when I work.

To me personally, when a video game has boring, poorly composed or lazy music playing in the background that doesn’t do well to help build the surroundings of the game itself, it’s not doing much for the games credit.