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I'm so disappointed in my family, they're all voting Trump and actually feel bad for him that ppl keep "trying to find things wrong with him, el pobre.." Like are they kidding?! I'm actually so disgusted by this. Even worst is my grandmas comment about "esa negra" referring to Michelle Obama. I love my family but I can't deny the underlying racism they try to disguise like wtf

I understand. One of my family members is a Trump supporter simply because he thinks Trump will bring jobs. They feel that the democrats have failed them because of the immigration law. I try explaining that it’s not their fault, that the law didn’t pass because republicans were being babies about accepting the new Justice. They don’t want to listen. There are times when they hear trump saying shit about Latinos and they still support him. I believe my family don’t consider themselves in the way Trump defines Latinos. They are like “que se lo lleven a esos bagos”. I have one friend whose a supporter simply because he will get taxed less. Like he’s so stupid I can’t, he’s not even a citizen and says “yas trump” every time trump does something. I tell him “you know he’s going to deport you first” and he’s like ok I’m good with that I’m still voting for him.. And I’m like wtf? If you know he’s going to do so many bad things with this country then why are you still in favor of him? He simply says he doesn’t want to pay higher taxes for lazy people. Normally I hold off at this point but sometimes I want to tell him “oh please my mom has a six figure salary and she’s not complaining about paying taxes. She knows what it was like to be dirt poor and having nothing. She knows that no matter how rich she will get, she will always give back to those who are suffering like she used to. She knows the struggle”. I think he’s just selfish. My mom is a hardcore democrat. The rest of my family are indecisive, they just talk but they won’t do much because they can’t vote yet. All the trump supporters I know can’t vote so I’m a bit relieved about that. But it did sure bring out the racists. Like so far I haven’t seen any trump supporters attacks in my area but I’m expecting it. I know attacks have already happened in the south (what was I expecting? 😒) I’m pretty sure once we get closer to November, attacks will appear in the north as well.

I’m legit scared for November because now the Democratic Party is going to be divided because of what was found on the DNC. So now they are going to be mad. But I also don’t get why Bernie supporters would vote for trump like they are opposites! At least Clinton and sanders are somewhat similar. The Green Party won’t win either, we know it’s too much of high risk especially with trump. It sucks not knowing what the future holds after November. I don’t have faith in the American people at all if it’s looking like trump is going to win.

*let me clarify, my friend can’t currently vote but he will be eligible to vote once he takes the exam near November.

sometimes I sigh because I think about school, and sometimes I sigh because I think about how much I love Obama and his whole family