I just saw another post talking about the Ted/Robin/Barney love triangle and was hit with a revelation. In the second episode of the first season of HIMYM, Marshall jokingly calls Ted “Gatsby”, and good God they couldn’t have hit the nail more on the head years in advance.

Ted’s love for Robin is so mirrored in Jay Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy Buchanan, and that’s probably why the finale bugged me so much.

Right when Ted and Robin meet, he blurts out that he loves her even though he doesn’t really have much evidence to base that on. After they split up, he spends years being certain that she’s the only one or the perfect one for him. He spends years trying to be the perfect one for her. They both grow and change and don’t quite work anymore, but he still fixates back on that one time they were happy.

He put Robin up on this pedestal of being absolutely perfect (in the same way Gatsby did to Daisy) and at the end of it, didn’t even seem to see her as a person anymore, just some flawless entity he couldn’t live without having in his possession.

THIS is why Ted and Robin didn’t work, and they inadvertently foreshadowed that in the second episode. Craig and Carter really should have listened to themselves. Or at least Nick Carraway. 

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“Have you figured out a way to tell her?” You asked Gatsby as you sat down across from him on one of his plush couches.

“Tell who?” He asked blinking as though coming out of a very serious thought.

“Why, your precious Daisy, of course!”

He hesitated before quietly telling you, “It’s not Daisy that I love.”

You cocked your head to the side, “Well then, who is it that you love?”


fsf literally played himself with the great gatsby.. despite being a book loaded with visual metaphors it’s really difficult to film (nearly impossible probably) because the romantic center of the movie happens 100% when the narrator isn’t there. id love to see an adaptation just accept this and not film anything that nick can’t see though i think that loyalty to the book would pay off


Sterek Great Gatsby AU:

Something that I was writing and may or may not finish? I couldn’t help but make the poster though, my love for the book and sterek is out of this world.

Set in the 1920’s, and gay marriage isn’t all that frowned upon in this AU.

Stiles met Derek when all he had were rags. They fell in love. Derek left. Stiles moved on to be with Jackson Whittemore, the marriage was nearly loveless and Stiles couldn’t bring himself to care when he found out his husband was sleeping with Isaac Lahey’s wife Lydia. Derek never moved on, and when Stiles’ cousin Scott moves in right next door he believes it’s his chance to win over the affections of the person he never stopped loving.

“I waited Derek. I waited years. You left and you never contacted me again, what more could I do? Then you send a fucking letter the day I am supposed to marry? You have no right to come back and seek me out and make me-”

“Make you what, Stiles? Love me? I never stopped loving you, I will never stop loving you.”

Daisy love, Cherry love.

“You’re my Daisy, Sasuke-kun” his medic wife stated as she raised her glance from between her copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’.

However though, all he could do as a response was to raise an eyebrow in her direction completely oblivious to her reference.

“What do you mean?” he requested after a few seconds; as he recalled, Daisy was the name of a flower, and perhaps a proper name for a girl, so it was hard for him to see the resemblance to him —a male human positively straight. His wife, however, seemed pleased and certain with her declaration.

She giggled and hid her face back into her sample, snuggling closer to him until their arms touched. Taking a closer look, the male noticed the increasing heat covering her cheeks.

“A love that has lasted for over a decade, equally —if not stronger as the first time…“ she whispered only loud enough so he could listen, which he was, caught in the words her rosy lips gave away. Soon enough, he became interested in her reading “…Although, compared to such sad ending…” her thoughtful glance raised to meet with his expectant gaze before a gleam appeared in her emerald orbs and smiled at him sincerely “I’m happy we’re here, together”.

And there it was, the Sakura Haruno he had the pleasure to call his. A loving, too good for him, caring and beautiful wife, always giving him more than he deserved, but all he needed. Her love.

He leaned in to kiss her, giving her all she deserved: to be loved back. 

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📚 a book you are currently reading

Nothing at the moment :/  I need to get back into sitting down and reading every now and then.

📖 favorite book

Hmm, I wanna say “The Great Gatsby”. It kept me interested the whole way through, even though I first read it as a school assignment haha. Also in terms of “simpler reading”, I love anything Shel Silverstein.