Scene seem familiar?? *cough* ep 3 of llsip *cough* // Honestly, i’m super proud of these girls ♡ They practiced so hard and there hard work paid off (’: I can’t wait to see the first and third years join them ahhhh the feels

SukiKoto episode 2 was nice. Yamazaki Kento’s character, Kanata, improved a lot this week. He’s not as grumpy as last week’s Kanata, which is good because I actually don’t like characters who are over the top in their grumpiness. xD Also, maaaaan. I think he already likes Misaki. :)

The scenery was fantastic this ep, especially since we were treated to that sunset scene during the last few minutes. 

And I see that Nanao’s playing the girl we all love to hate role again. xD

The Love Live audio dramas are hilarious. 
I don’t see a flaw in Mari’s logic, I think she should keep the penguin. And the dolphin. Also, it’s nice to see Mari and Kanan get along, especially since that one scene from the first ep suggested otherwise, although maybe there’s something those two have yet to work out in the anime.

I’m not sure if Hanamaru is just an airhead or the ultimate troll, but either way thanks to that I got to see Ruby play tsukkomi with both Maru and Yoshiko being boke. Ruby seems like the most mature and responsible among the first-years, because of that, I like it this way. It’s also cute how she’s a bit more comfortable around those two, or perhaps it’s just because Dia isn’t around.

Chika’s pun game is on point. Hmm, I wonder what it would be like if Chika was in Guilty Kiss instead of Riko, that sub-unit would be so unproductive and chaotic, but also really fun to watch I feel like. 

mooncactus  asked:


Why I like them
I love characters that play constantly with my expectations, affecting how I view them the more I watch them. One of the most fun parts of Voltron was in watching Pidge as I pieced out her secret as well as how she defied not only stereotypical girl tropes (even girl-disguised-as-boy tropes) but nerd tropes as well.
Why I don’t
I’m only afraid that her reckless streak (which comes up almost as much as Keith’s honestly) might get her and the team in situations I might not be emotionally ready for xc
Favorite episode (scene if movie)
Ep 4 AKA Die Hard on a Space Castle B)
Favorite season/movie
I haven’t seen any other Voltron incarnations, so 2016 reboot Season 1.
Favorite line
Favorite outfit
Her Paladin uniform.
Eh, never really felt it with Pidge.
In-canon: with Shiro. In my wackos Voltron/Doremi crossover I’ve concocted on the side: with Aiko.
Head Canon
Pidge got her start on climbing things with bookshelves, kitchen cabinets and possibly her older brother as a favored method of torment.
Unpopular opinion
The most popular ship with Pidge seems to be with Allura and… it’s pretty much the same problem I have with Pidge/Shiro. There’s a visibly notable age gap that needs some addressing, and I like to imagine them more as having a familial bond.
A wish
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
If TVTropes is somehow right in guessing that Pidge has a crush on Lance. Imeanwut.
5 words to best describe them
Smol brainiac *Mabel voice* GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION
My nickname for them
Space Peanut