Measure for Measure Dream Cast
O, what may man within him hide, Though angel on the outward side!

My name in song titles

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A: "All Apologies" ~ Nirvana
"N.W.O" ~ Ministry
"Never Say Die" ~ Black Sabbath
"Aeroplane" ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers

"My Way" ~ The Sex Pistols
"Across the Universe" ~ The Beatles
" Raining Blood" ~ Slayer
"I Am The Law" ~ Anthrax
A: "As Wicked" ~ Rancid

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Reasons why Rita Volk is a superior human being

  • She speaks Russian 
  • At 14, she won the title of San Francisco’s High School Poet Laureate
  • She went to Duke 
  • She majored in Psychology/Pre-Med 
  • She had a full scholarship. Duke gives about 20 of those. let that sink in. 
  • She is beautiful, gorgeous, hot
  • She is an amazing actress 

So in the wise words of Katie Stevens (x)


'He is of the House of York and my father loved him and taught him like a son. And, as it happens, he is heir to the throne after George, but more beloved than George, and more steadfast and loyal than George. If you were going to pick one of the York boys it would be George for looks, Edward for charm, but it would be Richard for loyalty.'


“Lucas Bryant’s portrayal of Duke Crocker in Bryant’s own body, however, stole the show. He had Eric Balfour’s mannerisms down pat. From the way he pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows, to the slightly slack opening of his mouth when he was at a loss for words and the jittery way Duke can prance around when agitated — it was all golden.” (x)

Haven s05e06 The Old Switcheroo Part 2


all of your flaws and all of my flaws are laid out one by one
look at the wonderful mess that we’ve made