countdown to series four // day 16 - favourite outfit Look™

  • tumblr: when can we get a show about something OTHER than cishets?
  • eyewitness: [features two gay boys as the main pairing and not a side couple, discusses internalized homophobia and how damaging it is, centers on a the most badass lady in the land, features WOC, women of authority whose positions and authority are NEVER brought into question bc of their gender, LADIES BONDING, women aren’t buried under layers of make up showing their freckles and laugh lines, sympathetic depiction of a drug addict, shows ptsd and mental illness, features loving foster parents, foster dad is a stay-home dad, foster mom is the sheriff always out there being a badass, rural new york instead of nyc, kickass soundtrack, amazing cinematography]
  • tumblr: no but where are the straight guys making eye contact that i can read into

Honestly what did I ever do to deserve Hannibal like there are A LOT of good shows out there that I love and adore but WHAT did I do to deserve murder art? Biblical motifs and classical music? Rich, gothic cinematography? Violent romance? Did I mention the fucking M U R D E R. A R T.

Like ugh it just tickles me in such a specific way nothing else will ever appeal to me in the exact way that Hannibal does

i just finished binge-watching a series of unfortunate events and im???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- highlights how abuse can take different forms but its still abuse & makes it very clear exactly how not okay it is
- shows how a lot of times, not being abusive doesnt equal being a good guardian
- klaus baudelaire saying “plenty of boys enjoy playing with dolls”
- canon gay couple
- crossdressing with no transphobic jokes
- casual remarks about gender equality
- honestly its just a damn good show??? the writing?? the cinematography??? the actors???? i love it. so much. 

Gotham Positivity

I know we are all a little angry at Gotham right now but honestly I still love this show so much. I know my blog has turned into a big ass Gotham propaganda but I hope more people watch it because this show has blessed me with so much I would like to thank it.

So thank you Gotham for :

  • A new take on the Batman mythology that keeps the fans happy and brings a lot of fresh new stuffs.
  • Being the best super hero tv show at the moment with a very distinct atmosphere and cinematography, grey characters all around and actions with consequences.
  • Oswald Freaking Cobblepot who will feed you with your own children while wearing a purple glitter suit and perfect mascara.
  • Jim “I’m not going to fight them except that I am” Gordon.
  • Edward Nygma who literally went from an awkward little puppy to a suave sexy confident motherfucker in one season.
  • Tiny human expresso Bruce Wayne who is full of bitterness and anger but wears cute little jumpers and will make you tea to make you happy.
  • Alfred being the badass motherfucker we all know he is and going from classy english butler to “OI MASTER B YO LITTLE SHIT” in 0,2 second every episode.
  • That time Jim woke up in Nygma’s flat to the sound of Ed and Ozzie singing a piano duet together and thinking that was the gayest shit he ever seen.
  • Selina Kyle being a good person but not a nice person. And being the embodiment of “look at the camera like she’s in the office”.
  • Harvey Bullock who keeps asking Jim to not do the thing but will eventually help him do the thing anyway.
  • Fish Mooney being and over forty women of color who rules a gang and is considered both attractive and powerful.
  • Bisexual Murderous Queens Barbs and Tabs.
  • Jim and Lee cuteness. And Lee generally being both sweet and badass.
  • That time Jonathan Crane’s father walked toward a man while menacingly stroking a pig.
  • Edward Nygma wearing the Green Suit Of Sex™.
  • Fish Mooney being the embodiment of “throw her to the wolfs and she will come back leading the pack”.
  • Baby BatCat
  • The biggest foreshadowing of the year, when Oswald walked into a club while “I know what boys like” was playing in the background.
  • That time Alfred try to menace Fox at a bar but Fox probably thought for ten solide minutes that he was hitting on him.
  • The Galavant family still being super bitter about a misunderstanding with the Waynes last century and creating “The Club Of Bitter Fuckboys” to kill a sixteen year old boy (and failing)
  • “My name is Fish Mooney, bitch.”
  • Ed being locked in Arkham and yet creating a sort of tiny society with the patients.
  • *Ozzie pops his head out of the limo* *Ed had the biggest grin on his face* *You know they had sex in the car*
  • Ozzie calling everyone “Old Friend”, including people he only met once.
  • “Master B, I don’t want you to do the thing, but I know you’re gonna do it anyway so I might as well help you do it properly”.
  • Oswald being in a constant state of heart eyes at Ed.
  • Jim being done with everyone shit but saving the day anyway.
  • Harvey not being able to have lunch break because he literally can’t let Jim alone in the wild for one second.
  • That time Galavant/Azrael was about to kill Bruce, Alfred and Jim but Oswald came out of nowhere with a bazooka to save the day.
  • Edward “I have no concept of personal space” Nygma.
  • Jim slowly running out of fuck to give.
  • Oswald compulsory need to be extra all the time.
  • Like that time he screamed “I AM THE KING OF GOTHAM” on the roof with dramatic music and lightnings in the background.
  • Harvey Dent only appearing when they need some random lawyer and a pretty face.
  • The irony of making Mr Freeze hot as fuck.
  • Firefly being a girl !
  • Female friendship and female character supporting each other.
  • That time Ben McKenzie had to act like Clayface acting like Jim Gordon.
  • Oswald inability to lie and control his face in front of Ed.
  • Barbara helping Ozzie redecorating his house with his dead stepmother head.
  • Ed in his burrito of sadness.
  • Ozzie commending his own Nygmobblepot fan art.
  • That time Ed got burned by his own reflection in the mirror.
  • That time Edward Nygma, mastermind criminal genius and futur Riddler stumbled on a log while running away from the cops and fell head first in the snow.
  • Ed general lack of chill, like when he framed Jim for murder in the most complex way only because he asked him once about Miss Kringle.
  • That time Ozzie got drunk alone in his new club.
  • The fact that every single character in this show seems to survive only out of spite.
  • “I wish you were a monster. But you’re just a man”.
  • Selina Kyle holding guns twice as big as her.
  • Victor Zsasz being the Murderous Fairy Godmother who doesn’t seem to work for anyone but only to magically appear when there is killing to do.

Feel free to ad stuff I’m sure there is plenty more !

Reasons to watch BBC Class

- Racially diverse teen cast
- Like a significant portion of the main cast is not white
- LGBT representation
- Like an actual gay couple is established in the first episode and its not questioned or even a part of the plot they’re just together and I love it
- It’s like all the best parts of supernatural (monster hunting), doctor who (aliens), and sherlock (cinematography) combined with young avengers (kick ass teen cast)
- the writer/producer of the series is Patrick Ness, an LGBT YA Author
- The plot is actually good
- The theme song is catchy
- It’s a really good show
- Cause I said so

I think the problem I’m having coming to terms with this and the reason I keep switching between rage, despair, hysterical laughter at TFP, and tinhatting, is this: (the episode) The Final Problem really did burn the heart out of (the show BBC) Sherlock.

The heart of the show is the relationship between Sherlock and John. The love story, the friendship, both. That’s what keeps it going.

But it was also the cleverness. The subtext. The deductions; the clues, the mirroring. The beautiful cinematography. Arwel’s gorgeous wallpaper. The music. So many things made this show unique and made it what it was and what we loved and TFP did away with every single one. Deliberately or accidentally, I don’t know.

John can’t recognize a grenade or human bones. Sherlock doesn’t respond to Vatican Cameos. Mycroft is the opposite of the Iceman - flustered, panicked, vomiting. Every character is not themselves. The beautiful sets, the camerawork, all gone. Baker St destroyed. The heart of the show, of any version of this story, is John and Sherlock in Baker St together. The scenes we get of them rebuilding at the end are rushed, as if they don’t matter. Mary intrudes from beyond the grave to stand in the middle of their story and tell us what we know isn’t true - that it isn’t about the two of them. It is. They are absolutely and always have been the heart of this story.

I keep heading off in ten different directions from here. I can’t see anyone deliberately destroying their own show like this, either in a fit of rage at perceived “fangirls”, or as part of a trick, or a plan. It boggles my mind that the BBC would let them do that. I have zero hope for a secret episode but even that is more believable than the idea they would pull a stunt like this on purpose and expect to come back for a fifth season and fix it then.

Which means they must have done it accidentally which is … how did they even manage to make the show if they didn’t know what it was about?!? How did they manage to deliberately and systematically burn its heart out if they didn’t understand what they were destroying?

If they had just …..not done Johnlock it would be easier for me to understand and move on. TFP baffles me.


I didn’t knew anything about Norwegian cinematography ‘til I found this amazing TV show called Skam. I fell in love. Even though I’m not a Norwegian teenager, so some of their daily things seem weird to me, it shows the real atmosphere of high school, all the characters look like real teenagers, maybe more beautiful then my classmates, but still like high schoolers (mostly bc actors are nearly the same age as the characters). This show worths watching, believe me😉

161231 ✧ 2016 kbs drama awards
bogum accepting his ‘top excellence award’ for his role in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (warning: grab some tissues)

(from 0:36)
Firstly I would like to give all the honor to God who is always with me.
Honestly, it was (already) an honor for me just to be nominated (for the award), so i would like to say a sincere thank you to the viewers who showed a lot of love, allowing/enabling me to become a nominee.
It was an honor for me just to be nominated together with so many sunbaenim’s like this, but thank you so much for giving me such a big award.
I felt very lacking while filming ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’. Thank you to Joongki-hyung who gave me advice during those times, and director Kim Sunghoon, director Baek Sanghoon, director Kang Sooyeon, and director Kim Shihyung and director Lee Minwoong who created the beautiful cinematography. Also the director of lighting, director Yoo Cheol. Ah really… I think I was able to complete the character of Lee Young because there was such sturdy sunbaenims (around/supporting him). Uh.. and thank you also to the scriptwriters allowing me to meet the amazing character that was Lee Young. And thank you also to designer Lee Jinhee who clothed me in beautiful hanbok. And thank you to Jinah-noona who was in charge of makeup. And.. uh… I think it is thanks to the staff that I am able to receive this award. And thank you so, so much to all the extras.
There are so many people I am thankful tok.
A sincere thank you to Joo BangOk (chief) director/president, the representative of Blossom Entertainment who helped me to make my dream come true, and always helps me both physically and spiritually. And to president Ji YoungJoo, vice-president Seung ByeongWook, director Kim JeongYong, director Kim Jihye.
I would also like to thank Kwangjoon-ie hyung who is always beside me working hard, looking after me and loving me silently (from the side-line), (stylists) Gong Jiyeon noona, Yoonjung noona, Yejin noona.. ah Yejin-ie. And I would like to relay a work of thanks to the staff members who worked together on 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’, as well as Joonhyuk-hyung, Hyesung-noona, Dongyeon-ie, Soobin-ie, Jinyoung hyung who are here together tonight and Yoojung-ie.
In order to not be embarrased when I look back on today someday in the future, I will sincerely work hard to become an honest person who always has integrity.
I would like to share this happiness with my beloved dad who is always praying for me, and my family - a sincere thank you once again.

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This episode has been amazing in so many ways for so many reasons:

  • “I’m just happy”
  • Aaron and Robert eating breaky together and Aaron wanting to engrave the coin
  • Aaron talking to Finn and being all lovely and just a wonderful human
  • Aaron looking all cute in that jumper and the HAIR OH MY
  • Aarons ‘surprise motherfucker’ thing making a show 
  • “Look how far I’ve come” Okay… but this was so important
  • Taking off the wedding ring broke me
  • Seeing Aaron drinking to deal with the pain on the pub wall and acting like his old self really hit me hard 
  • Robert and Aaron talking things out
  • Robert still wanting to marry Aaron and as soon as possible

What I love about Legion is it not only shows you David’s mindset but also brings you into it with him. You’re confused at times and you’re not sure what’s real and what isn’t. The scene where he’s talking with the psychologist (I think he was a psychologist) and the closet opens. The moment it opens David’s mood changes and so does the atmosphere. I found myself extremely tense like David during that scene. The camera shots from inside looking out of the closet and the music as well, all got my heart racing. All until the moment the man closed the door and David looked relieved, thats when I let out the breath that I didn’t know I was holding.

  • me: i know what's going on!
  • legion: no you don't
  • legion: *jumpscares me four times during one episode*
  • legion: *uses unreliable narrator to the extreme*
  • legion: *uses language of cinematography that i don't understand*
  • legion: *scene cuts in most random places*
  • me: fine, point taken

So i was doing a rewatch of Sky High and I noticed that the entire movie is made up of canted shots, which is basically tilting the camera for a different type of shot.

And I love canted shots because they can mean so many things!

Sometimes they’re meant to disorient the viewer;

Sometimes to show that the character itself is disorientated;

to show emotion, a change in pace, a lapse of time…etc.

But in this movie I couldn’t help but notice that the canted shot wasn’t a once in a while occurrence but a constant presence


it’s used

a   l o t  

So I wonder why this movie about superheroes and high schoolers decided to film such relatable characters with such an uncommon style?

Was it to show how differently perceived the superheros are compared to us?

Or was it supposed to remind the audience that this was a school set in the sky and therefor, defies our physics?

I don’t know!

But if you have an idea based off of these shots (which i took from google and definitely do not receive credit for, so sorry) let me know!


Even if you’re not a Fallout franchise fan, you should watch this. Although it is indeed based on the Fallout franchise, no context is required; it stands alone as a fantastic science fiction show all on its own. This is the first installment of the pilot episode (which is being released in three parts).

The writing (including micro-writing and story and pacing), the acting, the directing, the CGI and practical effects, the cinematography, the production values in general… Just everything is so beautifully done, and it is so intense–AND THIS IS A FAN-MADE YOUTUBE SERIES!

I don’t know if it was a conscious casting decision or not, but I also love that the protagonist is a black man, because representation matters, y’all, even when scavving the wastes. I’m only about 2/3 of the way through this, but I was so excited I had to post about it.

To be honest, this is better than most television shows I’ve seen. If I ever get a chance to write or act or even do voice-overs for these people, I will probably squee audibly and pee myself with excitement. (So if you ever want to see a tough-looking 53-year-old disabled Army veteran bouncing around like a 12 year old at a… at a concert of whoever 12-year-old kids listen to nowadays, that will be your chance.)

If you ARE a Fallout fan, you will appreciate it even more. The attention to detail and adherence to lore are nothing short of amazing.

(Friendly reminder that Bethesda actually encourages this sort of thing, and that Bethesda staff members have in fact hung out at shoots for at least one other fan-made Fallout web series.)

Death of the Author and The Final Problem

As Sunday draws nearer some fans have begun to become disillusioned with the show they fell in love with. I too lament the loss of the chemistry and feel of the first two series. Something went wrong in series 3 and whatever it was continued on to series 4 as can be seen with the steady drop in ratings for the show. Series 4, for me, tries too hard, with its cinematography and its special effects, and even that “twist” with the secret sister. (Although it wasn’t really a twist, many fans had already deduced “the other one” to be female as early as series 3). 

In my opinion, the writers and creators of the show have lost sight of what many fans, myself included, were drawn to in the first couple of series (and no, it was not Johnlock in any romantic sense of the word). Sherlock was a modern interpretation of A.C.D’s literary characters. We saw a Sherlock who used a mobile like a pro and was able to navigate modern London with his eyes closed. We saw a John who carried his demons but was still able to see the brilliance of a lonely man. We saw a friendship that grew steadily stronger as they solved cases and shared meals. It was about cases and the deep friendship between two lonely men. And yes there was a motley crew of characters in the show but Sherlock and John remained the focus.  

The later series moved away from this focus introducing other characters that saturated the story-line and the fans took notice. The writers can argue that they are writing one story and they can become frustrated if viewers and fans see something other than what they have written and voice their displeasure of new introductions. But they can’t impede the fans from interpreting the show as something else in order to recover what made them fall in love with the show in the first place. Allow me to paraphrase Roland Barthes’ Death of the Author, whatever the author intends by his writing is immaterial; a text’s unity lies not in its origin (author) but in its destination (the reader). 

What I am essentially saying is that come what may on Sunday your interpretation will not be wrong. Ship whatever ship you wish if that is your fancy, the writers can’t stop you. I am certain that TFP will spawn thousands of fix-its and I look forward to them.