So I finished the 6 episodes released of The Get Down!! I LOVED IT.

I love Dizzee’s plotline and am excited to see more of that. Never thought I’d love Jaden Smith this much, but here I am.

Other than the obviously amazing cinematography and music, I particularly loved all of the Star Wars references, the entire Kipling family (it’s hard to pick a favorite tbh??), and the fact that two actors from Mr. Robot (Gideon and Romero) are in the show. Romero as the Kipling father is such a cool dad, I was so happy to see him!

I am excited to gif more of the show, and rewatch it w/ everyone in my house.

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Have you watch Stranger Things on Netflix?

yesterday i decided to check it out and ended up binge-watching 6 of the 8 episodes released right now. its an amazing show; the pacing, the acting, the characters, the plot, the mystery, the cinematography, the 1980s small-town aesthetic (and pop culture references), its all so incredible and smart and genuinely creepy. i love it a lot so far.

i think its also really cool how the plot is sorta like a game of Dungeons and Dragons come to life, and that’s how the kids approach it, using strategies and names from the game. not to mention, it reminds me a lot of what a live-action Gravity Falls would be like, with 12 year old kids getting mixed up in serious mysteries and conspiracies surrounding a gate to another dimension that’s the home of a horrifying monster that’s able to temporarily enter our dimension, and it requires a ton of energy to even create a tear in the universe like that, which as their science teacher explains would result in gravity and the earth’s magnetic poles being all screwed up, as is what basically happens in Gravity Falls.

i’m very excited to finish episodes 7 and 8 today.

the handmaiden is literally such an amazing film like more than the amazing cinematography, plot, characters, i just feel so happy about this film showing two women loving each other and helping each other take back and reestablish their own agency. it was messy and not perfect and beautiful and now i want to just consume works like this i’m just so 💘💘💘 over this movie!

Kubo and the Two Strings was beautiful. Honestly, if you’ve been a fan of Laika films before, go see it! It was so gorgeous to look at, and I definitely teared up at the story, holy shit.

Also I binge watched Stranger Things within like a 24 hour span and I AM IN LOVE? The cinematography was incredible and the soundtrack created a perfect emotional tone around the whole thing.

I fucking love… visual storytelling. I love movies and shows and art… you guys… ; ;


Day Two (August 16th) One aspect of the show you really admired (scenery, location, costume, cinematography, swords/guns. etc.) - Everything!!!!!

What i love the most about this show is the fact that many things that are based on the book are changed  and made in a better way. It is also modernised. For example, the show has hundred times better and happier ending , female characters aren’t so girly (they fight and kill )and many more. The show also has some funny moments ,like my favourite quote: “ THAT WAS EITHER A WOUNDED BULL OR PORTHOS”- Athos. The musketeers became one of my favourite shows also cause of its fandom. All the fans are great and united and i appreciate that so much. 

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Do you recommend GOT? I know there's a huge hype surrounding it. But is it a good show? And do you know where I can watch it?

I really like GoT because all of the characters are complex and well-thought out, and all of the characters are really morally grey if not straight up evil. the worldbuilding is good. also the visual effects and cinematography and costumes are good as fuck! 

but it’s not for everyone. it’s kind of gratuitously gory and they often don’t treat female characters well (especially in season 5. skip season 5 if you watch it.) 

(it’s basically a whiter, straighter version of the 100 except better production quality and more nipples and dragons) 


I love you, Jackson.

From the deepest, purest part of my heart.

You have to do this. It’s who we are sweetheart.

It’s okay. My baby boy.

It’s time.

Sons of Anarchy, creator Kurt Sutter (2008-2014)

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I was tagged by @silver-89. Thank you!

Last movie you saw: Ghostbusters

The last song you listened to: A&E, Goldfrapp

Last show you watched:The Living and the Dead, BBC. (Lovely actors and cinematography, uneven other things)

The last book you read: Serpents in Eden, British Library crime classics

Last thing you ate: yoghurt and raspberries

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Iceland

Where would you time travel to:1600s London, 1910s Paris, 1940s New York 

The first thing you would do with lottery money: pay off mortgage

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Finn from The Force Awakens. He’s a sweetie and he’s grounded.

Time right now: 12:25

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So i got tagged by the marvelous @fantasticmojo47​ lets see what damage I can do.

1. Who was the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen IRL? 
Bitch me dafuq lmfao, no I would say my sister fr though.

2. The movie you love to watch over and over again?
I love watching I think Spirited Away that movie never gets old like omg.

3. What are some really popular, “universal” experiences/shows/movies/books/whatever that you never got into and still don’t understand?
LORD OF THE RINGS/THE HOBBIT, I never got into it the movies just seem so longwinded for no reason and I damn sure aint reading the books. I bet ill fall asleep watching it.

4. What was an experience you had that totally should’ve been in a movie with the perfect montage music and the gorgeous cinematography? What soundtrack does that experience have? 
Oh shit I would say getting fucked up with my friends , and one of my friends got so fucking plastered that she just started dancing like omg wtf it would’ve been a great montage of her stupidity. The only song I can think of to play would be “Shots” 😂😂.

5. Do you like to listen to new music or do you have a hard time moving on from the songs that you already know?
I love listening to new music all the way like I dont have a tough time moving from my old music because I love them to but new music makes me feel like a new man lol.

6. What’s your opinion of Nicholas Cage?
Ugh 🙄

7. Out of all of the memes, which one is the greatest?
The one where Skai Jackson is sitting in her blue dress, BOY that shit be have me rolling all day 😂😂

8. If a cat followed you around all day, what would your reaction be?
“Go away kitty I can’t take care of you but I can’t help find you a home” 

9. Do you believe in the paranormal?
HELL TO THE FUCKING YES, there are things out in the world that we don’t understand and some of y'all dumbasses be tempting these forces to come out and play. NOPE. 
10. Do you have any siblings and which one is the most annoying?
Yes and I have siblings and the most annoying one is my eldest brother he’s just so stupid and dumb like omg how can you be the oldest like wtf.

Ok time for my own questions.

1. Space Exploration or Deep Sea Exploration? Why?
2. Would ever like go for an extended period of time ONLY juicing your food?
3. What one physical feature is your favorite on a person you’re attracted to?
4. Would you do NSFW web searching in a SFW only environment? 
5. How is it when you wake up? Are you groggy? Do you jump out ready for the day?
6. What is your humor usually based on? Insults? Situation?
7. What is one job you would NEVER want to do?
8. What is something about a person that you honestly can’t stand?
9. Flipping tables, are you capable of flipping tables? Why would you?
10. Pokemon, Digimon, Bakugan or Beyblade?

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