You’re the butcher or you’re the cattle

okay but I am so happy for Ricky like holy shit??? he was bullied off the show where he played a character he loved so much and instead of breaking him, this experience shaped him and he landed a gig and he’s working with fucking brian fuller aka the genius of cinematography with a solid loyal fanbase??? and starring in a show based on a book by fucking neil gaiman??? not to mention both of these guys are incredible to work with???? ricky is an moc playing a lead in a tv show that’s being highly anticipated by general public and critics while jrot has posters yanked out of his hands at the signing line and the lead of his show deadass despises him god is real and i fucking love karma holy shit


After that wonderful poll I’ve decided to list down things both shows have in common in hoping that both fandoms will start checking out each other’s shows from now on.

  • Serial killer with European accent duhh
  • Puppies 
  • Even more puppies
  • Did I mentioned puppies?
  • Sexual tension between the protagonist and the antagonist 
  • Science team
  • Sass lots of sass
  • Doctors we love to hate or hate to love idk
  • Characters that died too soon (RIP Beverly. RIP Beth. Rip Katja)
  • People dying
  • Weird stuff (I don’t wanna spoil this for you)
  • Great acting
  • Great writing
  • Great cinematography
  • The cast are dorks

As someone who watches both shows I highly recommend Hannibal to Clone Clubbers and Orphan Black to Fannibals. Both are beautiful masterpieces that deserve more viewers, so if you haven’t give it a try yet, what are you waiting for go check it out now. 

Hannibal is on Fridays 10/9c (NBC) | Orphan Black is on Saturdays 9/8c (BBC America)

Sense8 is just such a spectacular show. The characters are amazing. The representation is on another level. They had MULTIPLE musical numbers and I didn’t even question it. The action sequences were fantastic. They had some of the most powerful and touching heart-to-heart character moments I’ve ever seen. They gave us four complicated and diverse love stories and I was 100% into all of them. The score is incredible and the cinematography is gorgeous. They paid off on their premise and answered questions without killing the steam on their mystery/conspiracy arc. The writers are playing the long game and have a mapped out plan for five seasons.

I honestly can’t get my head around the fact that this show is real. It’s a gift from the gods of television, like the universe is apologizing for Glee.