I am 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City. And I’m currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow. What else? I’m a right-handed Sagittarius. I love Chinese food. I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean. And I think that “The Big Lebowski’s” overrated.

This will be long but I will not put it under a cut so please bear with me.

Again, I am a Filipino and I’ve been a Mitang for more than 6 years. I loved Zhou Mi so much I can’t even describe how much. But then he went and posted that stupid photo on instagram and my feelings kind of changed.

Understanding Zhou Mi and other Chinese Idols/Celebs:

  • They grew up in China,  were educated in China, believes in China, and were raised to love China. Pretty much how all of us are taught to love our own countries. So pressure aside, let’s all suppose that they are patriotic Chinese Citizens, made to believe that the whole East Sea was Chinese territory.
  • Whatever their stand is, whether they actually support China’s claim to the territory or not, all Chinese celebs are kinda obliged to comment or post regarding the issue. Otherwise, their silence would be treated as agreeing with the tribunal ruling, thus they will be considered traitors and anti-patriotic. Remember that Chinese netizens are hardcore witch hunters and disagreeing basically means these idols are ruining their careers and possibly their whole life in China, which people should remember, is their HOME.
  • Zhou Mi has already been branded as Anti-China some time ago because of comments he made on a show. Prior to that, he had already received unreasonable hate from Chinese people. So yes, Zhou Mi was very much obliged to share that post.

Now, on how disappointed I am:

  • These idols have been living in Korea for a long time. Granted, they probably wouldn’t have searched about how the world views their country nor studied political issues during their free time. However, one would expect that having freedom and access to information, they would be more informed and critical of any issue before posting anything on social media.
  • Posting to weibo was pretty much understandable. Posting to instagram is a whole different level of dumb. Instagram is basically their connection to their international fans - including the very same fans who are affected by China’s stubborn claim to the East Sea. There are rarely any Chinese citizens who would hunt them down on Instagram but there are many international fans who would be offended by their posts. So of all people, I am very disappointed with Mi and Victoria.
  • One would argue for freedom of expression and shit like that. But even if they actually believed China’s claim, they should have known of the damage that China has made to these SEA countries. They should have known that openly supporting China’s claim is also supporting the harassment of Vietnamese and Filipino fishermen in the islands.They should have known it is only natural for SEA fans to be upset. (Just today, after the UN Arbitrary court favored the claim of the Philippines, Filipino fishermen tried going to Scarborough. Chinese coast guard are still posted on the shoal and turned away the poor fishermen who are really just doing their livelihood)
  • As you all know, many Korean and Chinese ELF hate Zhou Mi. South East Asian fans are always the ones who stand by him each time O13s are trashing him. So for him to seemingly disregard this group of fans is very much upsetting.

Do I still support Zhou Mi?

Yes. But I am very disappointed in him.

  • Zhou Mi is a very kind person. fans who have met him can’t say otherwise. Also, he was my ray of light during the dark years of my life. His music helped me survive my depression. His smile was my sunshine and he has been my inspiration for so many years now. I probably won’t be who I am and where I am now if not for him. I can’t just stop liking him because of this.
  • If we suppose that he posted that photo out of obligation, I would be more at ease. But if he truly wholeheartedly supports the nine-dash line thing, then I’ll just consider him as ignorant.
  • And if he is ignorant, then I wish he would learn. I wish he would get educated about the issue.
  • My reasons for liking him is not based on his political views. I work with people who have opposing political views as me. I argued with company executives who support extra-judicial killings in my country. I think their beliefs are twisted, but I also know that they are good people. It’s just that their sense of justice and their sense of righteousness is different from mine. That doesn’t make them bad people.

I am a Filipino and my duty is to my country. Same as Zhou Mi is Chinese and his loyalty is to China. It doesn’t change the fact that he is a good, humble, and caring person. That’s how I knew him to be when I became his fan and I still want to believe on that.

I wish the fans who are hating on him right now would also calm down. You can be disappointed, angry, or even furious. No one is taking that away from you. But your energy spent on leaving hateful comments would not change anything. Only our respective governments can resolve the issue. I honestly d not trust our DFA Sec and our president on the bilateral talk with China, but we can only put our faith in them. Seriously, attacking celebs on social media will not get you those territories.

If by any chance, Zhou Mi makes further statement regarding the issue, then that would be the time to analyze and think thorough if I would still support him despite his stupidity.

For now, I will go watch his MV and listen to his song because man, if you haven’t heard it, you should. It’s really nice.

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I’m a 119-year-old vampire from Dublin city, and I’m currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting, religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow. What else? I’m a right handed Sagittarius, I love Chinese food, I’ve never seen the pacific ocean, and I think that the Big Lebowski is overrated.


I am 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City. And I’m currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow. I’m a right-handed Sagittarius. I love Chinese food. I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean. And I think that “The Big Lebowski’s” overrated.

i want to be loved like an aquarium in a chinese restaurant

loved like an asterisk at the start of your name in someone’s contacts

loved honestly like when you have a free choice between your starters and pick charmander because it’s your favourite pokemon

loved tactically like your rival choosing squirtle because it’s the most likely to beat your charmander

and then the two of you go on a life changing journey across the world making an
eternal bond with your new best friend

sometimes we’re loved like the bulbasaur left on the table

there are no other trainers in pallet town
—  Alex Russell, “Lucky Star,” published in Spy Kids Review
Reading Books.

Today I have the writers urge,
a host of words to splash and splurge,
to write of blood  and history,
to write of love and mystery.

I can tell you of the Chinese wall,
of  the Mongol
 Empires rise and fall,
how Caesar ruled the streets of Rome,
and was stabbed to death upon his throne.

Of Dracula and the  blood he takes,
and Van Helsing and his wooden stakes,
Frankenstein, and his lightning bolts,
and the beauty on which  this monster dotes.

We can read some Dickens and his Christmas frights
or Wilky Collins and his Lady in White,
of Heathcliff’s ghost upon the moors,
of headless bodies on  rains-wept shores.

We can go to space and reach the stars.
have lunch upon the lakes of Mars,
and when tiredness makes us nod and swoon,
we can rest awhile upon the moon.

We can dive beneath the sea, so deep,
we can capture Fairies and watch them sleep,
we can dig up tombs, with tales untold,
and find the Leprechaun’s pot of gold.

At night time we can close our eyes,
we can fly our way to Paradise;
but there is no single, we must return,
until our work down here is done.

I could go on, and on, and on,
writing this is so much fun,
so please my friends, pick up a book,
it will do harm to have a look.  

Books can take us anywhere,
no passports or expensive fare,
just sit you down and nestle in,
and feast upon the words within.

Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts.

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her whole album is cute! im from arkansas, so, its to be expected lolol. all the better to smile ab southern things mccree would do. my fave thrift store has a sign up that says "i could sop you up with a biscuit!" he def says this to hanzo

Yes he 100% does?? He also drinks iced sweet tea and Hanzo nearly spits it out on the floor the first time McCree offers him “iced tea.” Actually just the concept of Southern Soul Food in general; Hanzo’s from Japan and his arteries probably clog instantly as soon as McCree talks to him about Chicken Fried Steak or Biscuits and Gravy or Fried Okra.

Eventually McCree sits him down and cooks him a nice meal made of wholesome Southern Hospitality and Hanzo goes into a food coma after like five bites because it’s so rich and heavy.