HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, SASHA VELOUR   (June 25, 1987) 

I’m an over-thinker with a fighter’s spirit. I hope my legacy is that sometimes that level of thought is an asset, especially now in this political moment, because this political moment is very anti-intellectual, anti-information, and anti-historical. Clearly, I love queer history, learning, thinking about things really hard, and having these discussions about them… I hope that’s my legacy: this serious person with a tough veneer is about all these things, about what queer culture has been and should be, because we need that in order to combat from this political era. We need a historical, political kind of drag.”

Later Night Snacks and Underwear - 3

Your eight o’clock alarm woke you abruptly. Surely you’d been in the middle of a rem cycle. You rubbed your eyes sleepily and sat up reluctantly. “Okay, I’m awake FRIDAY,” you grumbled.

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I’m working on a grem!alex doll!! I’m not done yet but I wanted to show you the gremlin-sized quill I made for him.

I love your art!!

One of the things I look forward to most every day is coming home from a long day at work and unwinding by seeing what’s new on your blog


oml this looks amazing!

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I'm watching the new Dan vs Phil and Grindr is mentioned not even a minute in. I love this new era of casually referencing things that imply that FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THEY ARE NOT STRAIGHT

Anonymous said:
MANDY! Did you see Dan and Phil’s newest gaming vid? Like holy fuck was it flirty???? Like insanely flirty. And that’s saying something with these two.

Anonymous said: 
is it just me or where they were so natural and uninhibited in that video, what the heck!?

duuuuuuuuuuuude that video was so damn good. Maybe they were too hot to even care how cute they were being, but fussy impatient Dan and Phil giving back as good as he got and grindr mentions and Phil with his cute little Dan and Ben? jealousy schtick and ughhh I love it. 

Look at him in all his glory!
I made Blegnorph during the multi stream with @squigglydigglydoo
And @spudinacup
I love Blegnorph. He is my child.
(I swear if you people draw Blegnorph I will cry in happiness)
I hope you people like Blegnorph as much as I love him and feel free to tell me things that you think I should add to him or something!
SO I should probably note his things
-His pie cuts are on the top of his eyes instead of the side
-One eye is lower than the Other (the left eye)
-He is basically a walking puddle with no legs, feet, or hands basically
-His bowtie is kinda melted too
-His horns are basically backwards/inside out?
-Yes, he can move.
Hope you guys like Blegnorph!

Sansa to Jon is basically what Tyrion is to Dany. They became real rulers once Tyrion and Sansa (again) came to their lives. While rewatching GoT I realised that.

The scenes when they finally meet are kinda similar, also the conversations after. Dany and Jon both so much in their own worlds, and Sansa and Tyrion trying to convince them that their point of views is kinda wrong. When Dany spoke about breaking the wheel, and Jon about going somewhere south, both Sansa and Tyrion were rolling their eyes lol

Also when Jon was making the battle plans and Dany was going to kill all masters, Sansa and Tyrion spoke up, said that that is wrong, that they shouldn’t do things that way.

Just admit it, Dany and Jon (as much as I also love them) sometimes do some very stupid things.. But Sansa and Tyrion are the different story. 

ID #54497

Name: Zoë
Age: 17
Country: Germany

hello everyone

I’m a girl, interested in arts, literature and music and i would love to get to know people from all over the world with preferably the same interests lol
I am in 11th grade right now and finishing school next year with the German equivalent to A-levels (hopefully). even though I am pretty introverted, I love organizing stuff for my school and getting to know people from the whole school: I’ve been a part of the student council for a whole year now and worked in several bigger projects such as Parties for the smaller children and renovation of certain school rooms.
My interests include: Books (mostly classics and Harry Potter, I am currently rereading Anna Karenina), TV-Series (I LOVE skam, riverdale, friends, stranger things and stuff like that), arts (especially dutch: vermeer, van gogh, rembrandt) and music (alt-J might be my favorite band of all time, the front bottoms, sorority noise, vampire weekend, modern baseball).

Preferences: 16-20, any gender, please don’t waste my time with racist, sexist or any other discriminating views of some sort. anyone else is welcome :)

Do me a favor

Please, today call your grandma…. or better yet visit her if you can. Tell her, “I love you” and some of the things you value her for. Today may be the last day I spend time with my grandma on this earth. I will see her again in eternity, but it is better to live knowing you said what you wanted to say.