Lowest of Lows | Steve Harrington

Summary; Steve Harrington is a sweetheart (as per usual) after the events in Season 2. Minor spoilers.

Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

A/N; Yes, another Henderson!Reader Steve fic…I love the idea what can I say 🤷‍♀️… I’ll mix it up soon but for this idea it had to be done.

The fact that your cat, Mews died, didn’t really set in until a week following the events in the Upsidedown. You were still on edge, constantly in fear that things weren’t actually over. That Will wasn’t actually okay, and that he, or any of you really, could be taken at any second.

In your head there were much more important things to worry about.

When your mom got the cat a few years back you were sceptical to say the least. She got him as a coping mechanism for your dad leaving, at least that’s what you thought.

You weren’t big on animals, cats especially. You contemplated pretending that you were allergic, but your mom needed it.

Eventually the little fur ball wormed his way into your heart. You did have one, afterall, and he was freaking adorable. Your only complaint was the ample amounts of orange fur that you would always find all over your black clothes.

The loss of your feline friend didn’t even really take its toll on you, until all of a sudden on Friday night you were struggling to breathe from sobbing so hard.

Your nose was raw from rubbing it, and your eyes were practically swollen shut. To conclude; you were an utter mess.

Luckily for you, you were home alone. Dustin was sleeping over at Mike’s with the boys, and your mother was off doing who knows what. The fact that you didn’t have Mews to cuddle up to when you got lonely really took its tole.

Steve knew you were home alone, and from experience he knew how lonely it got. He wanted to provide company for you, even if it was just in the form of a phone call.

You, however, were too busy sobbing to pick up the phone. And that worried Steve. His mind couldn’t help but go back to the previous weeks and the danger that everyone was in. You especially.

So he did what any concerned friend would do, at least that’s what Steve told his self, and drove over to your house.

By the time he got there it was past 10 and pitch black out side. You were probably just asleep. He tried to reassure himself. Yet he hopped out of his BMW anyways and knocked on your door.

When you didn’t respond after a few seconds Steve decided to knock again, putting his ear against the door to listen in. He could hear your sobs and hiccups. Relief filled the man. At least he knew you were alive now, granted you were crying which still wasn’t the ideal circumstance.

“Y/N/N? Is everything okay in there?” He questioned from the other side of the door, his hand gripping the brass doornob tightly.

“Steve?” You questioned softly, not believing your ears. You were probably dehydrated from all of the crying. There was no way in hell Steve would drive all the way to your house just ‘cause you didn’t pick up the phone.

“Yeah, it’s me. Could you let me in?”

“Just go home, Steve. I’m okay. I’ll be okay.” You responded, pulling the fluffy blanket tighter under your chin.

“Now that doesn’t sound like a very good idea at all. I can’t leave when my best girl is down.” Steve grinned.

Even though you couldn’t see Steve’s face, you could imagine his expression. His eyes were probably soft as he watched the door for movement, a sympathetic smile painted on his lips.

“If you don’t answer the door I’ll find another way in. I’m a ninja, remember? I could do it.” He warned, taking a few steps back from the door.

“Have it your way.” He mumbled softly to himself, ready to kick the door down if necessary.

You stood up slowly, a small smile finding its way onto your lips at the theatric boy’s antics. Leave it to Steve Harrington to cheer you up in less then 200 words. Even in your lowest state.

You wiped your raw nose with a discarded tissue and threw it into the trash can, dragging the blanket behind you like a cape. Hesitantly you placed your hand on the door nob, unlocking the door slowly.

You pulled the door wide open to reveal Steve Harrington, looking a bit disheveled but of course still handsome. Even after his face was bashed in by Billy Hargrove he managed to look handsome.

“Were you about to try and kick down the door?” You questioned in disbelief, staring at the sheepish boy with wide eyes.

“I-I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He replied with a light blush. “And obviously you aren’t. What the hell happened to you?”

You scoffed. “Way to kick a girl when she’s down.” You walked back into the livingroom, plopping yourself back down onto the brown loveseat.

Steve followed closely behind, taking the seat by your side. “You know that’s not what I meant. You could have two black eyes and be missing your front teeth and I’d still find you fucking gorgeous.” Steve reassured, linking your hand with his.

“You’re gonna think it’s stupid.” You pouted, disconnecting your hands.

“Nothing that has you this worked up is stupid.” He reassured, placing a gentle hand on your cheek.

“Mews is dead.” Your eyes watered just thinking about it so you closed them, hoping to stop anymore tears from falling.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Steve whispered, pulling you into his chest.

You gripped his blue shirt tightly between your fists, trying to hold your sobs in. “I miss him so much.” You cried shakily.

“I know you do.” Steve ran his fingers through your messy hair. “It’ll get better. I promise.”

The next morning you were even more exhausted. Steve had left a few hours after your miniature breakdown. Your eyes were practically swollen shut, and your voice was almost gone.

When you left your bedroom you were greeted by the smell of pancakes, which admittedly made your stomach turn a bit. Your mother was an awful chef.

“Woah, you look like shit.” Dustin yelled, scaring you slightly. You hadn’t even known he was home yet. How late was it?

“Gee thanks.” You smiled sarcastically, flipping the boy off and walking in the other direction.

“I’m just being honest.” He shrugged as if he didn’t do anything wrong.

“Screw you, asshat.” You yelled back in response, slamming the bathroom door shut. You could use a hot shower for sure.

You were snapped out of your hot-water induced haze by your mom screaming your name. “Y/N/N! You have a visitor!”

“I’ll be right out mom!”

When you imerged from your bedroom, fully dressed in the most comfy pajamas you owned, you were met with your mother and brother crowded around Steve Harrington on the couch.

“I thought you said I had a visitor.” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t be jealous sweet cheeks, Dustin and your mom were just keeping me company while I waited.

You grinned at the brunette boy, ignoring your brothers groan in disgust. “Gross.”

“Oh, this one is a keeper, Y/N/N.” Your mom declared dreamily. You know that she knew you weren’t dating.

“I keep trying the tell her that.” Steve winked at your mom.

“For Christs sake, I’m sitting right here!” Dusting gagged, “Screw this.” He sighed, hoping up from his spot on the couch and running off to his bedroom.

You rolled your eyes at the boys antics. Your mother followed behind him except she went off back into the kitchen. Something about meatloaf (which you hated).

“Why don’t you come take a seat.” Steve grinned, patting the seat next to him softly.

You didn’t trust it at all. “What the hell is going on?”

You noticed that Steve was blocking something from your view as you sat down. He looked up at you with soft eyes and an even softer smile. One thing was for sure. He looked proud as hell of himself (though what was new).

“Close your eyes.”

You hesitantly agreed, tensing when you felt something light being placed into your lap.

“Okay, open them.”

Your gaze was met with that of the cutest kitten you had ever seen in your entire life. He was small enough to hold in one hand and had a soft black coat.

Yours began to water as you looked up at Steve. He had a pink blush on his cheeks and was watching you wide wide eyes.

“You-you did this for me?” You questioned shakily, a tear falling from your eye onto your cheek.

Steve nodded, reaching over to pet the kitten on his little head. “His name is Dart.” Steve winked.

“Dark.” You laughed, petting the tiny animal’s cheek.

“Do you-do you like him?” Steve asked you in a small voice.

“I love him Steve. Seriously. This is the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me. Thank you.” You smiled, leaning over to embrace the man. He held you tight against his chest, neither of you wanting to let go.

You placed a soft peck of thanks on his cheek once you pulled away. You smiled at how warm the skin was from all of his blushing.

“I think you missed.” Was all Steve said as he leaned in again, this time tilting his head so he could properly lay his lips over yours.

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Have you played Skyrim? Do you have opinion on the game? Just curious. I wonder what class and race you would play with and what guild would you join, haha.

I played it a loooong time ago.  I liked it!  It was my first Bethesda game (and only TES game), and I really liked the freedom it gave you.  I put off the main quest for a long time just to explore.  Most of the characters felt really underdeveloped, but I had so much fun exploring the world that I didn’t care

I had a dunmer named Niki or Nika or something, I loved stealing things and sneaking rather than fighting, so I joined the Thieves Guild.  When I first played Fallout 4, I initially REALLY disliked Nick, until I realized it was because he had the same VA as Mercer Frey lol.  Anyways I think I married some orc guy and adopted a kid, but it’s been a while.

Half-Buttoned -- Dacre Montgomery

Request: “Could I get Dacre smut like reader rides him? (ALSO IDK HOW BUT COULD U ADD IN HOW READER THINKS ITS REALLY HOT AF THAT HE WEARS HIS SHIRTS HALF BUTTONED UP)” — hailhydrabarnes “I loved your recent imagine ride his face/eats her out until she begs him to stop?❤️❤️”

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). NSFW gifs below the cut. Cursing. Rough sex. Orgasm denial. Edging. Lots of kinky shit. I would not recommend reading unless you’re SUPER kinky and into rough sex. Also, does shitty writing count as a warning?

Pairing: Dacre Montgomery x Reader

Summary: You and Dacre just love to tease each other, but at some point he has to teach you to be a good girl for him.

Word Count: 3143

Listen To: I Put a Spell on You by Annie Lennox

A/N: Yeah, so I’m highkey obsessed with Fifty Shades Darker. I’ve always had a kink for that shit, so I decided to write a Dacre fic that sort of (not really) has Fifty Shades vibes (maybe). I got WAY into this and it got out of hand, sorry if this isn’t your thing… oops.

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I was walking to my car today and this girl passed me and said “wow I love your aesthetic!” And that’s the best thing anyone’s ever said to me

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I love how murderbird is now an actual thing they call Yuuri. I wonder if some people are really intimidated by how bloodthirsty Yuuri is and consider Victor like a fearless sirentamer for scoring a Yuuri without losing a hand? It would be funny if someone was actually scared of Victor and the murderbird they heard he keeps as a PET!

Oh they do! And are!

People wouldn’t be aware of the nature of their relationship, they would just have heard that the pirate Nikiforov has a siren he keeps on board that helps him take out ships. Victor was already feared, now he’s somehow got a mythical creature who aids him. That’s terrifying.

There will be instances of that seen in the future too.


Who’s That Vans Girl: @Mariaruzafa

Design student Maria takes the word “badass” to a whole new level! Aside from her on-point outfits and passion for skate culture, she plays soccer for the national team of Andorra. We caught up with this Vans girl to learn more about her and to find out what inspires her style. 

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Stranger Things: MONSTER Anime Opening


I love the Stranger Things opening and I love Monster, and I felt if any opening would work perfectly with it it would be for this series, so I could do tribute to both. Monster (by Naoki Urasawa) is the best supernatural horror I’ve ever seen that has no supernatural elements, which is what makes it so horrific and thrilling. You should watch/read it!

[I’m making another version of my first post in case tumblr punishes me in search tags for outgoing links]

as much as i’d love to fanservice because i also would love to see them kiss - good things comes to those that wait ;) their relationship aint there yet sorry! but when it does happen

BOI it’ll be a treat

mmmm~ i think you can piece the pieces together with these comics

link- glurf’s invention. (where else can such a competent scientist be found?)

link link link - Glurf’s past so far. If Fraid would go through such lengths - Glurf has nothing to fear.
link -  if fraid can tolerate through that, he’d never tell glurf to go away

Fraid as an eldritch being from [redacted information] don’t catch no fevers, but there was a single one time where he did get ‘sick’.

yeah and it was completely unintentional too!! 

Imma paint this another time - tis almost 1am and time for me to sleep. This is final mega cowardice ask post :3 nini i slep now~

Supergirl 3x07

SO. MANY. THINGS in this episode.

First of all : SAM. OMG. I knew she was from Krypton, but, wow, I wasn’t expecting that ! Argh, come on, I love Sam and Ruby, please don’t make her a villain, she’s awesome !

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Then : J’onn and his father, aaaaaaah, I’m so happy for him ! J’onn deserves all the happiness in the galaxy.

And finally : MON-EL.
Me at the beginning of the episode : MY SHIP IS SAILING.
Me at the end : 

Originally posted by isnow101as

Well. I guess it’s time for SuperCorp to take the way to canonisation. Bye, Karamel, you were nice when you lasted, time for Lena to swoop in and heal Kara’s heart !

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Concept (not smut) but you and Shawn moving in together and you guys make your own little spaces like your offices and it’s just really cute

I love this idea. Like bringing in all the things you packed down and being perfectly messy organized. And like unboxing and going through things together while eating pizza and sipping beers with John Mayer blasting in the background. 

“I honestly thought you were kidding when you told me you had seventeen guitars. What sort of person need this many?” “Shh, baby. They can hear you” Shawn would say and pick up one of the guitars and stroke it a little and you would just laugh at him. 

Or when Shawn dragged up this picture that used to hang on your wall and his eyes just turns wide. “And why did we bring this?” “Shut up, Shawn. It was my grandmother’s” “It’s ugly” “It’s sentimental” “It’s going in your study room” and then you would just stick our tongue out at him but he would lean closer to you and kiss your lips softly. 

Or you would open a box and find things you’d never seen before. Like different pens and a reading lamp, a new ipad and a big mug in your favourite colour and you would just look up at Shawn confused. “What is this?” “It’s for your study room. I figured you could use some pens to highlight when you read. And oh the lamp, you looked at that one in Spain, remember?. It’s good for reading. And you’re always talking about how annoying it is to drag your computer to school, so I thought an ipad might be better. And the mug, well, 90% of your studying revolves around coffee” and then your hand would move to his flushed cheeks and stroke him gently before you kissed his burning lips. “That’s so sweet, Shawn” “I just wanted you to feel home” “I’m home as long as you’re here”

Or going through your clothes and hanging everything on hangers and you would just go through some of the clothes Shawn had with a laughter from your mouth. “Please tell me you never wore this?” “It’s was in at the time” “Dude, animal prints was never in. Ever” “You don’t know fashion” “And neither do you. Clearly” you’d joke while laughing massively. “I know what sort of fashion I like on you” Shawn would say while leaning closer to you. “And what might that be, Mendes?” And then his hands would remove your white t-shirt and let it fall to the floor. “This one” 


Intermediate Class was a littleeeeee bit more on the Advanced Side… This was the only part of the routine I felt “good” about, but I still loved the whole thing. I gotta work on shoulder stands… oof. #poledance #polefitness #newbie #newoutfit (at BeSpun)

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Not really a request but imagine having a full on make out session with drunk and tipsy Shawn.

c o n c e p t

Imagine that sweet taste of his mouth mixed with the strong aftertaste of the alcohol. Blurry glances of his eyes as his hands wander down your body and touches you all sort of sweet places. Struggling to breathe properly and once in a while almost falling out of the couch. His tongue leaving wet traces on your steamy neck and the heat in your cheeks as his hands move up your shirt. Giggling and smiling because you’re drunk and Shawn is always childish when he’s drunk. Slurred “i love yous” and dirty things he wants to do to you. And you could just lay there forever with your fingers in his steamy, messy curls and his tongue in your mouth with Khalid playing in the background and feel his boner pressing against you. Shawn would push you further against the couch as he grabs your thigh and you wrap your leg around his hips while he deepens the kiss even more. And though the room was spinning, your lips were firmly locked on Shawn’s because a drunk make out session at three in the morning after a bottle of vodka and feelings like a love sick teenager, was the best thing in the world. 

UPDATE 11/21/17

Hello everyone. For those of you new here, I’m the author of the Hiten Encyclopedia series, which is focused on offering historical, character, and filmmaking analyses based on the world of Rurouni Kenshin, penned by Nobuhiro Watsuki.

For those of you that don’t know the news, Watsuki was arrested under some very, very serious charges in Tokyo, and in good conscience, I have decided that I cannot knowingly support or endorse someone who indulges in this disgusting behavior. I want to thank you all for supporting me and HeckYeahRuroKen and @whiteplum in a time where decisions must be made going forward. 

As of today, I am no longer working on any content related to Rurouni Kenshin. All essay drafts will be scrapped and all files and research will be deleted. I will not be interviewing the cinematographer of the Live Action films, as I don’t want to promote anything related to RuroKen at this time. I would love to keep writing about other things, such as Hannibal, Nier Automata, and so on, but I am aware that a large portion of my followers are here for RK content, and I am unfortunately unable to give you more in good conscience.

I will leave the essays I’ve already done up for educational purposes on filmmaking and only because as of writing this, it seems the filmmaking crew was largely unaware of this, but as I said, I will not be writing any more RuroKen content moving forward. 

Thank you all for reading this far, and I wish us all well through dark times.