You guys. Niall is just hanging out in his hotel room, doing interview after interview because EVERYONE WANTS TO TALK TO HIM ABOUT HIS SOLO STUFF! This is HUGE! He’s probably so nervous and overwhelmed, and he probably has to take a huge breath before he answers a call, or makes a call and he’s probably smiling from ear to ear because of all of this support he’s getting and I just… I love this so much.

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Waaaaaaah! Same anon as before with the ❤️❤️❤️ and by golly!!! 💓❤️💖💗💝💞💟 and all permutations of all fruit baskets!!! Would you maybe consider drawing bb!Damen as well? I'd love to see your take on it. Like meeting Auguste, visiting Vere and hanging out (with bb!Laurent looking all googly eyed) 🤗

Hey babe! Sorry for the long wait! Here’s your bb!Damen :3

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Your Jumin and V headcannons give me life! I love the way you write them both! Would you mind doing headcannons for Jumin, V, and the MC hanging out together? Maybe some where Jumin and the MC are together and some where V and the MC are together? Or all three in a relationship if you don't mind? (sorry if this is a strange request)

Don’t you worry, anon! Your request isn’t strange at all, it’s unique! And I love doing unique headcanons! Thank you for your request!
These will be general headcanons involving interactions between V, Jumin, and MC: A mix of friendship, MC x V, MC x Jumin, and polyamorous V, Jumin, and MC.

  • Regarding just friendship, MC and V tease Jumin sometimes. In a cute way though, of course. “Aw, come on Jumin, you won’t smile??”
  • MC and V listen to what Jumin has to say, and they give him feedback! (Okay does it seriously bother anyone else that Jumin is basically never taken seriously by the others throughout the game because it bothers me a LOT)
  • For MC x V, V sometimes likes to go to Jumin for advice. 
  • ^Just like for MC x Jumin, Jumin likes to go to V for advice
  • This is because Jumin realizes that V possesses some qualities that Jumin does not have as much, and vice versa. So the input from the other is nice to have!
  • When it comes to all three of them being together, expect a lot of cheek kisses at the same time. Meaning, MC could just be standing there, and suddenly, V kisses her left cheek, and Jumin kisses her right cheek
  • Adorable shit right there
  • If Jumin’s the one getting his cheeks kissed, you might receive a tiny tint of blush and a mutter that you and V are immature
  • If V’s the one getting his cheeks kissed, you’re receiving an adorable little giggle as his cheeks turn a bit red
  • Jumin does most of the spoiling, while V does most of the sweet little things
  • If MC has been acting a bit snappy lately, the two men work together to solve the puzzle. TEAMWORK AT IT’S FINEST
  • If you guys are going somewhere, you can spend money without feeling like a snobby rich person. (Which, I do not consider Jumin to be one but like if I had a lot of money and spent it in front of people who didn’t have as much, am I the only one who would feel..like..guilty? IM WEIRD OKAY)
  • What I mean by that, is that, for example, let’s say you’re going to a movie, and Jumin rents out the whole theater. You wouldn’t feel as guilty having someone sweet like V with you both because, that’s just the kind of accepting and understanding atmosphere that V gives off

THESE GOT LONG, I hope these were good, anon!!

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i'm so head canoning now that Dia's and Ruby's father is actually a massive pink haired dork who would take his young daughters to idol performances and hang out with them looking at all the latest toys. And the real reason why Dia is probably so nervous about him finding out they are school idols is because she knows he'd find away to sneak in a six foot cardboard sign and cover himself in glow sticks then try to dance along with them.

I had to take a seat real quick because of how great this is. I mean, I was already sitting, but I needed to get up and sit again because dang you blew me back. Dorky pink-haired Papa Kurosawa is real okay, it’s real.

Because of his job, he feels as though he needs to maintain a more traditional image, which directly opposes his personality. As a result, he gets kinda shy about his interest in idols, and whenever Dia and Ruby are watching idol shows/performances or reading idol magazines, he kinda just lingers in the doorway. He peeks around the corner until one of his daughters is like “dad you can come in it’s fine.” 

He never had an interest in idols until he saw how happy they made his daughters. He loves using their love of idols as an opportunity to bond with them, and a lot of his opinions on idols are formed from Ruby n Dia’s opinions. “You best believe Eli the best idol in Muse.” “Yeah Hanayo is a severely underappreciated asset in Muse.” “What do you mean people don’t like Nico? They can’t actually have taste that bad, right?” Their mother comes in sometimes to see them sitting side-by-side on the couch, hands raised and clenched in front of them, while they watch idol news on the tv.

Though his daughters are a bit shy when it comes to his loud support of them when they join Aqours, they really appreciate it. During their performances, he’s in the crowd, in tears. He’s grabbing the random person next to him and pointing at the stage like “Those are my daughters! Look at them, there they are!” He’s got pink glowsticks hanging from his neck like a necklace and red glowsticks sticking out of a headband. And he doesn’t just try to dance with them; he knows all the steps to all of their dances.

#stayaliveoctober: Presentation


I am your humble host, Carina - also known as Zombie, but I promise that it won’t be me chasing you through this challenge! ;)

I am 32 years old and from Sweden, and when I am not busy working or hanging out with my boyfriend I try to train for a 21k I am going to run in May 2017. THAT IS SUPER SCARY! More scary than zombs or turning grey, actually.

I owe all of my thanks to Zombies, Run! 5k for actually getting started with and being able to run. This is where my love of Zombies, Run! started, and I have been a fan ever since. It’s been a while since I used ZR! though, due to problems with my phone + external music player, so for this year’s #stayaliveoctober I have decided to reset my Abel Township and start over from scratch again. Really looking forward to get to know all the characters and the story all over again! :)) 

If you have any questions for me regarding me/my background OR #stayaliveoctober OR Zombies, Run! - feel free to send an ask and I will get back to you whenever possible!

Have fun - and make sure to STAY ALIVE!

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Aged 14: Oh my gosh I had a dream about me and this boy in my class hanging out and having dinner together!! I'm so straight!! It must be a sign that I'm in love with him!! But that dream I had about passionately kissing a girl who's my friend doesn't mean anything right... ha ha girl crushes... we all get them right...

trashmouthsugden  asked:

Hi beautiful ❤❤❤ how are you doing sweetheart? 💗💋 I'm in the mood for some fluffy Robron and who better to ask than the queen of fluff 😉😘 have you got any headcanons for Robert and Aaron being romantic?? Much love xxx

Hello my love😊😊 I’m good thanks and you? You’re too kind. It is an absolute honour to be considered queen of fluff. As asked here are the most tooth-rotting romantic fluff I could think of…..Enjoy!! xx ❤❤

  • To make sure Robert feels and knows The Woolpack is his home, Aaron will have the house stocked with all of Robert’s favorites eg shampoo and food.  
  • Twice a month Aaron and Robert will call in sick so they can spend the day together, hanging out, eating takeaway and watching movies. 
  • During a stormy winters night, Robert came home to find Aaron had pushed all the furniture in the living room to the corner and set up a picnic in the middle of the room with candles on every surface. Robert couldn’t have been more touched by Aaron’s sweet gesture.
  • Whenever Aaron or Robert are super busy at work the other will bring coffee and lunch for them. 
  • On Valentines Day Aaron will send Robert a single red rose with a card that list a reason as to why he loves him. 
  • Robert decided since he and Aaron hadn’t had a proper first date he would organise a surprise first date for their anniversary. He went with the classic, dinner and a movie. At dinner, Robert had pulled out from his jacket a list of questions to ask on a first date. Aaron pointed out the obvious, this wasn’t their first date. Robert had asked Aaron to just humor him. They spent the night asking the questions and to Aaron and Robert’s surprise they actually learned a few new things about each other.
  • Robert loves sneaking up behind Aaron and placing a kiss on his cheek. 
  • Aaron will send Robert links to stories that he knows will interest him. He once sent Robert a link to an article about all of the Star Trek TV series streaming on Netflix.
  • Any accomplishment at work big or small Aaron and Robert every time will make a big fuss out of what the other has managed to accomplish that day.
  • Aaron likes to wake Robert up with a trail of kisses starting at his lips finishing at the crook of his neck and shoulder.
  • Robert loves to leave little notes for Aaron to find around home and work. Some of his notes have included  ‘Switch me on instead’ which was left on the tv remote and ‘Dinner out tonight, my treat’ was left on the microwave door.
Day 7. Forbidden OTP (any couple that is so ilogic but you still like it for any reason)

Well.. Maybe… Let’s talk about Enmoto! We all agree that En & Atsushi are parent like for Yumoto, but also I love Enmoto as a romantic couple. I’m not sure when I’ve started to ship it, probably during first season I was just thinking that Yumoto loves to hang out with En-senpai and their relationship are really cute! So yeah. I love it, I ship it, they’re really cool together!

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Liam Gallagher wants to make up with brother Noel

Liam Gallagher wants to make up with his brother Noel - for the sake of their mum.

Copyright [Giuseppe Aresu/REX/Shutterstock]

The 43-year-old rocker has barely spoken to his older sibling since they had a row which broke up Oasis in 2009, but admits he misses “hanging out” with the 49-year-old star and thinks it would make their beloved mother Peggy happy if they set aside their differences.

Asked if they’ll ever make up, he told Metro: “Who knows? It certainly wouldn’t be for money. I guess it would be nice to put it all to bed for my mam’s sake.

"I miss hanging out with my brother. I f***ing love him but at the same time he’s treated me like a bit of a ****.”

The former Beady Eye frontman admits the public disputes he and Noel have been involved in are incredibly “childish” but they just can’t help themselves.

Copyright [Giuseppe Aresu/REX/Shutterstock]

He added: “We’re having a stand-off, but it’s a funny one, we’re not putting in each other’s windows or messing with each other’s tyres, trying to kill each other.

"He’s like, ‘He can’t sing’. 'F***ing do one potato.’

"It’s stupid and it’s childish and we should know better, but we don’t.”

While he wants to make up with Noel, Liam - who has four children, Molly, 18, Lennon, 17, Gene, 15, and Gemma, three, from various relationships - would punish his kids if they ever went to see his brother perform because he thinks the If I Had A Gun hitmaker’s music will turn them into “squares”.

Discussing his worries about his kids, he said: “Making sure they don’t turn into f***ing squares. That’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

Copyright [Dan Wooller/REX/Shutterstock]

”[What would show they were turning into squares?] Listening to Coldplay, listening to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds… If I ever caught them at one of their gigs, there’d be trouble.

“I’d stop their pocket money or I’d dish out load of old photos of them with nappies full of s*** and put that on the internet and say 'Cop that, d***head.’

"That’ll do it 'cos they think they’re cool now they’re 16, 17.”

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If all your RPG characters were real people, which one would you hang out with and why?

This is a hard one!

I really think I’d get along with Sevik, because he loves plants and learning and in general is really shy, and I like to bring shy people out of their shells a bit. I also think that Phaedra would be a delight to hang out with, because she’s a ray of sunshine and happiness.

For a drinking buddy, I’d pick Sulah every time.

morghan-made-of-kandi  asked:

Odd question, but, what's your opinion on the rather unpopular ship of Misha and Sebastian? I just watched some highlights of a panel together and oh my lord they were all over each other. (But not as cute as cockles tho)

Hey sweetie,

I think they are cray cray lol 😂 when they are together (they should share a stage or hang out more often) they have the best time and do the funniest things. I think Misha’s stage persona but also his own sweet/shy personality goes well with Sebastian’s rambunctious one. They really enjoy each other’s company and are both so witty. And I also love that Sebastian praises Misha and everything he does for others every time he has a chance; I think there’re deep genuine feelings of friendship and admiration. So in my book Sebastian is a favorite 😁

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this has to do with nothing at all, but I just love that I'm not the only one that is team switch but still have a preference towards bottom!cas

Good! :D

(And the thing I like whenever this topic pops up is people telling me that a) they’re bottom!Cas only too or b) even though they’re not, they still hang out on my blog)

I was tagged by the wonderful @techieninja18 Thanks Marissa! <3

1. Spell out your name with song titles

S - Stay With You by The Goo Goo Dolls

A - All You Wanted by Michele Branch

M - MMMBop by Hanson

A - As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B. Hawkins

N - Never Had A Dream Come True by S Club 7

T - Tearin’ Up My Heart by *NSync

H - Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse

A - Around The World (La La La La La) by ATC (A Touch of Class)

2. Why did you choose your URL?

I love Disney. I love Narnia (sometimes I wish I lived there!). And I’m a girl. Kind of explains itself :)

3. What is your middle name?


4. If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

Either a mermaid or faun

5. Favorite color(s)?


6. Song you like right now?

Stitches by Shawn Mendes

7. Top 4 Fandoms

Star Wars

8. Tag 10 People

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(as always, no obligation!) I know that’s not 10 people but I couldn’t think of any more

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For the ask. Shelby brothers

Wow, anon! That is a massive question so I might assume you mean as a set.. If you want me to do any of them individually just shoot through another ask :)

First impression - Disparate but united. (I think the first time we see them all is the family meeting in 1.01 when the flyer inviting police to Birmingham is handed around…) 

Impression now - Seriously fractured, they don’t deserve Tommy, he doesn’t deserve them. 

Favorite moment - I love the ‘hanging out in The Garrison’ moments: the times they pay Tommy out for fancying Grace; John announcing his engagement to Lizzie; the Digbeth Kid and the wooden gun; just before Arthur and John torch the Marquis of Lorne and can’t get too graphic in front of Finn. Happy times. I also enjoy the pre-races scene in 1.03 where they’re all choosing weapons for the day. 

Idea for a story -  Can I just have a series of shorts where they take it in turns being idiots at The Garrison and subjecting one another to brotherly mocking?

Unpopular opinion - John is a bit of a waste of space. A pretty waste of space, but never hugely relevant. (I don’t feel terribly strongly about this but I do think it.)

Favorite relationship - Arthur and Tommy. It’s far from sweet, though it can be at times, but is fascinating for contrast. Relationship that makes me happiest? Tommy and Finn in s1. Categorical. 

Favorite headcanon - I have this fixed image of them as children playing in the bend of a river where the water deepens. Horses stand by. The sun shines. There’s a fire on a stony bank. They’re happy splashing and dunking. It’s a moment I really need for them somehow with all that follows. So vivid. Been in my mind ages.


Who would have thought that I would have so many tears to cry over for a cat?

I always told myself that one day I wouldn’t have him, and that I should love and cherish every minute with him. I tried my best. I was gone all summer but he was in good hands and had his best friend kitty cat to hang out with. He wasn’t alone. He was loved.

I came back and things have been so fast paced since I got back. I felt like I barely spent any time at my house. I really don’t want to have regrets, but he was gone so fast and I felt like time slipped away.

Even just the day he was gone, that morning and the night before we got some good cuddles in. I had no idea he would be gone so soon. He didn’t show any signs of illness, but when he was at the vet he got bad fast.

I also told myself that I wouldn’t put myself into debt for medical expenses for my cat. My mom had a dog who was very ill and she spent thousands and thousands on vet visits and special medication for her. It didn’t make her better, and it didn’t make things easier for it. It was almost as if it drew out the suffering.

I couldn’t let that happen to Squishy. I couldn’t spend thousands on ultrasounds and blood work and medication just for a “maybe he’ll get better”. He was already struggling to breathe and was on oxygen and pain relievers at the vet. The emergency visit was $130 and the X-rays were over $300. The ultrasound and blood work would have been another thousand. I just couldn’t.

I loved him so much. He had his forever home. He always had me to love and care for him, I hope and I believe that there was nothing else he could have wished for. He spent the first half of his life as an indoor/outdoor cat and got to explore the world around him. His brother wasn’t so lucky, he got hit by a car at age 5 and had to be put down. But Squishy was a survivor, and then retired to become an indoor cat when I moved out from my moms.

He loved everyone, and was loved by all who met him. He was my special baby boy and he’ll always have a place in my heart. Unfortunately, becoming that close to someone just means it hurts more when they’re gone. But I’ll always remember the times we had. He impacted my life for the better and I’ll love him forever because of that.

Zodiac Sign Kinks:

ARIES: “My kink is when people hurry the fuck up and quit wasting my time”

TAURUS: “My kink is when cuddle time is anytime i ask for it”

GEMINI: “My kink is when people actually know what their talking about and if they don’t know what they’re talking about the shut the hell up.

CANCER: “My kink is when my friends accept my food offer to them”

LEO: “My kink is when I’m given the reasons why they love me”

VIRGO: “My kink is when people admit I was right”

LIBRA: “my kink is when i’m being bugged to hang out because they love spending time with me as much as i love spending time with them”

SCORPIO: “My kink is when people tell the fuckin truth”

SAGITTARIUS: “My kink is when people bring positivity into my life”

CAPRICORN: “My kink is when I’m abducted by aliens so people can leave me the hell alone”

AQUARIUS: “My kink is when i can play video/computer games all day”

PISCES: “My kink is when someone is witty as hell”


It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

click for better quality~


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