Happy Captain Swan Day

LOVE THIS IDEA @cat-sophia

ouat photo: I just love the casualness of this and THE HAIR! Definitely the hair!

cons/interviews: I don’t know if this counts as an interview but this was when he was getting ready to film The Dust Storm and was in Nashville. I think I remember people losing it over the flippies

other films/shows: I know his character was a shitball but i love this little scene (Honorable mention: Bathtub scene in The Words by Christina Perri)

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Colin with friends: Colin and Sean’s friendship is my fave!

Colin singing: How could I not pick the musical?! It was the best. (Also this was the hardest one to chose! Every time he sings is AMAZING)

*all are not mine (some are credited through tumblr and some have the owner’s stamp on them). Let me know if one is your’s and I will certainly credit you! :)

Lili: Tell us about that.(laughs) We love Cole. Obviously, he’s very, very talented. I think he plays a perfect Jughead. But yeah, he’s one of the smartest people I know. He’s incredibly fun to work with. I love having scenes with him. He’s very goofy. He can make us laugh at the end of the day, yeah…  


So this is a short little comic I had been working on (like 6 months ago, wtf is wrong with me) based on a scene from one of my favorite fics, Separation Anxiety by Okaeri-Kairi @limitofquestions @kairidrawsstuff

I absolutely loved this scene from chapter three, and I highly recommend this fic! Please watch the tags though, as a lot of the content can be quite triggering.

In the meantime, hope you like this little comic! It’s my first try at it, so please forgive how shitty it looks XD