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#23 Things you said when we first met; Mark, GOT7

Anon, I don’t know who you are (duh), but this was a brilliant one and I totally fell in love with it. Thank you. <3
23. Things you said when we first met; Mark

You and Mark had never officially met. Which you found kind of hard to believe, since you had three classes together; but you were never paired of for projects, or anything like that. He was just the boy who sat in front of you, the one that was tall enough to block your view of the board and you often found yourself staring at the back of his head in slight frustration.

But as the semester continued on, you began to pay more attention to Mark, for no reason in particular except for the fact that whenever he would talk to his friends in the hallway or the lunch room or outside, he would look at you, and then his friend would look at you, and for some reason it made you a little bit uncomfortable.

The anxious sense of uncomfortableness ceased the moment you overheard a conversation Mark was having with his friend who you had come to known by the name of Jaebum as you walked down the hall to your class. They were standing outside and chatting with each other when you overheard the tail end of their conversation.

“You’re never going to know if you don’t ask. Nothing ever happens if you don’t try,” Jaebum commented to Mark who was slumped against the wall. When you appeared out from behind Jaebum, Mark’s eyes shot to you and when Jaebum tried to speak, he stood and elbowed the male in the side. You were sure they were talking about you. Well, you weren’t sure, but you had a pretty good hunch.

Jaebum glanced to you, too, and gave you a peculiar grin, which only further confirmed your thoughts. Regardless, you tried to brush it off—what could they possibly even be talking about concerning you anyway? You didn’t even know Mark; you’d never officially met or introduced yourselves to one another. You were typical college students who would rather leave well enough alone and just not even bother talking.

But the thoughts wouldn’t leave your head during class no matter how many times you tried. It may have been because Mark took his usual seat in front of you, so you had a constant reminder of what had gone on. And was it you, or was Mark wearing a little more fragrance today than usual? Whatever it was, whenever it wafted around you and into your lungs, you had to blink hard to bring yourself back to reality.

In fact, class was over much sooner than you had anticipated, and you were thoroughly disappointed in yourself when you looked down to witness nothing but unintelligible scribbles across your notebook which could never be mistaken for actual notes. Shaking your head, unable to understand what was going on with you, you packed up your notebook, stuffing it into your backpack to leave the class room.

Your name rang through the air—a voice you barely recognized and the only reason for that was because Mark often answered questions in class. You turned around to look at him as he caught up to you; his bag flung over one shoulder. You weren’t surprised he knew your name, but it still took you slightly aback.

“Hi,” he smiled—and it was dazzling.

“Hi,” you replied shyly.

“I know we’ve never really officially met. I’m Mark, and… I don’t want to sound creepy,” he started, his gaze falling away from you to scratch nervously the back of his neck, “but I was wondering if we could talk about the project over a cup of coffee or tea or a small meal or something. I’m kind of having difficulties with coming up with ideas and—”

“It looks like that’s not the only thing you’re having difficulties with,” you laughed, teasing him but my god was he perfect. You’d never really paid too much attention to him, but now that he was in front of you, talking to you, you were realizing just how gorgeous he was.

“Ah, yeah,” he blushed. “Don’t feel obligated to help me. I was just wondering if you would be willing—”

“Pick me up after three?”

His eyes lit up as they looked back to you. He nodded his head, his mouth opened slightly to say words but the only thing that came out was, “Y-yeah. Yeah.” That dazzling smile was back even as you turned away. You couldn’t see it, but Mark sighed in relief and happiness as he fell back into the very ready arms of Jaebum. Progress was progress.

By Your Hand I Have Loved - Preview

My feet curl up against the ancient area rug that covered most of the stone floor. This place was comforting, so much more so than the bedchamber I had shared with Peeta. The ceiling was large, made of weathered wood that met at a point, its long panels discolored by the elements. My bed was propped against one wall of the circular room, covered in homey red bedding that somehow complimented the deep blue settee that sat against the window across from me. I loved everything about this place, from the eclectic decor to the almost foreign feel of the furnishings—for once, I felt at home in my surroundings.


(yes, i did just write almost 1500 words about a creepy snake girl and her horse fuckin fight me bro)

She does not mean to steal the horse, at first. She is simply doing as Maven told her, to go through with the trade with Letrush. Sneaking into the Black-Briar Lodge is the easy part (as is accessing Sibbi’s stash and pocketing the shiny trinkets within), as a knick here or there with one of her more potent sleep toxins takes out the mercenaries guarding the outside of the lodge, and it’s all too easy to slink past the ones inside. She takes Frost’s papers and slips out a window, scuttling down the side of the lodge and into the yard again. The guards outside are still incapacitated, of course, slumped where they stood and breathing peacefully, and it is all too easy to scamper to the stables where she comes face-to-face with the most beautiful creature she has ever seen.

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Ten series, two favorites

I was tagged by the ridiculously wonderful pasdecendres!

  2. TWD: Carol Peletier and Michonne (please for them to be besties, tyvm, and also can Michonne have a last name it’s 2015)
  3. BSG: Laura Roslin and William Adama *cries at the OTPness of their everything*
  4. Silk Stalkings: Chris Lorenzo and Rita Lee Lance (I stand by my terrible television choices)
  5. Angel: Spike and Winifred Burkle
  6. The X-Files: Dana Scully and Walter Skinner *prepares for rotten tomatoes, and no it’s not because I remotely ship them*
  7. Thirtysomething: Nancy and Elliot Weston *quietly swoons over the scene where she asks him to move back in and they dance to Stevie Nicks’ “I Still Miss Someone”*
  8. Santa Barbara: Julia Wainwright Capwell and Cruz Castillo (my ultimate brotp from the show) p.s. If you want to know how I basically am as a human being irl, watch this clip. Yes, it’s in terrible quality and Julia has terrible ‘80s hair, but she is actually me.
  9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy Summers, Oz, and Rupert Giles (shhhh, I can’t count)
  10. Agents of Shield: Melinda May and Phil Coulson. (I don’t wanna ship it but I can’t help myself, goddammit!)

I’m tagging: hikingnerd, looniejoolie, kingstonmcbride, memoriesinatrunk, allidon, silver-89, @shepardmoreau (why won’t that turn into an actual tag?), and anybody else who wants to play! No pressure at all. Tag games are just fun!

// Hey guys! I never got any requests for the 100 follower thing ( :( ) so I figured something out. As soon as I got my new computer, I started thinking of something and drew stuff. So, say hello to this new character!
He is like a second character to the page. He is a 16 year old Batter, but looks younger. I came up with him, and I felt like since other people make new characters and stuff, I wanted to do it as well. (Plus, my beloved regular Batter is a bit plain.) He is overly confident, kinda naive and innocent, but deals with anger problems. One day while Batter was purifying some spectres, he suddenly appeared, seeming very interested in the fight. He calls himself Nest for no apparent reason, which Batter finds confusing, considering it’s an a!u him.
(Is about 5′7, male)

Also, I’ve found a design for Zacharie on my blog!

// For some reason, I really liked him with his mask propped up!
And then of course there is the Bad Batter baby. You are all welcome to ask stuff to all of the characters. Nest/Youngster!Batter, Batter, Bad Baby Batter. You guys can even ask Zacharie if you want!

// So what do you think?
I would love it if you guys answered in my ask box being like;
Did you like the new drawing style? Should I continue it that way?: Yay/Neigh
Did you like the Nest/The new character?: Yay/Neigh
Did you like the character designs?: Yay/Neigh

I love all of you so much, thank you guys for following me! You all make me so happy!