Converted @budgie2budgie’s awesome Simlish ABCs posters for TS3 tonight. I may darken the textures a tad as they look a tiny bit washed out in Sims 3, but it could also be the extra bright lighting I used in this room. Anyway, I’m thinking about converting some more of their Simlish decor objects and making a small set out of it. I’ve been in a perpetual state of jealousy recently looking over all the lovely goodies they’ve created for TS4, and I’m dying to have some of that Simlish clutter for my game too. No such thing as too much Simlish! <3

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Sharing a bed trope

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this for DAYS

and the thing is , I think Ben Franklin and John Adams already made the Best Bed Sharing Subversion  when , sharing a hotel room, they got into an argument about whether the window should be opened or closed that lasted until John Adams FELL ASLEEP ARGUING. 

 I cannot do better, and so I defer to the champions.

Alternative Ending: Chapter 1-Hiding place
Summary: This story takes place after KingsGlaive. Luna and Nyx managed to escape the burning city and are now heading somewhere to hide out and keep Luna safe. This is a Lunyx story if you d...

The first installment of Alternative Ending is up on my DeviantART, please follow the link and I would love comments and feedback. I hope you enjoy it! 


@showsonface tagged me to post a selfie+lockscreen+last song I listened to, so here y’all go! Why is there no picture of my face? Bcos I’m extremely self-conscious and have a hard time liking pics of my face, but that is a super cool fox that I saw the other day at the natural history museum which I promise is a lot cooler than my selfies. 

tagging @hellaswawesome, @piiesandpucks, @omgjustinoluransi, @onethousandroaches, and anybody else who might be interested!

Won 6-2 (With two cancelled votes in my favor) as Daniele Donato

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Becky, Natalie, Da’vonne and Michelle were all robbed. Thanks for hosting @knightjackie