Just a word to all my dudes out there with women sleeping beside them tonight. Guys, grab hold of them. Tell them that you love them. Show them you care and want to be with them. Treat them with respect. Not all of us get to have someone in our lives. I know if I did I’d give her my whole heart. Women are a special. 💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏
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THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK that girl THAT GIRL i loved (AS A BEST BEST FRIEND) for like 16 years and broke my heart when i was suicidal and who i havent talked to for??? uhh more than  a year, like it all went down last year in july and i was GETTING OVER THAT for all this time, like i still hav a box of her stuff under my bed i intend to burn

ANYWAYS she just fucking texted asking how ive been WITH A SMILEY FACE bc i liked a post of hers abt tarantinos new film AND I KNEW IT WAS A TRAP  I KNEW I SHOULDNT HAVE L;IKED IT WE NEVER LIKE EACH OTHERS STUFF omg she was TARANTINO-BAITING ME omg

i havent been so shocked in YEARS man im shaking and giggling idk how to respond

like i respect her?? but im not over her yet rlly???? omg

anonymous asked:

♛ mxsterpink

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following | accepting

my opinion on;

character in general: okay here comes the big truth - I haven’t seen Reservoir Dogs. I’m trying all the time and every time something gets in the way. but since it’s Tarantino and Buscemi the character can’t go wrong. I know the famous waitress scene and that already makes me love Pink

how they play them: I love how devoted the mun is to the character, it always wins my heart. the mun gave Pink depth and complexity and I’m always interested in reading their posts.

the mun: the mun is super nice! we don’t talk much OOC but from what interactions we’ve had I can only say they are a darling!

do i;

follow them: yes
rp with them: a little
want to rp with them: sure
ship their character with mine: let’s say I ship another Steve Buscemi character with my muse :P

what is my;

overall opinion: I’m glad to see mxsterpink having come to such success as a roleplayer, they certainly deserve it!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.