just some loser college kids who don’t have a clue what’s going on ♡♡♡

@grimhatesdeathflowers lmaoo bby looky it’s like they’re sitting there waiting for mar to be with them ;___;


CHANYEOL LOVES SHORT GIRLS !! IM 158 - 159 I QUALIFY OMG I DO !! OK I DONT WANT TO GROW ANYMORE LIKE SERIOUSLY !! And I swear even before this and before i know chanyeol i LOVE tall guys and i always dream about that scenario when we look up and the tall guy looks down like i swear I always dream of that !! OMG I LOVE PARK CHANYEOL !!

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6'2, apparently 'lanky' (i dont like that word but people use it anyway) but skinny- ginger, my hair is not too long and not too short either, for a guy. I've got brown eyes but someone said they turn redish in the light so thats a bit weird. I like quantum physics but it confuses my classmates because im not very smart- and superwholock. I'm also super pumped for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY I CANNOT WAIT FOR KAREN GILLAN AS NEBULA. Also im a decent singerr but other than that im not very sociable:)

6'2… omg hello