of course i trust you.
i’m the sole person in this world who trusts you


“How’s it going gays?” You sing-songed as you flopped on the couch in the apartment.

“Uhh, Y/N? I think you mean guys.” Alec corrected you.

“No, I’m pretty sure I meant what I said.” You replied.

“I always knew I liked you.” Magnus chuckled from the corner while Alec sighed.

“Milton stood next to him, frightened but curious— and loyal, too. Who else would have remained by Okun’s side for twenty years? Brought him orchids? Knitted him a scarf? No matter what else might be going wrong, no matter how dire the threats to humankind, Okun knew he had found the truest love a human being could find. One of these days he would tell Milton all of that…”

-Irvine, Alex. Independence Day: Resurgence: The Official Movie Novelization 

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Your tags on that gif with Taemin's hand on Jinki's shoulder are my exact thoughts. Like, just wow. Literally, all of them.

these tags

i could talk for hours about what each ship means to me & why i like it.  & in ontae’s case the most obvious aspect of it is taemin’s adoration.  he just lights up.  & i have always wondered what it is about jinki that makes taemin do that, what does he see in jinki?  especially when we have “cold war” when his anger was so obvious.  what happened?!

& i wonder about jinki in this equation.  what does he think about taemin?  how does he feel about being the recipient of such affection?  because he’s always let taemin touch him, even from the beginning & until now.  like this.  & that could have gone so many ways but they’re still close, playing billiards & just hanging out.

my basis for any ship that i like is how the people in it behave, what they become.  in ontae it’s lee “i’ll let you touch me but i won’t touch you back” taemin turns into a “let me touch you everywhere & always!” with the addition of a smile that is absurdly happy.  & jinki?  except for “cold war” taemin’s been pretty steady in his relationship with jinki.  with jinki it’s been an evolution watching his relationship with taemin.

because an 18-year-old dealing with a 15-year-old is much different than a 26-year-old dealing with a 23-year-old.  there’s a difference between knowing each other as kids & knowing each other as men & while that hasn’t affected taemin much beyond their height, it seems to have affected jinki greatly.  he’s settled into it.

because with taemin he’s not “weird” & i think that’s a really important thing to him.  can you imagine?  that’s his thing, that’s what he’s teased about, there’s even a term for it within fandom created by the members.  he’s even said he has difficulty reading a room.  but taemin always laughs.  taemin always “gets it”.  how wonderful that must be.

i love this pairing & i hate when the complexities of their relationship are diminished or, as happened a few months ago, pushed aside in the favor of “protecting” another ship.  my head canon is jinki is taemin’s “safe place”, that jinki’s lack of coddling (rooftop training, least likely to call him “pretty”, “rainy blue”, etc.) put him in a position of favor in taemin’s eyes & taemin’s never outgrown that first crush.  & in a way taemin is for jinki as well & we’re seeing him lean into it today, as a man.

i wonder what they talk about, i wonder what they say to each other when they’re alone, i wonder if they still spend time alone together (i wonder if they can at all with their schedules), i wonder if they message each other, i wonder what they message each other.

i wonder a lot.  & i love watching what they allow us to see.

Listening to Namjoon talk about the backstory of Begin hurts my heart so much in the best way possible. It just shows how much they all value and truly, genuinely, from the bottom of their hearts, love and care for one another. The fact that jungkook bawled in front of his hyungs and told them his biggest burden is them getting hurt is so so so fucking pure and genuine and selfless. Just knowing that they all cried about this is such a heartwarming feeling to know because it means that they all found homes with eachother–that they’re all literally eachother’s best friends.

I just can’t believe how lucky we are as fans to have fate bring to us seven of the most genuine people together. Like can you believe that??? Seven people changing so many people’s lives just by their brotherhood??? Their passion??? Their love for other people??? JUST WOW. I have never felt so loved by people I’ve never met before.

This era has been so good for all of them (and for us too!) They feel closer than ever before and they all look so happy and it’s all I ever want for them to be and I hope they have it for the longest time and i just ugH they deserve everything good in this world.

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top 5 fave things about max and sophie

The thing you have to know first is that Max and Sophia have evolved a lot since Stephy and I first conceived of them. The way they are now is the best they’ve ever been.

1. Max is super body positive. He’s super fit, has always been that way, and in the modern AU he’s a hockey player and a firefighter. He’s proud of his body like most modern men would be. But he’s so phenomenally loud and proud about his wife’s plushy, “less than perfect” body with it’s squeezable sides and squishy stomach that a lot of men would characterize as unattractive, even going so far as to all out tell her she should “fix” herself. Max shouts from the rooftops just how much he loves her and JUST how sexy she is, and has actually gotten into fistfights over it. Max is an “everybody’s beautiful” guy, and he’s beautiful because of it.

2. Soph is fiercely protective of Evie, even before she and Max are married. Stephy mentioned here that Soph and Max have an arranged marriage. In the universe where Max is Inquisitor, Soph and Evie travel together to Skyhold. Evie is going there to be protected by her brother, and Soph is going to (reluctantly) marry him. Along the way, Soph and Evie bond very deeply and come to consider each other sisters even before any wedding vows are made.

3. They are completely, 100%, entirely open about how much they adore each other. It takes Soph about two days to stop being skeptical and admit that actually, she really did start falling for him the second he opened his stupid, handsome mouth. (The first thing he said in her presence was asking Josephine “Is this her?” with an eagerly broad grin and bright eyes. Soph usually says that falling for Max was like falling in love with a puppy).

4. They would move the world for each other. In the universe where Sophia is Inquisitor, she orders Cullen to take Evie out of Haven (kicking and screaming the whole way) and has Bull do the same with Max. Her sacrifice will not be in vain. If she dies, they must survive. But when she wakes up in the snow with her hand marked and very little chance of survival, she gets up and starts moving. because somewhere out there, she knows Max is alive and safe. She made sure of it. And now she’s going to find him.

5. They’re that grossly sickening couple that literally never stops being lovey dovey no matter how long they’ve been together. Stephy and I have had long discussions about how, when their daughters (Eve and Claire) are teenagers, Soph and Max still caboodle on the couch when they have friends visiting and still disappear into their bedroom very abruptly with no explanation. No, it’s not for sex every time (well, okay, 98% of the time it’s for sex), but they never stop being intimate. Sometimes love does last a lifetime, and these two nerds are the proof.

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