got7 during dance practice


  • goes boneless and floppy after 20th run through of hard carry
  • as leader, he votes no more dance practice 
  • but he’s also leader, sooo 
  • supervises all the bullshit that goes down during practice
  • lost the back to one of his swirl-lookin earring 
  • orders everyone to search for it 


  • flips over youngjae whenever he takes a break (youngjae: nO?!!!) 
  • practiced a lot in front of his mirror in his dorm so he looks really cool in the studio 
  • sits on yugyeom 
  • inadvertently started a dog pile


  • hat flies off and hits bambam (why bam’s face hit my hat?)
  • matching tan sweatshirt and cap; timberlands
  • it is so difficult to dance in timbs 
  • “talks” his lyrics bc pd-nim told him to
  • ~JYP style rap~


  • mark: jinyoung, you’re wearing suit pants + new balances (jinyoung: i like it)
  • mad that jackson came late holding starbucks latte
  • appeased when jackson produces another, preemptively knowing jinyoung would be annoyed 
  • wears a hat that says “trust me I’m JYP”


  • needs to actually sing his lyrics always 
  • water break???? 
  • breathing break?????
  • sunshine’s smile gradually fades as the practice goes on


  • looks into mirrors and fixes his hair strand by strand (jackson runs by and messes it up; hahahahaha)
  • his legs during hard carry
  • plays with yugyeom so well :’)
  • spontaneously revises to incorporate a healthy amount of dabs 


  • pokes his hyungs during run throughs
  • choreographer scolds hims
  • should I do my 미국 춤 (american/chris brown dance) (got7: hard pass)
  • wearing a sweater that looks like something out of lee taemin’s closet 
  • good 

Listen. I just cannot get over how cute it is that Garnet and Pearl were building a sandcastle for crabs. Like, Steven wasn’t even over there, he was at the mailbox, so it wasn’t for his benefit. They’re just supercute dorks. Just adorable thousands-year-old space alien warriors building a tiny castle for a pair of tiny crabs.

Phil’s creepshots of Dan: Aesthetic, cute boyfriend shots, moving out pics, couple goals, probably going to be printed off and put into a photo album that they can look at with their 3 children and 2 dogs uvu

Dan’s creepshots of Phil: Rat!! Cereal theiving scoundral!! Look at this dweeb locked out of his family’s house while his mother and I enjoy mousse in the next room and laugh!!