If Stormpilot happened, I’ll be happy,

If Finnrey happens, I’ll be happy, 

If Kylux doesn’t happen… I’ll be happy!

Tbh the story has nothing to do with General Hux, I mean he got three minutes of screen time. As much as I love him as a character, my love for him doesn’t take away from the fact that the story is very much so about Rey and Finn. Not some fascist ginger fuck.

Ok so awhile back I offered to draw others sw ocs and here is the final result!! ovob

Top row (from left to right): Qyn (mine), Darth Veneta (@senator-benamidala - not requested but she’s flawless so I had to), Aalim Galda (@sinningsquire) & Beau (@bigtrooperbeau)

Bottom row (from left to right): Dev (@lucy-sw - done for funzies; surprise bae),  Mick (@tinytroopermick),  Ruze Thane &  Eret Klau (@permian-tropos)

Thanks for letting me draw your children!! They were fun to draw! I hope they meet up to you guys’ standards! uvub Let me know if you want separate images of your ocs. 

So I was going through photos because I thought I’d make a compilation of my favorite Adam photoshoots....when I came across

and a thought flashed through my mind. I have always said that I would LOVE to see Adam play a young Severus Snape, (because while I love Star Wars, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter, PS Anyone else psyched about Cursed Chid??) but for some reason when I came across this photo I felt like he would also make an amazing Sirius Black. Am I crazy?? Maybe it’s just this photo but I swear

Maybe it’s just that one photo that’s making me freak out like this, but I don’t care. Forever in my mind now Adam Driver should play a young Sirius. 

I just feel like the type of actor Adam is, he would do a pretty good job. I feel like he portrays the misunderstood, “bad boys’ (Kylo Ren, Philip Altman) really well. I mean Sirius had to fight against his family who wanted him to become a dark wizard and instead he did what he knew in his heart was right. I feel like this whole character is right up Adams ally. 

But then again I could be completely wrong. 

Anyways I hope you guys are having a wonderful Saturday. 

***and I just realized it’s Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family FreeForm, and it’s Harry’s birthday tomorrow so this post is super appropriate for this weekend.*** 

I was tagged by the loser @falconbigbutt

1. One Insecurity:

  1. everything but if i had to pick one it’d be my weight

2. Two Fears:

  1. spiders
  2. abandonment

3. Three Turn Ons:

  1. biting
  2. someone being dominant lmao
  3. daddy kink bye

4. Four Life Goals:

  1. saving up moneys to be in a nice place, pay off student debt, etc
  2. find a job that i like
  3. meet all the celebs i love
  4. livin w my girlfriend

5. Five Things That I Like

  1. my girlfriend
  2. mac n cheese
  3. dresses
  4. comic cons
  5. music

6. Six Weaknesses

  1. my anxiety
  2. criticism
  3. being judgemental
  4. anything social
  5. holding grudges
  6. people making me out to be irrational

7. Seven Things I Love

  1. my gf!!
  2. the beatles
  3. star wars
  4. marvel
  5. my fav tv shows
  6. lee pace’s eyebrows

8. Eight People to Tag:
the first eight ppl who see this yo hAVE AT IT

Person: Hey, check out this cool Star Wars theory!

Me: Cool, I love Star Wars theories!

The theory: “I think Han was the one who activated the lightsaber, not Kylo”

Me: Blocked, reported, deleted