I haven’t really talked to anyone about this - but ever since I was assaulted by him I’ve been triggered by Star Wars stuff. Particularly replica lightsabers (the item I was assaulted with). When I go into the star trader at Disney I start having a panic attack.  I’m hoping it’ll pass eventually. I love Star Wars - it was my dads and my thing growing up before he died. I hate that someone ruined it for me. I want a replica lightsabers, tbh - but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to handle it.

So one of the things I love about watching Star Wars: A New Hope after having watched all the other Star Wars movies is how… well… how normal Luke’s upbringing appears to have been.

It’s not just that he was loved. It’s clear that Breha and Bail Organa loved Leia immensely. But she was a princess functionally from birth, and then became a senator at–what? eighteen, nineteen, twenty? Something like that. She was much loved and much trusted, obviously, but her upbringing must have been… “unusual” would be putting it mildly. As a teenager she was learning statecraft and politics–and deception.

And their mother must have been the same way, queen from such a young age, raised and trained to rule. And their father–loved, yes, deeply, and I have no doubt that his mother did her best to protect Anakin from the worst parts of slavery–but he was still a slave, as was she, and there was only so much they could do.

But Luke! Luke got the gift of a perfectly normal childhood. All the jokes about Luke, the whining about wanting to go to TOSCHE station to pick up some POWER CONVERTERS–the snippy teenagery conversation he has with his uncle about waiting “a whole nother year????”–the shooting womp rats in his T-16 back home–the fact that left to his own devices, at the same age that Leia is deciding THE FATE OF HER PLANET, he’s still playing with model spaceships…..

…they’re all signs that he had a normal childhood. That he’s a normal eighteen, nineteen, twenty, whatever year old. 

I mean, he grew up in a situation where it was completely safe for him to whine to his parent figures. He knew that Lars and Beru wouldn’t make him pay for his “but I wanted to go to TOSCHE STATION” or for his “I want to go to the academy THIS year” or whatever. Unlike basically every other Skywalker ever he grew up without a ton of extra pressure, without a “oh by the way you’re going to be king of [planet]” stuff, without “also you’re the Destined Future of the Jedi.” They didn’t raise a legacy, or a scion–they just raised a child. (In point of fact, that’s why Yoda almost rejects him: he’s too old, and he was raised too normal.)  And since Owen and Beru obviously knew perfectly well who and what he was, that’s actually an astonishing accomplishment. They were delivered an infant who they knew had the approximate destructive power of a nuclear device, and they still raised him as… a kid, a child, a boy who they loved with the same mixture of exasperation and devotion as any parent-figures.

He grew up as a kid, with a gruff but loving uncle and a sweet-tempered aunt, he grew up skeet-shooting womp rats and hanging out with his friends in Anchorhead when he had an excuse to go into town–and it’s clear how safe he feels with them because he does whine and moan and have fits without any apparent worry that he’s going to pay for it later. He whines and moans in the way I did at that age: in perfect confidence that while my parents might temporarily snap at me, they would never hurt me, and they would always love me. And that all they really wanted for me was to grow up safe and happy.

tl;dr: Luke Skywalker: the last of the Jedi(?) but also maybe the first of the Jedi to grow up in a normally functional childhood.

(I also really, really want to see the story in which he grieves his aunt and uncle for more than ten seconds. Perhaps I will write it.)

Okay but every time I see positive gifs/photos/posts about Hayden at the Star Wars celebration I get so emotional because that man was torn to PIECES by the media (and he was never angry about it, he just focused on what he loved: how it made kids happy, and how much fun it was) and now he comes back, a decade later, probably a little nervous if not scared out of his mind (he looks a tad nervous in the pics of him first walking to the event) about how the people are going to react to seeing him again, and he gets a STANDING OVATION and a girl yelling “I love you Hayden” and I can barely imagine how WONDERFUL that must have felt to realize “hey, WE still love you, despite all the haters” and I’m just ugh THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WELCOMING HIM LIKE YOU DID I HOPE HE IS TREATED AS WELL AS HE WAS AT THE CELEBRATION FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE

Sometimes I have moments where I just want to yell about how I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS STAR WARS BAR.  I love Luke Skywalker and I love Leia Organa and I love everything about the original trilogy!  I have such nostalgia for it, but also that it was such a defining set of movies.  I love Luke Skywalker is a hero who fights but his ultimate core character trait is kindness.  I love that Leia Organa was one of the first female characters I had to look up to, that she blazed with anger, but was also incredibly kind.  I loved the goofiness of the aliens and the tragedy of Darth Vader and the Emperor’s evil cackling glee.  I loved the EU that sprung up around them, the insightful and fascinating foe that was Thrawn, the complicated and messy and brilliant Mara Jade.

And I love the prequels, I love Obi-Wan Kenobi so, so much, he was so good and he loved so deeply and he deserved so much more.  I love Anakin Skywalker with a passion that’s unreasonable, he was so haunted by so many things, and I feel such empathy for him, I see so much of myself reflected in him. I love Padme Amidala with such fierceness, how much she believed in democracy and how deep her compassion ran and how amazing her outfits were!  I love the Jedi and how much they cared and how much they fought for other people!  And I love Mace Windu so much, you guys.  I love the clones who grew to such individuality and were people and they had tragic lives and they gave me so many feelings!  I love Ahsoka, her warmth and care and fierceness as well is one of the best things to be added to Star Wars in a long time.  I love Palpatine’s brilliant manipulations and his utter glee at his rising power, it’s a scream to watch.  I love the beautiful sets and planets and costumes!

And I love the sequels, I love getting new heroes like Finn and Rey and Poe, that they’re finally nudging towards diversity, but also they’re just really fun and I want to know more about them!  I love that little kids, both boys and girls, get to see a woman as the heroic Jedi, I love that we get to see more people of color coming in and that’s good for adults and kids alike.  I like that Kylo Ren has given people a lot of feelings and has such potential for an interesting story!

And I love Rebels, oh my god do I love Rebels, I loved the humor of the first season, I loved the found family aspect of it, I love the ties to the past, that Kanan was a Jedi, that Hera was Cham’s daughter, that Sabine’s Mandalorian heritage is so important.  I love Kanan/Hera, I am so deeply satisfied by their relationship!  I love Kanan’s arc so much, I love seeing him struggle to find himself again after all the trauma he went through, I love seeing him find his way back to the path of being a Jedi, that he’s so much more settled in his skin again, that he’s a Jedi Master and you can see it.  I love Sabine Wren so, so much, her anger and hurt and pride, her deep connection to her home and how she needs to fight for it, getting to see an Asian girl in Star Wars is so good, especially when it plays out so well here.  And I love Ezra, I love his struggles and ultimately finding who he wants to be!  I love the whole Phoenix family, you guys.  I love that Hera is THE BOSS and she struggles with her past but still keeps soldiering forward, I love Zeb’s similar struggles with his past and learning to let people in again.  I love that Chopper is a hilarious asshole!  I LOVE AHSOKA’S EVERYTHING IN REBELS.

And I love Rogue One, I love how invested I got in those characters even with just the one movie, I love more diversity, I love another female lead, I love that it wasn’t afraid to kill off the characters, but did so in the name of hope.  Their deaths meant something, it brought something so important and valuable to the galaxy again.  And I love that there’s room for stories that aren’t about the Skywalkers sometimes!  I’ll always be of the “STAR WARS IS ABOUT SKYWALKERS” persuasion, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not room for this, too!

I love so, so much about Star Wars, I feel like I’m going to burst with it sometimes.  I’m here to love EVERYTHING, I have vanishingly little interest in negativity when it comes to SW, I’m here to celebrate how much wonder there is in Star Wars, how many good things there are.


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star wars?

- Alright, Thomas is Princess Leia obviously. Alex is the smug smuggler Han Solo. Luke is Laf. Obi-Wan is Washington. King George is Darth Vader (does that mean he’s Thomas and Laf’s dad?)

- Alex saves Thomas from the stormtrooper jail and is instantly attracted to him. So of course he acts like a complete dick. On their adventure across the universe he just ‘hey, remember that time I saved your ass because I do.’ because he sucks at flirting.

- Thomas doesn’t want to hear any of this, he was attracted to Alex until the guy opened his mouth ‘I could have saved myself, you gremlin’ and Alex gives him a little wink and he’s just like ‘just drive the ship, asshole.’

- Alex gets tired of Thomas’s holier than though attitude and Thomas doesn’t want to be assosiated with a common space criminal. This makes them all the more frustrated that they’re still attracted to each other. There arguments get more heated by the day and Laf just wants to learn how to wield the force not deal with this shit.

- After saving the universe they still bicker but the tension dies down and it’s more of a habit than an actual argument. 

- I won’t go into the second movie but: 

“I love you.”

 “I know.”

send me a movie and i’ll jamilton it