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yoooo if you're not too busy, can you share some domestic jason hc?? think the world needs some thanks!!!

- jason todd the single most domestic man in the entire dc universe? you had best believe this is canon
- he’s efficient with his morning showers - 5 minutes in cold water, a quarter sized dollop of shampoo, you are content with using up all the hot water because you get cold so easily
- don’t be fooled though he is a Two Faced Man, he spends like two hours in the bath and uses up all of your lush products, “jason those were mine my week’s been stressful!!!” “are you cleaning up after gotham’s filth? are you out on the streets serving justice night after night? i didn’t Die to be disrespected like this-” “-i hate you.” he’ll also be crazy quiet half the time you’re worried he’s fallen asleep or something, the huge dumb
- jason can’t cook to save his life and you are too tired so you guys live off of takeout. bruce signed you guys up for a service that delivers the recipe and ingredients but yall can’t even be bothered to do that. he’s taken to sending alfred to stock up your refrigerator once a week with premade meals
- he does all the cleaning he cannot stand filth not in his Good Household. you once were rudely awakened from your nap because he started making the bed while you were still in it. “it’s noon [name] if i’m awake you gotta be too”
- you guys like to stay up late on the couch watching bad tv movies. alternatively he’ll wait for you to fall to asleep so that he can tune into hsn and buy ridiculous products he’ll insist are Necessary for the Good of the House, and shut up your complaints with a sly kiss as he adds Something Else to his cart on amazon
- live with him, the only self-sufficient man in the batfam (repay him with sleepy pecks as he brushes his teeth, watch out though he’ll try to make out with you while his mouth’s full of minty foam, it’s GROSS)

Learning: More Than Just a Personal Experience

Class is dismissed, but none of my thoughts want to go yet. The joy of a seminar class at Wellesley. I walk out into a wintery wonderland feeling invigorated. I do not think it’s the chill or the brilliant white snow on the ground that makes me feel refreshed. Some may see nothing especially interesting about a humanities class that meets for over 2 hours. Yes, my body may be a wee tired, but my mind is rejuvenated. It has been stretched and challenged alongside my thought-provoking professor and earnest peers. Sounds like fiction, right? Larger than (college) life? I’m only writing this because this is real life!

After completing assigned readings on my own in silence and fervently writing down my ponderings and formulating questions…I get to enter class, a terrain of exploration and discovery. From the warm quaint room of my dorm to the stimulating, imaginary forest of knowledge, the Wellesley seminar classroom. My 15 classmates are my fellow explorers. We toss ourselves to the mercy of others’ arguments, anecdotes, and thoughts, while paradoxically remaining anchored in personal experience and identity.

I saw someone peer into our classroom window. Perhaps they see a regular classroom with a bunch of college girls and a professor chatting. Oh! There’s two old chalkboards in there?! Cool room. Or perhaps they see something wild happening, as is the reality. For all I know, my “ordinary” or “regular” Wednesdays do not feel very normal at all. They are wild.

For all I know, I leave with an abound complex questions, perhaps even more enriching than the best meals. I step out of the classroom only to step back into my mind - countless trails and pathways have been cleared for me. I must go and see what is there! It feels like my peers and I have trail blazed. Other sessions, as if we discovered another’s fresh tracks. Just last session, we were trying put on finger on concepts like live fossils. One time, we realized that there was no word for a nuanced concept that we have argued as necessary to identify and differentiate from other similar ones. A peer describes it in detail and we could not agree more; we usually hold different arguments, but this time we are all on the same page. The professor tells her that she must coin a word for this concept and publish a piece. We laugh because we are pleased by how natural and dynamic this moment in time is.

We will set off to explore these new, rough trails on our own time, I am sure. Perhaps this sounds too romanticized; you may think, school is not like that. I agree, at times, I just have to push through with cram sessions and mindless work. BUT…but these experiences exist. They may be rare. But, I dare you to search for them. Personally, this experience is new to me. Last year, school was enjoyable, but not to this extent.

Sigh. I love school. I love the seminar class. I love that this is a regular practice. And, it is one of my greatest hopes that all may have a taste of something similar to this experience in their pursuit of higher education.

Reasons I love studying kinesiology:

- so many physiology class where you get to do the coolest labs- cadaver labs, pee lab, blood typing lab, SO MANY FUN LABS

- I got to take sport psychology last year which essentially made me a better coach and got me to workout more

- 50% of my mark for one class was playing hockey and swimming

- One of my classes this semester includes playing wheelchair rugby (as a lab lol)

- All said labs make for ideal social situations where you make a ton of friends

- It is socially acceptable to wear leggings and runners to school every day because everyone is either coming from the gym, or going to the gym after class

So pretty much I love my program, and even if I have to take some gross classes (organic chemistry ugh), it is 100% the degree stream for me.


endless list of favorite characters + Haley James Scott

“ I’m usually one of those people who likes the first day of school. You know, new pens, new books, new backpack. A nerd. Exactly! “

I just wanted to cry all day yesterday at college. I didn’t make a single friend and I was there all day. My gradutuation class is filled with people who are younger then me and are super immature. My OL knows I’m scared and about to have an axienty attack at any given moment. I have 3 more days of orenatation and I’m not mentally ready.

my review is tomorrow and I keep planning out my last year of school and I am forced to remember this is my last year of school