Abbey had the closest guess on how long it would take Elei to come out of hiding when I was recording last week, so here’s a special video from Josephine (AND HER MESSY, HUMID-WEATHER, TERRIBLE ATTEMPT AT JOSIE BUN V 1.0) 😄 💙💛


Pretty pretty War Boys *A*

iamnotaplant asked:

what bras are you into nowadays?

I honestly pretty much only wear sports bras because I go to the gym every other day and I’m too lazy to pack a change of clothes. I really like this one from True&Co, I wear it pretty frequently. But I wear Calvin Klein boxer sets on almost a daily basis and like…. Lululemon leggings with Comme des Garcons. I need to wear things I can run in. 

I do love these and wear them when I’m not being a lazy asshole, though. They’re also on sale right now at Journelle: 

Mariona Non-Padded Bra by L’Agent, $51 right now (I cannot recommend the customer service & Journelle experience enough, truly)

Fleur of England Boudoir Bra, $93 right now. This bra has inspired a billion zillion knockoffs but none of them are the same quality. Fleur does it right. This is now a classic bra and if it isn’t in lingerie retrospectives in the next ten years the curators are idiots. 

kawaii-teddy-bear asked:

Patrochilles au where the both of them run a kindergarten

aahhhh i LOVE THIS

  • achilles is in charge of the morning kindergarten group and patroclus is in charge of the afternoon kids, but usually they both stay all day and act as each other’s aides
  • they’re both so good with the kids in their own way!! like achilles is silly and funny and leads them in outside games, and he brings his guitar to school once or twice a week for “music lessons” that are more like singalongs
  • and patroclus comes up with all the art projects, and he knows just how to help the kids do things on their own without doing the projects for them, and he tells the best stories at story time and he kisses boo-boos better
  • achilles and patroclus become really close because you don’t spend five days a week corralling five-year-olds without bonding with the person helping you through it
  • they hang out at the school after all the kids get picked up, partially to plan activities for the next day but also partially to relax and unwind together before they go home to their empty apartments
  • patroclus starts to suggest a book they could read tomorrow, but achilles blushes a lil bit and says “um, actually, i’ve got that covered” and he refuses to say anything else on the matter
  • patroclus goes home and forgets about it but then the next morning he comes back to the classroom after gathering snack supplies to see achilles, sitting in the rocking chair with the kids gathered around and a book on his knee
  • the book is about two boy penguins who make a nest together and raise a baby penguin together, and patroclus just stands in the doorway and listens and can’t take his eyes off achilles and he kind of wants to cry at how gentle but sure achilles’s voice is
  • achilles finishes the story and finally looks up and sees patroclus, and his cheeks go pink and he can’t look patroclus in the eye
  • achilles expected the kids to have some questions after a book like that, but one question he wasn’t expecting comes from a tiny blonde girl in the front row
  • “are you and mr. pat making a nest together?”
  • and achilles is stuttering his way through a denial when patroclus says, “that’s a good question, emily. there’s no one i’d rather make a nest with than mr. achilles”
  • and now both of them are screaming internally but they can’t talk about it until the kids go down for a nap which is more than an hour away RIP
  • [whispered, during nap time] “did you mean it? or did you just say that for the class?”
  • “of course i meant it. well, we probably shouldn’t actually build a penguin nest. that would be weird. but we could start with a date?”
  • a year later they read the penguin book to another class, hand in hand

Existential Comics

look i drew a giraffe in paint to prove that in fact i can sometimes draw things. IN PAINT. WITH A COMPUTER MOUSE. 


More radio boyfriends (and a bonus Sam bc I’m still figuring out my hc design for him) because why not
I’m also still trying to figure out my design for Eugene?? I feel like something is missing. Maybe he doesn’t have enough tattoos yet.

tbh i have the saw tv show au all worked out and it wraps up nicely in the end with jill, adam, and lawrence all being alive and happy and that could perfectly feed into saw 8 which could just be a romcom about chainshipping

I’m sorry but people are letting one single fan poster with the words “always in my heart” completely erase the fact that three out of four members forgot their lyrics. Get mad at me if you want, but that is pretty unprofessional. 

Niall gets a free pass on this because he’s still ill with a chest infection. He still came to perform and sang (even maybe if he supposed to be resting his voice instead). 

Clearly something happened before the show that affected them, but people pay a lot of money for tickets, accommodation and travel expenses to see these guys live in concert. They mess up their music, but throw bottled water out at each other instead and run around. I love them, but really? Were they being rebellious over something and Louis just decided he’s going to go crazy and do whatever he wants? Yes, the wheel barrow game was cute, but it doesn’t erase messing up their songs. 

The fandom is so easily distracted by cute moments that the guys can get away with SO much, and fans would still be rejoicing, thinking everything is paradise. I KNOW these guys can be extremely good on stage when they put their minds to it.