No More Curls

Summary: You come home to Shawn’s new hair cut.

“Shawn, you absolutely won’t believe what happened today.” You barged into the apartment with excitement. It didn’t take that long to find him, after all, he was six foot two.

You dropped your car keys in the little bowl by the door and skipped your way towards him. Hearing your voice, Shawn turned around with interest, but when you saw him, your face fell and you didn’t move an inch. Surprised by your sudden halt, his head tilted in confusion. “What’s wrong? Is there some—”

“What happened to your hair?” you interrupted in disbelief. Shawn furrowed his eyebrows as his hands went up to touch his hair and a light bulb went off in his brain.

“Are you talking about my hair cut?” You touched his locks, running your hands through it. It felt so foreign, causing a frown to appear on your face. “Babe, you’re starting to worry me. Does it look bad?”

Your eyes met his. He could tell you were half pissed off, half sad. “Of course not, but you cut off all the curls!” you said while still touching his hair. Shawn let your words settle in before bursting out laughing. “It’s not funny!” you stomped like a child.

“(Y/N), it’s only hair. It’ll come back.” He pulled you into his chest as you looked stubbornly back at him.

“But, I loved running my fingers through them and they looked adorable in the morning because they were usually fluffier. Ugh, just. Never mind. You don’t understand,” you whined. He looked at you with eyes of amusement and walked backwards so you fell on top of him on the couch. His hands found your hips, massaging small circles into them.

“You’re too cute,” Shawn chuckled in your ear, leaning in to kiss you. Raising your eyebrows, you turned your head so he kissed your cheek instead. “Baaabe,” he drawled out. “Let me kiss you.”

“You just did,” you teased with a shit eating grin. With his head falling back so he faced the ceiling, Shawn let out a loud groan.

Out of nowhere, he cupped your cheeks with his hands and peppered your face with kisses. “Shawn!” you laughed, pushing him away while hiding your face in his shoulder. “Stop!”

“Look, I promise to keep the curls next time,” he said when you looked back at him. He leaned in so his lips would meet yours again, but this time you let him.

“You better.”

Perfectly imperfect - part 2

(I’m on my phone so I will do a separate post linking to each part after every update on my blog. The ratchet style)

A text from sam lit up my phone, we’d met up at Starbucks every afternoon for the past 3 weeks. He was honestly my bestfriend, we talked about everything and anything. The text read:

‘Hey, I ordered your usual! brought my laptop and earphones, I thought maybe we could watch a movie :) see you in two xx"

I smiled at his eagerness. Sam was a great friend, reliable, trustworthy and an overall great listener. I walked into the small cafe to out usual spot, Emma gave me a smile and nodded towards sam, I just laughed. I was greeted by two big arms wrapping around me, I enjoyed sams hugs, they were comforting and welcoming.

“Hey so i thought we’d watch hocus pocus?” he looked at me, unsure of how I’d react and I couldn’t help but giggle.
“Oh my god, perfect! I love that movie” I really did , me and my family watched it every Halloween when I was a kid, it brought back so many great memories. He beamed at me in excitement. We sat down and plugged the earphones into the lap top, I lifted my mug and hot steam engulfed my face followed by the scent of hazelnut. I took a few sips then diverted my attention to the screen which was now playing the movie. Sam pulled out a blanket from his backpack and lay it over us. He always did cute Things like this. We sat close and watch as the witches brewed their potions.

It was quite awhile later, we had reached the scene where max is made to drink the potion while whinny tried to drain his youth and life. My hot cocoa was completely done and sam and I slouched close not taking our eyes off the screen. The fight was over and the ghost of Thackeray Binks thanked Danny for her hard work, telling her he’d always be close and in her heart. I looked over to see a single tear fall from sam’s right eye. I smiled and wiped away the tear with my thumb. He sniffled then turned towards me, laughing at himself getting so emotional. I rested my head on his shoulder and cuddled in close. The movie finally ended so we packed up, said bye to Emma, then decided to go for a walk. The autumn air nipped at my skin, turning my cheeks rosy and my nose bright red. Sam laughed and commented on how it made me like small and cute, I playfully smacked his shoulder and ran to the trees. I loved the trees, I loved running between them. It was like a whole new autumn world to me, Sam chuckled as he chased me. Finally catching up, he picked me up and swung me round.

“Put me down!” I laughed as I tried wriggling out his grip. I landed on the ground with a thud and Sam sat down beside me. I took a handful of leaves and threw them into his face. He grabbed a pile and did the same to me, it was now war! Suddenly an alarm went off.

“Ah time up I’m afraid” he sighed, he had set an alarm to remind him he had dined reservations with some friends. I frowned, my day was always better with Sam. He saw my expression and his eyes looked upset, his face went into a panicked expression then he smiled.

“You know what? Come with me cause I’m more friends with you than I am with them so they can deal with it!” He declared, laughing a little. A wide smile appeared across my face.

“Um I’m your BEST friend!” I yelled, hitting his shoulder once more. I thought that maybe going to dinner would be fun, I was only gonna cook Random stuff for myself anyway. His smile grew massive and he brought me in for a small hug, it was warm plus he smelled so good, like cinnamon.

“Of course you are! The best is accurate” we both burst out laughing and we walked to the restaurant. There was 3 people there, 2 girls, 1 boy. We walked inside the old restaurant, it was very homely with a massive fire place on one wall. It felt like a giant log cabin. Sam introduced me to everyone and they seemed happy to see me. They were so lovely and inviting, we all talked and they asked how we met. After explaining they all too a fit of laughing at me and me awkwardness.

“You find romance in the craziest places!” The girl next to me exclaimed, sipping her wine. I near choked on my water. Me eyes shot to sams, he had a look in his eyes. Probably shocked but it was a look I’d never seen before. We both laughed and he almost looked as if he was blushing. The girl squinted her eyes in confusion, everyone else waiting for an explanation to the sudden outburst of laughter. I set down my glass and decided I should break the news to them.

“We’re just friends” I spoke clearly watching them all look at eachother, a chorus of “oh"s erupted. Sam smiled but very shyly, was he ok? Sometime after dinner we all talked until it reached 10pm, I had my final drink and decide I should go home. I thank everyone for their lovely company and promised to see them all again soon, Sam insisted on walking me home. We chatted all the way to my flat entrance when he brought up what happened Before.

“I can’t believe they thought we were dating.” He laughed but this wasn’t his usual laugh, it almost seemed forced. Maybe he was offended? I laughed and nodded.
“Crazy right?” He did the same smile from back at the restaurant, so shy. I decided I’ll wake til tomorrow to ask him, let him have some time. We had our final hug but this one went on a little longer than usual. He waved goodbye and I walked into my flat, sad he had to leave. The moment from the restaurant replayed in my head as I tried to sleep.

Was he Blushing? Why would he be?

Why’d he smile like that?

What was that look he gave me?

Was he offended? Grossed out maybe?

Why did they even think we were?

He didn’t like me, did he?

Did I like him?

My heartbeat increased, DID I LIKE HIM?!?

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He smiles slowly but it doesn’t reach his eyes. His is a smile that you know like your own but something is completely off about him.
“Steve?” You ask cautiously, but he doesn’t say anything. He only stares at you with cold eyes. “Steve you’re freaking me out.”
“Steve Rogers is dead.” He says his voice hallow.
“So you’re a zombie?” You ask with a furrowed brow. What the hell is his problem?
“So if you’re dead how am I talking to you? Are we both dead?”
“No.” He seems like he’s dead, he’s talking so monotone.
“Okay, so what’s the deal?” You go to take a step toward him but you find that you can’t move. “Steve?” The panic laces your voice and he just smiles that slow terrifying smile. He grabs the front of his uniform and rips it off, underneath the star is the red head of hydra.
“Hail. Hydra.” He says staring into your eyes.
You wake with a scream. You’re out of bed before you can fully process the nightmare. You sprint out of your door and down the hallway to Steve’s bedroom. Pounding on his door it opens and you launch yourself at him. It’s not until your arms are fully wrapped around his torso and your face pressed to his chest that you realize it was just a horrible nightmare.
“Hey.” Steve’s voice is thick with sleep. “What’s going on?”
“Wanna talk about it?”
“You were Hydra.”
“I was what?” He sounds wide awake now.
“You pulled off the star and underneath was the head.”
“Doll. You wanna check my uniform?”
“No. I know it was a nightmare. Just a nightmare.”
“Yea, Hydra are nazis. I hate nazis.”
“I heard a rumor that you knocked out Hitler over 200 times.”
“Shut up punk.” He groans and you laugh quietly into his chest. “You wanna stay here tonight?”
“You don’t mind?”
“Doll, I wouldn’t offer if I minded.” He says but you still don’t let go of him. “Do you want to let go so we can go back to bed?”
“No.” He sighs deeply and you’re surprised when he scoops down and picks you up. He kicks the door shut behind the two of you and carries you back to his bed.
“I’d rather be dead than Hydra.” He whispers into your hair after wrapping his arms around you.
“Well, I’m glad you’re not Hydra. You’ve always been the best of us Rogers.”
“Get some sleep doll. We’ll go fight some nazis tomorrow at the march.” He promises, you can hear the smile in his voice.
“Sounds fun. I love watching them run.” No one has ever stood up to Steve when he shows up to defend people at marches. From the Women’s march, to the gay pride parade Steve goes to make sure no one gets too rowdy. And to take pictures. “Thanks Steve.” You mumble into his chest.
“Any time doll.” He says softly back before you fall into a content sleep. He’ll never be Hydra.


My babies ;v; !!!

There’s a lot of Pokémon that I love, that I played with, that I care for, but these have very special places in my heart~ ! So I made a gif for each of them~ !!

Pyroli the Flareon, my Partner since the first day, my sister~ !
Fokko the Fennekin, my baby boy, my bff !
Kalei the Vulpix, wow, I love her so much, precious snow angel <3
Alika the Litten, my brave guardian~ !
Skitty the… Skitty. The baby who thinks Sarha is her mother, ha !
Sato the Shinx, young boy who wants to protect everyone !
Shishiko the Litleo, silly lion boy -v- but adorable haha.

I love to watch your fingers

run through fine sand almost

as much as I love to watch

them run through my hair.

Actions Speak Loudest (M)

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» jungkook x reader
» 1.7k
» Can I request a jungkook smut when he is my husband and we were not speaking for two weeks because of a fight but then he decided to apologize
» warning: smut (phone sex)

If Jungkook wasn’t so bloody stubborn then all of this would be a hell of a lot easier. But no, you were currently still arguing with the man who swore he wasn’t still a child despite having the same mentality as one.

Don’t get me wrong, he could be serious sometimes and he definitely was a man when he a) asked you to marry you and b) actually married you. It was just that he was so stubborn all the time that sorry wasn’t even a word in the dictionary of Jungkook.

A petty argument over the fact he forgot to tell you that he was on tour during a member of your families birthday party had been turned into the most stupid fights ever. His point was that the issue wasn’t even that much of an ‘issue’, but you were annoyed that Jungkook had fussed over getting a seat at their birth party all this time which he wasn’t even going to.

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anonymous asked:

What about old people? Do you think there’s really only room for middle-of-the-road-aged people? Because I think people cringe at really young and like 25+ people in the fandom (And fandoms in general)

i don’t think there is anything cringe with people 25+ in the phandom!! they’re rare but i love running into them because it gives me up that i’ll still be a demon well into adulthood