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Draw the first thing that crosses your mind.

thank you everyone who’s commissioned me this year to help me reach this goal

I give up on actually drawing backgrounds lol. Anyways I beat Tales of  Zestiria for the eighth time today. 

Because they sent me a message to welcome me into the fandom I dedicate this to @looveel-realm (looks a little different than the sketch did at first huh? lol!

Anyways thanks fir being awesome and sending me those messages I’m glad to be contributing to the fandom!

do you ever just listen to ready to run and cry

Some more Cardtale pictures. All the shop keepers, bar, and bakery owners were sorted into Diamonds, but not all Diamonds are shop keeps. That’s rude and stereotyping. Nah jk. I’m still sorting through a few monsters, but Diamonds have the biggest population so far.

A month of nonstop Undertale shenanigans and I have yet to draw Gaster. So there he is. As a Wild Card.

I also know that joker cards are often portrayed as imps or devils, so I drew some variant outfits for Sans ans Papyrus. I kinda prefer their outfits on the actual cards. These ones seem more fitting for Underfell lol.

It was suggested that Dogamy and Dogaressa belong to two different factions, because who doesn’t love cross-faction forbidden love XD. I’ve also got this headcanon going that Frisk runs into them at the border between Clubs and Spades, and in order to get past them, Frisk convinces them to run away together.

On a completely different note. I have been whisked away to San Fransisco for 2 weeks, far away from my drawing computer, tablet, and scanner *dramatic sigh*. But! I’m armed with my sketchbook and doodle tools and I am determined to draw 1 Undertale picture a day. I’ll scan them and post them when I get back.


》s a s s y《

  • Abby adultlady:*on TV* I love parks! and waffles! and pawnee! so vote for me im an adult
  • Leslie:I just love her platform and her energy! We should donate more money to her campaign
  • Ben:we should ground her.. I mean them... Thats what we should do
  • Leslie:aww come on babe, theyre doing so well! They're ahead in the polls not to mention running this campaign entirely on their own and behind our backs all at the age of 6, that takes skill. Our babies are geniuses!
  • Ben:WE HAVE A STRICT NO RUNNING FOR OFFICE BEFORE 30 RULE IN THIS HOUSE. You and the children know that!

Civil War is fast approaching, and I feel the need to confess.

I’m siding with Tony.

Throwback to the best day that I’ve had in a while

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no we really have 8 rabbits and we never bought a single one, a neighbor couldn't take care of theirs and gave them to us, and then last year a couple just showed up in our yard and we couldn't find their owners so we took them in too. I hate raw vegetables, though my mom loves them.

you literally run a backyard bunny halfway home I love this so much 

tbh I’m on the same page there with the raw vegetable thing unless they’re carrots I’m cool with that but it ends there boy howdy