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I love her so much for this. Instead of telling them to run away or just “stay strong”, she tells them to focus on their studies (the key to your own future) and to latch onto a piece of your own happiness. Then she ends with an ultimatum: that life gets better so long as you continue pushing for it.

Idk about you guys, but I’m so glad we have 5 pieces of happiness we get to look up to and call our own.

  • josephine:how? how can one elf eat so much jam?
  • runner:she disappeared after we found the prints on the davenport.
  • josephine:i want new locks on that room.

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i think sm should bring them to more popular tv shows. media play / reality appearances are very important to put a group in the public eye and get people more interested on them, check their songs, etc...

there’s not a lot of variety shows out there right now that accept idols on often. from what i’ve read they don’t always bring in ratings anymore - at least not as much as they did a few years ago, and shinee’s been on a few very good ones already over the last week. “abnormal summit” is one of the most popular variety shows in south korea at the moment and “snl korea” is also very, very popular. i would love to see them on “running man” but they only do episodes with full idol groups once every blue moon and big bang just filmed for it so it’s doubtful that they will during this promotional period; the same goes for “happy together”. i’m holding out for appearances on either “sketchbook” or “weekly idol”, especially the first because shinee has appeared on there for virtually every promotional period since 2012, but we’ll have to wait and see. i’m also hoping that they get scheduled on more radio shows (like fm date, dreaming, shim shim tapa, ect.).


Met some super cool dangans!! If you got any pictures on my Sonia I’d love to see them! I was also running around later as original 90′s cartoon Harley Quinn with no hood or mask!!!!

Sonia with red heels: Myself

Sonia with flats: youmakemefeelthesame

Gundham: soil-and-six-feet-under

Souda: featherblessings

More pictures on my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.851376788245636.1073741834.707477965968853&type=1

i went to see my students’ musical and at the end they gave all the teachers and student teachers flowers and my kids screamed SO LOUDLY for me and then after like 5 parents thanked me and told me how much their kids loved me and i miss my students so much!!!

i have never in my life felt more loved by a group of people than those 24 5th graders i wish i could stay with them forever just because they make me SO HAPPY


Day 6 Blog entry. Love how important is it when you are doing something?! It’s the most important thing! My students always ask me how do you do it Luis? How do you coach & run a business, teach at school & then go back to coach & run a business. I tell them: LOVE! I wake up daily thanking God for the opportunity to change lives. It’s not difficult to do something when you have God, family & amazing peeps that are with you daily to make your vision & dreams come true.

Don’t get me wrong it’s physically & mentally tough. But nothing thrown at me is hard enough that God won’t get me through it with a smile on my face. My father always taught me to work. Work ethic is everything. Consistency is everything. Never let anyone out work you Chungy. That’s what he told me. So I listened.

Today’s training was not my jam but I pushed through. Deadlifts! :( All the barbellas out deadlift me & that’s ok. LOL I am getting stronger since the hammy has been in rehab. 100% better.

I did get to sneak in 5 sets of chest 10 reps at body weight. Love that pump feeling. One thing I can say I miss about good old body building was the pump. Always good to take care of the ornaments as my students would say. LOL

Eating more calories are still tough to come by when you have a jam packed schedule. I sneak in as much food as I can. It’s working. I feel stronger. My lifts are getting better & my energy levels are up.

Best part of training lately is seeing my wife get back into her workout routine & with Olivia. It’s been amazing to have our daughter be apart of the process the entire way. Today we switched out kettle bell Turkish get ups for baby get ups! LOL ALL THE LOVE!!! Kids are a product of there environment. Olivia will be surrounded with love, positiveness, health & fitness.

I hope this blog is still helping my peeps with motivation. I want to show you that there is enough time in the day for health & fitness to be apart of your life. Just takes the want! How bad do you want it peeps?

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A bunch of AC-centered pesterlogs

Nice to meet you.

More dangerous than hunting wild animals? Really?

Heh. I just love those small variations in running jokes, they keep them from getting repetitive and are really smart.

All right, christ, we got it! Alternia is a horrible place full of things and people that want to eat/hurt you! Great! Can we drop this now, please?

blah blah blah same same same huge kitty dies in a landslide blah blah blah conversation with Karkat!


Karkat’s social skills must have gotten lost in one of those tragic roleplaying accidents.

It can’t even stay mad at this guy he’s so funny

Nepeta stop being so adorable. You’re messing up my daily angst intake. I’ll have to listen to a full MCR album to recover from this.

Why does poor Nepeta constantly have to deal with assholes? She of all people shouldn’t have to deal with Karkat’s perpetually flipped shit, Terezi’s everything, or whoever the fuck this guy is

Oh god it’s the creepy robot guy I’m not ready for this

So far so good *takes deep breaths* *drinks some water* next line

Perfectly standard reaction. No evidence of outstanding douchebaggery thus far.

Ok, so he’s a killjoy and too stupid to know you can’t tell a cat what to do. Still zero asshole points.

Negative asshole points now.

Okay, even for Karkat, that was kinda rude. As well as classist.

Christ, what a bigot. And equating “good” language with morals is pretty hilarious coming from the guy whose username refers to a half- beast’s genitals.

That’s pretty cute. CT trying to play the responsible parental figure and then getting caught up in the silliest form of bickering is both adorable and funny.

Seriously? Was mentioning that really necessary?

#not sure if vegan of brony

Conspiracies, conspiracies everywhere.

I simultaneously like him for being so protective of Nepeta and hate am annoyed at him for being overprotective and a massive bigot.

A discussion between two people, neither of whom are assholes. God I needed that.


Eh? What happened to him? Did I miss something there?