Ronald picking on Sebastian || Requested by: feelthisbeatz

Wind in our sails!
The future is looking bright!
For us, that is.

The movies and shows that stick with you after you’ve walked out from the cinema or got up from the couch, the books that live on in your head once the cover is closed, are the best kind of story there are.


Hey, I’m Bryn, I’m sixteen, queer, and from California! I’m really passionate about feminism, activism, and politics. I spend my time either working, reading, writing, going to the gym, hiking, or binge watching Netflix with my cat! (: I love 1950s pulp novels, art, drag queens, LGBTQ history, traveling, old movies, and big cities. I’m pretty bad at talking about myself, but I think I’m pretty nice, so feel free to message me! 💞

IG: bryndeforge
URL: @vintagequeer