So I haven’t ate all day so I decide to go out of my room and look for food. I felt like eating pickles, but we only have the sliced hamburger ones. So I put several on a plate and walk into the living room and ask my mom.

“What are we having for dinner?”

She gave me the weirdest look ever and said.

Mom- “We already ate. We had pot pies…”

So I’m standing there looking at her with a plate full of sliced pickles with “what” written all over my face. She just simply shrugs and says.

Mom- “What you get for having you headphones on and volume all the way up.”


summary: Dark, light—what does it matter when you’ve got the power of the world in your hands?

genre: witch au

pairing: namjoon x oc

warnings: language + graphic violence + explicit themes

a/n: So I know I said Friday, but honestly I really owed you guys something at this point. Regular updates of this story will be on Tuesdays and Fridays, so please look forward to that, and enjoy the first chapter of blackheart!

(ps: if you haven’t seen it yet–I accidentally deleted the old one and had to reupload oops–you can watch the concept video I made for this fic here)

Her hands pull against the bonds, rope cutting into the tender skin of her wrists and drawing blood. It drips down her fingers, joining the other drops of sticky black as it splashes against the pavement and pools into the cracks.

She screams against the dirty fabric in her mouth, but the sound is muffled, quiet—too low for anyone but them to hear. Tears are leaking out of her eyes now, despite her attempts to stand strong in front of this evil, to show them no fear. But her heart banging against her ribs is louder than her screams, and she knows this will be the last night sky she’ll ever see.

Liquid splashes against her chest, the smell of gasoline burning her eyes as it soaks through her dress, making it cling to her skin. It drips down her legs, over her arms, until she’s shivering uncontrollably and completed covered in accelerant.

She hears the strike of the match before she sees it, the same flickering gold that had given her the vision of her death. The flames dance over the pavement and lick at her feet, the skin on her toes blistering and making another scream press against her gag.

She’s thrashing wildly now, fire shooting up her legs and melting the skin away from her bones, making them crack one by one in the heat. It’s a pain so intense screams are ripping from her throat with abandon, flames blackening her flesh and filling her nose with the smell of her own charred skin.

The screams finally stop when the fire reaches her throat, her body slumping against the binds as the blistering heat consumes her, columns of black smoke rising up and hovering in the air above them, a golden pillar of light the only thing remaining of the woman.

“The strong ones will be easier to find once everyone’s running scared,” he says, walking up to the fire to light his cigarette. He takes a long drag, letting his smoke join the burning woman’s, light grey tangling with heavy black.

“And when we find them, we’ll kill them all.”

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this week has been… tough, mentally. not bad, just. when you have some quiet in your life it seems like that’s when your brain kicks into high gear to process old things and new things. anyway i’m worn out so i’m going to watch british bake off and drink tea and eat cookies and draw for the next two straight days so feel free to hit me up this weekend my fam

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I love how tea is such an all year round thing and since I am such a seasonal person I prefer different teas in different seasons

For fall there are spiced teas with roots and fruit rinds that tastes like pie and sweetened with brown sugar but has properties that protect you from the oncoming cold. 

For winter there are the darker brews that I add milk to to feel warm and full. 

For Spring there are the floral concoctions, the herbs that bloom on the bottom of your pot, or the deeply ground matcha that has the familiar aroma of the budding dewy season and awakening earth. 

For Summer there are the fruity blends sweetened with nectar that make spectacular iced teas decorated with citrus slices and creatively shaped ice cubes. 

UM…..the thing i love most about the adventure zone is that each arc is legitimately like “hey i like this thing from a media, let me build a story around it” and the fact that griffin straight up says that in the the adventure zone zone just. brightens my entire day. it’s the exact kind of storytelling/worldbuilding i love most.

I’ve been rewatching DBZ with husbando when the part (towards the end of Buu saga) where Dende, Kabito Shin and Old Kai land on New Namek- and all the Namekians seem SO FUCKING HIGH…

Let me paint for you a picture:

I can imagine that Yamcha was dealing weed on the side the whooole time (u no wat I mean rite) and when the Namekians were displaced and (stayed at Bulma’s place) he’s all like *wink wink nudge nudge* “Hey guys let me show you of this good shit” and the Nameks are all like yes this is good shit, and they got super stoned and play put-put golf with dinosaurs and cats in an indoor jungle (just imagine Bunny bringing them brownies). So when its time to go forth and find a planet (Yamcha) gives them a ton of weed plants to take with them and grow that instead of their little trees, hence the reason why they are like that when Dende gets there with the Kais.