April 30, 2014. Kopitar skates in to give some love at the end of Game 7 in the LAK-SJS round 1 series, and Quick compliments Kopitar’s play.


Earlier today, CBS Sports put out a poll asking fans who will win the NBA title this year-only problem is they excluded the Toronto Raptors. In place of the only Canadian team is the option “other’. Seeing as this wasn’t the first time the 6 has been disrespected in this seasons playoffs, the Mayer of city took a stand for his team. Have a look at the letter John Tory wrote calling the station out on their blatant lack of class. 

So let me sum up what is happening in Chicago rn.

-Our hockey team just won the Stanley Cup (they won the championship).

-We were under a tornado warning for FIVE HOURS and this game still happened.

-Half of the city and the surrounding towns are literally drowning in water. The street outside my house is flooded and my neighbors all have basements underwater. Yet, they’re here, in my living room, celebrating the win.

I love this city more than ever.