i will literally never forget the watching the season four premiere of the office like we spent a whole summer agonizing over whether or not jim and pam were FINALLY dating and then in the beginning my brother actually threw a pillow at the tv when it looked like they weren’t together and then they kISSED and i swear to god my whole family started screaming and hugging like we woke up my three year old sister lmao and my friend called me during the commercial break so we could yell about it and then we stayed on the line so we could scream every time they did anything like when they held hands we hit decibels that weren’t audible to humans and to this day i have never seen my brother literally flail about something the way he did on that fateful night in 2007

  • Tina: I can't really imagine you yelling at anyone.
  • Newt: I yell. You've heard me yell.
  • Tina: Oh, okay. I've heard you exclaim. Like the time you said, "Hey, look! We parked over here!"
  • Newt: Well that was apple picking day. There's no need to yell that day. I was just excited to find the car. Perfect end to a perfect day.

When I was in my teens, I thought, “Would I like to try and work hard at being an actor, or do I want to work hard at doing something musical?” Acting won out, but I do really enjoy those moments where I get to just belt something out.

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I think Spencer being Mary's daughter is weird because she looks so much like Veronica and doesn't even look like Mary.

Firstly, PLL did a FANTASTIC job of casting families - especially the girls and their mothers. You can see the similarities within the girls and their moms so clear and I love that so much. 

  • Pam & Emily both fidget and become visibly uncomfortable during tense situations. 
  • Ashley & Hanna both try not to seem suspect when questioned and like to boomerang questions right back 
  • Ella & Aria side-eye everything and anything that comes out of people’s mouths
  • Veronica & Spencer are like boulders when in the face of confrontation, unmoved and standing tall.
  • Jessica & (Pre-grandma) Alison are both very strong and dominant women who don’t let people see their faces fall

I always thought Spencer was a spitting image of Veronica and still do. However, the only way, in my opinion, the show was trying to heavily foreshadow Spencer being Mary’s daughter was by her appearance after the time jump. 

Both Spencer and Mary have long, dark hair shaping their slim faces (The bangs, somehow, really makes Spencer look more like her) and by putting Spencer in form-fitting, sometimes dark clothing, it tends to matches up with Mary’s version of a Morticia Addams look.

Mary may be Spencer’s biological mother but, just as you say anon, Spencer is 100% a mini Veronica.

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What are some of your favourite potential friendships among the Rogues? :D

thank you for the ask!! ❤️ this is like, my self indulgent version of gotham rogue friendships:

  • i talked about this earlier but i love bitter scientist friends pam and jon. i feel like they are so similar in that they are 1) 100% done with the other rogues and 2) they have that sort of cynical, “nothing will ever get better so there’s not point in trying to make the world a better place” world view. i feel like they could have some comforting discussions but also argue and trade barbs a lot.
  • oswald and eddie have been friends for a while in the comics. i mean, you could easily ship them but they have a pretty strong friendship too. i think of them as quite fond of each other and courteous but also as snobby friends looking down on the other rogues who have to rob banks for gas money. 
  • selina and ivy are the ultimate frenemies tbh.. they can go from, “just so you know i would follow you into battle, kyle.” to ivy leaving selina tied up on some train tracks depending on how she’s feeling and what selina’s relationship with batman is at the time/whether selina is being an anti-hero rather than a jewel thief. 
  • harley and eddie are both highly intelligent but common sense? Nope. leave them alone together for two seconds and something you care about will end up on fire. 
  • harvey is probably friends with people who help balance out his temper. so harley, eddie and oswald probably. he’s a very standoffish, violent rogue but i feel like his rogue friends just kind of wear him down with kindness/affection until he’s like “alright whatever you can stay just don’t touch my stuff.” (harley and eddie proceed to touch his stuff.) 
  • selina/harvey is also very good depending on the canon. selina is naturally flirtatious with everybody but with harvey it would be flirting/passive-aggressive shaming like “hello there harv remember when you tied me up over a vat of acid good times.” 
  • harley would be friends with croc because she sees him as a big teddy bear but ivy would also be good friends with croc i think?? like i believe firmly that ivy hates associating with most of the rogues and only does so because harley is friends with like.. all of them… but croc has always been an outsider in terms of the rogues gallery like she is. so she finds some kind of solace in that? also, i feel like croc is one of the few rogues that doesn’t like.. come onto her or stare at her. ivy’s pheromones make her irresistible to pretty much everybody and even tho they can’t control it, the male rogues probably do look her up and down from time to time which rubs her the wrong way. maybe it’s his mutation, but her pheromones don’t seem to have the same affect on croc so she is less bothered by his company than some of the other rogues. 
  • harley is friends with most of the rogues but i feel like with victor it’s like… she understands him on a level the other rogues probably don’t? love is a big motivation for harley be it her obsession with the joker or her love for ivy so while the rogues see victor’s struggle to cure his wife as pretty redundant, harley understands being so strongly pulled to another person that she is probably the best friend for him.
  • tho i do enjoy victor and jon friendship because scientist friends again but i don’t think in the same way ivy and jon are friends, i feel like that snark/resentment that ivy and jon have would be gone between them and that they’d work well together professionally but also be able to be quite calm with each other and just enjoy each other’s company without having to fill it was constant talking. 
  • also like, i ship eddie/jon but their friendship is pretty great (and by great i mean a Mess.) they’re constantly bickering, trying to get one up on each other and eddie insults jon all the time but jon has some pretty harsh zingers being a psychiatrist and all. that being said, i think because they know how to get under each others skin that’s what makes them such good friends because they really know each other: know what annoys the other, know what the other likes/enjoys, know when to stop pushing a certain topic because it’s painful (or not if they’re being assholeish, etc.)

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More Pam please?

I am hoping to do another pam animation (pamination) at SOME POINT…

I’ve scanned through the three eps looking for clips and there are some good ones

I kinda wish there was more justin-as-pam voice stuff (he really only does his version of the pam voice early in the first part??)

and while I love griffin’s pam, it is so much more fun to animate to justin’s

so mumbly and gentle

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I've been reading Paradise for a while... love that gurl Pam, she the light of my life. Then I heck to see if you've drawn Overwatch heroes and lo and behold I realized why I love Pam so much. She and Junkrat are kindred spirits and I love how you draw Junkboi. Also point nose + sharp chompies = hottttt

something something i def project pam’s features onto some of my faves something something

god that junkrat is like a year old

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Why do you think that Blaine has depression?

Because he does…it was confirmed in Season 6…also his entire characterization has screamed Depressed since season 2. 

He has quite the self destructive personality. The first thing we find out about him is that he “ran”. And its like sweetie it’s not running to get away from the people who hurt you like that. That’s just getting yourself out of a bad situation.

He spent until the day he started a relationship with Kurt, putting on an act like he was self confident. But that mask came down very fast once they were dating. He always looks to Kurt for how he he was doing, really relies on him. In Prom Queen…Blaine without Kurt NEVER would have walked up to someone and asked them to dance in front of everyone. Also he did things like talk to Burt about having the talk with Kurt, because he didn’t get that from his own family. 

When Cooper came around, you could really tell all the tension there. He didn’t even go to Six Flaggs with everyone else. His father left at some point. (Probably around Tested) So he’s got maybe his mother and Kurt. And he got super clingy. Start eating his feelings.

The scandals thing, Blaine thought that’s what Kurt wanted. But once Kurt starts getting mad, Blaine’s just looks painfully confused, because he misread Kurt. And he ends up walking home alone and upset. God knows how far he walked.

The whole debacle in 4x04. That’s pure self destructiveness on Blaine’s part. He’d lost Kurt as far as his mind was concerned. He made an awful choice because at least someone was paying attention to him. And after it happened he confessed it to Kurt and then spent over a month not gelling on weekends etc. He even said Kurt was his anchor. 

Also I’ve got to say, ending up with Karofsky of all people in Season 6? Especially with how not couply they were. It really seems like he was just with him because he got how depression fucks with you. 

God, I could name so many other things… The way Blaine looked when they were in the circle after they found out about Karofsky… the fact that he sang Cough Syrup in the same episode and we never really did find out exactly why he was singing it. I mean obviously Kurt knew but.

His crush on Sam? Fairly certain that evolved because he was being nice to Blaine, and Blaine was pretty much using him as a crutch to keep himself above depression sea. Once he was back with Kurt, that crush vanished into thin air.

His little puppet world in puppet master, telling him how people loved him. He’s got Kurt this time, but everyone was being mean to him. Blaine is the biggest freaking people pleaser…he freaking gave someone $50 to get into their good graces. 

Blaine honestly wants to be loved so much. But just hearing it once, that’s not enough. He needs to be reassured that he’s still loved.

Cooper left him and it took years before that was patched up. His father left at some point. And that never sounded like a good relationship. His mom signed his freaking guest book that she hopes he never leaves her… which I love Pam. But that’s a little…weird. 

His friends at Dalton basically turned their back on him when he transferred to McKinley and Sebastian took over. I mean he gets a rock salt slushie to the face and the warblers don’t even know till Santana tells them! Then they try to get him to transfer the next year, and its clear they only want him for his voice. But Blaine’s all ready to up and transfer because he didn’t really have any support in New Directions.

He FAILED out of NYADA. Like that’s huge! Blaine is talented af. Clearly something terrible happened there. And we see him crying in his bed and trying to do music. He lost all his joy. I doubt laying in his bed like that is just a one time thing